Amelia Earhart’s Venus in Gemini

How Venus in Gemini was Amelia Earhart’s Pre-Nup lol?

‘I may have to keep some place where I can go to be myself, now and then, for I cannot guarantee to endure at all times the confinement of even an attractive cage.’

The famous aviatrix was Leo, with Taurus Rising and a stellium in Gemini: Moon, Venus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Venus in Gemini is not against love but they’re against being controlled or crowded. Their affection is mutable. Trying to contain it would be like putting lightning into a box.

It is sad though, as reading this makes you think she did not even want to get married. As she was the most famous woman in the world at this point, did she have to marry?

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  1. Wow. She sounds miserable, because she doesn’t ‘seem to want’ him at all.
    FYI I am a Gemini with Venus Pluto opposition and an ‘open relationship’ with someone I was in love with would never, ever satisfy me. It’s all or nothing. And yet, freedom is essential. I find that true love allows you to love the world and the people in it as much as you love your partner, & that IS freedom.

      1. was she fabulous too?

        No im not.

        Im new to MM’s blogs. Ive only commented on 8 posts since ‘Nonchalance & Reverie: Libra & Scorp’

        I’ve always been PureLibra – who is asking Anonymous?

  2. Love this!
    Love Amelia!

    But…..I am oldfashioned and my boyfriend is too….we are faithful and won’t budge on being that way or wanting it from the other. It leads a depth of intimacy that can not be replaced. But we have strong Scorpio instincts in us both…

    1. catfish moon,
      WoW!!! you are so lucky to have this in your life.

      These are my sentiments also. I hope to find deep intimacy with another one day. I could never bear to have an Amelia marriage.

      1. Good luck and stay open to possibilities you wouldn’t normal consider.

        I didn’t thinnk he would be the one our first few meetings. HA.

  3. Hmm. Stelliums. I looked it up and I have 3 planets in Pisces at 22, 18 and 14 and another at 9, so the latter is just outside of a stellium – all in my 8th house. And then opposite that, I have a stellium in Virgo at 12, 14 and 17 in my 2nd house. Double hmmm?

  4. So now I don’t need to hire a lawyer to draft my next per-nup.
    I’m literally having this one printed out.
    It’s perfect.

  5. Just ate some blueberries with a street address of Amelia Earhart Dr in Auckland, New Zealand ( Lord of the Rings -you know it) Read her biography. Amazing that anyone in that age could defy the conventions of the day and win.

  6. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    Bloody awesome. I like the reference to the “medieval code of faithfullness” –ha! What a legend. I love it. Clarity, honesty, freedom.

  7. There are very traditional views around marriage and for the most part those views, those rules, have been the downfall in many a unit. I know of two good marriages operating in my friendship group. The rest are morbid, almost soul-destroying, something that could be fixed is people began their marriage like they wanted it to be – open and honest. For those of you have Women who Run with the Wolves, may I point you to the story of the seals/having your own skin. It’s a good reminder about the real things women need in a relationship which is often not the traditional chains that comes with the foundation of old-school marriage. This really works for me. And I’m going to show my partner. He will so get this because he gets me. And I get him.

  8. Well.. at least she is very clear about what she wants, I like that.
    Maybe that is the Taurus Rising? Saturn conjunct Uranus in Scorpio?
    But it does all sound pretty miserable.

    1. Yes – she was. But she wasn’t a white woman married to a rich white man, so she doesn’t get any press, funny that………

      1. Electric Eel Libran

        I saw her on some stamps and looked up who it was. I was like…who is this picture of hotness on stamps! But yeah i’d never heard of her before then.

      2. Sadly, neither had I. Thanks for the tip. I googled her today. Fascinating woman. Fascinating human. Loved how she refused to play poor impoverished black girl when they wanted to make a movie of her life.

      1. Electric Eel Libran

        Bessie Coleman was I believe the first American female aviator who was also a minority and who held an international pilot license. It didn’t hurt that she was a hottie on top of it. I reckon she was also an Aqua.

        I don’t know if Ornette Coleman is related or not. Would be cool to find out! *goes looking*

        Soz guys…just in jaded faux hipster mode. Thanks Valentines Day!

      2. Also, she had to study in Europe. No one in the us would teach her because of race. She wanted to open an aviation school but died falling out of her plane. She made a living as a stunt pilot putting on shows as there was no commercial airline then.

      3. electric eel libran

        yeah she’s like amazing, i don’t know why a bigger deal wasn’t made of her accomplishments.

      4. Bessie Coleman IS amazing, i get that – I think Amelia lingers in the public fascination not so much because of her ethnicity but because of the ongoing mystery over her disappearance – see my previous post on A.H. for even the occult conspiracy theory!

    2. Wow! Thank you!! Goosebumps all over, she looks like my friend. My goodness, AND I’m obsessed with planes. Bessie Coleman. How Amazing!

    1. I love it, too! Especially the part about us being honest about fancying others …

      Definitely a bit of hand-wringing … but it’s so ballsy, and yet soft and vulnerable at the same time.

  9. Mystic what an amazing find.

    She was doing the open marriage thing before it was popular! doing it demi kutcher style.

    Indeed I think they were dating other people whilst in there marriage because her husband Putnam remarried within 6months of her death, perhaps to his mistress?

    “Putnam had Earhart declared dead on January 5, 1939, and remarried on May 21 of that year to Jean-Marie Cosigny James.”

    She was engaged to another guy but then started hanging out with GPPutman so she called it off. Putnam proposed to her 6 times before she accepted. Talk about keen.

    I am very inspired by such modern views of marriage. I found this if her upbringing:

    “Her mother did not believe in molding her children into perfect little dolls and so Earhart was allowed to do as she pleased.”

    She was a tomboy and her marriage with Putnam helped her career because he organised the press side if things in true Virgo style, acting like a manager/publicist/pa.

    Her lioness ways were present also:

    “she began designing her own line of clothes “for the woman who lives actively.”She dressed according to the occasion whether it was flying or an elegant affair. She was most conscious of the image she projected.”

  10. Oh Amelia I love you and your wild ways. Happy Valentines everyone. My BFF and best capturer of my photographic image sent me a pic tonight. I am describing it to the gal pals as me talking to the next Mr Ceres. That’s the humourous side, the serious side is a baby Amelia about to take flight regardless of a little planetary va va voom. No love zombie here. I will be buying my own flowers this day.

  11. Honestly, why bloody bother to get married if that’s how you feel about it ?!

    “…an attractive cage” dear Godde ! I wouldn’t want her !

      1. Me three. Sounds like she feels she’s selling her soul.
        Could be we’re missing the social restrictions or expectations of the day?
        Was she paying penance for something?

      2. That’s what I was thinking too – it sounds like she felt like she had to get married, like it or not.

      1. Certainly. Seems like the bolder move for her and her times would have been to not marry at all.

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