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The Hyperflux 2020

In times of hyperflux, “scattered” is the new “together.” It means you’re not stuck, you’re thinking and reinventing. I said this in my Daily Mystic email for members and it seemed to resonate so I’m reiterating it here. If you were entirely sure of a direction at this point, that would be weird. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction that peaked in January (but which was building throughout 2019) was always going to …

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Post Saturn-Pluto Ennui Syndrome

As you would expect from such a staunch astro-presence in Capricorn, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction worked overtime to deliver remarkable results. Catharsis – tick. New paradigm – totally. Since this alignment first formed in April 2019, it forced growth through stressors that were super charged with psychic relevance. The result? 24-7 depth-analysis. Hard schooling. Definitive realizations that are becoming your foundation materials. I know I keep saying this but write out …

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Shirley Bellwood Misty comic artist

Maximizing The Indigo Moon

I’m calling this Lunar Eclipse in Cancer an Indigo Moon. Being a Full Moon and an Eclipse with this much going on around it warrants a new category of rarity. And I don’t rate Blue Moons because they’re only referring to a calendar. Moons are the real calendar. Anyway, there are many manifestations of the current astro-fuqery: enough of the political, let’s do the personal. Eclipses like this are most …

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Saturn Direct Times Vintage Pulp Sci Fi

The Saturn Direct Times

In the Daily Mystic for Wednesday, I said that the Saturn Direct times are on the Moon Calendar but they’re not!!!  I am so sorry. I recall now that I only put the Mercury, Venus and Mars Retrograde/Direct times on there. Why? Because they tend to have the most impact. But this Saturn Retrograde has been such a punish that I think many people are tracking it more avidly than …

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What Is The Best Astrological Timing To Take On A Gigantic Corporation?

What is the best astrological timing to take on a gigantic and corrupt corporation? In situations like this, it is not enough to merely be ‘right.’ The Gemini economist John Maynard Keynes warned that sometimes “the market can stay irrational longer than you stay solvent.”  In David Versus Goliath cases like this “Ask Mystic” query, it is more that the corporation can stay solvent longer than you can remain sane …

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