Are You Mercury Retro In Taurus Ready?

Here we are – 11 days into 69 days of Mercury in Taurus – are we ready for the Retrograde* leg of this road trip? Aside from the standard protocol of not committing significant time/money on a whim, backing up data and being super-diligent with outgoing communications, these six tips will help!

(1) If You Feel Like You’re Turning Into A Taurus, Lean In.

Or, more of a Taurus if you already are one, obviously. You may notice that you’re more peevish about micro-matters and prone to exclaiming loudly at incorrectly priced products but that your sense of taste and smell has become remarkably more refined.

You know how Taureans are with their food and beverage standards? You too may find yourself enquiring about whether a spice could have been irradiated or the origin of the coffee beans with the grave demeanor of a reparations auditor at the Hague.

It’s a good time to repurpose some of the mercurial energy that you may put into ten-trillion-browser-tabs open research and turn it toward sensuality, Taurus-style.

(2) You Will Need A New Mixtape/Playlist

This is core Taurus – think about it: Who has not witnessed the seismic reaction from a Taurus forced to listen to discordant music or when they suddenly realize there’s Muzak polluting their aura?

Chances are that since Mercury arrived in Taurus on April 3/4,  you’ve already existentially erupted over the state of your go-to gym mix or soundscape is totally unacceptable.

If not, aim to address the situation before it occurs. Fresh tunes can inspire life-altering ingenuity when Mercury is Retro in Taurus.

(3) Ignore Unhelpful Propaganda Re Mercury in Taurus

If you rely on your wits/words for revenue, don’t read some of the A.I. peddled drivel about this astro-passage. Mercury is stronger, not weaker when it is retrograde and the renowned stamina of Taurus will serve you well.

If you’re involved in a project that’s become stuck in development or editing hell, this phase could even help to unstick it. Just don’t get stuck in a point-for-point debate if you can help it.

Inspo: People Born with Mercury Retrograde in Taurus include Colin Farrell, Naomi Klein, Tina Fey and Thomas “every weirdo in the world is on my wavelength” Pynchon. They’re permanently on Merc-Retro in Taurus and seem perfectly productive.

(4) Embrace Radical Gardening

Growing some fruit, herbs or vegetables is always a good idea – especially now and yes, even if it’s just a little pot of something fresh. But this Mercury Retro is an excellent time to merge metaphysical you with gardening or cooking you. Or, if you’re way ahead on this, simply stand by and await transmission from the mother-plant, Gaia etc.

More or less the moment Mercury arrived in Taurus, I was re-ordering miracle druidic tree paste gunk and thinking about the politics of native bees and this Taurean boyfriend I once had who claimed to be in communication with palm trees.

I also claimed a tree that looked like it had been ripped out of a garden and dropped in the gutter outside the house – it turned out to be an Aloe Africanus.

I was in a hurry and was going to ignore it on ‘common sense’ grounds but I swear it transmitted a message – now it’s in the garden and its still transmitting major vibe.

(5) Firm & Stabilize

View this mercurial phase as a verdant green oasis amid all the turbulence and volatility. We don’t live in little bubbles unaffected by geopolitical flux and economic fuqery but Mercury in Taurus and particularly the Retrograde is a fantastic time to re-feel the relationships, practices, food, operating modes etc that we know make us more resilient.

And no you don’t have to justify it or signal whatever you’re doing on social channels – think Taurus. If the drawbridge is up, it’s up. Or, to use the road trip analogy, you’re cruising – eyes on the road ahead, max volume, perfect control.

Also, as you know, the Retrograde is not a good time to invest in new things that float in – two thirds of my incoming phone calls are scammers now fyi – but it’s fab for a relaxed, objective re-think on where your money, assets, debt and liabilities are at.

(6) Take Mercury-Uranus Into Account

This is simple yet profound. Mercury turns Retrograde at 15° Taurus – just two degrees away from rad planet Uranus. See this is a spark – genius, connection, realization, liberation – that needs the Retrograde to develop without an annoucement or trying to push it.

Then, from June 4 to 6, Mercury will be not only Direct but out of the shadowzone and conjunct Uranus at 20° Taurus. Even better, Jupiter will be in Taurus by then and beneficially – brilliantly – conjunct the Moon’s Node in Taurus. It’s the prelude to 2024’s fab Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

More on all this in the May Monthly Horoscopes but in terms of this Retrograde, it’s uniquely excellent for hatching cool concepts because of all the above.

*Mercury is Retrograde from April 21 to May 15. The March 3 Daily Mystic Update has some helpful date-wrangling and tactical suggestions. It’s usually behind the pay-veil but I just opened it up for members and non-members alike.

You may also like this older post on Mercury in Taurus – it’s softer-toned because it was written in a more mellow time – 2016!

57 thoughts on “Are You Mercury Retro In Taurus Ready?”

  1. Love all the tips and anecdotes, Mystic! I’m feeling excited about the possibilities of this retrograde now and all of the upcoming action. Congrats too on the new member in your plant family! A Piscean friend was talking about how plants can be “helping beings” just as much as any spirit guides. Great that you’re getting such a vibe from it!

  2. Mercury is currently trine my natal Mercury in the 12th, and it’s illuminating some deeper level soul friendships (7th house) where you can be your authentic self without someone thinking you’ve lost your damn mind lol. I’m definitely feeling the earth mother Taurean vibe I literally nearly signed up for a herbalist course, because my obsession with plant medicine specially flower essences has reached peak levels! I’ve been drinking this rose petal and hibiscus tea and it gave me one of the best legal highs I’ve had in awhile 🚀

  3. Also – just had to share. Found an historic literature treasure on web, which feels very Mercury Rx in Taurus – the Project Gutenberg website (www dot gutenberg dot org) (all free digitised old books) (apologies for all the smarties who have already found it and archives.)
    What about this treasure – “Tea Cup Reading and Fortune-Telling by Tea Leaves”, by “A Highland Seer” (original publication 1881).
    An absolute find, even if I am almost doubled over giggling at the symbolic interpretations, and how on earth to interpret an “A*s” symbol – do I look for a donkey, or a number 3 that has fallen onto its back? I guess it’s definition will overcome my interpretative dilemna “misfortune will be overcome by patience…” (lol). LOVE <3

  4. Am super behind on all the super intelligent comments here, but just wanted to say thank you to MM for these blog posts & this space. Taurus rising, and i read this latest piece and – not for the first time – did a little 1-2 check over each shoulder, wondering if I have an accidental CCTV broadcast happening, or ghost spies reporting every miniscule habit…🤣😬 I.e. Mystic, how did you know???
    (Ps. Astro-anecdote file – am relying on fixed sign segments of natal chart to carry me through this next astro phase. #experiments) XOO
    Edit: I HAVE seen a lot more ghosts/visuals since Saturn went into 🐳, and i disciplined meditation//yoga practice (also thanks, 💙 Kim Yin Yoga on YouTube!!)
    But as the saying goes, ignore these apparitional distractions to practice!

  5. So Mercury in Taurus can be a good time to think about the energy of money?
    And wait until June to invest?
    If this is so, then there is intermediate to read The Barefoot Investor & Fearless Finances.
    Any other suggestions on a crash course about solid investments?
    Aires ‘daughter’ has come to me for advice on investing her inheritance (substantial) which isn’t enough to buy a house with cash but enough to last her the rest of her life if handled with care & wisdom.
    She won’t pay a financial advisor but perhaps an astrologer as this could be
    an ‘ask Mystic’ question as it’s to do with the future & Mystic is THERE.
    June’s Uranian-Taurus meeting in June could point toward medical marihuana start-ups or start ups in general.
    A psilocybin farm?
    Will check that older post about Merc in Toro.

    1. Barefoot investor helped me feel more confident and breaks down the basics . His chirpy 30-something white middle class chino wearing married guy schtick started to grate after a couple of chapters and I did begin to wonder if he was aware that single women over 45 existed, but then again I’ve been a bit intolerant lately. It is on my stack too.

      There’s no harm in a good financial advisor, and perhaps a second opinion, maybe someone who wiser and recognises the financial dynamics for women (not some “just get married” prat) different life path & stages, pitfalls, shoring up for later life etc.

      I’d consider one of Warren Buffet’s books (or a related blog?) , with a grain of salt, but he’s been around the block so I’m sure there’s some wisdom to glean.

      Maybe your niece will discover that she has a head for business 🙂

      1. Agreed, Sam. Have Buffet’s book, and some of the economic principles still apply, even if the market has completely changed. And good fin advice worth it in complex times.🦋Pegs, I hope your Aries soul daughter okay – i did read some of your comments about her carrying some hurt from past. Would it be worthwhile her looking at good therapy along with other advice, if she is ready..? I don’t know if she is my Aries age (1977) but Saturn just rolled over my Mars in Pisces, which brought up a whole heap of unexpected grief, too. As Peter Levine said “ “trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness.”  I think it is wonderful you have borne witness for her. You couldn’t wish for a better ‘soul’ Mum. Xx

    2. I’m learning about investing too, tho i don’t (yet!!?) have anything to invest. I’d rather know what to do with my money before i get some, than get it and lose it… although that could be fun too: Venusian hedonism speaks to my soul. I’m growing into my Taurus moon and trying out this thing called “financial security” as a possible future pathway.

      There are great places to start online – she may have found many already as there’s a whole ‘finfluencer’ movement now, but i like Girls That Invest, Mel Browne, and Denise Duffield-Thomas. All have plenty of free content to start with, and books. All women because… well, do i even need to explain? There’s also a great 5 episode podcast called Power, Money, Security (aka PMS😏) that is aimed at educating women on finances & investing. It’s aimed at Kiwi women so has mostly NZ references, but the advice itself is general enough to cross over the ditch (if that’s where you are – if so, happy ANZAC Day 🌺 – tho i’m not sure if “happy” is the right word to use…)

      I don’t know that there’s any such thing as a truly solid investment – especially with Uranus in Taurus! Tho the guidance i hear most often – and have yet to heed myself – is: start now, even if only a small amount, it is the time in the market, or invested, that ultimately makes the difference. In other words, think Saturn not just Jupiter 😊

  6. My building has copped water damage, made worse by NSW floods last year. Repair work on the rear facade has started. As we hang out in garden for cuppas most days, we noticed and delighted in an active swarm of native bees that have established a hive in the concrete blocks. We were saddened that our bee friends would be displaced by the work. My neighbour mentioned it to the builder, but what could he do? The whole wall is being patched up and repainted.

    But the other day, we noticed that he had constructed a little cover out of half a yoghurt container so the bees were protected from paint spray, but could still access the hive. Just one of those considerate things that people are capable of.

  7. I’m a Taurus Ascendant and Moon, and a part of me is going about my daily obligations, but a huge part of my mind is thinking about the micro-wildflower meadow that’s in bloom in my garden, and the pollinators who visit it, and how I want to learn more about soil health–we know so little about what goes on beneath our feet and yet there is a whole living world there.

  8. OMG yes yes yes
    1) Yes I am a heavy stellium Taurus Merc at 14 51′ and I have discovered Yuka app half of the contents of my pantry and make up/sunscreen isn’t even fit for the bin/landfill <inset sad face> <maybe vomit face too>
    2) Decided to listen to new age podcasts is my new music
    3) Marking lots of school assessment tasks with twenty tabs open and saving as a back up in emails. reviewing their programs bc they can’t write as well as I hoped/expected
    4) Been weeding and thinking about planting my seeds earlier next spring
    5) Been ruthless with mystery junk emails in my inbox (and even deleted about 2000 emails out of my non-technical muggle husbands account by name eg ebay no reply)
    6) yep Merc almost 15 degrees, Ceres at 16, Mars at 21….
    I love every weirdo in the world is on my wavelength” 

  9. 100% on adopting kerbside plants that have been deposited there for nature / the rubbish collectors to take their course. We rehomed some bromeliads that way once. After they settled in they produced the most stunningly fun candy-pink + jacaranda purple flowers. I was also delighted years later to discover that pineapples are part of the same family!

    Money & benefits of course, workplace agreements, always a Toro conversation, I’m seeing that in my immediate future.

    Might work on my 5th house to support this 11th house time of change & negotiation

    1. Agreed, lovely and caring strategy to adopt kerbside plants… I am sure they give good energy back 🌿🍀

    2. Have 5 of those Barbie pink & violet bromeliad flowers bringing me joy every time i look at them and they last 10 months.
      Once flowered they produce ‘pups’, love that, so 5 puppies on the way!
      Once called ‘vase plants’ as watered in the centre of leaves.

  10. OMG- the drawbridge, the plants, growing stuff ✅✅✅ and the music stuff. Definitely, feel like looking up Taurean musicians
    I have Chiron in Taurus

  11. Currently growing/collating nine of the 13 sacred trees/plants outside my door.

    Mars in taurus here; thanks for a reminder not to get stuck on a point. I’m like the revolving door of “like I said before..” rn

  12. Yes with the music!! Have totally started exploring a new genre in the last few days! Unexpected and am staying curious and open!

    My Venus and Moon are in Taurus so I always have an appreciation for good music, great food, lovely scents, and an eye for beauty and value.

    1. Hello from one Taurus Moon to another!
      You also have Venus there, that’s an especially lovely placement, at home in its own sign 🌸 Hope the transit of Uranus in Taurus haven’t been too disruptive for you!
      And yes, good food, lovely scents and music, they are things that make life worth living

    2. Have also explored a new (old) genre in music mostly strings like Cellomania, Medieval & Chamber music.
      Quite beautiful & soothingly transporting.
      Also the music of Hildegarde Von Bingham, a mystical abbess from 12 century.

      1. Heya Pegs, not sure if you will see this, but if you love medieval 🎵 then try looking up “Lachrimae Caravaggio” on YouTube by Jordi Savall, in memoriam of his wife, singer Montserrat Figueras (also very beautiful voice). If you can’t listen to whole hour, you can select pieces by clicking on their time-score in menu within video description below the clip – “Folias” at 37 minutes is pure joy and sadness combined, and “Deploratio III”, a “lament” sung by his son Ferran Savall, is all the sadness in all the world. (I love Hildegarde VB, too.) XX

      2. I was listening to this exact piece two months ago, shortly after my brother died, but before we found out he was dead. He was also a ‘medievalist’. (I suspect we all shared past lives in medieval times, tho i feel like i’m questioning all my spiritual beliefs in the wake of his passing tbh). I wasn’t aware of the backstory so thank you. It makes sense, even tho the music itself doesn’t feel sad or mournful to me, but it is very soothing. But perhaps you need to be deeply sad to not feel it is sad..!❣️

      3. Dear Mariposa, by chance I checked on the blog via my home computer, not my usual mobile ph in between running around; and saw your reply to me by chance. I am so glad I did…however. I am so, so sorry to hear of you losing your brother. I know astrology can provide some small reasoning when there is none, even if there is no reason to be had, nor comfort, nor solace – and by virtue of being human, we all cannot avoid this space, sooner or later. So, I am sending so much love, prayers, and comfort somehow, to you, your family, and of course your brother.
        Pluto was conjunct the ruler of my Piscean MC, Neptune in Sagittarius (exactly, to the minute), when I lost my beloved grandmother, back in January 2002. It was my first experience of death, and given she was a very magical thinker, and (as I found out after she passed), very prepared to go, I came to believe it was one of her many gifts to me – that of (gently) facing mortality (she was a Mum to me, when my own mother left very early in my life).
        But, I am only telling you this as somebody who can very much relate to Pluto’s ability to sometimes signify a passing away of someone very much loved. (I had no idea of astrology back then – only found this out retrospectively).
        (Also, I’m so glad I posted these musical pieces … Sometimes (or often), I delete myself before posting, because it feels too personal, too much, or I worry it isn’t the place. Well, I am glad I did, because I got to share something (however small) with you, AND your brother. Yes, I am sure we all knew each other in the medieval halls. XOO And we will meet again. Sending so many blessings, so much comfort, and (I hope), a sense you are not alone M…) XOO

      4. Thank you Corduroy. It does help. It is strange to think that every one of us will die, and we will all experience the painful and often untimely loss of loved ones, yet it feels so strangely isolating an experience to go through. Especially if we don’t talk about it – as is the temptation when you don’t want to bring other people down or spoil the mood.

        I am noticing more public conversation around grief post-Covid, so that is possibly a small silver lining of the last two years. I imagine the long passage between late Pluto in Capricorn to early Aquarius over the coming few years, as it retrogrades, will probably be one of confronting Capricorn losses and excesses, and finding new ways to engage and recover collectively, whether that be from personal losses, loss of what we once had or aspired to, and what once was. There is a lot to grieve at the moment even without a personal bereavement, but still much to live for.

        I also “delete myself” for the same reasons btw, but i’m glad you didn’t. It’s a lovely synchronicity and i re-listened to the piece last night. (I’m gradually making my way through Savall’s extensive back catalogue, including Hesperion XXI, and currently listening to his Celtic Viol albums). It had me thinking of the day i downloaded it to listen to. I was feeling deeply, deeply sad but didn’t know why. My body & soul knew that this energy i’d known forever was gone, but my brain did not… It took weeks for the news to come to light – or perhaps, it took for Pluto to ingress into Aquarius to bring it to light. (Weird timing, as i often question the accuracy of the zodiac degrees – like how do we really know that this exact moment is when a planet passes from one distant imagined point to another..? I often feel the shifts about 2-3 degrees prior so figure some calculations are probably out a fraction, tho it’s all human interpretation and subject to human ‘error’ anyway so it pays to not be too rigid & exacting i find).

        I did look up the astrology of course, and his transits. It happened at the time of the Venus-Neptune and Sun-Saturn conjunctions in Feb, with that Gemini Mars out of bounds and opposite the out of bounds Sag moon that was transiting his Neptune-N.Node. While it doesn’t change the present reality, it does give me a sense of what the influences were that informed his decision. It was “by his own hand”, to quote Leonard Cohen in Who By Fire – the only song that makes me feel better somehow, through its absolute acceptance of the inevitable deaths of all of us. For some reason that is consoling! The reminder that we are all temporary beings and not to get too attached to this life, its fancies and its foibles… 🍂🌱🍂🌱🍂

        On that note farewell & thank you again for your kind words & thoughts. I’ll be off to focus on the living for a while – my dear old Grandmother turns 94 in a few days and that deserves a wee gift to be sent, via earthly channels, so i better get on with life in TRW… 😊💗🙏💕

      5. Go well & go gently, Mariposa Xooxoo FWIW your reply has echoed in my heart and found a home. Yes, Buddhist meditation and philosophy does treat this inevitability of our vulnerability – our reality – as a central plank of practice, which has helped me in the past (although I am an amateur student) but will look up Leonard Cohen’s song. Happy Birthday to your dear Grandma, and I will light a candle for you all. CJ xx

  13. Yes! I have to have a talk about long term things with a financial advisor. It’s not to decide on matters but get numbers, think of options/ possibilities and then make some plans. I also tossed out a playlist and replaced it with more sensuous tunes. I wondered about that musical about-face, but it now makes sense!

    1. ‘Financial advisor’ thanx for the clue. Knew id get guidance from something-someone here.
      Sometimes paying a professional can save time & money in the long run.

  14. I’m currently in a grumpy learning phase re: taxes, small business structures etc. Feeling like a surly adolescent and was thinking of the connection between Mercury in Taurus and the 5 of pentacles. Cue taking the four billionth spin on the tarot and getting 5 of pentacles in 1st house.

    This part of Taurus is in my 8th house where all the action is. In 2003 I had my progressed new moon at 12 degrees Taurus. Eager for this cycle to end so I’m just picturing that lux garden I’ll be walking into in June in between some low vibe Aries griping in my head.

  15. Totally, totally en pointe as usual, Mystic…thank you for your brilliance..
    As a side note: have been ritualistically using Sage lately…I think it’s the deep resonance and harmony of fire/plant/earth energy that seems potent in this earthy Taurus Merc/Aries Eclipse…it feels good & is doing wonders for my aura…X

  16. This is lovely, thank you Mystic!
    As Taurus Moon, I look forward to Mercury transiting Taurus for a while. I feel it will stimulate reflection on the seismic changes which have occurred since Uranus entered Taurus almost exactly five years ago… For me personally it has been deeply uncomfortable and alienating but also… innovative?

      1. Hey there Wish, hope you are well 😊
        How are you, have Uranus’ electric vibes been bothering your Taurus Moon lately?

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Not lately. But when it was closer I could feel it. But I was also more open to positive change.

        If you wanna make an omelette you gotta crack some eggs!


    1. Calcifer you’re one of many Taurus moons I know of, somehow seem to have several in my circle. A bestie, both parents, another person I have an easy friendship with. Oh my god lol Taurus rules my 11th house of (I think) friends and social circles. Maybe it’s my Jupiter there, Toro-themed things are just easy and fun? But point being all y’all are facing the Uranus transit and from what I can see, it’s been hitting the green green grass of home pretty hard. I hope the mercury transit helps to translate some of the experiences, Or at least open safe and clear paths to that newness .

      1. Ah, it somehow consoles me a bit that the Taurus Moons in your circle have also been affected by Uranus, even if I feel for them so much! Could any sign be more affected by a hard Uranus transit than a Taurus? We normally draw our strength from the earth, but that strategy is severely disrupted by Uranus. You do make me smile though referring to the effects of the Uranus transit as ‘hitting the green green grass of home pretty hard’. That’s exactly what is / does!

      2. Sadly hit even worse by Pluto in Aquarius squaring the natal Taurus moon (and associated T-square feat Uranus, Saturn, MC/IC), with news on the day Pluto went into Aquarius of my brother’s death. I had sensed much dread at the prospect of this transit, but expected it would be my 93 year old Taurus Grandmother’s time… but no. In true hard-aspect-to-Uranus/Saturn/Moon it was the unexpected… Pluto’s on my IC now, square Taurus moon. Hitting home hard could not be more true.😔

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