Pisces Feet Are Their Everything

Podiatrists and their ilk would argue that everyone should care for their feet but to Pisces people, footcare is everything.

Maintaining the health and appearance of this part of the body is extra-beneficial for the 12th sign of the zodiac because the feet symbolize Pisces.

Softening dry, ragged cuticles, rendering the foot biome hostile to pathogenic fungi, foot massage or reflexology and even the application of specific toenail varnish colors pay off practically and magically.

Medieval astrological correspondences begin with Aries at the head and end with Pisces at the feet. (Yes, Scorpio is ‘the genitals’, in case you were wondering.) Ancient medical astrologers would deal with a problem in a particular part of the body by identifying the associated sign/planet and then the appropriate herb or even climate.

Eg: Damp, Saturnine conditions required solar herbs and/or a sunnier climate.  Nicholas Culpeper was the most renowned of these healers.

Out-of-touch astrology texts claim Pisceans are more prone to fallen arches than other zodiac signs. They depict Pisces people as shuffling around in aquamarine nylon kaftans with flat feet and bulging eyes – it’s practically defamation. But a Pisces with a foot issue is more likely to be bothered by it than another sign.

If you’re a Pisces feeling waylaid or overwhelmed by circumstance, consider a foot treatment – if you don’t have any actual medical conditions that need attention, D.I.Y. with the right consciousness is just as effective as a formal treatment. A footbath with magical mugwort or anti-fungal lemongrass oil, the right music and a pumice stone is spiritually remedial for Pisces.

Do regular pedicures count as good foot care? Not necessarily. Podiatrists are buying Porsches and beach resort bars off the (indirect) profits from walk-in mani-pedi bars. They call them ‘nail brothels’ and cite squeamishly vile tales of fake sterilizers (the real ones are super-costly), filthy instruments, slave-waged staff, golden staph, warts and worse.

That’s before one explores the toxicity of nail polish or safety of shellac. However, toenail polish can be talismanic – a kind of strange pretty spell that brings outsize results. Consider applying the most non-toxic version you can find for a specific length of time and then removing so that the nail can breathe.

Think gold and copper metallics for money, rose-quartz tones for romance and dragon-red for courage.

If you’re a Pisces, especially a female, you probably have painful memories of torturing your feet with psycho-shoes as well as defiant barefoot phases. Being barefoot is super-rad for this sign as it helps with grounding (if you’re on the actual earth or brick paving with the earth directly beneath) and aerating but of course this practice can also generate rough skin build-up.

In an ideal Pisces life, they would be able to walk barefoot on the sand or a grassy field each day with a little bit of barefoot rock-clambering to help tone the subtle foot muscles.

Failing that, think about barefoot-shoes and toe exercises – this is a whole sub-culture and the Pilates method in particular has amazing exercise sequences – but you can start simply by picking up marbles with your toes and so forth.

If you’re not a Pisces, know that foot massage vouchers are always a blessing of a gift for this sign and that your footcare can nuture the part of your birth chart where Pisces predominates. For example, if your 2nd house aka the $$$ sector is in Pisces, mantaining your feet can lift money vibe. Or love energy if it’s in the 7th.

Sceptical? I agree it sounds bats but lavish love on your feet and see what occurs to the Pisces zone in your birth chart!

Image: Tom Wesselmann

96 thoughts on “Pisces Feet Are Their Everything”

  1. SomeoneYouShouldntKnow

    Perhaps a weird question, I’m a pisces sun and have been weirdly obsessed with my feet since childhood. Even my oral fixation didn’t stem from hand’s thumb but from the fingers of feet. Does that mean anything or am I just plain weird?

  2. I am a Pisces Moon but I am not so sure if I have good looking feet but I do know that my feet are flat when I stand and I tend to have foot pain when I walk in shoes or sneakers.

  3. I’m a pisces star sign and my sun, moon and Mars are in pisces also. I have a never ending battle with my feet. They look pretty after I spend a few hours fixing them up but I have constant foot pain, they are so sensitive shoes in general are beyond uncomfortable even if they are a perfect fit etc

    1. I’m a Pisces Moon 5H trine ASC n I love shoes. Can’t afford many but it is what I spend most on. So far feet ok but always were trainers or flats.

  4. I’m a Pisces Aries cusp, and I love to dance but at the same time, have dry feet so I have to put lotion on them just about every night cause the irritation of it drives me crazy if I don’t. I also love a good pedicure and foot massage. 😊

    1. This is wild! My name is Ashley also, and I’m a Pisces- Aries cusp (born March 20, 1984) and I love to dance but my feet gets so dry too, which irritates me. I have at least 6-10 bath and body works lotions and body creams at the moment and have to apply them to my feet regularly or the dryness and tingling sometimes from my feet will bother me… I love pedicures too and have a foot bath as well ☺️

  5. I’m a Pisces Rising.

    I was watching a doco where ladies would receive a pedicure by placing their feet in water and little piranha like fish would nibble off the dead skin. Voila smoother skin.

    That’s what I call a win/win situation.

  6. 2nd house Jupiter in Pisces at 20 degrees. I have wide feet and very tough toenails. They shatter when you cut them.

  7. my oldest son is Piscean with his Moon in Virgo and Aquarius rising. one of the main milestones for a male baby is finding his genitals.. not for him. he found his feet. couldn’t care less about what was between his legs. my younger son (Libran, Aquarius Moon, Aries rising) found his penis and has yet to stop playing with it.. he’s nearly 5 now.. doubt he ever will. ahem! must digress.

    anywhoooo, #1 is aaaaaall about feet. he was always wearing my shoes as a bub (caught him in my Demonia heeled boots the other day, actually..) and when we roughhouse and play he’s always after your feet. feeeeeeeeet feet feet feet feet. he’s definitely obsessed. I have no issue with it at all. I’ve been thinking of finding him a pedicurist, tbh..

  8. Pisces rising and Saturn and chiron in pisces 12th house, I love my feet, especially since I did a reflexology course in 1993 and understood the whole connection between the feet and the rest of the body. As a pilates/yoga instructor, I can talk for hours about how important the feet are and how we neglect them because they are all the way down at the end of our legs.

  9. my partner has pisces moon and he has nice-looking feet – i like them. he had ingrown toenails all his life til we started dating and i have taken care of his feet. it may sound odd to some but i like taking care of them, and they are so much happier. he loooves foot rubs, and thinks reflexology is okay even though it sort-of-almost fits into the “woo woo” category of things which he abhors.

  10. I’m a Sun in Pisces and despite years of torture and neglect as a result of my love affair with sky-high pumps (the only alternative to which I own is a pair of Doc Martin workboots) my feet still get complements from whomever happens to see them. I’ve had boyfriends beg to massage my feet and I’ve been offered money to allow my feet to be “worshiped.” I seem to bring out the inner foot fetishist even in guys who say they were never into that before.
    Oddly enough though, I don’t really like having my feet touched.

    P.s. For the record, I have high arches.

    1. I really dislike my feet touched. Pisces Moon 5H trine Scorp ASC.
      an oddity but because of spinal surgery, even I can’t touch them so
      its up to a podiatrist now which I must endure …

  11. Pisces rising. Super sensitive feet. If my shoes are in any way uncomfortable there’s hell to pay. I cannot focus on anything other than when the hell can I remove these instruments of torture from my precious feet. Oh to be able to go barefoot 24/7, 365 days a year.
    Also foot massage, maybe under the right circumstances. Pedicure, hell no! How anyone can find a stranger brandishing sharp tools on their toes relaxing I will never know.

  12. Pisces sun and mercury here. My feet look fine, but they’re very sensitive. New shoes are always torture for the first week as they blister so easily. Even the softest most inoffensive pair of flip flops on holidays can make a week in the sun a challenge. I’m also very fussy about anyone not touching my feet. Can’t fathom how anyone could ever pay someone for a foot massage or a pedicure – my idea of utter torture!!

  13. Mercury, Venus, and Saturn conjunction in Pisces. My Sun is in Aquarius just 4 degrees away. ALL in first house. Before I abused my feet with marching band I thought I could do foot modeling! But alas, the endless hours on the field made my feet a little more worn. I still gaze at my feet occasionally thinking how I’m thankful for my pretty feet. 🙂

  14. Does anyone get serious cramps in their feet? I get foot cramps that can last up to 15 mins. Have tried more magnesium, but that seems to increase rather than decrease cramps.

    Pisces Sun conjunct Mercury in 6th house.

    I only wear flat shoes, because I look like a hooker in high heels 🙂 I like feeling comfortable, and being able to run/move if I want to.

    My feet are stunning (and extremely sensitive) if I have to say so myself! I refuse to go to a nail bar on basis of fumes alone.

    Yes to foot massages for sure!

    1. Have you tried the tennis ball / spiky ball thing? Roll one under your feet, see how that goes. It might be a fascia issue.

  15. Pisces rising with Chiron in the first house. I thought my feet were pretty once in my halcyon youth until a friend (Aquarius, say no more) laughingly remarked on how ugly they were and those rose-coloured glasses fell right off. Oh Neptune. Yes flat feet and splayed toes. No, no amount of barefoot walking and yoga or the weird exercises the doctor gave me raised those arches.

    Extremely sensitive though; clothing them is challenging. Adore heels but …meh. It’s too hard. In sandals, my toes splay out as if looking for escape.

    I like to take care of my strange little plates nonetheless, it’s relaxing and necessary. And I always check out what people are wearing on their feet.

  16. Hmm.., I’m a Leo girl with Aquarius moon and rising but have hideous feet.. Get a stoney silence when I remove my shoes.. – I notice the shock. Yep in a nut shell very manly hobbit feet. I wonder now if I’m Pisces rising…
    Also have everything imaginable wrong with them. My mum said I inherited all the problems from both sides of the family.. Ditto to the above, I hear you.
    Feet – they get me around.

  17. Feet? Please. I’m Pisces Sun/Moon conjunct (3rd house) but my Sagg rising might? be more responsible for the fact that I don’t give a hoot about anyone’s feet, beyond the pain mine often cause me. Ok, and I do have a little bit of shame. Rough soles, a bad nail, flat feet, prolapse something or other, plantar fascitis… supposed to wear my custom orthotics. Stopped long ago but am still sporty. Can’t run anymore, though.

    To me, pedicures represent the nadir of aesthetics (as well as utility) and the height of ugly and privIleged shallowness, and high heels are for the narrow beauty ideals-programmed self-loathing.

    Lol, strong language, I know. 😛 I also think manicures are ridiculous and refused a friend’s offer to buy me one.

    This double Pisces is just hoping to keep my tootsies in working order.

  18. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I think Pisceans spend time looking after their feet, and are maybe more prone to foot problems, e.g. corns, ingrown toenails. I am fish rising and really suffer in that manner. Also I LOVE shoes and am mad about stylish, unique yet COMFORTABLE shoes. It’s a constant quest. If the shoes are out, the whole outfit is out in my opinion.

  19. Haha! Yes, perhaps! I recently had a convo with a Pisces Sun friend who said she had the ugliest feet. Now, I’ve seen her feet & they’re not by any means but to her they are. She too has fallen arches.

    I’m Pisces Rising & feet are totally on my radar. I love shoes & have to restrain myself from buying them. Having said that i only wear a few pairs at a time. My feet look weird to me yet I’m told they’re not. I have size 11 hooves & I’m a little shy about that. It’s hard to find women’s shoes in my size or little bigger if I can find them. There used to be a great shoe store on King St in Newtown where I picked up a couple of gorgeous pairs of heels in my size that I love love love. I keep them boxed & would probably have them kept in a safe if I had one. Instant confidence whenever I wear them!

    I don’t like wearing socks or anything even in winter, bare feet mostly. I need to breathe… so to speak. I love the beach & saltwater does the trick. I don’t do pedis or anything that involves anyone touching my feet, I have very ticklish feet, please don’t remember that if we ever meet… 😮

  20. I can vouch for this. I have a stellium in pisces, pisces moon…in the first house.
    I have exquisite feet.
    No one else in the family has them.
    on poor body image days, I console myself….with my feet.
    people with foot fetishes repel me. Ugh. NO.
    Shame, as I could make a lot of money.
    I like a quality pair of shoes. Don’t need a lot, not into heels. Must be the cappy rising.

  21. On my first trip to England was walking around London town with an amazing English singer and after a while she asked me ‘how are your fate’.
    ‘My fate’ i inquired. She said ‘yes, those things on the end of your legs, your fate’ :-).
    That was kinda like walk smile in my feet that turned into my fate as we became life long friends until she died. It was Sandy Denny who was married to an Australian. She introduced me to the who’s who of the local music industry, like the Who who were recording Quadrophenia at the time.
    It all starts with your fate, i mean feet.

  22. I do have lovely feet. I’ve often thought of having beautiful feet kind of like having a beautiful…uh…kneecap. I dunno, what’s the point?? Not like my face is freakish, but I often wish the low-maintenance feet translated into a break-out free, low maintenance visage.

    I do have some issues with wearing heels. My feet might have stayed nice due to refusing to jam them into stilettos after 1 too many painful walks. So for now, they’re beautiful in flip flops or flats. … I kind of like weird, unconventionally attractive feet actually. They’re cute, if I like the rest of the person.

  23. I totally get this. Pisces Rising here.. and my preferred way to unwind is to get a foot massage. Whenever I’m stressed/restless, there’s really nothing that quite puts me at ease as a foot-massage. And I have been told I have really ‘cute and dainty’ feet.
    Also, when it’s summer time I really don’t care much for shoes. I’m all about the hippie-pants and barefooting it everywhere. I love sinking my toes into sand and grass.
    I have my stint with heels and I’m a boot fan – but when I’m wearing stilettos the idea is more to get from one place to another.. and then kick them off under a table/sofa whenever I reach my destination haha.

  24. Pisces sun and moon here with an unashamedly high collection of fabulous shoes, many of which I wear not that much but they are beautiful to look at. We may as well decorate those prized possessions yes? And yes, long angular feet with extra long double jointed toes 😉

  25. Sun in Pisces and I’ve broken both ankles and was asked by my high school coach if I was flat footed because of the way I run. My sister used to tease me of my “ski feet” because they’re so long and narrow compared to my average height.

    Funny thing is, I abhor professional pedicures because my feet are so sensitive. It’s an unbearable tickling sensation when they scrub them to the point I ask them to stop, and then I’m in pain after they massage them.

  26. Pisces rising/moon up in here. And my feet are simultaneously adorable and fallen-arched. IT’S ALL TRUE WHAT THEY SAY.

    I took a great gentle yoga class in which we were advised to alternate curling our toes up tight and then stretching them out as wide as we can, back and forth like that for a few minutes every day. That’s supposed to have hugely beneficial overall health ramifications, all of which I forget.

    (Can’t wait for Style Your Ascendant: Pisces, omg.)

  27. Libras are in charge of butts. I’ll trade you feet for butts. LOL!
    “I’ll be the butt” -said no one on Voltron or any of those combo mecha shows.

    My Fish sibling is really careful with her feet. They are always so weirdly soft and sensitive. and they are flat.

  28. Pisces Sun here with decently pretty feet despite years of point shoes and High heels from hell. I used to wear orthodics and arch supports in my clogs. If you know clogs you know they are made with ridiculous high arches but I still had to use supports. I do have a couple funky issues otherwise: the baby toe on one of my feet has been broken and torqued so many times that it points outward almost at a 90 degree angle when my feet are bare and once in while someone will mention it. It almost drags behind the rest of my foot and at the age of 40 this year experienced my first heel cracks. Not painful but unsightly.
    I heard there was a homeopathic remedy for cracked heels esp the painful ones if anyone know the name tho I have heard that cracks are symptomatic of deficiency in EFAs.

  29. I find this very interesting. I’m a medium and a Pisces. I’ve always had to do my mediumship barefoot. I even call myself the barefoot medium! So if Pisces are connected to feet it would explain so much! Thank you for this article 🙂

  30. Not a Pisces but Neptune conjuncts my Scorpio rising. My feet are okay, I guess. Since I started running I have dry heels; I just have to pay more attention to them now. They’ve always been sensitive. I’ve been told I have spider toes; not sure that’s a good thing.

  31. My 19 yr old daughter is Pisces Sun. She has the cutest feet (even at size 10) and does occasionally indulge in the super high heels. As she’s already 5’11” she also likes to stomp around in them making Godzilla noises. “I will crush my enemies! RAWR!!” LOL!

  32. I have one pair Doc Martens that I wear 99% of the time (which replaced my old Docs)…I don’t EVER wear flats, heels, wedges, anything besides boots. People do associate me with my foot ware. If I don’t have time to lace up 36 eyelets, I just walk around barefoot. Anywhere, as long as I’m not in a store. But the minute I feel that someone is looking at my feet, I make any attempt to hide them. I hate people touching my feet as well. Nothing medically wrong with them, I just don’t feel they’re elegant or pretty. Stellium in Pisces in the 11th (Sun, Mars, Mercury and Saturn), all very much aspected.

  33. Nothing compares to the mighty hooves of Taurus. We do not walk, we strike the ground and the Earth rotates underneath us.

  34. My secret to pretty and more importantly strong and healthy feet that are literally the things grounding my dreamy Piceses sun/moon-ness to the Earth:

    1. Pumice your feet every time you shower. I’ve been doing it for 15 years and it takes about 30 seconds. A pedicurist told me never to waste money on a pedicure again because my feet were the smoothest she’d seen in 20 years. Paint your own toenails if you like, eco-friendly polish FTW.

    2. Join the barefoot shoe movement. Your arches will be ridiculously high and strong. I can stick most tricky yoga balances on the strength of my feet alone and I can stand on a moving bus with full hands and not fall because my feet are strong enough to hold me. And it’s still a shoe fetish, just not for killer heels.

    3. Reflexology. It has been a huge help in solving my digestive issues via a relaxing foot rub. The perfect Picses modality.

    4. Natural fibre socks. Bamboo and merino wool are my favorite for keeping feet warm, dry and breathable. No horrible cold, damp, smelly feet in my winter boots.

    I work on my feet all day but these rituals have kept my feet strong and healthy, and I was once stopped on the street by a foot fetishist who asked to take a picture of my feet. I let him. 😉

      1. Yes!! As soon as I saw the post I knew you would deliver the goods Charles 🙂 I remember your feet tales fondly.

        1. I have an orthopedist. He’s a surgeon so of course he always recommends unnecessary surgery. I just got custom orthotics, now I have a layer of cushioning to protect the Earth from the enormous pressure exerted by my feet.

  35. Ha! I’m Pisces Rising and have two flat feet, a collapsed arch, a bunion, six claw toes, multiple calluses, and currently one missing big-toe-toenail from boot bang. Pretty sure for many people that description alone causes a few shudders. But no hint of foot paranoia here – they do the job they’re supposed to! ?

  36. As a great fan of Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and their star crossed love, its worth noting that the ‘most beautiful woman in the world’ insisted on wearing stilettos despite being advised not too, and later in life was mortified by the fact that hers would swell to size11 due to oedema. She was a Piscean to extreme, no wonder Rich nicknamed her Ocean

  37. my partner has sun in pisces and ohhhh if I had a dollar for every foot massage I bequeathed in the name of soothing frayed nerves, easing the angst of being attached to a human body, kneading out the dramas of blocked creativity, mitigating the effects of receiving less than ten hours sleep that night…ra ra ra…


  38. I think one thing Pisces is very good at is being nonjudgmental – if we are critical of our body, then we are not practicing self-acceptance. Everybody has body insecurities; largely due the illusion of “perfection” perpetuated by Hollywood/the media/the fashion industry. It’s a fantasy; that’s all it is. I honestly think this is a side-effect from the routine consumption of “glamour”, AKA the faerie dust magazines, commercials, etc. are always throwing in our eyes to distort our vision of what beauty “should” be. That kind of “reality” with perfect lighting, ideal makeup, and comparatively infinite resources to make something look “just so” is so totally NOT real. When we consume too much of this stuff, our standards of what constitutes beauty easily become distorted and lead to the body insecurities that send people to the stores (and salons/spas/cosmetic surgeons) in droves to buy products to “fix” whatever the supposed “issue” is.

    I think the remedy to this is to flip the focus back on to what REALLY matters – is someone who truly loves us going to give one flying fig about whether or not our heels are cracked? And would we even want to be close to someone who considered this a dealbreaker anyway? Our sense of self worth should never reside in a body part, IMO, and yet it often mistakenly does because of the kind of indoctrination process described above. Heaven forbid we also add into this mix a parent who told us or made us feel as if we were “less than” and that we weren’t good enough as-is…!

    But in the spiritual scheme of things, appearance really is such a mundane issue…if we are in fact our souls and not our bodies, surely we can reorient our focus in order transcend all of this? And if not, perhaps we can at least practice the same kind of non-judgmental acceptance and kindness toward ourselves and our own bodies that we would give to others. <3

    1. I hear what you’re saying and I generally agree, and at the same time, while I am mostly ultra chilled about so much love stuff, a thing is a thing. (is this maybe my psyche in virgo?) if i fall head-over with some guy, and discover that he has long-term badly kept feet that he can actually physically do something about – as in, not the actual shape of his feet or whatever, I would not dump him obviously but I would definitely ask him, politely and at an appropriate time, to do something about this and offer him some practical advice if he wanted it and explain why this was important to me (and the viability of the relationship HAHA ok just kidding). I’d say the same to any female friend of mine… just so it’s clear that i don’t discriminate when it comes to neet feet.

      1. I mean, life gets busy, shoes rub and make blisters, lifestyles change, sandals equals dirty feet in summer streets, all these things are part of life. I’m talking chronic non-foot-care here.

  39. Sun conjuct Neptune in Scorpio. I loooove my feet. Today is the first day that I had to put on closed shoes since May, sad. Try those yoga thingies that spread your toes or “shake hands” with your toes every day – so good for you and feels awesome.

  40. SuperShapeShifter

    Sun/Merc/Venus/MC all Pisces here! I have a borderline obsession with feet haha – I absolutely detest my own. Theyre fat and flat and my toes are like monkeys – long and with more knuckles than I think they’re supposed to have LOL. I envy women who’s feet are soft and feminine – the only time I feel like I have socially acceptable tootsies is when I’m wearing heels that only show the ends of the three biggest toes haha. I won’t date men with ugly feet – that includes those with long toenails and and that are overly pale. Looking at them actually makes me ill, let alone possibly sharing a bed with those ghastly things. I thought I was just weird – nope – just another Piscean quirk!

  41. I love feet, but, don’t care much for shoes, unless they make my feet feel good. I have a routine where I scrub and exfoliate my feet and then I get around in these comfy slippers that I picked up in a hotel – also multi-pi with Virgo moon like Chrysalis, and the fish bowls and the cheap nail bars freak me out, as does the communal polish. I have a thing my husband calls ‘happy feet’ – when I’m in a good mood I wave my feet up and down. I had weekly trips to the podiatrist for several months and it was traumatic, I can’t go there. I am trying to love my foot scar. How dare they.

    1. I also will not eat a fish. Or a crustacean. Or a mollusc. Or a reptile. So not only is it that the fish foot bath things always look filthy, I can’t handle the thought of touching the fish. I heard once that they are never fed anything else and they only live on the flesh of every person who had been in there. That is too weird zombie shit for me, so they can’t come into my aura. Energetic fuqery.

  42. Year of the Phoenix

    This is Mystic at her best!

    SN in Pisces only bot is the tail of my kite obvs very interested! Agree re the nail bars – noooo thanks, been there and not going back. Also had pedi in Vietnam and couldn’t relax as have fear of the “blade” and the potential sight of my own blood – poor girl must not have understood me …. NO BLADE! NO BLADE!

    Ps Love the photo in the daily email!

  43. Pisces here. I am told that I have nice feet. I adore high heels but rarely buy them mostly because I have bajillions but not the social life to match, but also because SO MANY of them are hideous and barely contact the foot between the heel and the ball of your foot. Also have a phobia of developing bunions, I didn’t even know what those were until relatively recently. (Basically, tight fitting shoes across the toes are the worst contributor followed by constant pressure on ball of foot via high heels. Then genetic predisposition.)
    Very particular about how people look after their feet. I could not date someone with crusty unkempt feet, ew gross can’t even deal. (Seriously is it that hard to even use a pumice stone and nail clippers or whatever.) I prefer to do my own pedicures, it’s one of my more hardcore self-care relaxation things, because it’s a dedicated 1 hour on the first day and 20 mins follow up on the 2nd. (I told you I was serious.)
    Wow, I have a lot to say about feet.

    1. I have to do my own pedicures too, I am freaked out by salons (shudder at the thought of it, possible lurking fungus etc omg), and the idea of anyone but me clipping my toenails… Well, just typing that part of the sentence was bad enough.

  44. I am barefoot as often as possible. Due to decades of physical activity, I have leathery pads on the soles of my feet, like a cat. High arches, quick reflexes, but tend to run cold at the extremeties. Sun/Mercury conjoined in Pisces, Leo rising & moon in 1st house.

  45. Unicorn Sparkles

    What about those foot exfoliating fish that were a craze a while back but turned out to be majorly bad and full of fungus and every imaginable germ to exist in water ever?
    I only have Venus is Pisces. Hate my feet being touched.

    I agree with comment above- it all goes back to the mermaid thing 😉

  46. As far as feet go, mine are pretty basic. High arches, but average size (always slim pickings for shoes because of this). I spent every summer of childhood out in the country, barefoot, and my feet would develop these sorts of pads on the bottoms of them, haha. Hobbit feet! I thought it was cool though.

    I don’t really wear heels as they bother my feet, plus just not really practical for my lifestyle (6th house Pisces sun). I absolutely love getting foot rubs and reflexology. I like wading in the ocean/lake, it feels cleansing on many levels. I keep them exfoliated and warm these days, if my feet are cold, I just can’t get comfortable! (A sin to my Toro moon 😉 )

  47. My Piscean is so frickin strange when it comes to his feet. He practices certain ways of walking to optimise spinal/ hip/ knee/ foot health, he buys vibrams and only the best, most expensive socks ($40 for one pair that he’ll wear out in 2 months? No problem). He washes his shoes all the time (At least once a week- I’ve never washed shoes? What is this fishcraft?) and always leaves them to dry on my god-damned bath towel. BUT his feet proper are dry and thick and unloved and probably have some funky stuff going on. Frankly I’ve been dying to get in there and give them some attention… but I can’t deal with gross feet.

  48. I was reading this while eating dinner and when I got to the part about nail bars I felt physically ill. No way in hell would I ever go into one again. I went once and I’m sure the salon was fine, but for me it was like a horror film.
    Yes I am a multi-Pisces but I am Mars in Virgo, you understand. Every time a new instrument was whipped out or a new bowl filled up with water and my feet/hands plonked in, all I could think about was hygiene, hygiene, hygiene. ‘Where has that file been before it got to me?? Whose feet were in this spa before mine? I don’t care if you’ve “cleaned” it.’
    Not to mention the hideous chemicals, UV light dryers etc etc. ‘Isn’t the large version of this banned in 20 countries??’
    Sitting next to other women who were having their old polish ground off by mining industry-sized machines, toxic clouds wafting to the ceiling… nail technicians in Hazmat suits and me in shorts and a t shirt breathing it all in… did I mention the soaking Uggggggggghhhhh

    I am a big fan of podiatry. I have found it helps my emotional wellbeing and does wonders to get rid of headaches, as well as helping with my feet. I don’t have issues as such but I like to keep them in good nick, a little like Pilates for my back/neck/core.

  49. Pisces mer-teen adores foot rubs- has since birth. That and hair brushing. Used to wave with her feet to get our attention.

    Passed on great hairline- but all mine have flat arches. I have Birkenstock level arches- but broad feet. Stacked Libra cusped 12th- mum/daughter pedis complete with foot soaks, we bond with own clean pedi instruments and non-toxic polish.

    At a posh salon, 20 years back- manicurist passed the anti-fungal cream to her co-worker, for a gal soaking in the tub. Ewww! Never.went.back!

    My feet:proudly calloused from years of yoga, running, kicking air shields and board breaks. Gave up corporate shoes after last kid.

    Mother’s wisdom: There is no such thing as breaking in shoes. That means they don’t fit. She favored Bruno Maglis and Ferragamos. All too narrow, alas.

    Men too suffer foot vanity. Hippy shoe -read Birkenstock- store stint circa 1980s brought elder gents with mangled toes- from decades of wearing army-catalog shoes. All amazed they needed bigger size! I liberated many suffocating feet! LOL!

    My Virgo teen Gem Moon in 12th is a sneaker head. Has his grandfather’s high end dress shoes, and his own stylish mood matching sole-mates.

    “Painted” toes are de rigeur dress code- chez work-mine are bare ATM. Ditto hands. Too ADD to commit to a color.

  50. My feet are fine, nothing special one way or the other I think. Callouses, yeah, but I run. (Pisces Sun and Mercury.) My arches are high.

    They ARE super sensitive to my shoes, though. I used to get blisters from all my shoes; it was a regular ritual, putting on band-aids in the particular spots for whatever pair I was wearing that day. I’ve gotten better about choosing the ones that don’t, but those shoes are inevitably super-expensive. No Payless for me; I’ve got a wall of $200-$300 shoes which even if they have high, high heels are all very walkable, even runnable, and if they rub at any spot past the first 1-2 wear break-in zone, off to consignment they go.

    I need to be able to walk strong. I cannot think straight if my feet hurt.

      1. Pisces Sun & Mercury and I completely agree! Very high arches, my feet look lovely in a beautiful shoe. I’m a yoga teacher and very aware of my feet as my foundations. Over the years, I’ve also gotten much more discriminating about footwear.

    1. Agree in part as Pisces Sun and Mercury. My feet are actually wider than they are long, size 6 (similar to Kurt Vonnegut’s thingy, which he described as one inch long, three inches in diameter, a doughnut effectively). My second toe is shorter than my big toe which is unusual. Cannot wear heels as it is instant pain, preferred shoes are thongs. Feel inadequate seeing the barrage of Scholl advertising at the moment, as my feet are the complete opposite of the long elegant pedicured feet in those ads, although my poor little feet would be admired in Middle Earth.

    1. I have Mercury, Venus, and Saturn in Pisces and I’m the same! But after a couple years wearing orthotics I was able to stop. If I do too much standing activity I have to use them then.

  51. My Piscean Ex – lovely toes, hideous heels. As though the heel bone (or cartilage/plate/whatever) is too big for the base of the foot itself. Lke his feet are shoes that are too small – and the heel overhangs the back.

    Not pleasant arches and has an extreme tendency to only wear thongs.

    Pasty white and blue veins.

    I do have a thing about feet. I love my lovers/partners to have beautiful feet.

  52. Lived for a while with my husband and Piscean brother in law, who had terribly funky feet. I think it was some type of fungal problem. He left his sneaks out back after he’d take them off. When my mother in law would visit, the cat would proudly take her a Piscean sock every morning before she got out of bed.

  53. Pisces Moon/10th house, stellium Taurean in the 12th house here. Lived Stateside for 12 years where my beautiful feet became deified – no joke. I forgot how many times people begged to touch, kiss, suck, pfft, just DISCUSS my feet with them. Soooo many men (and women) in the States equate the care people show their feet with the care they extend to themselves. And I’m famous among those who I know about how obsessive I am about my daily foot rituals in the shower not to mention pedicures.

    Pretty hooves all day ery’ day…I walk on them. I feel the way about feet the way so many women feel about their hair – they are my crown.



  54. This too funny. My son’s father who is a great friend but no longer my Bo is a Pisces and once I recall scrubbing his overly dry and cracked feet for him because the cracks were painful but I scrubbed so hard that his newly glowing feet were so tender he had to crawl to the bathroom! hehe

  55. Oh I sooo relate with your foot Paranoia.
    Pisces Sun girl and have also some Kind of lovehate relationship with my feet…

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