What Happens At Uranus Opposition?

What happens at Uranus Opposition?


Whatever feels stifling and conventional is ripped off and tossed. Like a t-shirt with a faint grease spot on it suddenly spotted by Virgo Vision. Note: Everything feels suffocating and conventional at Uranus Opposition time.

Like the better known Saturn Return, this astral passage occurs to everyone at the same age.  Uranus opposes its natal position when the person is in their late 30s to early 40s.  It can feel like a cosmic alarm clock going off. Or one of those movies where the lead wakes up and realizes that they’re an alien.

You remember your life mission. Hormones are going haywire – saying breed-run – stay and build – no, go East. West?  Your perceptions are acute. Deja Vu attacks? All the time. The desire to disrupt your regime or go off-map is incessant – if only your compass wasn’t so haywire.

The structures built at your first Saturn Return that felt SO necessary then can suddenly feel oppressive. That societal approval you desired – irrelevant. Uranus Opposition is the ultimate in existential crisis and the time when people are most likely to bust out in rebel mode.

What you think of as your ‘natural element’ feels unnatural in an instance.  Unlike the slow deep chthonic grind of a Pluto trip or the Mists of Neptune, Uranus Opposition happens in spurts and abrupt zig-zags.

It’s always Einstein Time during Uranus Opposition. You can dismantle scenarios that took years to construct in moments – or so it seems.

Some people love Uranus Opposition – they feel like someone pulled the plug on their psyche and it reverted to ‘factory settings.’ They thrive like crazy.

Others find it too skittish. The secret of this astral passage? Freedom from needing tribal approval for your wellbeing. The more you can radically reinvent at this point, the more the cosmos comes to the party.

A strange Uranus Opposition Side Effect: If you’re resisting the whole deal, for whatever reason, Uranus Vibe tends to trot straight through your front door in the persona of a Mr or a Ms. Uranus.

Bust your own rut, or they’ll do it for you. Thoughts?

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  1. Penelope Darling

    Wow! I was directed here by my Daily Horoscope as I am on the precipice of this already. My partner and I already have major moves planned for right when my Uranus Opp will hit, I’m excited I might be catching a rising wave for that? Also, I have just calculated that I came into his life during his Uranus Opp… I’m the 10 years younger-blonde midlife crisis classic new partner/stepmum. It’s been hard for me to see myself fulfiling such a stereotypical role in the culture but what can be done really?

  2. What happens when you win the Triple Crown of Uranus opposition, chthonic Pluto grind (moon) plus mists of Neptune (sun), all in the same 2 years?

    I think a Uranus sun transit a few years earlier might have done some of the heavy lifting pre-work .. is that why I might not have felt it as much

    1. Very cool changes in the direction of more authenticity. I had a similar thing recently with Saturn, Mars and Neptune all opposing or squaring each other. I’m nearing the last lap of them now and it’s brought areas of my life together in a fabulous alignment. It wasn’t comfortable, as you’d expect but the rewards are self evident. Pluto grinding through my second house at the same time as Saturn did was a little nippy to start with but again, total gamechanger. It’s like having a cosmic chiropractor click everything into place over a period of time.
      You book the appointment because you’re in pain, the exercises are hard, things feel weird for a bit until you wake up one day and wonder how you lived all stooped over for so long.

      1. Interesting. Thanks Invicta. Yes. I sort of feel like I’ve reverted back to some sort of cosmic-stem-cell conditions. Like those jellyfish. Everything just feel like it needs to be sloughed off, almost nothing from long-past or even current life sits right, otherwise.

    1. Exactly! It is what triggers midlife and last for about 1,5 year. See the book: Liquid light of sex bij Barbara Hand Clow

  3. I’m not very good at interpreting my chart cause I’m a newbie to Astro. But I just realized after reading this .. fuq … I’ve had Uranus opposition since it got to Aries. Aries Sun with natal Uranus in Libra. I think that’s how it works?!? This has been one of the toughest cycles ever. Like skin being peeled away.

  4. I’m completely convinced that it’s going to be a rebirth of personae for myself. Born 7 Scorp Uranus on my AC, sorry I feel repetitive here but it’s the big attraction in my chart. Next up, busting through my 7H and activating my t-square. Still a big away but I can feel it coming closer.

    Working on letting go, acceptance, movement, being open, saying yes. Fine tooth combing those ingrained habits and getting those knots free so I can conduit the energy. Some things feel more solid and real than they ever have and other things feel like rot that needs to be left behind.

    The t-square struggle is real, right PF?

  5. I’m resonating with this way more that the apocryphal Saturn return that everyone describes…I don’t rly care what my peers are doing I want to be totally myself!
    But maybe that’s par for the course when your Uranus is conj sat + Nep natally. So my bald spot red convertible is some travel and a job liberation plot but with funds and a cleared subconscious

  6. I am with @Chrysalis here: I don’t remember anything particular.
    The crash was Uranus entering Aries in 2011, and then again 2013: but when it opposed my Uranus in Libra actually (april / may 2014) things started to fall into the right places. Not the “freedom at all costs” places but I got a job again and a wage.
    It was Uranus on my 8h house though; I read somewhere that Uranus in your 8th, not matter your age, is a “coming of age” from the psychological point of view and boy that DOES FIT 100% what happened then. I actually returned to therapy for a 4 meetings session to close up everything and felt like I finally got it together for the first time in my life.

  7. My Uranus opposition came just as it struck the ASC so I got divorced and started what I thought was my new life only to be up ended and broken into bits and then spend the next years up until now figuring it all out. It has been base survival stuff since it all happened but this month has taken a complete turn about and I am looking at the next section of my life beginning a new. Please gods please gods please gods.

  8. Mine was during the Uranus in Pisces years. I really don’t remember anything disruptive or significant – I was studying, working part time and enjoying life. However looking back I think that was the time I learned for the first time in my life about unconditional love – from my wonderful rescue dogs. I’d never had pets before and those two taught me so much. My guardian angel blind Pisces dog was a gift from the heavens. It was when she passed that the wheels began to fall off the marriage.

    1. Also, off topic but is it just my computer during Merc retro or are the comments now in the opposite order – more recent ones at the top??

      1. It’s happening to me as well – so maybe it’s deliberate? Is MM testing us with some sort of retro-Merc-Uranian-tech experiment?
        It’s actually quite handy to just read the latest comment first without having to scroll down. And if you’re late to the party you don’t feel left out.

  9. My MIL had her Uranus Return six -seven years ago when was widowed and freed of an old world spouse. Now near she lives alone plays canasta, drives, cooks, has great health. Her second marriage was indentured servitude and she is now free as a bird.

    She is an early Virgo Sun and lost many peers with the Neptune opp.

  10. I can totally relate to this Mystic. Thank you so much for this post. I thought I was having a midlife crisis. But Uranus Return is exactly me, along with Saturn in Sag recently in my relationship sector. What a transformative period! I can’t believe the turn of events in my life in recent years.

  11. I currently have Uranus trining my Leo Ascendent – for lack of better words, I feel fucked up + crazy restless.

    Trying not to resist the changes but Toro sun wants to hold on soooo badly –

  12. I have Mercury Uranus AC in Scorpio. I always say I’m Uranus’ bitch. That god owns me…I am compelled sometimes to say provocative things just to stir the pot/kick the hornet’s nest/get a rise out of folks/make them think or re-think.

    I can’t imagine becoming more Uranian with this transit! If anyone can provide insight into how to manage this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

    1. Speaking as a fellow Uraniac, I think it’s to do more with what Uranus will do to YOU/your life, rather than you becoming more of a Uraniac. Also i believe that if you are already Uranus’ biatch then you’ll probably be more equipped to survive whatever it throws at you… just stay flexible & keep your sense of humour.

      1. Thanks skarab! He’ll be going into my 6H, where I have Chiron in Toro at 10 degrees…eventually crossing into my 7H…so…daily work habits, the grind, the job, diet/nutrition/exercise…then relationships/open enemies.

        The Chiron part makes me nervous. Life is already challenging these days, with T Saturn squaring my Moon at 10 degrees Aries.

        1. If it’s any consolation, Uranus went over my partner’s Chiron (opposite his natal Uranus-Pluto-Venus) without as much as a discernible ruffle, at least i don’t recall it as such – it was yrs ago. But perhaps it manifested to him as a genius flash/artistic insight as he was fiendishly working on a fabulous art project at the time. So you know, it’s not always a crazy outward shake-up no holds barred time like it was for me.
          (But Sat sq Moon…yuk)

          1. Fabulous art project sounds awesome! Nice!

            Yeah, this transit has me microdosing, reading “Becoming Supernatural,” by Dr. Joe DiSpenza, and vetoing pointless hook-ups with fuckboys.

    2. Fellow Uranian here, with Uranus conjunct my Libran ASC. After living through my own Uranus opposition, the only advice I can give you is keep dancing to the beat of your own drum, and if you can’t hear it, clap your hands instead. At least yours won’t happen during peak Zap Zone, with Uncle Pluto loitering around your IC like a belligerent old tomcat in on the threshold of your front door, deciding whether to stay out or come in.

  13. Is this what sparks “midlife crisis” in people or is that another position somewhere in another age range?

    1. Yes. Traditionally(?) We’re exposed to the balding bloke who buys the red sports car and takes off with the nanny / Secretary etc. In society/culture there hasn’t really been a space allocated to mid-life women for their own experiences, regardless of how clichéd those may also be! But perhaps that is changing. Interestingly, going with that dominant cultural model, I suppose becoming a single mother / divorcée was also an exercise in independence. That isn’t meant to sound as stuffy as it might. My parents finally split when my mother and father were 43, he was having an affair (one in a history of many). So that timing’s interesting. He bought a red sports car too, in the year or two preceding. Mind you it was the late 80s so the cliche was probably still forming hahaha

      1. Ooooh! Thanks for this link, skarab! Very helpful, as I am sometimes gracefully and definitely sometimes not gracefully transitioning into my midlife here at 50, although no menopause in sight yet, I’m feeling a mental shift and want to do it more mindfully. I thought I’d feel ‘midlife-y’ in my 40’s but looking back I didn’t at all. It’s really starting now…

      2. Thank you for this, skarab, I will check her out. I am deep in menopause hell at the moment and am actually shocked at how silent our culture is about it, not to mention the complete lack of options medically for certain things.

          1. Fully agreed, Pi!

            Chrysalis –
            In Chinese medicine this time period is called Second Spring, and there’s actually a book by that name that gives some holistic ways of handling menopausal time. There’s so much we can do to ease symptoms.
            I’m doing it pre-emptively by getting acupuncture, myself, and I’m taking some Motherwort at night to help with anxiety and it helps me wake up happier.
            I think the main thing I notice for myself, so far, is that I’ve been more and more irritable as I’ve gotten older, really impatient, and the acupuncture and herbal medicine has helped ease that off….

      3. No Women No Cry.

        I was watching Think Tank tonight and the question was what Neil Young song is the name of an Aussie band….I had a smile on my dial, a little nod from the synchronous world we live in.

        A lot of mercurial communication flying all over the place.

      4. You have to turn your thinking around Pf….i know, i know.. easier said..Coz you also have a vast number of trines & sextiles to MC & Saturn (no less)… & Aqua Moon to NN gold. Study them, use them. Maybe get some help. You can turn all that early childhood shit to gold instead of falling back on to it … think Billy Connolly. And don’t give me lip about this – just because i haven’t been too explicit about my own earlier yrs, doesn’t mean i haven’t been in a similar position to you. Look at LV – she was pretty explicit and listen to her now. I wouldn’t be telling you this if i didn’t really believe in you, Pf.

        You say you gave your all to your family which is just so *amazing* & shows you are a genuinely lovely person with an advanced sense of humaneness & justice. Other less advanced people would have inflicted the same shit on their own families.

        This is now YOUR time – spoil and love yourself & turn things to your advantage now. Catch this Uranus train to catapult yourself to next level. Give yourself the chance you gave your family. Stop focusing on your past. Turn your Leo Uranus-Mercury into the showman & ringmaster of your amazing show. Leo needs Light – let it IN and shine. Be a shining whit not a whining shit … sorry, i just couldn’t resist 😛 … & finally, but i think it’s crucial, you need to upgrade tactics: LEARN LIBRAN – it’s where your NN is after all – they are beyond anything else – master tacticians.

        From one Uraniac to another with sincerity & love.

        (er… & you realise you are on a thread about woman’s menstruation… maybe you just saw the *men* part – bloody typical!)

      5. No i don’t have your chart, but i do know your birthday coz you’ve said it on here & i worked out the rest from your own info on degrees & such. I should really be Scorp Rising i think & not a Libra. I’m so glad you are seeing a psychol & yeah – there’s a fine balance between keeping it in & wallowing…i know from my own experience. & please, please, pleeeeaze, don’t get me wrong, i think you letting it out here has taught us all a great deal & still does & it’s just fantastic that we can safely pour our darkest hurts and fears in a safe & nurturing place such as this. Kudos to the Amazing Mystic & people on here for making it possible. I’m talking from my own experience of childhood trauma, and how after letting go of it more & more – & took me till my chiron return to give it all the finger – (tho obviously i still have my dark nights & Chiron in 4th..) – i. feel. so. much. better. I don’t even give a hoot …& i just want you to feel the same.
        And the menopause thing – you know i can’t resist a play on words & cheap puns….good or bad….what can i say, i’m a Mel Brooks fan
        (another multi Crab with Aqua Luna)

  14. This happened to me right around when Uranus went into Aries. And I’m an Aries. Interesting times to say the least.

  15. Mine just finished its final pass and is about 3 degrees off. Full into Saturn Opposition now. Since I have Venus/Chiron oppo Uranus natally, the opposition also included a Uranus/Venus conjunction. I’m already pretty fiercely independent.

    I wasn’t in a relationship during the time, although I was in love with a man who had Uranus conjunct his DC – we had an unconventional, lovely connection, but I thought I wanted the whole enchilada, so I suffered. As Uranus moved away, the obsession with him has finally faded. Learned a lot about what love really is – ie it’s not about them doing what you want them to do.

    Also, Uranus was transiting my 8th house, and since I work contract, I’ve had numerous problems with taxes and health insurance, asking myself if it’s worth the extra stress and cost to be free, to be able to take mental health days whenever I feel like it, and obviously the answer is yes.

    And ok yeah, I did sleep with a couple of 26 year olds and went to some crazy sex workshops. Lol. Good times.

    1. Oh, I also had my very first art show, did well, and then promptly decided I never want to do that again. But really what I need to do is Saturn (maybe Pluto?) up my container so that I’m not so… awkward/nice (exhausting) with people. Just be like, this is what it is, and stand in my center with it. Be able to say yes and no.

  16. “The structures built at Saturn Return that felt SO necessary then can suddenly feel oppressive. The societal approval you desired – irrelevant.”

    God, yes. It took me 9 yrs after my Saturn Return (tr.Uranus was also conjunct saturn,btw) of continual study, hard slog & tears in a foreign country to reach my goal of setting up my own healing practice. This, in one of the worlds toughest capitals, where just survival is hard enough if you are not rich. Plus i obtained success & recognition – which tickled my 10th h stellium no end. I was *there*. I’m writing this to show how potent Uranus can manifest – that even someone with a 10th h stellium in Leo will forgo her satisfying career & recognition when Uranus strikes.

    So as Uranus hit my IC & stared it’s journey through my 4th H to oppose natal 10th H Uranus, this incredible claustrophobia & wanderlust started building up until suddenly i declared one morning that i wanted *OUT* – because honestly, it was either get the fuq *out* or *combust*. I did not care about the consequences.

    Everyone except my partner (Sagg Moon – always up for it) thought i was insane. We dropped everything, put our belongings in storage, rented out our flat & went abroad, spontaneously working on humanitarian projects between bouts of travel & adventure in amazing & remote corners.

    Uranus hit natal Uranus 3 times and each hit brought either severe physical or mental trauma. At this point i also have to mention that during these Uranus hits, Neptune was also in the fray huge time. It was on my IC & opposing my Moon-MC.. :-/….. And Pluto was trine my Mercury exact too, taking me on a private mini tour of Hades during the 2nd & 3rd Uranus hits. And then on the last exact Uranus hit i had a bizarre accident where i almost lost a hand. No one else was injured in that freaky little accident on a train. It was reserved exclusively for me… seat no.9A…. :-)…. So back to home camp after that.

    The super highs and lows of those yrs were extreme, but i would not change them for anything in the world. It was like jamming a whole lifetime in 2-3 yrs … the unbelievable learning! I had always thought that i had an open mind, but this Uranus experience (with the help of Neptune & Uncle P) exposed it to the unimaginable. Nothing material really quite mattered any more after this, & ambition to “be some one” & “prove” myself just melted away. I am happy to just *be* & to enjoy every scrap of this life …. But now it’s my 2nd Saturn Return & Uranus is on my DC …. am i worried?…. Aha-ha-ha… i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t.

    (I’d also like to point out that natal Uranus is conjunct my Mars & Mercury – so maybe the Uranus opposition manifested in a particularly potent way with me)

  17. I’ve found people tend to either love or hate their Uranus Opposition – it really depends on how well they’ve developed their natal Uranus. If they’re fully individuated, have a healthy level of independence, their own social lives, and a good relationship with change, the Uranus Opposition tends *not* to be experienced as upsettingly disruptive although it may indeed put one in contact with a person or even group who changes them quite markedly. If one is in a LTR at this time – and especially if it’s with someone their own age who is also going through this transit – it’s also important to consider this angle because oppositions generally tend to manifest through others and certainly our primary relationship falls under that category. If the relationship is healthy and allows each individual the freedom to be their own person and holds space for each to have their own social life and some breathing room, it’s apt to go much better vs. being in a codependent, smothering, or – conversely – so distant a relationship that it’s virtually like two ships passing in the night. In such cases this transit could very well be a harbinger of a change in relationship status, so finding that Uranian sweet spot where you relate to one another first as friends and equals while respecting one another’s individuality is crucial. As is helping each other to cope with the changes in each other’s lives that can accompany this period; whether it’s changes at work, with family, or regarding anything else.

    On the other side of the coin, the more clingy, needy, dependent, security-seeking, and fearful of change one is, the more challenging the Uranus Opposition may be. Like every other transit the more we get our Ego out of the way and cooperate with the process, the better it tends to go. It’s not like there can’t be some curveballs in there (and goddess knows Uranus loves those!), but generally the more resistant we are to change the more we are inclined to experience it as a force outside ourselves during the Uranus Opposition. Uranus is also extraordinarily resistant to our control-freakery and any kind of “God Complex” we’ve got going on is ripe for shattering by this transit – Uranus will show us who’s *really* in control (Hint: it’s not us)! They don’t associate this planet with Divine Will for nothing; what to us appears as random chaos from here on the ground with our limited perspective is actually just a Higher Order of Consciousness at work that we don’t yet understand.

    We have to remember no matter how this transit manifests, it really and truly is our friend from a soul-level evolutionary standpoint. Often the Uranus Opposition asks us to make some kind of Quantum Leap, like The Fool in the Tarot. We’re never going to do that if we stay firmly within the boundary of the “safe” and “established” – this energy is about breaking with the past, convention, etc. so that we can teleport into the future on a developmental level. Don’t be stuck in an “analog” setting when life is asking you to go full “digital”; embrace the change and one day you’ll look back and wonder why you didn’t make that leap sooner.

    1. 12th House Virgo

      I agree. My friend calls me “radically self-reliant”. Just got through my Uranus opposition (2 degrees off now – is that still active?) and I can’t say I noticed it. Chiron has been tangoing on my DC for awhile now and self-worth themes have come up. If anything, I suppose Uranus made it clear standing my ground, however humble, was the way through the Chiron swamp. Can’t imagine it going another way. Can say integrity is a great way to work. My values aren’t right or wrong but they’re mine and it’s all I’ve got to live by.

    2. Yes to all of this…esp “the Quantum Leap, like the Fool in the Tarot”.

      Also truly humbling in every sense – at least that was my experience of it. Yes it’s great to be in control and achieve goals that stroke the ego, but the Uranus experience takes one further – it can give one a peek into the Great Divine, and it is *humbling* – that is all i can describe it as.

    3. Uranian transits are like taking a light-sabre to our attachments. While such experiences are probably experienced better if we’re more Droid than Human (given that healthy attachment forming is what allows us to flourish as human beings in complex social structures), that ultra high humanity vibe is where we can really let others and ourselves be who we each are. Without trying to force each other to be something we’re not!

      I feel like Uranus over my sun and mc and square Moon etc etc prepared the ground, I have a feeling about how the opposition might enact itself but hey, it’s Uranus , soo….

  18. I’m looking at transit Jupiter within conjunction orb of natal Uranus. And just when I was feeling comfortable! Psyche is already there 😉

  19. At 37 Mom started dying of ovarian cancer and was gone in two years. By 42 Dad had died of lymphoma. Yeah, not the biggest fan of Uranus opposition, but it definitely was a life changer.

  20. I’m doing this now. Marriage all but legally dissolved in the last 6 months, about to enter a new period of unstable but exciting work, am learning that I actually love hanging out with me, and am about to merge households with a creative friend. There is so much to do and be and I seem to be over the scary hump (hope I didn’t just jinx myself) and in the full swing of loving not knowing what’s around the corner. I am yet to have sex with someone inappropriately young but here’s hoping.

  21. Um. YES LOL. Couple it with a Pluto Square and the whole thing becomes QUITE the fuqing party. I don’t think I resisted–but I’m thinking there may have been a Mr. Uranus…and THAT not in a good way (though I met him on the internet, on/through a board where his actual screen name was Pluto–NO JOKE).

    I have been thinking along the lines of factory settings lately. I’m gonna use that metaphor from now on. I *like* my factory settings. Thank you, Mystic!

  22. Funny, I was thinking not all that much had happened, then realised I swapped stable for serial employment, shuffled my friendships and even had the clichéd affair with someone unsuitably young. It mostly felt like a soft, fresh breeze, but I’m Uranian at heart.

    1. Or that’s how it seems now, as I reach the tail end. No doubt it felt more dramatic at times. And as I’ve said elsewhere, I am undeniably an older iteration of myself. The Saturn opposition comes along to point that out.

  23. yayyy this is me me me…resisting recovery of all things…staying sober but all the meetings?… hope i havent fallen out with my sponsor,,,some people do it on their own…hipsobriety lady weee….we will see…..

  24. Wait, I am a saggitarius sun/Virgo moon/ cancer ascendant with Saturn in my first and just finished my Saturn return. I like the structure that I got out of it. Is the Uranus opposition the reason my Saturn structure has got so wobbly?

  25. Oh yeah, had mine in 2015, Pluto coming to square at same time. Completely reinvented/found myself again. Lost two stone, started listening to music again, got fit – all inspired by being sent on a one week work course that makes you look at your whole life, values etc. Met and fell in love with someone from work on that same week. Life reset.
    I’m a different person to my pre-uranian self but it feels like I’m the me I’m meant to be if that makes sense.
    Honestly I’m a little worried about losing that as Pluto and Uranus both move off. I don’t want to sink back into blandness again. I now have Saturn square and chiron return to deal with – bleugh!!

  26. I’m 50 now, have natal Uranus at 28 Virgo in the 4th, but when the opposition was happening I guess I did break out of my mould in a bunch of ways — In 2009, I got rid of most of what I ever owned, including my car, and moved to England from California and lived with the hare krisnas for awhile. Found that quite stifling, hung around England awhile longer then moved back to California, was homeless for 10 months, then started a very intense job in public health that stretched me in ways I never could have imagined and didn’t plan on at all. Then towards the end of the opposition and also when transiting Saturn/natal Saturn (Aries, 10th) opposition was starting, in 2012, I had to twice defend my home in court, once against the landlord and once against a shitty subtenant, and greatly prevailed each time!
    Both the Uranus opposition and Saturn oppositions happened in my 4th and 10th houses. It all felt like never ending trial by fire, some of it directly my own doing, and some of it not. Definitely a very unsettling time period but a time of enormous growth and standing up for myself and learning how to survive. I think this time period finally ushered me into being an adult, burning away a lot of naivete, even though the Saturn return is supposed to do that, which it didn’t for me, though my Saturn return time was awful. I learn everything the hard way, it seems.. anyway, hope that helps as an example! 🙂

      1. Yes, it was a grand adventure, but this time period is now still adversely affecting me, financially.
        I feel like this time period won’t ‘complete’ until I’m able to get out of this financial hole I’m in.
        Perhaps Uranus moving into Taurus will help..?

  27. Oh lawd, yes. I’ve discussed this with you before, Mystic. Uranus opposition on my IC changed EVERYTHING (natal Uranus on my Sun/MC). Like my whole home life got blown up and violent, anxiety disorder mayhem ensued. It’s not over yet either, not until it finally crosses over into my 5th house (around 4 Taurus). I wonder what will get zapped then? Hopefully I can kick my creative life into gear by then, lol. I’m still picking up the pieces from the tornado that was Uranus opposition in my 4th.

    1. Wow! So what did you do before you became a teacher?

      I love that people around you already knew you should be a teacher

  28. But… but… I’m trying to come to terms with Saturn on my Sun (exact yesterday). How does one build, fortify and make solid plans for the future if I’m about to have a Uranus opposition? Oh, and Pluto is bang on my natal Venus too, just to add some more confusion to the mix.
    I don’t know what instincts to follow at the moment because they all seem to change daily. I feel like massive, life-altering change is coming but I’ve never been so unsure of ‘who’ I’m meant to be so don’t know how to approach any of it. I’m frozen in this uncertain, scared, melancholic, restless, horny but hyper-imaginative state! Aghhhh!

    1. perhaps choose to meditate daily or do a weekly sesh for clarity. sun-saturn will appreciate the focus time. my experience of saturn conj sun was that i worked very hard. it was a ‘demands of the work here-and-now’ thing, not a planning thing. so change what you want, and know that you’ll have the drive to do a shitload of work to see that change through. note some ways to manage psyche burnout too.

      1. Yes, I need to keep my mind calm and focused so meditation is definitely something I want to improve on. I’ve noticed I’m journalling a lot more, writing everything out. I think that’s probably a healthy way to deal with all this astro, especially considering my Sun is in my 3rd 😉

  29. I am going through this right now. I bought my “dream house” in 2010 and am now looking around asking myself what the hell I was thinking. I can’t decide whether to move or just revamp the whole place. Dumped a ton of friends that weren’t me anymore, really appreciating the friends that still around, and finally found a happy medium with some family since I don’t care what anyone thinks or says about me. I kind of feel like I am on a cliff and I’ll be soaring off it soon in full flight mode. I love it!

  30. Makes sense, I’m now entering my mid 50’s and approximately ten years ago I sold everything to move out West (American Southwest) to work in a National Park. It’s a nice back yard.

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