Daily Mystic for Monday August 21

Monday until Thursday features a fascinating astro-phenom. Both of the primary romance planets (Mars + Venus) are in edgy, provocative alignments that could be amazing…or a debacle.

Mars is opposite Neptune and Venus squares Jupiter – either of these on their own would warrant an anti-impulsivity, love-zombie-no-more, beware deceptive grifters etc kind of a message but together? Triple that.

This is the sort of astro that inspires mad gambles or reckless romantic promises – not because it’s “bad” astrology but because people crave transcendental highs or extreme money. The desire for beauty or to escape mundanity is as strong as the belief in one magical moment or development that changes everything.

The irony is that this is the sort of celestial environment that can pull stunts like that – it is fantastic for creative and romantic breakthroughs. Yet as with all things jovial (aka Jupiterian) and Neptunian, it’s so easy to go over the top or slide out of your mind for just long enough to put yourself at a ‘what the fuq was I thinking?’ disadvantage.

So add an artificial time-lag to any off-algorithm impulse – if you wouldn’t normally do it, wait. The magical results are far more likely to relate to something you’ve already got in play and via you being able to move through these next few days without taking part in the melodramatics.


Image: Gered Mankowitz – Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Boom

8 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Monday August 21”

  1. MM – love the fact the new Tarot is Sold Out. A beautiful deck and I’m so glad for you 😇

    Elizabeth Taylor had violet eyes, I was born with that same colour. My dear Mother has had more marriages than her, not true but there is still time 😉

    Recent revelations have been that some relationships in families are to do with the distribution of love and affection. Looking at the pain and pattern recognition is key to unearthing your own emotional connections. For instance my family is large and I was last out of the womb, born to save my Mother from DV. Now I’m dealing with mediation of systemic corruption and attempting to resolve ancestral conflicts.

    Thankfully Ubasti and Kitty Sphinx for the additional catalyst for framing these changes. According to deep knowledge and experience is true human nature and wisdom.

    Thank you MM and the wonderful people here for your help and heartfelt wishes over the years. Much love for the days, nights and week ahead x

    1. I imagine the flame to resonate with her Venus-Uranus conjunction in Aries, trine Jupiter in Leo… The rest of her chart was almost all water, Sun / Mars / Mercury in Pisces, Moon in Scorpio, Pluto in Cancer

  2. The photo of Elizabeth Taylor is very apt, she was a Neptunian par excellence… She may have felt regal in this costume and in that setting, but I feel a bit sorry for her… The crown seems so heavy and plastic, the belt around her waist so right. She can’t move. And at the same time there is so much temptation in all the alcohol on the table, what could she do but have another drink? And another… 🍹

    1. ❤️
      , I felt Neptune very strongly today. The feeling of mundanity was hard to ignore….luckily I don’t drink!
      Beautiful Elizabeth.🌺🌺

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