Eclipses Are A Numbers Game

Eclipse Cycles Run On Time

Eclipse cycles run on time, far more than trains or periods. For an astro-phenom that evokes so much apprehension, they’re predictable. You can time them down to the minute, at least you can if you want to geek out over the NASA Eclipse database.  They’re super-exact and they even explain the perennial Nine-year cycle in numerology.

Historically, it was so difficult to predict them that you could make an epic career for yourself as an Eclipse Broker. Nobody called themselves that; they were advisors, astrologers, engineers, priestesses, poets, and ambitious third cousins of unpopular Empresses.

Think about it: anyone able to time the crescendo of their speech to the people with the moment of an actual Eclipse had a stunning advantage. “And behold as I denounce the usurper, the sky shall darken…” you’d say, gesticulating across the sky as if you conducted the elements. When the birds fell silent and the sky darkened, you were in with the people, who would see you as some sort of Olympian insider.

Numerologists Are Referencing Eclipses

You can’t buy that sort of dramatic backdrop, although it would be annoying if you had to repeat yourself ten times because someone miscalculated. The first exactly timed Solar Eclipse on record was on October 22, 2134 BC and we know this because two Ancient Chinese astrologers were apparently executed for getting the date wrong.

Of course, the sky-darkening and ‘hark unto me’ special effects only occur if your location is in the path of the Eclipse. But more relevantly, Eclipses repeat and echo in precise cycles of 9 years and 5.5. days + 18 years, 11 days, and nine hours. The longer Eclipse Return links with the Moon’s Nodes and is exactly 222 Moon cycles. The so-called Saros sequence is ancient, the very name is from a Mesopotamian measure of time – 3600 years, apparently.

The half-Saros – 111 Moon months or nine years + five days as above – underpins the big-in-numerology nine-year cycle.

How does this affect you?

Know Your Personal Nine Year

In the classic version of the numerological ‘this is a nine year’ or whichever year it is, they’re adding the year as – say 2021 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5. And then you are supposed to add your birth month and day onto that to arrive at your current numerology year: Nines are ending years, two are pair-bonding-ish, and a whole array of other meanings that I don’t personally ascribe to.

But when you put the Eclipse Cycle in, nine-year cycles are super resonant. If you were born in October 1977, for instance, you were born near a Solar Eclipse that is part of Saros 143, repeating in 1995 and 2013.

It’s linked to a Lunar Eclipse series that occurred in 1986, 2004, and – soon – next year – 2022. So it’s a nine-year cycle of alternating Lunar and Solar Eclipses.

Every nine years you experience an Eclipse that pings off your birth energy and – in ancient metrics – your destiny and sovereign potential. The closer you were born to an Eclipse, the more potent it is. This means the ages of nine, 18, 27 (shout out to Saturn Return at the same time), 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90, and 99 are primed for extra awareness and intensity.

This goes for anyone, no matter when they were born: those are your natal Eclipse years.

Be Your Own Eclipse Broker

Using the 1977 example, you can also see how the numerology is kind of cool: it adds up to Six – 1 + 9 + 7 +& = 24 = 2 + 4 = 6. They all do. This could be the origin of Feng Shui’s Flying Stars as well. Every nine years the number of the year adds up the same number. You can see why some people think numbers are magic.

Some people specialize in eclipses – they would be so sorted if they could time-travel back a millennium and wow the despotic one-percenters of the era – and see different Saros series as having various characteristics.

But for you personally, rather than thinking ‘oh fuq another Eclipse season’ – assess the mood of the related cycles. They’re extra meaningful New or Full Moons and what matters most is the connections you make to them.

Personalize it: your last multiple-of-nine birthday was your Nine year – dramatic rebirths and realizations and the one following a ‘One’ year and so on.

I’m updating Power Moons to be super-Eclipse intensive and feeding some of the Power Moons content (that people, like I think,) into the Daily Personal Horoscopes.


35 thoughts on “Eclipses Are A Numbers Game”

  1. I have pisces in my 3rd with neptune. I have no idea how to calculate these 9 years eclipse… I was born in 1996 = 7… what does this mean? Help a math dummy out

  2. Everything adds up to and reduces to 10 with me.
    In the past I’ve had the number 7 come up a lot and it still does, sometimes as 25 but using this method I’m getting 10 I had a little google rabbit hole moment and yes, it all fits.

  3. I only recently learned about the Saros Series. I was born on a partial lunar eclipse in series 132 according to Nasa. My virgo stellium is loving the ordered cycling of these events.

  4. I’d really appreciate this mashup with the personal daily scope. I find that even though I know the Moon is doing X Conjunct Y it could be making a whole load of other aspects too that I’m only vaguely aware of. For example. April’s FM at the end of the month is CJ my MC+Mars but also nearly opp everything transiting in Taurus my 4H, but my natal Uranus is in my 10H and transit Mars is conjunct my own Moon at the same time, I suppose its trying to translate all this into best actions or inactions…Ha! That’s why I love your content Mystic. But YES to more detail please x

  5. Wish Upon a Star

    It makes so much sense that the year before my next June birthday was a 9.

    A year of endings.

    Makes me look forward to new beginnings on my birthday. I will make it special.


      1. Honestly I’m so bad at math. It seriously makes my eyes go in circles. I have to sit down and slowly make sense of it. I’m in a no 1 year. Makes sense.

      2. Completely agree Emg, but MM absolutely no need to apologise !!😀 I actually read this post seconds after MM posted it & thought “the Queen of Swords has smited us again”.. Lol !! But i love it – just still parsing the theories!! Thanks Mystic!

        1. Oh gods no. No apology required. I just really struggle to grip numbers in any form of brain matter. It’s bizarre. It’s as though I’ve no receptors for 0-9. And all above computations. It actually sort of hurts. But No 1 year makes absolute sense. Gotcha. No problem.

          1. Then saying that I’m a radical accountant. I know exactly what pennies are where. I can run an entire empire and when I’m dealing with trades for say putting in new floors or tiles I can come up with the amounts seemingly out of the ethers. They sit there clicking away on calculators and I glibly remark that’ll be 3m2 then ??? Don’t ask. I don’t know either.

            1. Lol, Emg !! Nope, maths isn’t for me either. No what I marvelled at/struggle with is the technical AND the esoteric side of things – so, figuring out which Saros series (SS) for the eclipse closest to my birthday applies to me (am March 1977, but the April ’77 eclipse “nearest” me is – unfortunately, as it’s a ‘gentle’ one – not the SS North 16 in October, ref-ed in MM’s article) – but think am going to have to read Bernadette Brady’s book for that. And THEN doing the life themes every nine years – so, so, many huge breaths to pick from. Am in an Eight year, just had Sun-Venus cazimi on natal sun, while Saturn opposed natal Saturn and squared natal Uranus. It’s been busy (but magic!). X

              1. Ok ok. You lost me at Sara’s series for 1977 … I need a pen and paper and a calendar. You’re having a doozy of a time. I’ve got huge 12th house and asc stuff. Neptune on my asc for maybe three years or so. Which is opposing my Pluto Uranus mass up. Big times.

                1. Wish Upon a Star

                  Enjoy that Neptune on your ascendant. Please protect yourself from lower energies, muggles and substances.

                  It can be a very creative time.

  6. Penelope Darling

    I’m 36 this year. I was just thanking the stars that that whole Saturn situation was over! Oh no…

  7. Wish Upon a Star

    I was born near a partial solar eclipse in 1967. The moon was in Taurus.

    I was overdue 2 weeks. Maybe I felt it was better to wait a while. Avoid the chaos. Then I waited for the next Taurus moon to come out.

    I will be 54 this June 5 near the June eclipse.

    Mystic or anyone do have any suggestions for me please?

    🙄 ❤️🌙🌘

    1. As Uranus is travelling through Taurus you will have the conjunction to your moon WUAS. Think sudden alterations to your domicile, family, female relatives and friends. Depending on the house your moon occupies will add to that mixture. Uranus is Action Jackson different to the deep moon energy so expect some deep feelings to surface. Maybe?

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        My natal Taurus moon is conjunct my natal South node in Taurus, both 3rd house. My moon is opposite my natal chart ruler Neptune in Scorpio.

        Transitting Uranus is in between my South node and moon.

        The June eclipse will be in my 4th house. This makes me anxious as my friend and neighbour is a Cancer Rising and on a waiting list to get a heart bypass. But this is hardly a suprise.

        When I first met him his deceased mother came thru the veil to pass on her love for her son.

        I can feel deep feelings starting to emerge. All about self nurturing, more precisely how I have neglected myself.
        My Gemini Sun is in my 4th house.
        Thanks for drawing my attention to this.

        With astrology I find it difficult to realise what is major and what is minor.

        It sounds like the Uranus in Taurus is major here?

    2. Hey Wish, good for you trying to plan ahead for a big eclipse – I like your thinking !!👏 Am also a fan of Mystic’s advice to keep a diary, and not just for dreams. I am always amazed at the different levels of metaphor that the planet movements symbolise: almost always much more than what the surface suggests. Some plotlines build slowly but always apparently; others (esp. Moon themes) only crystallise in retrospect. And it’s always deeply personal – at least, for me anyways. Good luck !! Xoo

  8. Year one for me. My north node is 49 minutes off exact conjunction w the Sun so lunar eclipses 2 weeks before and almost 3 weeks after. Last yr (all things considered) was a weird 54 birthday. New me this yr? I’m a little bit excited about North Node (and south I suppose) return near bday 2022. Thanks for keeping us informed, excitedly researching and thinking outside the box Mystic XxXx

    1. Same here year one. And last year was a goodbye to my dad the day after my birthday. Which I was really happy about. Bless him. I’ve lost my work contract for this year and wondering if I’d like to find a new one ?!?!?!

  9. Original Scorpsta

    Just learned I was born the day before a lunar eclipse – and at the end of this year I turn 45. So here we go!

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