Mercury AND Venus Retrograde

Mercury AND Venus Retrograde at the same time? If it were a television series, you’d be telling the writers to lay off the hooch. We already have a core narrative  – dystopian meltdown, turbulent social transformation – does it really require an absurd subplot?

Well, yes actually. Bring it on.  A magical realism influenced rom-com/ghost story/makeover is very now. The crisis has already inspired many people to radically shift their relationship paradigm. Ever since last Halloween, when Saturn-Pluto really cranked up the catharsis, nobody has had the bandwidth for insubstantial or dysfunctional attachments, not even with themselves.

Mercury AND Venus Retro Is A Magical Realism Rom-Com

Mercury turning Retrograde in Cancer has metaphysical significance but it’s also the style of inspo you pull from memorabilia and in particular, photographs that arrive out of whatever dimension of time they were hiding in.

It’s psychometry, dowsing and altars. Venus still Retrograde in Gemini is resolutely not only in the moment but in multiple moments. It’s flipping from mode to mode without apology and via a rationale explicable only by as yet undiscovered quantum physics theories.

And, Mercury rules Gemini. If it were a television series, it would be like 90s Jerry Springer, where you’re appearing on a panel to talk about U.F.O.s or something and then your secret sister/doppelganger/Annunaki parole officer struts in stage left.

Or Tomb Raider but you’re putting relics back where they were. Add in an element of “suddenly I realized I had to have red hair, it was an existential decision” style channeling for the full package.

Conventional Romantic Rules No Longer Apply

Relationships are similarly whack but, as late 2019/early 2020 took out many of the shakier ones, Mercury AND Venus Retrograde dalliances are weird but enriching. Something similar applies to single people navigating the strange terrain of this mate-date era and anyone who feels as if the plague + associated fuqery has blocked their creativity or style groove.

This Mercury Retrograde raises the weirdness, dissolves creative obstructions, and provides plot-illuminating flashbacks to the early Nineties. Conventional romantic rules no longer apply. Other potential options for this about-to-be-crazy period are below.

The 24 weeks of Saturn back in Capricorn (from July) and Mars antsy in Aries is going to be confronting enough (geopolitically, economically, see my Turbulent Times posts) so if you can enjoy bizarre but brilliant intimacy or inspiration, commit to it.

If you’re devoutly single and liking it, flaunt it. Why go through the motions of pretending you’re seeking the ‘right person’ in your imaginary spare time? With Mercury Retro in Cancer,  introspection will become uniquely enriching.

High Or Low Lunar Focus?

Related: Bibliomania, channeling Venusian Vibe into knowledge and re-creating yourself in a more current cultural context. You see, Mercury is in a more emotionally expressive/feelings oriented sign and Venus is in cerebral Gemini.

These Retrogrades (I’m not counting until late July) bring fresh intellectual perspective to zones that are usually subjective as fuq. In the same way,  they imbue information and zippy conversations with sensuality. If you’re seeing this purely in terms of a pair-bonding, you’re missing out.

Not only are Mercury in Cancer concepts inexpressible outside of art, they suit high lunar focus. Low lunar focus is when you moon around the place, working the Food-Emotion beat, seeking serotonin, and confirmation of your crappiest biases. High lunar focus is art, stars, primordial instinct, and big deal obsessive creative vibe. June 17 till July 10 is made for it.

The combo of Mercury and Venus Retrograde also inspires people to up their Love Zombie game. If you can’t have them, at least transmute the yearning into a multi-millennia spanning perspective. Maybe you needed this phantom relationship to understand meta-truths about society? Or to feel ‘in love’ and high all the time without the hassle of a relationship.

Brilliantly, this astro pulls couples closer together, perhaps even inspiring a more cohesive bond through shared paranormal experiences and joint creativity. A hundred years ago, Seances for Two were a popular dating activity. Presumably, the ghosts would serve as chaperones and the necromantic nature of your evening would provide plenty of topics to talk about.


51 thoughts on “Mercury AND Venus Retrograde”

  1. Gawd.. this describes my whole life right now! Just come out of the weirdest absurd love sub-plot slap bang in the middle of all this general weirdness… can it get more weird!? I’m back in my den of the single trying to process what has just happened……. or what may still be lurking…

  2. Just reading David’s dream and remembered my dreams this week were of deceased very close friends. So real and vivid. Is this how the spirit of the person lives on? OOOps they are making me feel like doing a seance or WAS that the seance.

  3. Annanaki parole officer?? Got me! Knew i shouldn’t have been mixing the damania with the ma huang without permission. ‘Flipping from mode to mode without apology’ ? ALWAYS that’s my default energy. Need to keep myself amused in my solitude. Was going to send my 72 Derwent coloured pencils and one of those new fancy colouring in books to my dear old friend who had a stroke a few years ago. The Sudoku is frustrating him, taking longer than usual to his critical Virgo self. Neuroplasticity and all that but secretly colour therapy methinks.
    Love the Norman Rockwell painting and wish Norma Shearer would turn around completely as that outfit looks sensational. Yes remember her movies, the old hollywood glam on legs.
    The winter blues aka grey sky fatigue has hit suddenly just before solstice when nothing out- does doing doona, hot chocolates and 3 or 4 books 🙂

  4. Read somewhere – probably here – that retrogrades require actions starting with ‘re-‘ like reverse, review, research, reconcile, reorganise, reinforce, etc. I’ve been thinking about those words to think of what else I could do and came across the etymology of ‘recruit’ (to grow again), ‘revolt’ (to roll or revolve), and ‘retail’ (to cut a piece off). I don’t think retail’s the way to go.

  5. Except for buying the wrong size for clothes online and having to return several pieces of clothing and a lot of matches on online dating apps that have led to absolutely nothing, this Venus retrograde hasn’t changed anything for me (quadruple Gemini, Sun included).
    Mercury retrograde is usually a nightmare when in mutable signs, being that not only I am gemini sun but also virgo rising. But in Kataka they are – usually – merciful.

  6. I’ve not done the online dating thing in ages and have no desire to (because for whatever the reason being romantically involved always hijacks my autonomy and self development) but when I catch myself wondering how trying it out again would be the first picture is how it looks during lockdown in my imagination. The difference between the state of being single and coupledom has never felt as stark to me. Perhaps that’s another reason I’m wary of it. Like people panic moving out of cities, I envy them a little and also think, cool, go, more space for me. Is that weird?

    1. The podcast “You’ll Do”, episode with Joe Lycett. I swear this episode finally gave me permission to call out my Pan preferences and also, my autonomous singledom in the most positive way xx

      1. Yup. Podcasts are doing it for me in a way they never have before. I’ve always felt there were too many of them and that the low barrier for entry meant that not having my own podcast would be of more benefit to humanity. Lately however I’m enjoying just that aspect of them. It’s like believably being part of a convo with anyone I’m finding interesting. And the audio / not having to make eye contact aspect makes for pleasant puttering as an alternative to the kind of power puttering one does on a dark moon say or “with gusto.”
        Lockdown has taken my self partnering and solo nesting skills to a whole new level.

    2. Have often wondered what is it with me that i don’t want a close relationship. Don’t mind different countries or States for a relationship but bed-sharing, bedroom sharing bathroom sharing gives me shivers of the ‘ugh’ kind. No reality for me has to be an exciting fantasy or none. Actually men are quite boring unless they have an IQ off the scales or can build a house from start to finish AND the decorating AND pay the bills. Gotta stop right here.

  7. I over-heard someone yesterday say, “man! so many people have had drastic hair cuts lately.” Everyone at work kept saying they were “crazy-busy today.” I could feel and see the Rx’s everywhere.

      1. Wish they wouldn’t. Only Diana can do Diana. KS? Too many Chanel ads plus her emotional range runs from A to B.

  8. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Oh my gosh. It does feel a bit “Jerry Springer”
    But this venus retro has been incredible…a complete revision of policy (love, beauty scent) so I cannot wait to see what MercRx in Cancer brings to the mix…

  9. Wonders why she’s been feeling so antsy.
    checks moon calendar
    Lunar Portal is on her Vertex.
    that’ll do

  10. I am READY for the weirdness. Natal Mercury and Venus retrograde means I was born for “when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”. Life is challenging AF but even more magical right now… Saw UFOs on Friday… Feels like just the beginning, for real.

      1. Did you see the UFO footage on CNN during the height of COVID-19? It’s already out there. Just didn’t get noticed because there was so much else going on. I swear aliens are the next plot point!

  11. Well, this year hasn’t been quite the same since the pandemic, retrogrades are now like, ‘meh…whatever’ lol

  12. The quality of writing here..
    In a unique, nonchalant, cavalier, and totally now style..
    is spectacular..

  13. I get my new kitty AND my repaired motorbike on Saturday. Going to do nighttime rides to the Highlands for stargazing. Thus, my non-Zombie Retrogranza Plan.
    Zoom seances? Get out! There’s money in there somewhere.

  14. Came into work this morning and internet and comms are down, emotional miscommunications … hopefully this is just the transition into the retrograde and not a consistent theme

  15. thoughts.. have those two both got slap-cheek? Or was it pre-seannce hot yoga?
    Speaking as cancer sun and moon, food is not base. I am however, back in the art studio channeling if L.Carrington did still life..
    Also, feels as though peeps could bond over shared morality/cause; pair bond at protests etc.. I did that back in the 90s too 😛
    Rocking the sage witch vibe these days, tempted by becoming earlier-than-planned-silver haired and hot, forty-something vibe who goes home early. ‘Grounded is the new black’

    1. Please finish the sentence, “if L.Carrington did still life..”. I just received an anthology of her short stories yesterday!

      100% to bonding over mortality or protests!!

        1. Yes! The one I got is by Silver Press publishing. I also got from them a selection of Audre Lord’s writing! 😌

  16. I was wondering about the early 90s references because, out of nowhere on the weekend, a male friend from that era, or more particularly his step daughter came back into my mind. So, I did the Google searches and learned she was leading an amazing life. I couldn’t work out if she’d come bsck into my mind because she had passed but she was certainly larger than life for a few days. I was very close to her around that time. Her mother was in the process of leaving her husband for my friend and my friend basically blindsided his then girlfriend with news of this other relationship. Man, what a time…and I was only on the periphery.

  17. *sigh*…yes, dreams?!?
    It’s 4.14am, and I’ve woken this early after dreaming lucidly about a certain Scorpionic male friend of mine..that I’m certain I’ve met in several lifetimes.
    He moved to Australia from New York, having owned a couple of uber-successful companies. He bought a huge magical block of land & built and estate’ home for himself, overlooking prime views of the ocean.
    We have always had this kinda metaphysical Zombie hook with each other…like we were married in our last life together?! But in this life we are resolutely single…and that’s how it’s gonna be..
    I met guessed the early 90’s.
    I think I may always have been in love with him on a level…but it’s never manifested or transpired properly in this lifetime.
    He’s amazing. x

    1. Oh yes… I know about those metaphysical zombie hook relationships that don’t transpire properly in this lifetime. You describe it so well, Orchid.

      I’ve met someone online and it’s feeling supernatural right now. Haven’t met in real life and almost don’t want to as our messages have been sublimely beautiful.

  18. Aqua-cap-Gemini

    I love the site redesign! Clearly I haven’t been on-site for ages. I missed the fun. I’ve had this weird fascination with a particular actor lately. Not an actor I’m partial to, by any means, but films I’ve always enjoyed. Lately, I’ve been re-watching the films, and hearing some kind of sub-atomic dialogue.. the films are this actors journey. Not just entertainment, but some karmic catharsis to work out old patterns and move into new paradigms.
    That’s about as close as I get to love zombie. It all fizzles out once the filmography is fully exhausted.
    Need to go trawling through your articles now, and catch up. What a weird time to be alive.

  19. I had the weirdest dream the other night. I was lying on my back on the floor of a dark dank ancient basement. I knew above me was an empty old mausoleum type castle. As I lay there I sensed someone had entered the house above. I began to moan, and make the strangest noises, louder and louder. I sort of stood outside myself and watched. I realized omg I’m a beast that has been here for centuries haunting this house ! I stood up and somehow came to the knowledge that I could now leave. My centuries of haunting were now done. I crept up the stairs. Looking at my ancient mummy like body, still thinking WTF. As I reached the first floor light was flooding into the room and there in the room were 2 of my children, sort of laughing and making fun of my appearance and making fake moaning noises, making fun of me. They flew off out of the house telling me to come with them, and I did. By the time we landed by an ocean estuary I was myself again. Normal David, smiling and laughing with the kids. I helped them swim over the estuary and once there I realised i had succeeded with their help to escape my entombed haunting creature phase ? Transit ?
    Anyway I’ve seen lots of haunted house , dark monster movies but never have I imagined being the actual monster ? Sooo weird and so funny too when I revisited the dream over the next couple of days.

    1. That´s awesome. I have had a couple of dreams where I was the monster or met/was initiated by a monster that was to protect something sacred. I felt totally wild but not evil, I had a lot of power and it was distinctly different to use than human form. How did you feel in the dream?

  20. Unicorn Sparkles

    Lots of childhood emotional triggers being pressed. Friends who looked solid have suddenly become vague or hard to pin down. I’m anxious and fidgety and fixated on buying perfume or suddenly hit with impulses to scream out my real opinions of people in a cluster of expletive rage. (Work is a back stabbing pile on. )
    But strangely the relationship stresses are easing.
    And that’s just the navel gazing ego stuff.
    When I look up – it’s chaos. The best and the worst of humanity. Hope and despair in super concentrated form.

    But it’s going to get weirder? Damn.

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