Linda’s Cool Sculpt Litigation Is Hyper-Uranian

Linda Evangelista, the triple Taurus* former supermodel, is seeking $50 million in damages for an allegedly fuqed-up fat-freezing treatment and it’s totally Uranian. That is, it’s bold, on-zeitgeist, unexpected and it puts her ahead of the curve. She may even be the curve. Full disclosure: I think she’s fantastic. Remember the iconic Gianni Versace tribute show in 2018? It featured all the supermodels of the peak Versace era except Evangelista. Where was Linda?

Her birthtime is not public but I’ve always seen her as a Fire sign Ascendant: Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. And out of those, I’d wager Aries Rising. She’s been world-famous since 1988, a year that – like 2020 – featured Mars in Aries for an unusually long time. It was also when a hairdresser cut all her long hair off (she was purportedly upset at the time) on an aesthetic whim. That cut became known as ‘the Linda’ and it launched supermodel her. FYI the haircut was a Jupiter transit – it was conjunct her Sun-Venus.

She has Moon in Virgo, alongside Mars and the classic Gen X config of Uranus/Pluto. She’s a worker.  In 2011, with Saturn in Libra opposite her hypothetical ascendant in Aries, she went to court to try and win child support from the father of her son, who was born in 2006. Nobody expects to have fun in family court hearings but this one seemed particularly nasty.

She’d dated a Gemini tycoon now married to Salma Hayek – for four months and when she revealed her pregnancy, he’d ended the relationship, demanding she have a termination. He accused her of trying to bootstrap an undeserved alimony to fund her upkeep and so on. I remember seeing her trudging in and out of court in subdued bourgeois attire – floral frocks and pleated skirts. I figured she’d left her ‘real’ Linda wardrobe at home for tactical reasons, like Naomi Campbell selecting a demure knit ensemble when she was summoned to the War Crimes tribunal at the Hague.

The child support case was resolved with an undisclosed amount awarded, but given that Evangelista had publicly challenged a powerful guy who was enormously influential in luxury fashion circles, you have to assume her career suffered some blowback. She spent Saturn in Scorpio (2012 to 2015) working sporadically and when interviewed, stressed her interest in baking and macrame. Neptune in Pisces was well in swing and with it came the Influencers, a trend that the then social-media abhorring Linda disdained. The vibe calls of style mavens such as magazine editors and photographers were overruled by a new metric: followers. The more the better, obviously. Advertisers and publishers didn’t care who you were – they just wanted ‘social proof’ – the ‘likes.’

The problematic fat-freezing treatments were over 2015 and 2016: In May 2015, she turned 50 – a difficult age for even the most iconic of supermodels. That month, the then 19 year old Kendall Jenner received a record 2.5 million likes for a picture on Instagram. Best known for being a member of the first family of reality television, she’d become an Estee Lauder spokesmodel the year before.

It was Evangelista’s Chiron Return year, a lightning-like perspective shift to match the hormonal storm of menopause. Over 2016, papaazzi images of her looking larger than before popped up in the tabloids, complete with “she’s unrecognizable now” compare and contrast snark. She did some charity work and styled a fashion story starring a younger model depicting Linda’s ‘working class upbringing and early years.’ On Christmas day 2016, George Michael died unexpectedly. Evangelista and the musician had been friends since he’d cast her in his Freedom video and aside from the bereavement, it must also have been a poignantly symbolic postscript to the early 90s era that had launched her.

She sought the Cool Sculpt treament to improve her work prospects and perhaps make a ‘wow factor’ comeback but you can also see how she could have felt vulnerable. Saturn in Sagittarius was squaring her Virgo Moon + planets and Saturn. Like millions of others – mostly women – who shell out for body-sculpting, she was trying to fix something she perceived as suboptimal. Instead, the flesh rebelled and she got something called Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia – unshiftable lumps. It’s not merely cosmetic – they can apparently be a precursor to cancer and she claims she was not informed of this potential adverse reaction.

She says she is taking this action for other women, as well as herself and she’s aware that it opens her up to criticism. Because it will be an obvious publicity and financial nightmare for the company, they will presumably attempt to ‘change the conversation’ around this, as well as fighting it openly in court. It’s bound to invite misogynistic snark regarding her age (56), fertility status (menopausal) face, figure, relative fuqability then and now as assessed by incels/drongos, and single status. She’ll also cop more rational criticism about her relative privilege, possible superficiality or fat-shaming and comparison to people seeking damages for things they didn’t voluntarily enter into.

Whatever, it’s still brave – and daunting. So-called ‘Aesthetic Medicine’ is a billion dollar industry that does not appear to have much oversight, although all of the devices, machines and products are approved by the FDA. Media reports say Evangelista is suing Zeltiq Aesthetics, the original creator of Cool Sculpt, but they were bought by Allergan in 2017 and Allergan was bought by AbbieVie last year. Allergan are like Barbie-Corp – they make boob implants, injectables, Botox and more. Body sculpting clinics have become as ubitiquous as the local barber. Globally, this market was valued at a staggering $86USD billion in 2020 and it’s growing.

A person with – even now – the profile of a Linda Evangelista raising questions like ‘do these treatments deliver?’ or ‘can they be dangerous?’ is undesirable from the company’s point of view but then again, they could probably haggle the amount down a bit and pay it out of petty cash. Or, will they defend it in open court? If it’s the latter, her  well-known “we don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000” quip will come up over and over. It’s probably 100,000 in today’s values.

But guess what? She now has Uranus nearing her Taurus Sun and Eris-Persephone conjunct her Mercury in Aries. Getting to this point has probably been an arduous Saturn-Uranus square grind but there will be unexpected benefits. Thoughts?

*She has Sun, Venus + Vesta in Taurus.

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  1. Ok well I have actually had one round of cryo-freeze under my chin, and didn’t get to the second round I was supposed to have because of the initial advent of Covid last year. It was like having a small palm sized vacuum suction on either side of chin. Left a little bit of bruising after, and overall there seemed to be not much of a difference in how it looked to be honest.

    This year it feels like there is a swelling there but the glands near my ears have been swollen for years, I was told it may be related to sleep apnoea (blocked saliva glands) but I am in the midst of having testing and going to sleep clinic, as being in lock down this year I’ve slowed down and started focusing properly on my health. Much easier while being at home and on my own schedule!

    So this thing with Linda E coming up has made me wonder if my under chin swelling is related, BUT I don’t know if it would still be a thing if I lose 10-12 kilos? Am not too worried about it, I just more actually want to lose weight and eat well so I don’t get secondary diabetes!! Runs in my family, and am currently insulin resistant. Haven’t tried botox etc, don’t actually have many wrinkles probs due to extra weight and some south- east asian genes

    Im only a couple of weeks older than Linda, so Uranus /Pluto + Mars generation. I LOVED the supermodels and their style!! One other fave was Yasmeen Ghauri. Paulina Porizcova looks amazing still, she has an instagram and doesn’t seem to do have had surgeries etc.

    Re: Menopause I totally enjoy the clarity that it brings, like I look at complicated scenarios these days and think, ‘not my problem anymore!’ Though I do mourn a little bit for my young lithe body and how I rocked certain outfits…

    1. Kind of you to share V. The beauty industrial complex has a lot to answer for. They make it sound sooo easy & always minimise the risks involved. Hope that you find the cause of your swelling & have it sorted. What i wanted to ask is whether you’ve tried the 5:2 diet? I never advocate diets, but it’s the only diet i’ve seen people get good results with, not just with weight loss, but with health improvement. I believe it is especially helpful with insulin sensitivity & prediabetes. BBC docco by Michael Mosley explains it well.

      1. Thankyou Skarab, I will watch Mosley Docco, I have heard a bit about 5:2 and shall investigate it more thoroughly.
        I know what you mean by beauty industrial complex-
        simply freezing the fat away is made to seem like such a plausible protocol, particularly if one is afraid of crazy surgical interventions around the jaw area as there are a lot of nerves down there!!

        Currently using the CSIRO diet as a loose guide, it is nice, simple natural food, just small portions and takes a bit of time to prepare. I’m feeling less inflamed already by cutting the sugar and carbs, and so happy doing this but my downfall has always been when I go back to work as am an inveterate stress eater :/ For me, having the time to be in touch with my deeper needs is the best healer.

        The other interesting thing I tried last year, which I will do again was Ayahuasca.
        I wanted to try find the will to change deep habits, as i seem to be addicted to some destructive behaviours. Aya came to me in the night as the head of an eagle and (with some disdain) told me I have to be more Fierce!! I was certainly fierce when I was younger 😀

  2. I just want to make this clear. If a woman or man wants to get cosmetic surgery: go for it. It’s your choice. I’m sure some women are happy with the results as some are not. But they should not be shamed for it.

    But please do your research, use recommendations, ask questions etc. It’s women like Linda who will highlight how unregulated this industry is. And hopefully bring about change.

    1. Yep – research is everything. I learnt first-hand how to read through “beauty” stuff (i.e. look at chemical components of make-up, for e.g., behind glossy superlative packaging) at 17-18 when I had the fortune of getting cystic acne (as you kindly commented on elsewhere, Wish. X). I say “fortune” because the lesson stayed with me (as I didn’t scar) – beauty is health. And great skin/hair etc comes as much from staying away from unfriendly chems/processes (certain food/makeup/stress) as anything else. Also self-acceptance – that you can’t buy in a cream bottle BUT I HAVE TRIED.🤣 XOO

  3. Chiron return is not as easy as you might think. I felt a surge of power that finally I knew me but then who was me? Menopause is a clout round the head and heart. Your body falls apart, your mind falls apart and all the while you watch your offspring become more glorious as you diminish. No wonder she felt it when folk took a swipe at her. It’s such a complete up tip of life. And I’m still not sure how I’m going to get myself into my next phase. If I can drop the weight, gain the strength or if I actually want to !

    1. It is testing, that is for sure – on all fronts. As someone who is a decade past Chiron Rx i can vouch that regaining your strength & health is the All. Then the rest falls into place – including your head space – most important. And i DO know you know this, emg. I’m just saying it here coz i wish that someone kept telling me this during my process. It is a process, and with shortcuts (like surgery) you only get cut short (pardon the unsavoury pun). Evangelista being case in point, and all those women who’ve been under the knife – all looking spookily alike. It’s a time to get your Saturn on (… 🙁 ) – coz the only short cuts that work are on your hair, as my wise ol grandma was fond of saying.

      1. Oh yes, am in the midst of perimenopause and am feeling a wee bit short changed. Like I just got my head sorted out and now my body’s decided to stage it’s own rebellion, nope it’s not following any of the rules of biology any more.

        I’m reading Lara Briden’s book on peri/menopause and I really like her take on it. She was an evolutionary biologist before she trained as a naturopath. To summarise:

        1. Menopause is not about ageing but described as a second puberty (i.e. hormonal event signifying life change).
        2. Menopause is a tipping point for health (window of opportunity to do what we can to optimise our long term health).
        3. Menopause evolved and is not an accident of living too long (as opposed to common narrative that we now live longer so outlive our ovaries). Rather, the hypothesis is that humans evolved a longer lifespan because post-reproductive women were so useful to their community groups.

        Anyway, I found her perspective more helpful than considering it a disease state. I’m not at the point of rejoicing in it but helpful none the less.

        1. I don’t like the flavour of this Lara. Too scientific. What: post-reproductive women are ok because they are useful to community groups?

          Fuq community groups. I need to be useful to myself. My experience is that you finally come into your own. You really go within, find yourself again and do what you want without guilt.

          I find Chinese medicine on point. They explain that instead of giving to your children and others menopause is a time of giving to yourself. You also experience a big heart opening. I did. Probably explains why grandparents are generally good with grand kids. But at the end of the day they can give them back.

          Everyone is different and there are different theories. It is up to you to find your groove.

          1. It’s an alternative hypothesis to the predominant existing one that we’re not meant to be living beyond menopause at all! But yeah, it does sound scientific the way I’ve outlined her points. To be fair, it’s a book written about addressing the health challenges of menopause from a naturopathic medical perspective so it’s got a scientific slant for sure.

            Anyway, I was inspired to write out her points after reading emg’s post about how weary the whole thing is which is what I’m finding myself. I totally agree with your perspective on it being a time of coming into your own, giving to yourself and doing what you want without guilt. I’m loving that part of it after raising 3 kids as a single mum, it’s pure bloody joy being able to buy food that I want to eat that’s not on a bulk deal or on special. Woohoo!

            1. Hey I’ve not read that book but I’m a huge evolutionary biology fan. Thanks for the recommendation Mergoat Scorp. Have you read dr Jen Gunter’s menopause manifesto ?

              1. No I hadn’t Invicta but it looks right up my alley. Have downloaded to my Kindle just now – perfect timing for our upcoming 3 day weekend we have in my area. Thanks!!

  4. To bang on pointlessly a bit more, the way a narcissistic wound is created is when the infant is not seen as a subject but rather as an object by its caregiver. That’s it in a nutshell. It’s the horrific experience of not being able to feel oneself or even know oneself because one isn’t seen and isn’t known by the caregiver. I’m talking about the psychological textbook version and M.Klein’s object relations and basic attachment theory I’m not implying anything about anyone, least of all Linda. I’m just musing on the concept of internalised self objectification. As I try to heal this wound within myself I feel like I’m seeing it all around me. As if we have had a spell put on us collectively and live through the broken mirror. They called it an enchantment in the fairy tales when your senses didn’t reflect back accurately and so your behaviour was out of whack. The story of the the handless maiden also comes to mind. I dream about this theme a lot and my hands grew back. I’ve had similar experiences, not on this scale but the thing about hands and feet (the red shoes) is they do grow back. It’s painful waking up from an enchantment but important. Love to Linda may she teach us how to stop the sickening dance of addiction to perfection and guide us through the forest unmolested until our hands have grown back. In these stories the father could be said to represent the culture and the wisdom (grandmother typically) is going blind or frail. So the psyche isn’t able to recognise danger and also being disconnected from wisdom makes a dodgy deal with the devil. The girl has to set off on her own without hands but first she confronts her father saying “you were my gatekeeper and you let in the wolf.”

    1. So, so brave and well-articulated Invicta. Been thinking a lot about what you said, you are such a good writer – a true gift – with the perception you need in spades – but i just hope it doesn’t drain you too much (in the interior clarification, before you articulate it so well). Sending strength and twinkle waves to your (re)new(ed) hands.. ☺🙌💖💗👐🙏

        1. I agree with EarthStar, Invicta, your intelligent and emotional insights gleaned (and remembered…hahaha) about love life and all in between are quite astonishing.You are doing what aware people do and that is finding their potential and working it. ‘Know thyself’ is the biggie you have achieved and keep on achieving it. Love you to the moon.x

  5. Practice Self Love Everyday. It’s never been more important to celebrate self-care and self-esteem. Staying true to yourself and understanding your boundaries serves as a source of strength and leads to inner balance for body and soul. Everybody is different and that is what makes us all unique!

    Perfect timing. This intro paragraph is what I got in my inbox today. It was an ad for mastectomy bras. LOL.

    And please don’t underestimate the power of a good belly laugh.

  6. Linda is beyond the curve. These aesthetics treatments are advertised as though they are ‘harmless’. It is rather sickening to see people advertise things like ‘preventative Botox’ to young women. Currently, the most popular surgery is also the deadliest — the infamous BBL.
    Never have surgeries been so widely available and public, it feel like an alluring, glamorous buffet. It feels as though beauty is within hand’s reach, provided you are willing to bear short-term — sometimes long-term — pain…

    I hope this heralds change for the industry. But, at least, I know Linda’s story has changed a few minds regarding these procedures.

  7. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I want her to win this case! Loooove Linda, and she looked so good with a chopped red bob, Aries rising makes sense.

  8. I’ve heard a lot of talk about the male gaze but since I started reading about narcissism in depth I understand how linked with shame it is. It’s such a core defence mechanism that the more shame based our sense of self is the less capable we are of self reflection. Reading this made me wonder about the shame gaze or this strange affliction that primarily first world women and men to some degree suffer from. This way of dissociating and viewing ourselves as a series of parts from the outside. Being two dimensional or having a relationship with the world based on how we are seen is so painful and if we’re disassociated and earning money and social cachet from it too it becomes parasitic. We kind of become the parasite to ourselves. I mean if Linda Evangelista or what she represents doesn’t get to grow old gracefully and get to be happy and relax with her self like who on earth does?
    She’s been to the underworld and back with this I’m sure and she’s modelling a much more badass role now. She’s a worker for sure. This is insanely relevant. Thank you Linda.

    1. Yes everybody deserves to be happy and relax with themselves as they grow older. Relaxation allows the wisdom to come in. The mindset around ageing needs to change.

  9. That IS one beautiful million dollar classic jawline, understand now why she wanted it back. Imagine if Kate Moss messed up her cheek bones!

    Had Botox on the smile lines around the side of eyes make them disappear but they showed up further down underneath. Looked unnatural, it’s also a way to tell if a paralyser was used on the smile lines.
    Fillers on lip line valley’s turn them into mountains, to do that it obviously wasn’t needed.
    At around 40 had a fat transfer from flanks to frown lines and ( ) lines around mouth. None of these procedures were necessary and shows heavy wallet syndrome, that or society pressure.
    Taking fat left a dent in my rear hip gave ridges between brows and mouth.
    My experiences are a warning.
    A mercurial moving face is a delight to commune with, every nuance is there to see, so it’s actually honest.
    The other thing realised is no-one sees these perceived ‘imperfections’ but YOU. We can’t put vaseline on our eyes but it can go on camera lens. (Old photography trick, that or a stocking. 🙂
    How often are we told we are beautiful as we are? Certainly not in the media but do you know ALL men think ALL women are beautiful

    1. Oh completely, Pegs !! Also, there’s nothing sexier than a truly shared laugh, because there’s nothing sexier than ‘being seen’ (and appreciated), and that’s why they say a laugh is the shortest distance between two people. But don’t tell the cosmetic surgeons that!! Might eradicate the beauty “industry” (sad sigh, at this 3d realm). Xoo

      1. I meant to add, there is also nothing more special than finding another human who can hold you fiercely when you feel your ugliest, in both appearance and persona. I found my husband, thanks to Uranus (i.e. completely unanticipated), and I didn’t think that love was allowable in laws of universe, lol – apparently it is, and it happens. Xoo

    2. Pegasus, your words remind me of an experience i had at the hairdresser’s recently. I was looking through a glossy mag & saw a photo of Angela Molina, a famous actress in my country & throughout Europe who is now 66. Anyways, there she was with her long dark hair streaked with silver, & her face marked by glorious laughter lines which were pronounced even more by her huge beautiful smile. Stunning. She took my breath away & i actually said out loud to my hairdresser “Wow take a look at this woman!”. She responded “My god, she’s aged horribly! You’d think that with all her money she would have done something about her looks – got rid of all those lines … & her grey hair, eew …. she’s really let herself go to seed”. There were 4 other women there and they all agreed with her! There was one male client who sat there in silence & i asked him what he thought & he responded ” She looks like a beautiful goddess”. The women couldn’t believe it & thought he was taking the piss. So I then asked a delivery guy who had just come in & he responded “I love her – always have, always will. Look at her, runs rings around those plastic women you see everywhere. They all look the same now … She looks like fun too.”
      So, I rest your case, ma’am.

      1. Just looked Angelina Molina up online. Didn’t know her in spite of living in Europe. She looks extraordinarily beautiful, grey hair and wrinkles included!

        1. She’s worked mainly in Spain, France & italy. She’s one my favourite actresses/people. So much integrity too. Hollywood beckoned after she acted in one of Luis Buñuel’s films in 1977, but she refused to go because they just wanted to exploit her looks & do nude & play the sexy foreign bimbo. Coz you know, attractive women have no brains or talent other than converting themselves into objects for the male gaze.

          1. angela molina <3! I remember the series about the life of belle otero in the late ’70s, and most importantly “las cosas del querer” <3 <3 <3 ! una mujer maravillosa <3. another similar beauty is italian ex model benedetta barzini, unfortunately now ridden with dementia (or alzheimer, can’t remember which of the two).

            1. Yes!! i remember Benedetta Barzini (amazing woman & life). I’m aiming for their look, except that my hair is much messier – more like a bird’s nest than their more elegant long locks.

              1. well skarab, if that helps from my point of view at out age (I suppose you’re also gen x) it’s better to still have a lot of hair than very little. if you have too much you can find a way to manage it, whereas if you have too little there’s nothing you can do :((((( . take it from someone who has lost half of her hair :((( and for that reason can’t wear long hair any more.

  10. To me models were/are evidence we still love archetypes. Celebrity culture is crass, but we (still??) seem to crave heroes and beauties and mythology over reality. Linda once described her beauty as of “genetic freak” variety to Oz journalist Virginia Haussegger – but maybe, she was just trying to distance herself from the pressure of being seen as a perfect shell.
    (Personally, I love mythology – but real, feeling people have no place frozen on pedestals.)

    1. Yes my Moon & Neptune’s close relationship loves and lives for fantasy.
      It’s there for me when i stop my search for truth…lol.
      Mythology helps us understand our psychology don’t you think?

      1. Hi dear Pegs, oh Definitely!!!!!! I Live for and Love Beauty & Myth, too – I mean, I practically have the astro-signature for “love zombie” (if there ever was one) – Mars cj MC in Pisces (lolol). I think MM said something really apt about Neptune in the recent horoscopes, about it being a phantasm, if you try to pin it down/define it it disappears – so so true. I have spent 44 years trying to figure out my “purpose”, but being ruled by Neptune that’s laughable. So you are so so correct – it is there for us when we stop the search for truth !! But only then. Aaahhh but how about those boots Linda is wearing?? Gorgeous but I’d never be able to walk 5 metres in them, despite what Nancy Sinatra sang. XOO

  11. I feel sorry for her. I don’t think she ever had anything else except the aesthetic. At least not publicly. Maybe it was her suit of armour.
    she was hellishly unlucky.
    what kind of industry is this where you can get laser hair removal and body sculpting under one roof and performed by someone who may not have even finished high school. Yet it can permanently disfigure you…

  12. After reading this article yesterday, I was thinking about the broader implications of Uranus in the Earth signs. There is a horrible aspect to these placements and transits… Science tinkering with nature, often driven by greed, sometimes by hubris. Mary Shelley had Sun conjunct Uranus in Virgo, she was in touch with this energy, and she wrote Frankenstein…

    1. Clearly I am not well written. That was meant to say – You mysticmedusa ARE very well written and you KNOW what you are on about 🙏

  13. do these treatments deliver?’ or ‘can they be dangerous?” So very, very relevant! Let the Solar Cycle 25 sort this stuff up

  14. The Vogue link had an article about fat freeze. It was done on her chin apparently on that part is very hard to shift normally. So that’s why she was wearing scarves around her chin to hide what used to be her chin. Shocking! Accountability needed.

  15. More and more i’m glad i’m (nearly) 74. Unknown with nothing to live up to except my standards of what is acceptable and attractive emotionally physically and spiritually.
    Worked all my life in areas where looks and appearance were important but compassion ruled in actual fact, but only ever had botox and fillers twice at 50 & 52, disliked effect of both, lasts 6 months only. Thought ‘it could have bought an Amani suit’.That would last 20 years and have better effect and value for money.

    Linda looks like she has put on weight generally just because many do in mid age.It is unusual as a lifetime of watching what you eat, staying slim doesn’t leave you once you leave the job.
    Isn’t cool sculpt done on the body not the face? The public story doesn’t make a lot of sense to me and ‘paddle’ marks from where the flesh is frozen between what… surfboard things… then melts and supposed to be absorbed into the body?
    What was she wanting to achieve as she was bigger all over it seemed and hiding a double chin with scarves as recent photos showed.
    It is not making sense to me. Must be more to this story.

    If you have watched any fat transfer or boob fluffing alterations, the medics are so rough with the body and the pumping it does to it with metal suctions and instruments putting their hands deep into the breast area, pulling and wrenching, NOTHING gentle about it, looks like abuse to me.

    The FDA has a lot to answer for.

    1. Hey Pegasus : re last paragraph. I had a right breast mastectomy due to breast cancer. I met the Indian surgeon who removed my breast. He had the lightest touch and I was in a trance when I met him. Even the lights were tripping. My mum said it’s alright baby. Small mercies in a crisis.

      So I was in good company. Any general anaesthetic and blade cutting the flesh is traumatic. I can’t understand why women do this voluntarily. But I’m a sensitive soul.

      1. Darling Star i didn’t know, how very brave you are. Am so fond of Indians seem more compassionate and gentle. Also they make rather sweet lovers from personal experience, sad how western pornography is changing some of their psyches in the home country.
        Have said before sensitive = sensible, it’s an asset to cocoon you in this sometimes abrasive world. xx

  16. Pondering node influence in all of this as matches some time lines.

    Virgo NN Jan 1997 – Oct 1998
    Virgo NN Nov 2015 – May 2017

    She’s had her NN return earlier this year and last time was 2001 – 2003. In 1988 the NN was Pisces and met with Saturn, perhaps it syncs with her career and hints at longevity. Just on that, also back in Pisces in 2006. Returning 2024 – 2026. Litigation theme.

    And a Saturn return impending… wouldn’t we say (put down all your ideas on everything you know/knew and pick up the likely unglamorous thing in front of you and deal) do the work and get the reward eh. A time of grit not pretty and a payoff that’s not always what you expect or hope for but is of equal or greater value.

    1. Thank you Centaurus for these observations, very interesting.
      Inspiring also, ‘Pick up the likely unglamorous thing in front of you and deal’

      1. Upon reflection that comment I made could very nearly apply to everything right now. That typed text came with an inbuilt sigh and ironic almost laugh that didnt exit my brain. Maybe it should have it’s own QR code or is that more suited to the Saturn Uranus square this year? That last sentence came with a robust laugh. I refuse to forego those no matter what is happening.

        Thanks Calcifier. I have a node fascination….or is that obsession?

        1. The nodes are endlessly interesting, I agree, Centaurus
          Re Saturn-Uranus, for me personally it signifies having to deal with crucial, radical change (Uranus) and the deep fears and resistance which this generates (Saturn). Deal with it or be crushed by it 🙂

        2. I’m quite drawn to the nodes too and find myself puzzled about them more than anything else. They’re endlessly intriguing anyway.
          🤩 not to make it all about me 🤩
          😱proceeds to make it all about herself😱 but
          I’ve been watching Succession and apart from being sophisticated, nuanced high quality long form drama, I realised that it’s subject matter perfectly straddles my north / south node axis. I’m not as clued up about it as you and others here but the story reeks of 8th house Cancer, 2nd house Capricorn
          where is your (is it nodal axis?) what’s the correct astro nonclemanture? You know. Your what’s it?

  17. I feel sorry for her. Having the Moon in Virgo myself that Moon Mars must be hyper self critical She probably didn’t need to have the fat freeze (yuk). I’d like to give her a hug if not for being the one to say “We don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000”. What a claim to fame.

    1. I love that she was bold, knew her worth and demanded it. There is still a stigma and double standard for women who are solidly confident.

  18. I have personally never liked Linda much, based on the interviews with her which I have read through the years. Which I admit is a shallow way of getting to know someone. But for what it is worth, she always seemed materialistic and a bit egocentric to me. Especially compared to her one-time friend and fellow supermodel Christy Turlington, who very early on embarked on a path of self-discovery through yoga and meditation. After experiencing complications during her own childbirth, Christy became a global advocate for maternal health. It is not that I think everybody should be like Christy. It is just that – as Linda and Christy rose to fame at the same time and were so often photographed together – it is hard not to compare. It is brave of Linda to speak out though, and I do feel sorry for her

  19. I genuinely feel women like Linda are the way forward. Reveal, reveal, reveal taking deep dives into uncomfortable truths. It’s part of our healing as a gender & as a species. We have to start looking at ourselves in the mirror & standing up to those profiteering when we can’t quite face our reflection, for whatever reason x go Linda GO!

  20. *Rants from experience* As a female with a Venus/Uranus conjunct, I went through multiple cosmetic procedures in my late 30s. I was very happy with the results, but they were the most painful things ever inflicted on my body. The areas of my body where I got the work were numbed for 3 months, and I had to endure swelling and bruising that while painful, where considered normal for the procedures.

    No one tells you the level of pain you’ll encounter (and I was an athlete and a tomboy in my younger years, I am great friends with injury-related pain). It wasn’t until a medical doctor colleague say I was knocking on St. Pete’s gate when getting full anasthesia. It was later where I learned how unregulated the industry (and the providers) are, and it’s a combination of trust, luck, and working with someone who always has good days and can secure quality product and supplies (*cues the true story of Priscilla Pressley’s injections*).

    I’m not here to say to anyone to not do it. Goddess knows I don’t want to be accused of telling anyone what to do in this day and age! I will say the procedures increased my confidence in my body, but it didn’t address the body shame that originated from being a teen in 80s an 90s, and it definitely did not give me more love or an improved romantic life. I’d just say be willing to take the risks, and have a realistic take on what it can do. I’m 48 and I just have to embrace that nothing can take me back to when I was more svelte or youthful, but can also embrace good health habits and decent genes! xo

  21. I really like your take on this Mystic, I was wondering what you’d have to say on it! I felt so sad for her when I read the latest news. But also yes: I sense a tsunami wave (looks small but will smash things) of blowback for the concept of beauty that means you have to be Forever Smooth (TM). If she is mocked for her legal action then surely that would only be by commentators and parts of the media that are rapidly becoming “stranded assets” as far as relevance and value goes. Well, I hope so. Personally I feel very uncomfortable at the prospect of women approaching their 60s looking closer to their 30s! This erasure bothers me if not because I’ll be there one day

    Surely she’d be in good company now, facing off with the system, alongside Britney and co.

    Uranus in Venus ruled Taurus, why would this totally not be about a revolution in the concept of Beauty also? I keep framing it as work and the body, property etc but yes. Aesthetics that was part of your MM outlook
    Is Athena (justice?) in the mix somewhere? Eris mercury transit would be wild. She’s going to make a lot of people uncomfortable and they’ll blame her for their own cruddy worldview

      1. Perhaps! At the same time I realised people have been doing this for millennia… I wonder what the last few uranus in Taurus transits delivered (and if Taurus does anything, it delivers)

        Totally off topic!! But hello. Delivery?? Global shipping delays, national postal services hampers by an excess of Stuff being mailed everywhere? Is this a side effect if Saturn aqua sq Uranus toro.

  22. She’s epic.
    And she was iconic at the pinnacle of an unmatched era of luxurious glamorous polished refined super models.
    Brilliant insights mystic, and so inter dimensional.

  23. That last “Guess what,” paragraph gave me chills. I love her and I’d love to see her bring down some of these corps who profit on making women feel like cr$p.

    1. Pathology nurse taking my bloods last week told me how many women in their 20’s are having botox. TWENTIES! There is a newer injectable neurotoxin out now that is ‘purified’, meaning it won’t damage the immune system as much.

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