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When You’re An Aries Sun Libra Moon Person

When you’re an Aries Sun Libra Moon person, it’s always Full Moon. You don’t need that time of the month to illuminate the contradictions within your psyche. You’re not at war with yourself – it’s more like a series of border skirmishes. Or guerilla warfare. How so? Aries is a person of the arena, skilled at stripping away fluff and nuance to render themselves hyper-relevant. How else to stay in mission …

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Why Not Invest In An Aries Today?

Sick of stuffing about with the less direct Zodiac signs? Want a more high-energy presence in your life? Why not invest in an Aries today? Aries knows what you want before you do! You’ll quickly recoup the cost of your investment via that feature alone. Depending on what model of Aries you decide to purchase, your Aries will complete your sentences for you or alert you by pulsing/throbbing if you …

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Aries Personality

A Homage To The Aries Personality

Congruent with the New Moon in action Aries, here is my homage to the Aries personality. Think you can add to these alpha Aries traits? Go ahead; I dare you. * They are fantastic for weathering storms with. Other Zodiac signs give prettier “I’ll weather the storm with you” talk. But Aries will be the one charging around moving outside furniture indoors and ducking lightning bolts as they scramble over the …

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mars people

How To Understand The Mars People

To understand Mars Astrology, you only have to meet the Mars People. Who are the Mars People? They are the people born with Mars in Aries, Capricorn or Scorpio. Or, the 1st House, 8th House or 10th House. Alternatively, their natal Mars is any sign/house but strengthened by a tight conjunction to Pluto, Uranus or Saturn. Mars Astrology In (Accelerated) Motion They Are Nuance Phobic and oblivious to tone, operating …

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Online Oracle

Rogue Oracle

Can An Online Oracle Have A Sense Of Humor? Dear Mystic, Does the Oracle have a sense of humor? I’ve been doing really well with moving on with life. I have specifically not tarried in the slipstream of the last year with a narcissistic Aries man. BUT, as I was poking around on the Oracle this evening, I thought I’d just click on “Is X thinking of me right now?” …

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