Peptides, Planets and Zombie Crushes

I have a new item to add to the How To Be A Love Zombie suggestions.  Run natal chart compatibility assessments for people you never see in real life. If you need to ask a psychic how your love interest is doing (because you can’t ask the person in question), initiate full anti-Love Zombie protocol.

Or, as Queen of Cups is doing, embrace the condition:

Hi Mystic!!

I was talking with some women a day or two ago; both are undergoing difficult divorces with narcissist cheaters. One of them clued me in on the concept of peptides and addiction. Apparently, the body is addicted to the peptides produced during feelings of intensity (good or bad) and will seek to return to these heightened states leading to obsession and addiction.

It’s a biochemical explanation of why folks stay with abusers, and why people with trauma keep reliving it.

 I’m getting a hit on it regarding my love zombie episode. It’s been a year, and I haven’t been able to shake it. Fortunately I’ve also lost a ton of weight and have great skin now, but still. I want my brain back, please.

Thank you, Pluto! 

Hope you are well,  

Queen Of Cups

Hi, Queen Of Cups,

Peptides! It makes sense as much as any theory. Some people say that all forms love – requited or not – are biological. The brains of people who are infatuated are more like the brains of people on Space Dust than people experiencing more tranquil emotions.

I would not be at all surprised if Love Zombies were experiencing a peptide high that kept them hooked on the unavailable person or non-happening dynamic.

And if it is sparking transformation as in your case, who’s to say an imaginary romance is necessarily less valuable than a real one? I have a new theory of Love Zombies and the Outer Planets. And if you don’t know what I am talking about here, this is the post that began it all.

So, we have already established that Love Zombie scenarios are more likely to arise during Neptune transits. And that Neptunian people have a particular penchant for them.

But now I think that Outer Planet People can morph into Love Zombies as conventional relationships are not enough. The L.Z. crush and all the projections + the freedom of not having to be in a real relationship do the trick. So if I am correct – and this is very much a working hypothesis – there would be three distinct styles of Love Zombie.

Neptunian Love Zombies. This is the full endorphin/peptide experience. The crush is a hormonal high, bought down by any hint of leaden, real-life scenarios. They’re artistic creatures who think mythopoetically. If they could somehow download their projections and turn them into a surreal science-fantasy cinematic experiment, they would be acclaimed for their vision.

The cure would be for the Neptunian L.Z. to cut out the “middle man” and go straight to the creative expression. Or, spiritual experience/connection with Source Vibe/their Gods.

Uranian Love Zombies. Self-reliant to a degree unattainable by most people, they find that actual, in-person connections, couple routine, wifework and conventional societal expectations of pair-bonded people mess with their mind and psyche. They like fleeting but high-vibe rapport and distance.

Proximity is a turn-off. The truly Uranian (or Aquarian) person values all relationships equally. There is no hierarchy of intimacy.  Their cure would be to admit they value solitude and not feel the need to have an L.Z situation so that there is something “going on.”

Plutonic Love Zombies. Like the 8th House people, they seek an intimacy that’s beyond the boundaries of conventional relationships. The sort of merger they desire is not generally on offer. But they can generate a synthetic version via love triangles or scenarios where pent-up desires can’t be resolved, but there is frequent enough contact for scenes and depth dialogue.

For example, a married love interest who could never sustain an actual Plutonic romance but is hooked on the intensity in short bursts. The Plutonic Love Zombie pings off the situation for psychological awareness and growth. They don’t just check the natal chart compatibility; they get therapy, read a hundred books and evolve their consciousness.

The cure? An authentic relationship with another Pluto person or to skip the crush and just keep the self-development. Thoughts?

Image: Helena Christensen + Kate Moss at Lainey Keogh

42 thoughts on “Peptides, Planets and Zombie Crushes”

  1. What if you are on a cocktail of all three kinds? Together? Neptune Transit : check. Uranus Transit: Check. Pluto Transit: Check.

    Like the original querent Queen of Cups, I would like my brain, my consciousness and every waking moment (not doing something that requires active attention) back please. 3 years 3 months and counting… I mean its a hoot and all….and I suspect when these transits will be over, I will actively MISS this reconstruction. But would it hurt to be pair bonded in a conventional adult mutual physical social spiritual relationship?

  2. I’m wondering if there is a healthy way to ease the peptide need. I tend towards Neptune/Pluto LZing, and suffered through long-term abuse from a narcissistic parent growing up. Not too long ago I was in a rut in my relationship in terms of stirring up started with some reasonable fears about their commitment level and devolved into some really unhealthy regular episodes for a while. I worked hard in therapy to deal with this stuff, but it was really uphill. I am starting to wonder if the breaking of this cycle coincided with me starting to take collagen peptides for joint issues several months ago…could they be same or similar enough to satisfy the bodily craving?? Fascinating stuff.

  3. Haha! I have all relevant aspects for all three (Venus exact opposite Pluto & exactly trine Neptune, Aquarius on the DC with Uranus, Saturn & Neptune in the 5th). I will confess to being consciously Neptunian & subconsciously (just realising thru recent tangles with Aquas) Uranian in my LZ style. Goddexx help me afford the therapy 😉

  4. Neptunian and Plutonic here — my LZ imaginary dramas are cathartic experiences done in the safety of my mind. (Chart-ruling Saturn in 8th house is afraid of intimacy, so they say.)

  5. I do not, in any way or form, want to experience Love Zombing ever again.
    After the Sat/Nept Square of 2016 (it was in 2016, wasn’t it?) I have gotten rid of it, for good.
    No way I go back there. I am doing Saturn in the 5th so I want roots, I want plans, I want solidity.

  6. It all brings to mind the wisdom at certain times of T S Elliot’s “I said to my soul be still and wait without hope, for hope would be hope for the wrong thing……

  7. Not sure which LZ mode this would be, but it’s terribly good fun. I call it my “top 100”.

    I have been happily single for 16 years so in no way am I cheating. My top-100 is essentially allowing myself to have major-crushes on movie characters and musicians which, combined with being a vivid dreamer, means that I can choose to have all the amazing wonderful: endorphin rushing, deeply satisfying, nurturing, wildly erotic, spiritually connected, wyckedly bent sex encounters, sweet tenderness, uber romantic, superhero romps, meaningful friendships, hotel-room trashing, edging, unrequited pangs, aching, longing, laughing, tumbling, flying, hand-holding – with no limits.

    I have wonderfully fullfilling dream visitors – from my top-100, each with their own level of connection with me. One (the divinely damaged character Gregory House) I am even married to! Current LZ interest is Jason Mamoa who, approx once a week, visits. In dream, we have a lovely warm connection, he really wants to simply hold my hand, has a deep respect for me.

    Another wonderful top-100 visitor is Peter Dinklage. When he visits, we always smoke joints, prank people, belly laugh, rumble and tumble, like we have known each other our whole lives, sometimes wildy sexual, other times simply cavorting and always in our mismatched holey socks!

    One of my fave top-100 visitors is Jared Leto. In dream, I will get a text/mms from him, out of the blue, a photo of some breathtaking temple in a jungle somewhere that he is visiting, with a personal spiritual message like “I can almost see your bare foot prints in the moss here, thinking of you”.

    Don’t even start me on Joaquin Phoenix… ha haa I am blushing now.

    As far as LZ positives go, my Top-100 safely fullfillls needs/desires/fantasies which no mere mortal could do or be expected to. I can go days on a top-100 high, breathless and heady with it all.

    and of course, I don’t need to lift a finger. There are no messy entanglements, no costs, no expectations, no RL concerns, no picking up their dirty clothes off the floor and having to launder them familiarities.

    My Top-100 satisfies, it is an ever evolving learning and deep insight into my own inner state. It’s a self theraputic tool.

    LZ? absolutely. It is a choice, one I not only ‘allow’ myself, one I ‘treat myself” to.

    1. Yep! Also good for art.

      I am writing an entire series about my affair with Ghost Keith Moon and I already have people who are supposedly talking to the real man about my Great Motorcycle Road Trip play, hopefully starring, IRL, in his role in my imagination as I drove across continents to Glasgow, Robert Carlyle.

      1. that sounds brilliant! I always thought I would love to cast certain actors….like if they ever do a film of Anne Rice’s Memnock… definitely cast Jaoquin as Memnock 🙂

  8. Love this post Mystic!! I have recently purchased a shite load of Soul Mate reports for past loves. It is such a fabulous feeling to read such reports as if I was reading my eulogy for their funerals…hee hee hee! What I mean is …to be able to read about our soul connections without “hope” was truly PRICELESS and LIBERATING and very wise….and Peptide inducing or replicating. Your post reinforces the progress and wisdom I have gained over the last few weeks with the Astro Climate and your psychically generated post and guidance.
    I particularly like in the Post Neptune Love Zombies and Plutonian Love Zombies Love that I can tick of the remedy as being DONE and actioned and feeling fabulous!

  9. Oh gods I doomed. I’m so outer planet what with my pluto Uranus mash up at my DC my Pisces asc and my Neptune on SN in Scorpio 8th house. I utterly get all of these but it’s the pluto thing most but with huge doses of Neptune and then the I vont to be alone stuff of Uranus. Jeeso no wonder folk think I’m barking mad.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t look back.

      Break on through to the other side. Keep going baby.

      If everybody was the same life would be boring.

  10. And when you are Neptunian, Uranian, AND Plutonic, you fall for married people (who come to you in droves, inexplicably) who make you feel like you are in a movie, check the compatibility in the charts, read all the books, get therapy, do all the angsty waiting for years and then when they leave their marriage, you lose interest because now they have lost their lustre: they’re actually available and suddenly so boring and needy. LOL

    1. Oh boy do the marrieds hit on me. I do the work, utterly blow them to pieces then walk away and leave them blinking in the dust

      1. Well that’s odd you should say that. I did. I do or rather I have every inflam gene going but learned to manage it years ago with clean eating. So yes now I’m unstoppable !

  11. Oh I loooove this. I am strongly Uranian and Plutonic ( thanks to that late 60s conjunctions) so my crush style blends the two. I don’t Zombie Out anymore fortunately but certainly have had a number of evolutionary crushes on unavailable folks. NEVER revealed to the crush of course, but deeply transformative for me.

    1. Evolutionary crushes! For sure. I’m not sure myself if I would be interested in the fella if he wasn’t unavailable. I think for me that’s the Neptunian fantasy tho. cinematic etc.

  12. digitalresourceress

    OMG that video on peptides and emotions in the link to biochemical explanation is AMAZING and super useful for way more than just love zombie issues!!!!! This makes so much sense for when we get stuck in all sorts of narratives that limit us from growing!

  13. Yes to the Uranian scenario… As a Uranian dominate planet person (via Pullen chart) I find that now (after a 10+ year marriage) the closer I get to somebody/relationship I instantly want to push away from fear of feeling trapped.

  14. I am crushing hard on a guy at my gym and my tarot/oracle readings KEEP saying that I’m going to meet someone at work or gym/ someone at work or gym thinks I’m sexy etc. It’s like the universe WANTS me to be a love zombie lol

  15. I have Sun square Uranus and moon opposite Uranus and reading the Uranian LZ section was like ‘ahh ok’ from me. Particularly in relation to family relationships (if that still counts).
    So my 15yr old daughter decided she wanted to go live with her dad full time. For a cple reasons – school and also to get to know him better, he lives interstate. I was encouraging as I could see how she would benefit. Our relationship is fine, we’ve always been close and we talk on the phone cple times a week.
    Anyway, I’ve found other people’s reactions surprising. Like “ooh how sad”, “you must really miss her” etc etc. I had started to play along cause it was easier but honestly it’s been easy. I had quietly started to question whether I was a “normal” mum though. Maybe just a little Uranian normal?

  16. As with all binary oppositions, I remember thinking about the positive side of crushes when I came on this site and started noticing the converse re: LZism. For instance, long have I nurtured crushes on, for instance, Steve Marriott (–a fellow Aquariuan of Small Faces and Humble Pie fame), telling friends “It’s great to have crushes on dead people. That way they can’t disappoint you.”

    With Venus in Pisces, yes I have some of the Neptunian LZS. With Pluto Rising, I have the Pluto LZS, and with Moon conj. Uran in Libra, I got Uranian fo’ sho. My crushes started as a child also. Started masturbating pretty early too (Shaun Cassify FTW!).

    Anyways, so “joke” my career as romance novelist wasn’t far off for my perfect cure…funny I have decided I actually NEED to get over not one but TWO Love Zombie subjects and my response was to go buy my fave romance trilogy.

  17. Pluto squared and Uranus opposed my Sun & Stellium when I met my LZ – over 3.5 years I changed jobs, lost two stone, left husband, bought new house and evolved in amazing ways. When that was all achieved (and I am very happy) it has faded and I’m ok with that, though I’m still fond of him I know how flawed it/he is.
    He was a scorp with a n.node conj my sun, he would be wouldn’t he…

    He was a catalyst for enormous change that I’m grateful for nonetheless. Onto the next phase now.
    Both the Plutonian (have it conj my AC) and Uranian (conj my sun) resonate and link to those transits is clear.

  18. I really, really appreciate this information.

    I also wonder if that’s why those huge amazijg new breakthrough experiences like big travel, events, new people , helps to usurp the object t de zombie? Because something else is supplying the biochemical hit

    Hmm. I feel that a uranian wouldn’t need to concoct a romantic situation? Like, based on all the uranians I know (my entire family), they literally couldn’t give a sht re no current love interest. They’re Aquarian and geminis though, with a strong Capricorn emphasis across the board

    This though ” Plutonic Love Zombies don’t just check the natal chart compatibility; they get therapy, read a hundred books and evolve their consciousness”

    Holy fuq, I am a platonic love zombie , this is how i deal these days, like the obsession itself is therapy, I have now learnt- as a grown-ass woman – to detach the Feelings from the Person. My crush-complex is not their problem nor should it be lol.

    The Neptune crushes are my favourite, they are SO next-level and you’re right mystic, it completely feeds a tsunami of creativity if handled well enough.

    I’ve come to learn that (as a water sign) it’s not about cancelling the feels, but giving them a life and a function outside of the person who happens to be the focal point du jour

    1. Authentic relationship with another Pluto person though. Yes please. Most scorpio suns are still catnip to me. I just need one with Venus on my sadge descendant and maybe mars in Aries, or Sun mars (Pluto?) in scorp or something, who isn’t already in a 25-year ltr ergh

      1. Maybe try not to make a habit out of it though… carries a risk of psychoanalysing any potential romance out of existence :/

  19. My gawwwd you’re on the money with this one Mystic. Defo the plutonic one. Serially single. I look back at all my intense crushes as being hugely unevolved. The pain of unrequited love always ricocheted me into the growth stratosphere. Scorpio sun,Mercury,Uranus with Pluto/north node/Venus conjunction. Scorpio sun tight opposite with Chiron also. Nothing in 8th house but what else would be plutonic?

  20. relate totally-venus conj pluto ere….think im a mixture of all three lz but more plutonic..
    the blonde keith richards has told me he can only offer me sex but i cant let him go…
    think i am a sex addict in all seriousness and have been reading pia mellody/mellody beattie literature to try and get better
    i have had two long term re/ships so i am capable…but you know…i now have uranu in my re/ship sector so im anticipating more of these nebulous hook ups

      1. I’m not an addict so going without is ok if I have to but I am highly sexual. I’m more HOT DAMN ! I’m never ice age teraldyctyle

  21. Adore this post and have mucked around with most of these dimensions of LZing—trying to push against my natural tendencies in this regard toward taking the chance on real connections but I absolutely think that there’s a lot of value in these more nebulous ties and wish our culture was better at articulating and honoring them.

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