Saturn Direct Times Vintage Pulp Sci Fi

The Saturn Direct Times


In the Daily Mystic for Wednesday, I said that the Saturn Direct times are on the Moon Calendar but they’re not!!!  I am so sorry. I recall now that I only put the Mercury, Venus and Mars Retrograde/Direct times on [ Read more…]

Notes From A Retro-Venusian Recluse

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Hi Mystic, Just coming at you live from Retro Venusian ground central here on the West Coast of the US.  I have so enjoyed your posts, esp the one “pick your Venus retro stance.”  Apt as ever and always on time.  As a [ Read more…]

*Retro-Venusian Venom

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Just as I was thinking how benevolent and simple this Retro-Venus in not just Scorpio but the Via Combusta is, I get stung. It’s venomous. This post is set to members only as I don’t want hostile optics on it [ Read more…]