What Transit Was Liz Hurley’s Dress Night?

The night of May 11 1994 was so (beneficially) life-altering for quadruple Gemini Elizabeth Hurley we are going to explore the astrological influences in play!

Of course that dress was its own private dark nebula, operating independently to the planetary patterns. The occasion was the Four Weddings And A Funeral premiere and I was watching it on televison news when Liz and the Versace safety pin frock undulated into the picture.

Who’s that?” spluttered the guy I was with at the time. I remember all this really well because he then inhaled his food, requiring first aid.  She did have high-concept boobage at the time, but still. The dress/Liz combo generated enormous media attention, upstaging the movie and setting the scene for a lucrative longevity in celebrity land. She landed an Estee Lauder spokesmodel gig a few months after the dress outing – on her Saturn Return –  and she’s held it for nearly 30 years now.

She also established her bikini brand, pops up intermittently in a range of interesting dramatic roles and appears to have attained permanent ‘posh tottie’ status. It all came out of that night. Annoyingly, we don’t have a birth time but can tell plenty without it. This was a classic triple -whammy deluxe astro-weirding.

Good alignments come along all the time but don’t necessarily ping off anything in your natal astro. Or they’re competing with astrological pests like, well, no names. But in this case, Elizabeth Hurley had three epic alignments:

(1) It was a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus.

(2) Venus was in Gemini, conjunct her natal Mercury/Node.

(3) Jupiter was on her Scorpio Moon, also trining her Venus in Cancer.

Jupiter-Moon is always fantastic but when you add in the rest, you can see how the night kind of made her. She reminds me of another Gemini Brit – Joan Collins – in that she’s got a particular persona that works a charm and and she’s stuck to it.

She also has her son Damian, whom she had with the late Aries billionaire Steve Bing, in a similar scenario to Linda Evangelista. Bing said the fling thing was barely even that and forced a paternity test. Also an Aries, 19 year old Damian has a Capricorn Moon trine Venus (reflecting a hustler mum with professional beauty cred) and – apparently – Cancer Rising at 29 degrees or something. But no – he has to be Leo Rising.

Hurley is now, like Linda Evangelista, at an interesting age. She will be renegotiating her cosmetics/skincare contract as she approaches her second Saturn Return. And she’s entering the Madonna zone, an age where if you continue to present yourself as a woman with erotic currency, men like the Daily Mail’s Piers Morgan will write entire columns about how you should not show cleavage, smile too archly, think you’re hot s**t etc.

So to bring it back to the astro of her dress night, no matter what else is going on, transit Jupiter conjunct the Sun, Moon or an inner planet is stupendously expansive.  It’s always a few days (and nights) when you can oomph everything up and expect fab results. It’s like the Nine of Cups card in Tarot.


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  1. LOVE the astro take on this because it would explain Hurley’s propulsion on to the world stage despite her lack of talent for anything substantial. I was living in London at the time & the papers went apeshit for months. I guess that being on the arm of Hugh Grant AND being “posh tottie” was an explosive combo for the posh obsessed & boob obsessed tabloids. Need i say that the Sun rag only just stopped running the Page 3 Girl section in 2015!.. and this after much lobbying for years & even death threats to the woman who led the campaign. For those of you not aware of the Page 3 girl phenomenon, it was a page dedicated to showing topless, buxom young women as part of the daily news. The most famous being Sam Fox who was featured when she was only 16. The caption ran: “Sam, 16, Quits A Levels for Oooh Levels”… ni-i-i-i-i-ce.

    At the risk of sounding like an old sour puss, i have to say that as a Gen X-er i remember the Boomer Generation trail blazer models & actors with much more admiration. Take Oscar/ Grammy/ Emmy/Cannes winner & other multi-awards winner & philanthropist, Cher, whose red carpet attire used to continually wow the world. Check out her feathered nude dress for the 1975 Met Gala or the Mackie dress which she wore to collect her Oscar in 1988. A woman dripping with talent & savvy that was able to break moulds & rock the scene despite her unorthodox (albeit spectacular) mixed race looks at a time when there were hardly any non-whites on the beauty & movie scene. She clearly doesn’t need a Jupiter/Moon transit – she has an inbuilt one already with her Capricorn Moon being squared exact her Libra Jupiter… and as a Taurus, ruled by Venus Herself, of course.

  2. So interesting! Helpfully, the dress has its own Wiki, which answered a few of my questions. I wonder also about all the associated tangential moments… the guy in the London store who decided to loan her a dress when she’d been refused by other designers because she wasn’t well known enough, the effect of the dress on Versace’s legacy etc.

    I wonder if we are approaching a grand Lilith moment in history? All those amazing Gen X-ish women like Madonna, Liz, Naomi, Linda etc who broke new ground in various ways as younger women, are refusing to don pearls and twinsets and go quietly. They are redefining what it means to be a woman in one’s fifties, sixties and beyond… I haven’t considered it beyond this thought bubble but *something* seems to be happening.

    My own Jupiter-moon moment in Cap last year was pretty good. I had moderate success with a project I’d been working on for years. It was the embodiment of ‘hard work pays off’. There was an element of luck, but it was the kind that happens when you work your butt off despite getting nowhere for aeons.

    1. Love these thoughts C, & The Dress having own page, lol. When you mentioned Lilith/history/models my mind lurched to earlier than 80s models like Grace Jones, Verushka, Lauren Hutton – to me these were the real super models – all unique & unconventional beauties working at the top of the game, plus multi-talented in other fields. Now in their 70s, they’re still strutting the catwalks. Can you imagine Grace Jones though in pearls & twinsets?!!

      1. Ooh yes those fabulous women! I had forgotten about them. Grace Jones in particular, subverting all the tedious, restrictive norms. Lauren Hutton, what an absolute powerhouse.

        I wonder also about Hugh’s transits at that time because wasn’t the tabloid fuelled drama soon after this?? Goodness, this post has been such a wonderful antidote to the news cycle xx

        1. I’ve always admired Naomi for her strength and beauty and for being a difficult woman, reportedly a bitch (which is what some label a strong woman who doesn’t take shit)

  3. What a cool manifestation of astrology! My Jupiter-Moon was boring, except I moved in my apartment that day. Liz looks sweet in that photo, and Hugh looks like he won the lottery. 🙂

    Unpopular opinion alert – currently, Liz looks hot in a way calendar models are supposed to be – forgettable at the turn of the month. Damian does nothing to me at all. Even if I can overlook the fact that he was born in 2002 (!!!!), the exaggerated open mouth posing and pointy chin look too forced, too model-y. I wonder if there is any substance or even sheer hustle like his mum in him. Would be interesting to watch.

    I think I am just a plebeian peasant with no sense of fashion or beauty. :-/

    1. Cappie, i find Damian nauseating and the relationship with his mother Oedipal like one day he will fall into the mirror and not come out if he does one more hair flick. He wants to BE her.
      Sad his father wouldn’t acknowledge him and for it to be so public which would explain his ‘trying so hard’ for acceptance.
      Liz does nothing for me with not an inch the talent Madonna has, just a few C grade movies and a swim line of bikinis on her resume with a few famous paramours thrown in.
      Caps are never behind the 8 ball in fashion or beauty iv’e found.

      1. I am not British, so I can’t judge her talent. Madonna is a class apart and like most really talented people, works harder the more successful she gets. Same for Kylie. There is something about that generation of superstars. I can’t even touch an iota of their hustle. But Liz must have something to keep a whole nation occupied for decades?

        I think you are on the money regarding your assessment of the kid. I kinda feel sorry for him. 🙁 He may have private jets and a horde of adoring teenagers but what a shitty life, eh?

        I have natal Neptune+Jupiter+Venus, and my most terrifying fear is to ever be or come across as vulgar. Very bourgeoisie. 😃 So, much as I adore true glamour, current high fashion and I are not really neighbours on the same street. E.g. Next year’s big spring-summer trend is a bra as a top and super low skirt/shorts, which makes me want to house and clothe these poor kids. 😄

  4. Unfortunately my Moon is at the degree of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction so the Jupiter transit got lost in that sh*tshow. Anyway, without my glasses on I thought Damian was a younger Liz! I was pondering the lack of cleavage, until I zoomed in.

  5. Damian’s bone structure and entire golden aura feels Capricorn and yes – his hair is so LEO. Maybe he showed up a tiny bit early – I read the comment below about his likely past incarnations — likely they were eager to get out and get going. (Now I wonder if there are other Aries Sun signs that show up early to an incarnation. Or Pisces folks perhaps that could get here a bit late.)

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Oh I was 2 weeks late and I’m a Pisces Rising. I was 10 pounds 10 ounces so I thought it was my Taurus Moon stubbornness.

        1. I love that. I think your Taurus Moon stubbornness likely played a role. What is your Sun sign? It’s interesting to think to what degree (pun intended!) our arrivals/births sync like that with our chart. The foggy night is perfect! My rising is Cappy and it’s the same degree as my Sun – so I wonder sometimes how I managed to pop out that way. What kind of pre-incarnation plotting and negotiating goes on anyway? I find that concept very intriguing!!

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            My sun sign is gemini. I just found out my sun and moon are the same degree: 14. What does that mean?
            Same as you.
            My rising is 9.

      1. Oooo I was 16 days late and a transverse presentation. Got scalped at birth by a vonn tuese. And landed as a Pisces rising.

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          Oh you funny sausage. It must be the crab in you wanting to come out sideways. I remember you saying you have a bit of kayaks in your chart.
          I had to google Vonn tuese. I gasped when I read scalped.
          Mum said I flopped out like a fish compared to the other births.

  6. One of the absolutely few people that can turn my head and practically cause my me to get whiplash. I remember when she showed up in the TV show The Runaways as a Marvel version of Morgan Le Fay. She stole that season for a time. Even if her part was kind written just for her.

    I hope she is eternally this way.

    Also, Peirs Morgan can kindly stay in the UK and go suck an egg. 😀 I’ll show my rants about him for some other time. 😀

  7. Really hope Damien has some steadfast grounding aspects, he’ll need it with the shear volume of light shining on him (& from him) especially, when it potentially goes out. Its dark for babes brought up on superficial fame teats, no matter how much money dads got in the bank. It’s possibly all the worse for it. Shit I feel sorry for kids of fame.

  8. With my moon at 22 Aquarius, I’ve been observing Jupiter conjunct the moon transit for a long while now! I definitely think there’s an expansive allure effect – I notice people turning to look at me more, no Versace required. I usually think of Venus as having the attractor factor but with this transit to my moon I’m noticing how the receptive principle of the moon can be attractive too perhaps.

  9. I loved reading this so much! <3 thank you! Wowieee! Liz’s son is quite something isn’t he .. hubba hubba :-)))))

  10. The policing of women’s sexiness/attractiveness and JUDGING will never stop. Toxic patriarchy and religion is behind it.
    Madonna/whore, God’s police, slut shaming, etc.
    Nice to subvert it when you can.

    1. There was a book written by an oz journalist called ‘Damn Whores and God’s Police’ actually :-).
      The comments on the latest Madonna photos are just so nasty, no praise what so ever for longevity and creativity.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Oh Madonna trolls. Scratch the surface and they are just mediocre people living mediocre lives. The only thrills they get are from dragging dynamic people down. They are Parasitic in nature.

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        By Anne Summers 1975. Don’t be put off by the date. Unfortunately this book still applies according to the reviews. Good reads gives it 4/5. It is a seminal book. Worth reading.
        But one review said it is written for the white, middle class woman.

        1. Hello Sweet Star, ‘written for white middle class women’ holy harlots what a what a strange review that is considering the era it was written in.
          At that time when the vice squad had crushes on many of the working girls whilst they were hassling them about their mode of income. Insane hypocrisy. True outlaws and radicals were the working girls back when sex was still mysterious.
          It was the time when emerging rock stars realised strippers and hookers also did ‘gig’s, both understanding the late hours and the necessity of after work personal time/space, so were natural allies, read lovers 🙂
          You read Camille Paglia i remember you saying and i remember her books were in every feminist’s library who were working for working girl’s rights on health and safety.
          A new book on same subject is in the works have been told, to incorporate what i called the ‘hi-tech hookers’, on how the digital age has changed the industry. That same industry that put many women through University and sent a few O/S to become famous singers and actors at a time when many artists had to leave Oz to make it, being the only way the could afford to finance their budding careers.
          Brave women.

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            Oh Pegasus I could be wrong. I have been reprimanded before, just gleaming the facts before feeling the feels. I blame my gemini sun but also want to cuddle the poor minority. Venus in Cancer Pisces Rising.

            I will just quote the reviewer:


            oh fuq. That’s all that came up. When I cut and paste.

            it was something about the cost of childcare in this day and age.

            Merc retrograde has got me fuqed. My timing is shit. I just need to breathe before I speak. And only say the words that matter.

            But I love that Sag energy. Jolly and accompanying if it was Scorpio I would be dead.

            This double cancer crawls back in her shell. And heals under the full moon having learnt her lesson.

            1. Anne was a prototype feminist in the 1970s. When we had hope that the future was change, women could have the same rights and status of men, Gough was PM, etc. We though in Australia that we were going to progress, everyone could get an education (not just the rich) etc. Unfortunately those days were numbered, we’re now under the ‘rule’ of a misogynistic backward government with a majority of religious freaks who seem to be medieval in their views about women. The pendulum swings, and hopefully it’s going to swing back soon…

                1. I remember living in Maleny and seeing a young woman wearing a 1950s dress and thinking,: we are going backwards. My mum was born in the 1920s and she understood me.
                  It’s all about cycles and cutting through the shit.

                2. 1964 year of the dragon me. Loooved growing up in 70s despite much difficulty. Skyhooks, Countdown, punk, New Romantics, books and art were and are my jam 😍

              1. As a fellow gemini you may appreciate it. She is good friends with Julia Gillard, an intelligent woman But too smart for politics. The average just doesn’t get her.

                At least the author got a stamp.

                It’s hard to translate passion. I just sound crazy.

            2. Star no explanation necessary, who cares what reviewers say, i thought it was funny but also wanted to defend the book.
              Many of the woman in the ‘industry’ have been raped on the job or in daily life and as we know it isn’t about sex it’s about power and i love how they turned that dynamic around to ‘women on top’ where the control is.
              Your only lesson is to have more confidence in yourself and here is a place you can say whatever you want however you want with no judgments.
              LUVU x

              1. Wish Upon a Star

                Thanks Pegasus. I was drinking wine last night so I was a bit tired and emotional. I’m glad I said all that. I let off some steam. The sex industry stuff was obviously triggering me.

                Thanks for the last paragraph.

          2. Wish Upon a Star

            But really as a rape survivor I just get triggered enormously and can’t believe that women actually trade sex for money.
            I have met women who have been raped and they don’t care. I don’t understand this.

          3. Brave women But you have to ask the question: Why did they have to go through that? A man wouldn’t.

            So you have to have the balls and self belief to cut your own path.

                1. Comedy & Tragedy. Remember the iconic mask that represents theatre, both sides of the same coin, both always present but one sleeps whilst the other reigns in turns. x

  11. if it works, why mess with it. I also admire Madge for her hard work. It’s cool to roast her, especially for men, but she’s made some fantastic music, caught the trends, popularised BDSM, drag and the NY houses (see on the TV show Pose) during AIDS, and a kick arse older woman. I think she might freak when she becomes a grandmother though 😀

  12. smile too archly”….okay you guys, I never heard this phrase — except in the context of an “arch enemy” — until I moved to the UK five years ago (hello! Saturn and Pluto transiting 4H!) and of course, in writing circles it is mentioned all the time as regards to plot twists or character /scene descriptions. I hear it a LOT when we’re workshopping Fantasy or SciFi — my sense is they’re trying to say something is trope-y in the extreme? Or too “on the nose”? (Concepts, by the way, I think are certainly now historically irrelevant and, worse, useless.) But every time I try to pin down what the fuq it means, I get nebulous examples that don’t (obviously) stick, to the point where I wouldn’t even presume to use the word in a sentence, seeing as how I’m clueless as to its meaning. What does it mean here?!?!?

        1. NEVER! The French adore women of a certain age, they consider it their sacred duty to not allow a woman to drink alone is my personal experience.

    1. Be too intelligent, critical, independent of mind enough to separate truth from dross, and smart enough to choose when you reveal your thoughts (the only clue being your querying of the status quo raised eyebrow)

    2. Thanks to those who answered the question. Seems a bit “arch” though, as I understand it in a narrative sense, for an “arch smile” to literally just mean a smile with an arched eyebrow, but whatever. What makes this different from a bitchy smile or a smirk? I guess I’ll never know. Separated by a common language.

  13. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I immediately thought Venus, and of course Jupiter makes sense.
    I love Versace and also the symbolism of the Medusa head.

    1. Totally. He’s probably Halston’s reincarnation or something. Being Liz Hurley’s son/Elton John’s godson etc would be a highly sought-after incarnation.

    1. I agree but the Piers Morgan syndrome is also darkly hilarious. You know those pieces he runs about how Meghan Markle was only nice to him when she was being interviewed etc – rancid drivel – but can you imagine a female columnist trotting out pieces on how Brad Pitt was friendly to her and then psychopathically spurned her flirtatious overtures? She’d be laughed out of town.

  14. wow-by amazing coincidence, there was an article on her in the sunday times style section today.
    And it mentioned la Hurley’s friendship with Joan Collins-who in the article feted her ‘amazing work ethic’.
    Joan Colins is no slacker in the work ethic department herself…you once mentioned her Lillith and that she is a ‘piece of work lol’.
    I wonder what Hurleys Lillith is…

      1. An hello Ronnie, trust all copacetic in your world. Going to do a nekkid little dance under the Aries full moon on Thursday? If not why not 🙂
        I will if you will…lol.

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