Some Venus In Leo Inspo

What to expect from Venus in Leo for so long?* Well, this will become the primary vibe for romance, creativity, culture and aesthetic this year.

Leos may have V.I.P. passes to the mezzanine area but everyone is invited to this party. Too frivolous? Maybe, but who doesn’t want to secretly shake off mundanity and shimmy into a more fabulous mode?

You may not be in the mood for dancing, trying to match your sunglasses design to the divine ratio or for gold dust flecks shaking off people’s auras but the potential revitalization? Yes!

Economic fuqery or regulatory capture isn’t going to become worse because you’re suddenly obsessed with a creative project, conceptual Love scenario or restyle. But your process will generate strange, brilliant endorphins and you’ll be re-energized, able to cruise through anything in your golden bubble.

No matter what sign or Venus sign you are, this Venus in Leo inspo will be helpful. Note Nineties Whitney Houston above, the epitome of extreme talent and style.

Jupiter was conjunct her Venus in Leo when she performed the Star Spangled Banner to (all-up) a billion people in January 1991. Jupiter was essentially expanding her innate Venusian tastes and charisma.

According to the extraordinary biography – Didn’t We Almost Have It All – Houston had a surge of pre-performance assertion that day and insisted on wearing her clothes to perform in – not the ordained outfit.

It came off fantastically, as you can see here. Reflect on the times that you felt compelled to align with somone else’s style or creative ideals for some interesting Venus-in-Leo-relevant insights.  And, read on…

Dolores Del Rio

The Golden Era movie star Dolores Del Rio was a triple Leo – Sun, Venus and Ascendant. Her glamor was legendary and beauty tips like “I use Youth Dew perfume oil in my hair‘ became magical mantras to legions of women. Numerous sonnets and portraits exist as homage to her beauty: The playwright George Bernard Shaw even compared her to the Taj Mahal.

Del Rio had famously lavish tastes in everything but particularly perfume, jewellery and cosmetics. Architectural Digest described her mirrored dressing room as “not unlike an altar raised to honor some primordial pagan goddess.”

Yet as the first Mexican actress to succeed in Hollywood – paving the path for another Venus in Leo woman, the formidable Salma Hayek – Del Rio was like a lightning rod for controversy.

She was accused of communist sympathies and unfairly targeted by censors who saw her actual coloring as innately more licentious than the standard celebrity blonde or pale skin prototype. Relentlessly pursued by or in control battles with powerful, manipulative men, her initial Hollywood years were difficult.

I lived in a hotbed of intrigue, of politics, of lies and malice, of crosscurrents of human purpose. I was hurt so often, I was afraid to express.”

Still, Del Rio was never burdened with faux modesty. The Australian-American costumer designer Orry Kelly wrote about “draping her body in jersey. She wanted no underpinnings to spoil the line. When I finished draping her, she became a Greek goddess…Gazing into the mirror, she said in a half-whisper, ‘Jesus, I am beautiful.’ Narcissistic? Probably yes, but she was right.

Do you need to be an iconic beauty to deploy over the top mirrorwork affirmations? No. It’s very Venus in Leo and June-Oct 2023 will thus be brilliant for them.

Dolores Del Rio was ultra inspirational in that she identified passionately with her heritage and infused it into her public image at a time when it would have been far easier to erase it.

She also pushed artistic boundaries her whole life, remarkably with even more intensity when she was under political or financial pressure.

A classic creative coup, for example, was to produce and star in The Lady Of The Camellias, re-imagining the (usually in her early 20s) lead character as a 65-year-old woman – her age at the time.

Suzanne Belperron

The jeweller Suzanne Belperron – Venus in Leo trine Jupiter + Uranus in Sagittarius – was similarly definitive and uncompromising in her style. Her constant innovation – novel techniques, fresh materials, pioneering concepts – earned her permanent A-list status in the design world.

Famously discreet and privacy-protective, she shunned publicity and her era’s form of branding. Her logic? “My style is my signature.” She had the courage to establish her creative authority early – setting trends rather than trying to tag onto them.

Fashion critic Cathy Horyn – another Venus in Leo woman – wrote that she felt Belperron was only interested in her own ideas and that the designs are “so singular – bold, playful, anti-ornamental – that they tend to strip away one’s assumptions about jewelery…”

Her favorite material was the icy-blue chalcedony crystal but her creative secret was to draw inspiration from a vast array of sources.  Incidentally, the late Karl Lagerfeld referred to his cat Choupette’s eyes as being “the colour of jewelry by Suzanne Belperron.”

Clear on her vocation from the outset, the teenage Belperron arrived in Paris in 1919 and worked without a break for the next 56 years, building her business through the Depression and World War II.

She was awarded with the Legion D’Honneur for her Resistance activity which included, in one case, eating every single page of the company’s address book to prevent the Gestapo from obtaining details on her Jewish clients.

Dorothea Tanning

The artist Dorothea Tanning was born with Venus in Leo square the Moon and Saturn in Taurus. She summed up her life credo as “Keep your eye on your inner world and keep away from ads, idiots and movie stars.”

A full-time fabulist and creative force, she wrote, sculpted and painted in multiple mediums, not so much pushing artistic boundaries as completely over-riding them.

In terms of money and acclaim, artistic careers are often tidal by nature – Tanning rode each wave with aplomb. She was gracious at the top and supported herself with commercial art/costume design in between. 

Birthday (below), arguably her most famous work, was tied into her great love story. In late 1942, with Pluto conjunct her Venus in Leo, the surrealist artist Max Ernst came to her apartment to appraise the painting for an exhibition.

He liked the picture, suggested they play chess together – Tanning loved gothic novels, flowers plus chess – and never left.

They were both married to other people at the time so it became one of those Pluto-Venus affairs but the relationship lasted 30 years, until his death. He wrote impassioned surrealist love sonnets to her:

Not only did the unconscious streetlights whisper their sinful names with silent music and pale devotion

Hermes and Dorothea

Hermes and Dorothea

but also they watched picking high-heeled oranges in her blouse and reverentially noticed they were black and warm

They melted away being their fingers with laughter and equinoxial storms.

Interestingly, Tanning was self-taught and didn’t like art galleries or the art scene. She was, however, keen on magic: “I’ve always been drawn towards esoteric phenomena: the illogical, the inexpressible, the impossible. Anything that is ordinary and frequent is uninteresting to me, so I have to go in a solitary and risky direction.”

Natal Venus In Leo

Critics say you’re too flamboyant, vain, or extravagant but they have no idea. You always play it down in their presence. Some lack the bandwidth for your extra-ness but you don’t hold it against them. Your aesthetic and romantic instincts are hotwired into the cosmic cultural grid. You channel your beauty tips and will always, no matter what occurs, believe in the transformative power of love.

Your taste is amazing and your relationship ideals noble – if your budget or the prospects on offer don’t stretch to match your narrative vision, is it a crime? Venus in Leo people think cinematically.

It’s fabulous energy for theatre directors, filmmakers, fashion designers, pair-bonded ‘It People’ and performers but it can blow every circuit in a mismatched scene or love affair. This is the Venus sign of Madonna, Tom Cruise, Salma Hayek, Dua Lipa, ASAP Rocky, Jason Momoa, Yves Saint Laurent, and Monica Belluci. Yes, glamor is a given.

The downside of an apollonian Venus like this is that if you’re shacked up with a partner who resents your light or – to be fair – intensive, wide-beam, dazzle-at-all-costs flirting style, dynamics turn turgid. You’re can also be irrationally mawkish over ex-lovers or people you can’t have just because they ping off your ‘what’s hot’ algorithm.

From my Astral DNA – Natal Birth Chart Report

*Venus is in Leo from June 5 until October 9 – the longest non-stop Venus in Leo phase since 1812.

More info in the Daily Mystic Update for April 27 and the Daily Mystic Update for January 25

The Daily Horoscopes will also alert you to the various aspects that Venus will make to your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Nodes, Midheaven and planets.

In most cases you will enjoy three-in-a-row, so they’re extra significant.

26 thoughts on “Some Venus In Leo Inspo”

  1. Q: How do significant cultural events and themes of the time, include passionate encounters and entrepreneurial vision form in one’s creative life?

    A: Mystic Medusa will walk you through a feast of inspirational artistic reverberations weaved through various timelines and traditions as only the best can.

    Soak my soul in this post, it’s lit AF

  2. As a Venus Leo native, this transit has always marked my favourite time of year. So 4 months of abandonment to love, beauty, art & desire is a challenge i’m v happy to accept. I say challenge, because this apollonian desire always seems to override my otherwise sensible approach to spending. (natal Venus trine Saturn).

  3. Bring it on – Venus in Leo!!!! I think we all need this in our lives right now. Was also great to see this clip of Whitney even through if was served with an FBI warning at the beginning. Beautiful Whitney, I was very moved by this performance while watching it and I’m not even American etc. Her star burned so bright but burned out too quickly…

  4. Wish Upon a Star

    Venus in Leo sounds like a ray of sunshine. I hope it makes the Leos flamboyant and shine. I love Leos for that. Maybe because I have Leo in Jupiter early degrees conjunct Venus in Cancer 5th house.

    Hey does this make me similiar to Venus in Leo?

  5. I love LOVE all things Venusian! Monica Belluci is such a style icon for me personally, I had her as my doppelgänger on Facebook when that was still a thing.
    My Astral DNA says my Venus is in Virgo, but sidereal puts me as Leo. Both make sense. But my Venusian shine can be blocked by my 1st house heavy hitters Pluto & Saturn placements. To find the perfect balance of the energies and to incorporate them into my signature style is the symphony I’m still learning to play…………

  6. These women speak to my soul! I’m not sure if it is my Leo Sun and Taurean moon, or my sidereal natal astro Venus in Leo, or something else… but it doesn’t really matter if the soul speaks! Thanks for another amazing read Mystic!

  7. This is so good, thank you Mystic. I’m going to examine when Venus passes over my Leo Saturn to get a sense of how to progress Saturn in Pisces. I am going to call it the Pluto-Cap moon rehab (because Saturn energy cap.moon). Or just life rehab? TBA. Towards the end of that Venus phase she will also make a trine to my descendant and natal Venus and node , oh and Chiron and Eros. Wow ok. This is nice 👍

    1. Corduroy jeans

      Me too, re: Sat in Leo & trine Aries Venus, Kheiron, Sam. Leo my 4th place of origin story, so it figures am re-working that fairytale. Aslans and all. 🤗💗

  8. This is so interesting to me! My partner has Venus in Leo, though he is very Stealth Leo himself (ie his heavy Saturn blocks his shine a lot of the time). But he is the only person I’ve ever been with who is genuinely supportive of my more showbiz/HBIC characteristics and ambitions. He also is really drawn to craftspeople and intellectuals who are really good at their jobs – ie he’s genuinely attacted to shine, and doesn’t try to dull other people’s sparkle.

    1. The Lion & The Centaur

      Stealth Leo, I love that! I’m a Leo, co-parenting with a Leo and my bestie & my “work husband” are Leos too. I’d say we’re all Stealth mode Leos, very private and non-flashy, and most importantly, we understand how to not step on each one’s very proverbial gowns.

  9. So enjoying Venus in Leo already. My Venus Merc conjunction is in Cancer but my Mars Jupiter conjunction in early leo conjunct my Sun Uranus which Venus is on now. My creative and romantic life have lifted off the ground already and the vibe is positively divine!

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Me too with the Venus and merc in cancer. At first I thought you would be like teflon with Aqua and Leo. But some comments showed your sensitive side. Now I understand why?

      You sound like a dichotomy. (I just googled that meaning to make sure it was not an insult.)
      Is that true?

  10. MM, you total nailed my relationship history. Was always loyal but always accused of flirting. Could not comprehend why. Didn’t think about Venus in Leo. I’m also a Leo. Tried explaining it was just good manners to make people feel good about themselves, especially at parties. I thought it that was just a southern boy thing. Well, I still live it, love it, and a LTR, meh.

  11. The Lion & The Centaur

    This weeks’s style has been inspired by a zombie apocalypse novel I just read. The scientists in the novel wear combat boots and pants with button down shirts when trying to cook up a cure in the lab, ready to blast out zombie brains on a moment’s notice. I’m currentoy doing inventory of the genetic diversity of certain plants and that includes both field work and work at office/library/lab. I find this ’apocalypse chic’ to be highly functional but it’s definitely not a Leo Venus vibe in my mind. We’ll see if the tastes change once Venus surfs her seashell into the Leo constellation…

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