Daily Mystic for Tuesday 15 November

All of a sudden, highly positive Mutable energy  is in play after weeks of churn and burn.

It’s easier to make zippy little changes in style, relationship habits, thought, food, mood – everything.

An example: Venus is moving into free-roaming Sagittarius in trine to Jupiter, the ruler of Saggo: something benefcial but subliminal or concealed is about to be not only out in the open but brazen.

And, the Sun is trine Neptune + Lilith: Strange, meandering thought processes zap up as fully formed philosophies and whatever your natural level of E.S.P., consider it tripled. It’s particularly helpful energy if need to pull down some extra magic/wisdom/fortune to score sanctuary. Lilith is big on privacy and aids any Power Lair initiative.

But wait, what about Mars square Neptune? If poorly handled, it could be problematic, yes. But it’s Mars Retro, so a revision of something you’ve already learned. More on this in the next Daily Mystic!

2 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Tuesday 15 November”

  1. Thanks a lot Mystic for the heads up. The Aries in me can’t wait for the next Daily Mystic. My stupid boss is back on his BS and it takes every ounce of patience in me not to fight back. I just keep repeating to myself Mars is Rx, let Karma do its job (no pun intended)

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