How To Vanquish A Neptunian Love Zombie?

Dear Mystic,

I was once friends with a Neptunian. I fell in love with him, fittingly, during a night out on the space dust and blue devil hoochie juice. He had a girlfriend at the time, and so I loved him from afar for years.

When I married Blackbeard on another space dust influenced whim, he stopped speaking to me. After that fell apart the Neptunian and I saw each other again and he confessed his feelings for me. To paraphrase Carrie in SATC, it was like the Bridges of Alexandra Avenue, a brief affair I’ll write about in sappy letters to my children.

It ended when my relationship with my then and still now boyfriend became serious. We stayed friends, but he was still in love with me. Eventually, the situation became untenable and I told him we couldn’t keep in contact.

Despite my asking him not to, he has contacted me a couple of times over the last two and a half years. A couple of text messages here and there. One was memorably during a Mercury Retrograde where you posted something like ‘the past can leave a message and that will suffice.’ I laughed and deleted the message.

Now he has contacted me again. He is a good person, and part of me misses him, but I just don’t want to open the door. Hence my question: how do I vanquish a Neptunian love zombie?


Dear Amelie,

Well, I get that you don’t want to fling that door wide open, but you perhaps prefer to leave it ajar? Otherwise you would have just blocked his sorry ass by now, right? Neptune or not, he would not be able to slither through a digital veil surely?

This is not judgment: you may want to get out for some fresh air at some point or the check-ins are validating.

But the antidote to Neptune is always Saturn and a good humored version of the Time God at that. Reset to now. And then, even if it takes a brisk cold shower with rosemary or sage and a scrub down with salt, stay in the now.

Have a chuckle over the version of you that this no doubt Space Dust/Dream Weed/Blue Devil Hoochie Juice befuffled (typo and it is staying – befuffled is a thing now) character is fixating on. Neptunian Ex-anythings don’t necessarily see “you” as such.

It will be some kind of Anima Projection (we are all Jungians now) that you carry beautifully for him but it may not BE you.

If you fully cut your psychic attachment to him, he may just drift off. Or to really send him skittering off, take the damned call and talk about how you are really are – Reality You, not sexy intergalactic sorceress club-phantasm you.

Suggested topics include: your favorite cat and the cutest things they do, how you intend to pay your tax bill, your political views then and now, your boyfriend’s athlete’s foot and/or why you don’t like LED lighting.

Alternatively, go to full ghost busting protocol: clean-declutter the entire place in which you live, smudge it like crazy, bang some Tibetan bells around (Update: or use a sistrum!) and burn cleansing essential oils. Leave a line of salt across your threshold.

In your mind, wish him well but banish him from your brain. Take an Alchemy Bath and go to bed. By the time you wake up he (and and any random entities hanging out in your house) will have fuqed off to haunt/moon after someone else!  Or accept that part of you sees this Neptunian guy as a keepsake, a talisman from another time.

What does everyone else think?

Image: Ikuo Takeda

64 thoughts on “How To Vanquish A Neptunian Love Zombie?”

  1. Hahaha yeah … the antidote to Neptune is structure, boundaries and basically being stoically boring. I noticed you stated both your intimate connects were geared around … well gear (blue hoochie juice, space dust). You’re either done with that kind of connection or you’re not. You’ll always be attracted to the wafty wafty notes of Neptune wailing the call of naughty behaviour until you manage to make peace with your inner conflicted self.

    1. I’m not saying that as a lecture. I honestly have a struggle between the let it rip, have fun who gives a shit side of myself … and then all this Cancerian stuff which demands rigorous control freakism. Meh. What’s the worst that can happen? 😉

    2. “You’ll always be attracted to the wafty wafty notes of Neptune wailing the call of naughty behaviour until you manage to make peace with your inner conflicted self.” Ahhhhhhhh, yes, this. I think, as someone with a strong Neptunian vibe, that that attraction never really goes away. Naughty behavior is always a siren calling me to the rocks. Lucky for me, I have Saturn (retro, in the 5th, in Taurus) opposite to try to help balance that out. But you’re so right: it’s a commitment to leveling up of the Self.

  2. Apropos of nothing, i just watched some of Nocturnal Animals and had to stop – it was really upsetting & i think, sexist. I’ve always admired Tom Ford – and posted about him as the ultimate Virgo of Fashion but this was something else….is it just me?

      1. thank you! I was so stunned at the core themes of it. I would have loved it without the misogyny obviously but also if it had just stuck to that houses-existential despair of the one percent type vibe…

  3. If you resist the temptation to peek in the oven door.

    And it will happen without you being able to look at it happening.

  4. Maybe I just don’t have much Neptune in me (natal Neptune in Sag 5th, conjunct Cap 6th Mercury and Lib 3rd Pluto, with empty Pis 8th House)?

    But the minute I no longer feel a resonance in-the-now, or a person is still in-the-past where I am no longer at and have moved on from, and they just… contact me randomly, I would observe a few times to (try to) discern what their intent is and if I can’t see a mutually constructive in-the-now intent that can proactively better us both as evolving beings, I just tell them, “I’m sorry, I’ve got to move on and please stop contacting or I’ll just have to block you. Your contacting me like this may appear to you to be a negligible drain of resources but I treasure my resources, so I don’t waste a drop. I don’t gain anything constructive, you’re obviously not gaining anything constructive either, i.e. there’s no mutual growth from this interaction, so bye.”

    Sounds very calculative but after a lifetime of having played “Nice Gal” to too many people in ways big and small and it always all totalled up to be a humongous drain of my energies without reciprocal mutual investment, nah uh, no more, not even attention.

    Maybe living with invisible disability does that to you… having so little resources per day to work with already (or spoons as we call them).

    Something that just popped into my head… I wonder and maybe I’m just a purist or something but… and I’m thinking of Natalie Lue’s latest blog post which is written in letter-style, very cool, it may seem to be harmless ego-stroking to just allow Mr. Neptunian Love Zombie to drop a message now and again, right? I mean, I know people who don’t deal with the intangible space would say that, “It’s just a text, what’s the harm?” But to me, who lives half-in-half-out of the subtle realms, the “energy cording” from such incidents can be massive and the tricky part is that because our ego is often already involved, it is hard to objectively assess where the energy flow really is going and if it is a building or draining flow. The stroke of ego often very effectively masks draining flows. Hence my seeming strictness and paranoia about them.

    If we are trying our best to live in the constructive in-the-now, having such a drain is not only counter-productive, it’s actually a negating statement to the universe about our intent. It is the seemingly small and harmless dissonant thoughts, words and deeds such as these that total up to slow us down at best or derail us at worst, and then we wonder why. But like I said… just a thought. May not apply to everyone.

    1. Really well said. Thank you. I’m considering this in the light of my own comment above (I.e. aim for haute Neptune). I’m also really relating to the ‘only so much psycho-social energy to go around’ especially when dealing with invisible, interior conditions. Very much. Cap moon also gets the clean-and-clear analysis of the capacity of the connection to actually function with any kind of value (to both ppl) at the current point. I think it’s actually an act of compassion to free someone from ties or a perceived connection, or at least make it explicitly clear, in a pleasant and direct way, that you are not the droid they’re looking for. Xx

      1. (This way even a neptunian connection can be managed by the other person in a different more constructive way, well, ideally haha)
        Sometimes even the act of “having to explain” to someone that you’re not interested is too emotionally draining (not enough inner resources). So we have the ghosting or similar. And then it is upon the other person to call upon their own capacities to just handle that.
        Life is complex 🙂

    2. “The constructive in-the-now” is really meaningful and helpful – thanks for articulating this in this way.

    3. Yes, one step forward, two steps back. You’re either committed to leveling up, or you’re not. Love this. <3

    4. i actually think the opposite;i know what you mean abt only having so much energy for social connections, but this connection actually GIVES me energy, a buzz…having said that ive ‘unfriended’ him on fbook.
      i dont need the disteaction, i dont want to be his friend, and i also want to give mt re/ship a proper chance.

  5. I would reverse the question. You make it about him but you don’t have to keep him out, it’s more like you would easily do it if you focus on yourself, on what you want and on the daily basis of your life. Which I believe is what @Mystic meant by using Saturn (the king of here and now). If you focus on “todays” and “roots” and “solid” this guy simply does not exist.
    I am Venus in Kataka so I KNOW you don’t live only of Saturn stuff and need romanticism and yes we kataka Venuses really need that validation, a lot. But still I thing you should focus on you and know that you are strong enough.

  6. I feel like the neptunian thing needs to be reframed and not so strongly denigrated. Amelie’s poem kind of captures it. If we’re going to be enlightened beings of love and connection, or whatever, then to talk down something that exists in our life and has brought new kinds of awareness, New depths of feeling, new planes of … communion. It’s not a flaw, maybe it is something that we actually need to learn how to work with better, like wing chun martial arts or something , rather than constantly battle and fight and feel like shit about.
    I think I mean this more for ppl feeling the Neptune rather than those feeling unnecessarily pursued.
    Being the planet of cosmic love that it is, it could be a calling to those in the Neptune world to learn to not-attach this totality of feeling to a particular earthly being, but find ways to open the doors a little more to what it means to simply experience this. Ankh (where are you babe) shared the most perfect song for this a while ago, I’ll link when I can…

    1. A harness. You have to ride that wild ocean horse because it won’t be leashed. It will only pretend to submit until you’ve become lax. Even though it’s your own horse, or you are the horse’s person.

      (Not borne of past experience, but of constant experiencing…in case this data not recalled, a Moon-Neptune-Jupiter conjunct in 12th House trine Piscean Sun 5th house.)

      Most excited to one day read the industry-secret-writing!!!

    2. I agree. I furthermore feel that the denigration of Neptune is strongly patriarchal, and that treating Neptunian episodes as humiliating and emotionally unhygienic is pissing off at least five fanged goddesses. This is, ultimately, creative energy — maybe we should be looking at the love zombie stuff as process rather than some sort of grotesque diversion. Although I admit that the whole thing looks and feels wholly grotesque.

      I’ve been watching the TV show made from Chris Kraus’ book “I Love Dick” — anyone else? Very pertinent. The first four episodes dredged up every ounce of shame I’ve ever felt over inappropriate obsession and then the last four were an utter triumph. I don’t know if Amazon TV is global, but that’s where I watched it.

  7. I had a dream just last night about my old Neptunian love. It’s bittersweet when the dreams happen because I feel the old connection so strongly, but then I assume it must occasionally be the same for him. I accept it now but focusing on my own life goals and priorities has been the key to getting and staying out of the swamp.

  8. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Ohh…I don’t know…boundaries boundaries, boundaries.

    If he’s still single I’d stay away from him. If he’s in a relationship (do slippery Neptunians even DO relationships?) then it may be ok to keep in contact.

  9. Also Mystic, I am taking befuffled and using it. In return, if you like, you can have ‘spancy’ a combination of special and fancy that came out of my mouth wrong a few months ago when I asked a friend if her bf was taking her somewhere ‘spancy’ for their anniversary date. Another friend also noted that it implied expansiveness. We’ve been using it ever since.

  10. As a Neptunian I can attest that the most gossamer of strands holding the connection will keep us tethered. In fact, it’s the sense of hope against all odds that keeps us fixated. You can safely cut off all contact and never think of us again and we can continue for months, years even reliving the fantasy without you until another epic love comes along real or not.

    The truth is, for a Neptunian, the fantasy is always better than the reality and we don’t really need the actual person for the romance to fulfill us. But keep a thread attached and we will happily read whatever we want into every word you say, every smile and hang on as long as it’s there.

    I say follow Mystics advice and cut him off. Don’t worry too much about breaking his heart, we kind of live for that stuff. It makes us feel like star-crossed heroes in our own fantasy version of our lives. He’ll probably be happy pining for what might have been, or once he gets that he’s never going to see you he’ll find his next fixation.

  11. What are people’s thoughts on the current astro vibe for old love stuff bubbling up? Over the last week or two I’ve had a several intense dreams revisiting past relationships, including my two worst, and illuminating the current one. My scopes have been going on about relationships but it’s interesting that more of the energies seem to be playing out in and re-configuring my subconscious, and I’m interested if others have been having similar experiences of late.

    (Cap rising / Aqua sun (sq Scorp Pluto) + Aqua moon-merc / Venus in late Sagg)

  12. Thank you Mystic!! As always, your advice is on point and beautifully put. I was most certainly befuffled!

    Saturn square Neptune burst my befuffle. I created distance when you warned that secrets would out in 2014 – sure enough, he cheated on his then girlfriend, with whom he had a child. He impregnated the other girl, and ended up with his life in a state and two children to two mothers – most acrimonious. I stayed in his life in part to support him through what was a difficult time. As intoxicated as I was, I forgave him his sins and maintained an unhealthy connection.

    When the bubble burst in 2015, I realised that I could not have him in my life. It was never going to be possible for him to meet my Taurean beau – the chemistry between us is palpable and the Taurean would have seen it. So I told him we could have no contact. He was devastated, wanted to at least have occasional messages. I said no. A clear no.

    I deleted his number and so the text messages were in my mind, unsolicited. I acknowledge my part in keeping the door open for too long – I absolutely enjoyed the ego boost. That said, when he sent (unsolicited) pictures of him and his two children I thought to myself – what is he thinking? The answer came to me as if spoken aloud: ‘only of himself.’

    I left the city with the Taurean in 2015, a few months after I cut contact. I had plenty of time to reflect and all of this became clear to me. The intoxication, my role, the need to move on. I even wrote a poem:

    1. An Other Love

      I loved you
      But it was not that love
      The one where we go
      To the supermarket together
      And I iron your shirts
      It was another love
      An other love
      Not of this world
      Of clean sheets and groceries
      Babies and families
      It belongs in another place
      I love you there
      In the space between
      The real world
      And the real unreal world
      I had to say goodbye
      Not because I loved you
      And not because I didn’t
      I said goodbye
      So that we could both
      Live our lives in this world
      Knowing what we had
      Remembering it with fondness
      And being thankful that
      It allowed us to
      Believe in love

      1. Love in the liminal space… sigh. Yeah, I like that place too. I tend to float around there often. But you’re right, it isn’t here, and it isn’t now. And we all have to make our peace with that, don’t we? I often meet people (mostly guys, mostly insta-crushes) where I’m like I KNOW YOU and it’s because on another dimension, in the liminal space, we connect. I can sense this pretty immediately usually, and can see and feel very palpably the potential of the connection — but they usually can’t. I have to use serious discipline to just stop and let the whole thing go because I can tell what it could become but they aren’t tuned in to that frequency. Yes, it’s strange. Yes, it’s otherworldly. Yes, it’s real. But it also has to be mutual and it has to be brought back down to Earth for it to actually work. That’s the beauty of it – we are spirits in the material world. We have to exist down here in the nitty gritty, boring, mundane, daily life thing, this is where we are having our physical experience. This is where the learning takes place. But we have to acknowledge the spiritual side for it to be meaningful. Too much Saturn: won’t work. Too much Neptune: won’t work. Has to be a healthy balance to be just right.

        1. Pluto moon you just captured my nowadays feelings. And it is true that they do not get it. I tell you something that happened some time when i had this feeling of meeting the past when close to some particular one. I shortly gazed at him thinking it was mutual. Then, after a while I went to toilet finding it closed, I turned and he was there. You know what I mean, just a different frequency ah ahh ahhh

    2. Beautiful poem and insight Amelia into MM’s wise post. Also been there with old loves hanging round, always looking for someone to rescue me/get me/ see my depths and realised I could either go on idealising people or start rescuing myself. One of the best pieces of advice I received was the difference between a playful, smiling ‘no’ and a baby about to put their hand in the fire ‘no’. Once I applied the later no to love zombies (blocking through iPhone, what’s app, IG, email etc) they left me. And I left them. It doesn’t mean you or they are bad friends, but sometimes your chemical reactions are not working for each other anymore. Much love.

  13. Delete his number. He’ll never know and you won’t be tempted to contact him.

    Yes, there are other ways to reach him, but if this is a texting relationship, you just cut off the first one.

  14. This I would love to know if it works!
    Last June 2016 I had an ex bf contact me thru LinkedIn after 34 yrs. I didn’t use my last name on my profile only my initial. I largely stayed very low profile over the years on the internet in case he every tried to find me again. I acually really did not think about him so I don’t know where this came from. We dated in 1983. It was WOW fireworks when we met! But, distance and other things seemed to separate us onto different paths. He reached again in 1986 in which I declined. He’s 3-17-59. I’m 6-7-60. I know his sun sits on my south node. and we have some strong relationship synastry. This time when he reached out I accepted but only via email as my intution knows better. As it turns out he was having some martial difficulities of which I had no desire to be involved in so the conversations stopped. But, I can still feel he’s there even though we don’t live in the same state. I’m not sure how to get rid of this feeling. We both admitted we needed closure from the past. But it never happened. I explained I was not looking to open up a relationship again even if he was available.

  15. I dunno but as for my own definition this guy doesn’t fit Love Zombie. A couple of times in the past 2 years Amelie says? Geezzz that isn’t love zombie, that’s remembering a friend. But for Mystic’s ‘who doesn’t need ego validation’ advice – thems is murky waters – which could turn mightily murky when you start playing around with egos. Just tell the guy it’s not on any more and that you will send any further communiqués to space. If you feel too guilty to do that then I suggest you are enjoying the attention, even it is is from afar.

  16. Recently my colleague, a fine Saggo- Neptune and happily married guy, described his encounter with vamp-ex at a reuniin-they indulged in a long shoulda coulda convo, to the great displeasure of his beautiful, savvy bad a** wife.

    At the end of the day, he got his ego stroked, went home with his wife, and realized that it was a path not taken-

    Cappy Wife wisely allowed space-time in public- knowing he won’t see needy vamp again for years.

    It is nice to be wanted- but just knowing someone thinks I still “got” it is enough. No low qi dudes pour moi!!

    My teens are hilarious if they catch some guy checking me out- “Mom that guy was looking at you” LOL!!

    Keep your boundaries clear and clean. Saturn past natal but on Galactic Center- so no stray entities for me! Full qi vamp protocols deployed for earthlings and ETs.

  17. dont think a smudge of my flat is gonna help me…i enjoy it too much (the love zombieing ).
    hes got venus-sun-neptune conjunct ( he works in the ocean )
    and mars conjunct pluto in the eighth hse.
    super plutonian
    aah just indulge me peeps…i got it baddd

    1. It’s tricky: I had a brief but significant fling eight years ago and the arrow stuck deep into me. And our paths have crossed in sometimes fraught ways since then. When I first read about anima/animus, I thought, bingo, that’s what he is to me, he embodied archetypal persona of masculinity that resonates deeply. I still dream about him, but I also have a level of detachment, recognizing that it’s partly just an anima/muse situation more than it’s about the real person, who, however beautiful it was, never would’ve worked as a partner in a more sustainable way. So my first thought to your comment was to tell you to try to detach: enjoy the emotions by all means, but make them a more creative/intellectual thing than something that you’re aiming to realize in real life. BUT my anima/love/whatever is a staunch multiple Taurus who’s married with nary a hint of Neptune (more like Saturn, and whiff of Pluto) so even though there’s a charge/intensity, things are well repressed and it’s not like he’s pinging me every few months, which *would* be hard to withstand.

      Smudging might work if he were a ghost of another era but it sounds like he’s still an active presence. Is there nostalgia for who you were then at play as well? But I still think a ritual to let go makes sense. Above all, I think my advice would be, don’t wait to write about it in sappy letters to your children: write about about it now to process it, get deep with what’s hooking you to him, and maybe then you’ll be able to release.

      More practical thoughts? Tell your partner about it if you haven’t so he won’t be a secret thing between you. And if you can summon the Saturnine moxie, maybe even meet your Neptunian beloved to tell him to get lost (if that might help you internalize what you already know about him not being suitable) or–to reduce the temptation to swoon and relapse AND to choose your words–write to tell him not to contact you, &c. As the problem here seems to be partly that your ignoring rather than confronting him is leaving the door open.

      1. my partner does know abt him.
        the last time he was in the country (feb) i suggested we all meet up ( he has a long term gfriend too ).
        but my partner was having none of it.
        so i went to meet him any way.
        i see him once every five yrs, on average, generally only when a member of his family has died!
        so me and my partner split up over it.
        we’re back together now, he’s back home in another country where he lives.
        but every so often he will message me.
        we met up in secret before he left and things happened.
        the only thing that helps me snap out of it is to think to myself’well where is he then? he’s not here, he’s not the one buying you flowers’ ( like my bfriend did yesterday).
        i do need to write it out.
        totally indulge myself, and like you say, really go deep with what it is abt him.
        we have a strong connection and attraction…south node connection…eek!
        mystics right, they should come with a warning.
        i would pay decent money for someone to do our composite chart. i ve already worked out a few pointers but….well he’s NOT HERE is he??
        maybe i should just b thankful for the connection we have…

        1. the timings between us have been uncanny…yrs ago, i sent him a tex, i walked home, and there he was, walking towards my door, when i knew he’d been working miles away…
          then in feb, i agreed to pick him up from a bus station..i got there, i wasnt sire which one, i was messaging him, there was no reply (he had no connection, which i didnt realise at the time)
          so i thought ‘sod it, im going home, forget this’….turned round, drove home, and then yes, there he was, walking toward the bus stop.
          another time we were together i kept seeing pairs of things…two grasshoppers, then two birds in the road…who nearly refused to move….aaaargghh
          i mst keep thinking ‘ok, trust in the universe. if you were meant to be together, you would be together’….sob!

          1. maybe i must need to tell him i cant have any contact with him coz i want the whle thing…the whole him.
            little scraps arent enough…yes theyre an ego boost…but think its damaging the day to day re/ship i have…hes always there…in the back of my mind…am i strong enough to do that?

    2. I’m totally the same way. In fact, I’m currently love zombieing intentionally as my only romantic outlet because real relationships have fuqued up my life and the fantasy allows me to feel the rush of having a crush without dealing with an actual relationship. But I keep it firmly in the realm of fantasy and never let on my feelings.

      My last one moved to another country a few months ago and my heart definitely got a little ripped because my feelings went deeper than I thought I had let them but nothing like the pain of my last actual breakup.

  18. i have sthing similar going on.
    it is such an ego boost, and hard to give up.
    think he’s blocked me!
    but its always him who instigates the messages.
    we have the same b day…easy to idealise him when we havent done the real life thing together. it doesnt stop me thinking what if tho.
    gotta stop love zombieing….oy
    what a crazy life…

  19. *Befuffled*!! Haha, love it, it definitely has to stay.

    Ahhh this. This whole thing. It really is an addiction, like sugar, or nicotine, or what-have-you. It’s super lovely to be desired, no? But if it isn’t making you more/better/higher (in the spiritual sense, not the drug sense), then really, what is the point? If it is holding you back in a pattern that you have outgrown, or need desperately to outgrow already, then thank him while also saying no thank you and let him go. He comes to you for the hit, too. It’s a mutual dependency. Also think: is your current beau not doing it fully for you? Is there something missing? Maybe you are getting too much Saturn with current-love and that Neptunian part of you still misses the buzz from the old-love.
    Here is something I try (try! don’t always succeed! but I try) to do when I get the strong sink-in-the-swamp feeling – try to channel that desire to melt into another person in the haze of love and good vibes into either something creative or something spiritual. Paint something. Meditate. Go volunteer somewhere that makes you feel good about yourself. Write something amazing. Whatever art form you are drawn to, do that. Do that a lot. It can help you get those emotional hits without getting lost in zombie land. And it can also make your current beau think you are a freaking angel. Aim higher. Or at least try to. Good luck! 🙂

    1. Yes! One hundred times yes!

      My current beau is the love of my life, without question. That said, you are right. He doesn’t understand the full depth Neptunian side, mostly because some of it is just for me, though as a Taurus with Aquarius rising we connect on the right things – music, art, philosophy. He also enjoys occasional escapism but his lovely Taurean energy helps us both to stay grounded.

      I have just started volunteering – so that is perfect advice! Thank you!

    2. I’m a triple Pisces with Neptune-Moon conjunt in the 12th. This is the best advice ever!! And is what I do tend to try to do, but then sometimes it is so lovely to just sink into that swamp!!!

  20. You don’t say what sign you are. But I have a Scorpio ascendant and having secret admirers is an ego boost. I also have Neptune conjunct my ascendant and Venus conjunct my descendant which seems give folks the neptunian lilac wine goggles…i have had a lot of exs become stalkers! Two things, make sure you psychically cut off as even a tiny doubt is seen to them as a big fat yes. Make it public ie tell your boyfriend and most importantly block him/change your number etc….that is unless you like him at the end of a spare heart string! Good luck, ..

    1. Thank you! I am an Aries with Cancer rising and Venus in Neptune (Moon in Aquarius). He is a Pisces with (birth time unknown as his mother has passed) suspected Pisces rising. His Venus is in Capricorn…

      So I think you are right. My penchant for lower Neptunian pursuits attracted him initially, and while I have moved on from that life, I am (obviously, being here), interested in higher order Neptunian pursuits… music, magic, beauty, writing. I always felt he understood that side of me – perhaps more than anyone I’ve ever know.

      Combine that with the fact that I have a fairly successful career in financial services, which I know his Capricorn in Venus would be attracted to – wealth, leadership, having some (not all) of my schizoid together and there we are.

      Mystic is right. I did leave the door ajar for some time… because for some time I believed we were perfect for each other… before the Neptune-Saturn bubble burst in 2014/15(?)

      Mystic – thank you!!!

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