Why It’s Good To Know Your Venus Sign

It is as essential to know your Venus sign as it is the Sun Sign. The Sun reflects your core identity, the self that you are striving to actualize. Your so-called Sun Sign is merely the constellation of the Zodiac that the Sun was traveling through when you were born. But there was a lot more going on at the time of your birth.

Venus by sign, house, and aspect shows the style, aesthetic and romantic sensibility of a person. As Venus never strays too far from the Sun, many people have the same Venus sign as their Sun. That’s easy! There is no contradiction between, say, a Gemini Sun and Venus.

Their fashion sense and relating mode are congruent with their Gemini nature. And if you add Mercury into the picture, another planet which is always near the Sun, that could also be in Gemini.

Again, no conflict, no jagged edges. They dress like a Gemini (unless their Ascendant is at odds with Gemini), sound like a Gemini, love like a Gemini and well, you get the picture.  But if our Gemini example has Venus in Taurus, they can transmit a signal that won’t be picked up by the relationship frequency they’re on.

Or confuse the hell out of people with an “I’m bored, I want to go out” swiftly followed up by strong nesting urges. One minute they want to buy a new couch with you – the next they’ve blocked you because they felt crowded.

Every Venus sign is affiliated to metals, stones, herbs, flowers, and scents. In old magic, these strengthen your Venusian Vibe. Working with these is practical Venusian magic. When your Venus Vibe is right, regardless of your gender, you feel sensual and at ease with your physical realm. A well-adjusted Venus enjoys their body but is not obsessive. Venus is love but even more so pleasure, food, music, art, and culture.

If your Venus sign is the costume, the House is the stage or the setting. And the aspects that Venus makes with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant and other planets or points are the relationships your Venus is in. Some are cordial and flowing – the trines – and others are discordant, but they provoke growth.

Venus conjunct anything lends your Venusian nature some of the energy of that planet. For example, a Venus could be in sunny Sagittarius, as above but if it is conjunct Pluto, that person is far more intense and perhaps obsessive than the classic Saggo Venus.

There are multiple permutations and of course, many other planets to take into account. But, know your Venus sign for extra insights to your love style and fashion sense.

Know someone else’s for freakishly helpful ‘insider info’ on what they find alluring. It is particularly helpful if you’re Taurus or Libra rising, as Venus rules both these ascendants. It’s not ‘ruled’ as in she reigns over you, more that the Love Goddess is your most important influence.

Knowing someone else’s Venus sign gives you valuable insight into what they find beautiful. If you don’t know it or want my take on it, you can get an Astral DNA or a Love Warp 9 report.

From Love Warp 9 – my Venus Report

Venus in Sagittarius Talismans

Talismans are not mere trinkets. They’re objects, colors, decor, jewelry, and scents that are connected to – in this case – your Venus sign. Supportive and lucky, they raise your Venusian vibe, improving romantic rapport or good mating prospects—bonus: Enhanced creative and aesthetic judgment.

Turquoise is the ultimate gemstone for your Venus: Ancient cultures credited it with an amazing array of powers – it was said to help with everything from supernaturally accurate aim and protection against envy to gambling and shamanic escapades. AKA a day in the life of a Saggo Venus?! More profoundly, it is the Sagittarian stone, and it speaks to wide-open blue skies.

If you were going to use it in jewelry, decor, or a keyring, consider working some Tin into the item. It’s not a precious metal, but it is auspicious (think of how “tinny” is a folk word for “lucky”) and was once revered for its purifying powers.

Venus-enhancing colors include sea-green, cornflower blue, and any hue that – like turquoise – evokes open sunny skies. If it’s light-reflective, it’s you. You’re a Fire element Venus and thus orange or flame-red can be brilliant, but they can also be too much – you’re already vitalized and charismatic. Still, bump up the red if you’re recovering from a soul-sapping love affair or want to crack a particularly tough ‘case.’

Restless and kinetic, you probably don’t want to strut around in a fug of scent, magical or not. But if you are seeking to add a Venusian frag, go straight for spice. Ginseng and Cinnamon, for example.

Other symbols that are sensational for you: A lightning bolt, arrow, or spiral. The latter is in honor of the Saggo constellation, home to the most mysterious spiral nebulae in the known galaxy. As this is your natal Venus sign, you can see why you like a sense of infinity within love realms, right?

Jimi Hendrix had Venus in Sagittarius and he wrote it right into this beautiful song.

55 thoughts on “Why It’s Good To Know Your Venus Sign”

  1. Libra rising with Venus-Pluto-Mars in Libra trine Gem Moon.

    Beauty, love and justice (aka karma) obsessed, persuasive social butterfly, loves creative wording, rapid data and the easy life – with this config can you blame me?

    Visceral intolerance of rudeness; finds square aspects genuinely horrifying.

  2. Libra Rising with Venus in Cancer (opp Saturn in Cap). Born on the EXACT day of a Venus station (Rx). It’s been my life purpose to understand my Venus. As a 34 yr old woman, I’m not married, nor have kids and absolutely want them. But! I’m working on the long game. Been in lots of relationships but refused to get married unless it’s for true (and working!) love. And how lucky to have Venus as my ruler, I feel blessed to know my chart is pointing towards the good life! Cupcakes aren’t bad either. 🙂

  3. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately!! Also I am that confusing Gemini sun, Venus in Taurus example lmao as if I wasn’t enough of a contradiction. Weird thing: I’ve got really into the ritual of making chai lattes recently. I’ve also started adding cinnamon to lots of things for some reason. I’ve been associating this with feeling into my venus more. Warm, cosy, grounded… so good! It’s also in my 4th house. Nesting urges are strong. Feels good to embrace this.

  4. Muliti-Aqua with 6H Venus in Pisces (Hi Neptune! I see you coming back ’round!). BF is Gem with Taurus (and a buncha other stuff). It’s deffo a little strange…His Taurus does come out unexpectedly in weird ways. I suppose my Pisces does too. His Mars is in Leo and Mine in Aries. So all those thing agree, in theory, generally. But it does make shit interesting. I’m constantly sleuthing. Good, I suppose for an Aqua. Thank god we both Have Libra Rising, so the houses match.

    1. Libra Rising for me & partner too. Having the same houses is handy in that you’re mainly on same page in the grand scheme, but double the merde too. Right now Pluto is about to hit our DC & it ain’t pretty let me tell ya – textbook Pluto uprooting our lives: home, livelihood, & families of origin. Same when Saturn *remodelled* our finances when coursing through our 2nd H…horrible.
      But hey, we’ve got fuqing great aesthetics. Leo Venus moi, Virgo Venus him. The grand & the minutiae covered.
      Viva Venus, love & beauty is ALWAYS needed.

      1. OMG Pluto is hitting OUR IC — for me this means new citizenship, for him the first time it will be moving in *together* to build a home as opposed to just randomly inserting himself in someone else’s pad — and it’s this house that (omg, PLUTO) is being completely gutted and renovated but guess when the process started? That’s right, Shadow of MercX. I got some great advice re: this from the Mystic consult, but it’s hard waiting as we live not on the same islands.

        This means, though, Scarab, that Uncle Pluto is opposite our MCs but opposite your Ascendants, no? How lovely! <snark> I mean, it was bad enough when it was squaring our first houses, no? God that was awful. Good luck with the extra 1H Pluto action!

        I’m sorry but the MC scares me even more. I’m so at the end of my rope at the bottom of the swamp with “career” schizz right now.

      2. Oh FFS, SheRat!! I meant to write Pluto is on our **IC** not our bloody DC! That’s why our home/livelihood/parents are all being razed.

        Yeah, wish i could say don’t worry, but opposite the MC has been brutal. We both lost our work in academia. What covid didn’t cull, Brexit finished off. All our post grad degrees were obtained in the UK, & are now invalid in EU. The UK did not want to negotiate on that (!!!???), meaning thousands of people with British degrees living here are fuqed until the individual European countries validate them, which can take YEARS.

  5. Love this post. I think, knowing your birth chart is the #1 tool to understand yourself, not to mention, keeping track of your evolution. For example, from this month (Oct’22), I am suddenly more in tune with my previously ignored Aqua Sun, than my Virgo rising or Cap Stellium (including Lady Venus). It has never happened before! I always related to my horoscope for my rising. The only explanation is that as I approach 40, I am beginning to actualise and relate more to my sun sign. 🙂

    1. But, reporting on my Venus sign. Cap Venus in 5th, loosely conjunct Jupiter and Neptune, sextile Mars, trine my Ascendent. I think I have a (relatively) easy time making just enough money. I have a taste for classic luxury that lasts forever. I am frugal and love vintage. I have had interesting relationships (LOTS of dating, aka the curse of 5th), but still looking for something substantial and lifelong.

  6. I think my Venus language/signal is somewhat confused lol. The Double Libran poetically says everything is love and has a scent profile attached to it, and I want to spread magic & art to everyone I meet…. Then Venus Rx in Virgo in the 12th house comes through with the laundry list of parameters, for an all consuming love that aesthetically has to work (Hello Virgo lol) and has to match my energy to even be considered in my world. And so another year alone stays on the menu 😂

  7. Just reread my love warp9 report and it makes so much sense. Stones for Venus in Aries, red obviously, suggested Ruby. I found a love heart signet ring, with a Ruby in it, under a letter box of my teen age house. Maybe the historic owner vibes or the Ruby itself were WAY to much for me, anxious yet powerful all the time. It took me days to figure out it was the ring. Oddly daughter #2 is called Ruby too. Venus conjunct Sun coming up on the 25th eclipse is bang on my MC 🤔

  8. i love being venusian (toro rising) and i have venus conj pluto (yes, obsessive and intense in love) venus sq mars-eek!
    venus in libra-adore roses…but it is inmy 6th, which i find suprising

  9. Went to consult the Alchemy Tarot & there is a dancing cyclamen violet magenta

    Had a penny drop on that Capricorn Venus 12 & what with the opposite sex did that mean for me.
    And it meant exactly the right dressing to my taste.
    Hair style that SUITS him.
    And so very definitely an ability to spell correctly.
    The of course there has to be the mystery how he earns that substantial wealth that is never mentioned.
    Does 12 house cover sophistication 🙂

  10. If Venus is the costume & the house it’s stage what does THAT say about 12th house Cappy Venus?
    To me it explains lack of actual marriage & some very iffy choices in love interests. (Maybe an ‘r’ in the Cappy?:-)
    It’s my Moon & Neptune nudging each other midheaven in 10th that explains my love life…pure fantasy & illusion.
    Tend to fall in love with whole countries.
    Distant lovers my choice, rather exotic & the further away the better.
    My apologies to Venus, i know i misunderstand you.

    1. I think we all probably misunderstand all of the wandering stars some of the time… but Cap Venus does cloak her true self quite well.

  11. Love this! Also a shout out to your Venus Star point which in my experience is super tied to life purpose, inc whether it’s a morning or evening Venus ♀️

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks JacQui. As I thought I am a night venus. I remember a taxi driver dropping me off at dusk and pointing Evening Venus out to me. It made me warm and fuzzy. And he was Frenchman in Qld Australia. Oooh la la.

      2. Just google morning/evening for your year and you’ll likely find it easily enough Wish.

        Star points are literally the shape Venus makes…she returns to the same or very close degree and sign moving from new to full, retro, direct. 8 year theme.

        Morning/Evening…. 263 as a morning star, 50 days absent (not visible – behind the sun) 263 days as an evening star, 8 days absent (not visible – in front of the sun). 584 days total. We’re about to move to evening….

      3. Yes the pattern Venus makes on her journey around the Sun is quite amazing.
        Centaurus you sure know your astrology. You must have an excellent memory.

      4. Bahahaha – or…. a book on Venus and her cycle/s 😉 complete with ephemeris etc. I dont rely on memory with numbers and dates, I prefer my brain to be less of a data repository but with this topic I’ve spent a bit of time trying to unpack the cycle and understand its influence. Am I any clearer? Yeah, perhaps a smidge, what was that you said earlier about misunderstood Venus 💫

      5. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks Centaurus. I read some info about this in an email I got last week. Very interesting and beautiful for this North/South node Taurus/Scorpio gal.

      6. Wish Upon a Star

        Just watched the first third of this. Its great. The lady is a great talker/story teller. I get a giggle out of the contrasts in these two personalities.

        Well Cazimi in Libra is in my 8th house and will be for the rest of my life. Mmmmm, not sure how to take that.

        Anyhow thanks again for posting this.

    1. I checked my Venus Star Point last night and was horrified. 24 Aries. Nothing about me is remotely Aries! No resonance whatsoever. Was hoping for some life purpose help after listening to a wonderful podcast about VSP and now I feel a bit despondent about it.

  12. Venus conjunct Mercury in Cancer here. With a Taurus Asc. I am an artist. When I dabbled with online dating I kept rejecting possible candidates because I simply couldn’t go out with anyone who couldn’t spell properly or have a decent handle on the English language. It eliminated a surprising number of people. But seriously…yuk to bad spelling. Just no.

    1. Feeling your pain! I have a few streets in my neighbourhood it pains me to even drive down. Erratically spelled names like Jenee, argh! Mars in the 3rd problems. Though I also have Mercury/Saturn/Venus conjunct like yourself. I also have synasthesia which means the letters can form unpleasant colours that stand out when spelled oddly.

      1. Totally get it Sphinx. When I find something ugly or just wrong I can almost smell a horrible odour. Definitely our Taurus Asc and the Merc Venus vibe. Oooky

    2. yes! cancer rising here and venus in scorpio, I blame the lack of tolerance to a stellium in virgo in the third. I do understand it’s probably not totally their fault (hurry, bad teachers, you name it…), or that they can’t be bothered or don’t consider it important, yet it still gives me the ick. italian director nanni moretti, often mocked for being a textbook sample of the roman champagne socialist clique, famously wrote a monologue going something like this re awful jargon or misspelling of words: “but how do you speak, people? if you don’t speak properly, you don’t think properly”. the older I get, the less patience I have and the more I agree with his interpretation. he’s a cancer and wrote a number of proustian madeleine-inspired scenes on chocolate cake sachertorte (and called his own production company ‘sachertorte’).

    3. Wish Upon a Star

      I have Venus and Mercury in Cancer with a Taurus Moon. I am very squeamish.

      And have a good sense of smell and taste buds.

  13. Thank you for these Venusian reminders, I bought the lovely Love Warp 9 a while back and it was psychically nourishing to read it atm. Poetically rich, my soul needs it! Venus in House 1, Kataka with Saturn, plus Merc/2. I feel like my Evening Primrose Venus leads and they follow.

  14. Venus star point moves to 29° Lib on 22/10/22. I think it’s been around 150 years or so since the star point has been in Libra. I’m not doing any sort of mundane astrology deep dive but this is an interesting new energy for us all and curiously Pluto was in Capricorn from 1762 – 1788. Macro lens so I’ve probably missed the final retrograde and maybe initial ingress and havent checked just how tightly all these moving parts are intertwined.

    Venus ruled so is an area of interest albeit still a mysterious and elusive sky dance. I’m just pondering the star point in my chart and it was a full Venus trine sun. Fills in an empty space that never felt empty so might solve a riddle or two.

      1. Didn’t Mystic say that Clarissa Dolphin from LA is writing the dailies whilst she works on the new Tarot on Monday’s daily email.

  15. Venus in Sag here, at 21 degrees on my 7th/8th house cusp, ruling my Taurus ascendant. I love this color palette — and I also love perfume, though more the florals and orientals. Scorp sun. To be honest my Sag Venus (and Sag Saturn) always are somewhat strange to me, I’ve never been able to fully unlock them.

    1. I have been dipping in to star points again. It changes to Libra in a few days and as the natural 7th this might be a key you can use.

      1. thank you! Interesting that the Venus/Sun conjunction this weekend is at that potent 29th degree.

      2. Oh, that wasn’t in my awareness yet.

        My Venus is conjunct Luna so they travel in tandem. I have one either side of house cusp – Venus 8 and Luna 9. It’s an evolving understanding but I pay attention to retrogrades (these are potent usually), morning and evening star shifts and more recently have been plotting the star point themes a bit like node changes to get clues.

  16. Penelope Darling

    I have Venus in Aries, in my eleventh house; opposite my Moon (Libra), conjunct my Mars (Aries) and trine my Uranus (Sagittarius). It’s not boring!

      1. Penelope Darling

        I do have endless energy for aesthetics and relationships, which not everyone appreciates!

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