Love Zombies

Mercury AND Venus Retrograde

Mercury AND Venus Retrograde at the same time? If it were a television series, you’d be telling the writers to lay off the hooch. We already have a core narrative  – dystopian meltdown, turbulent social transformation – does it really require an absurd subplot? Well, yes actually. Bring it on.  A magical realism influenced rom-com/ghost story/makeover is very now. The crisis has already inspired many people to radically shift their …

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Science fiction Venus

Your New Paradigm Venus In Gemini

Venus in Gemini 2020 was always going to be weird. Four times longer than the usual passage of Venus through a sign, it includes Venus Retrograde for much of May and June. For those of you nostalgic for your Love Zombie highs, it includes Venus square Neptune for three weeks. And Mutable Sign Retrogrades have a zanier edge to them than the others. But even with all that, it was …

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Googling Styles Of The Zodiac

You can tell a lot about zodiac personalities through the observation of people’s googling styles. Of course, everyone ebbs and flows. Your “research methods” could alter depending on the type of transit you are having. Still, here are some fundamental theories to consider. Rage Googling Rage googling is a digital expression of confirmation bias. It’s when you go looking for yet more evidence that a corrupt politician is truly douche-core. …

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woman lying on linoleum floor with flowers scattered around her

Do Peptides Cause Love Zombie Crushes?

I have a new item to add to the How To Be A Love Zombie suggestions.  Run natal chart compatibility assessments for people you never see in real life. If you need to ask a psychic how your love interest is doing (because you can’t ask the person in question), initiate full anti-Love Zombie protocol. Or, as this person below is doing, embrace the condition and enjoy the upside of …

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Cancer Man Ignoring You

What To Do If A Cancer Man Is Ignoring You?

The email arrived with just the subject heading – What To Do If A Cancer Man Is Ignoring You? – no message text, no context. So, thinking it might be an Ask Mystic question, I replied and the email was returned; this users mailbox is full – their quota exceeded.  How Mercury Retrograde is this?! But what if the Cancer man in question had also tried to reach this person?! …

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