Who Are The Neptunians?

Who are the Neptunians? They get their name from Neptune in astrology. It is the shamanic planet of dreams, utopias, myths, ghosts, art, perfume, vampires past-life love affairs, addictions, and yearnings.

A Neptunian is a person with prominent 12th House, Pisces or Neptune influences at birth.  (Neptune rules Pisces, and the 12th House is akin to Pisces).  More than any other astral influence, Neptune slithers swiftly between high (haute) and low vibe versions.

Once I joked that the astrological Neptune is not so much a planetary influence as it is a drug. Neptune, whether by its strong placement at birth or via activation by transit, is a strong guiding vision – spiritual, artistic – that can be all-consuming. The Neptunian soul quest can leave them more prone to misuse of Neptunian substances.

Such as? Dream Weed, Space Dust, Blue Devil Hoochie Juice, Opiates.  For every shamanic vision quest facilitated by entheogenic plants, there is a hollowed out person seeking only to get out of it.

Some Neptunians use seduction and romance as a drug, hooked on the initial high of someone being beguiled by them, blurring boundaries and not bothering with the tiresome shackles of reality.  Whether they deploy them for good or to get their needs met in the moment, Neptunians have immense reservoirs of charm.

Standard Morality Is Not Necessarily A Dominant Trait

They transmit multiple simulacra to activate the desired response in the other person. It feeds their consciousness and compassion – the other person is happy, right?   Of course, it is a performance, and at some point, the lights have to come back on.

Standard morality is not necessarily a dominant trait. But their keenly refined aesthetic senses, musical appreciation, adoration of the arts in general and – usually – creative talents draw them into realms where make-believe is not just an asset but a prized core competency. Film, Acting, and Beauty are all Neptunian professions.

But Neptunians who give their all to a facade or sustaining a projection, they lose their spiritual connection. The magic that generates their lucrative charisma then dissipates. They need to cherish their connection with unseen energies, Quintessence, animals, and spirit. Quality solitude is a must.

Neptunians Are Never Really Alone

But when you’re a Neptunian, you’re never really alone. Their awareness of different dimensions is exquisite, their inner life automatically enriched. “Psychic” is a word often misapplied, but Neptune in astrology often manifests as a pure psychic genius.

That is as opposed to the rapid genius processing of Uranian types or the insanely strong instincts of Pluto people. They are the most likely to see visions, ghosts, angels, or to have actual premonitions.

Sometimes the ideals of Neptunians can be so high and their dislike of plebeian relationships so intense that they subconsciously decide to have purely imaginary but not officially existent romances. They don’t want to risk the inevitable disenchantment. More sensitive than they ever let on, they could even still be melancholy re that first shard of disillusionment, eons ago. Their empathy and compassion are real – it’s just that they will redirect it without notice.

Occupational Risk Factor: Hooking Up With Hot Vampires

One thing that brings out the best in Neptunians (apart from not sliding down the Lower Neptunian rabbit hole of addiction or hooking up with vampires because they’re hot) is a dedication to spirit, a cause or creativity.

With a genuine spiritual or artistic high, the lure of transcendence via substances or unreal romance no longer twinkles. Neptune in astrology is such high magic that it attracts low entities who want to divert it for murky purposes. Whether they know it consciously or not, Neptunians feel this.


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  1. Question. If someone has Sun/Venus conjunct Pluto, Moon conjunct Uranus and Aquarius asc.conj Mars, and Neptune in sag conj Jupiter and MC sextile Sun/Venus/Pluto, would they be considered a Neptunian, a Plutonian, or a Uranian? Or is there an umbrella term for that? All of the conjunctions are 0 to 4 degree orbs.

  2. Oophta 12 house heavy (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter & moon) but Neptune in 2nd house. This was a really nice to read. Comforting even.
    Very, Very accurate.

  3. Wow this is actually the most encapsulating thing I have read and didn’t know that these qualities could be attributed to Neptune. I’m a cap rising with Neptune-Uranus conjunction in the first house and my ruling planet is Saturn in Pisces lol … I have such a hard time explaining myself to people because I feel like I exist on a different planet and I have to constantly translate myself and fail (my moon is in gemini squaring my Saturn in Pisces lol) thank you for this article!

  4. Pisces asc conj sun in 12th. Neptune squaring them.Mars and Mercury in 12th acqua. Beat that. You can always trascend this shit, i’m 45 and still struggling though. You described me to a T.

  5. Grayson E Soldahl

    Everything you said feels like you know me. You sir or madam, are at a professional level in my book. May ye find your truest star.

  6. Exploring into my over crowded 12th house (sparked by my Astral DNA report!!) featuring Moon in Libra, Mercury & Venus + Sun trine Neptune & Moon square Neptune, plus I realized only today that both my parents have the Pieces sign in their rising or sun sign! Oh & Neptune in my III house too, basically Neptune everywhere lol. I definitely see how a lack of understanding into the Neptunian energy can illicit the desire to fill your life with substances NOT substance. No one gave me a manual on this lol.. the mysterious and dark world is too easily abused rather than harnessed for growth. Any insights on balancing this hefty world would be so very appreciated!

  7. More please. I’m doing a deep dive into my Neptunian soul. I would appreciate further information if you would do us the honor?

  8. Wow, absolutely amazing portrayal of a heavy Neptune influence (from a Neptune in the First commentator).

  9. I have a saying as an astrologer as I am ruled by the three outer planets as an Aquarian Sun, Pisces Moon and Scorpio Rising… Pluto may rule hell, but Neptune is hell. Neptune / Poseidon were originally creek and stream gods who got promoted as the sun cults were being built and the Ocean Goddesses had to be demoted to nymphs. Neptune was discovered (Apr 11 2009) and its south node was conjunct Pluto, and Neptune was conjunct Saturn Those born on that day have Saturn in the 12th as a karmic debt. eldermountaindreaming dot com

  10. As a PLutonian, they are thick as thieves and are usually self-absorbed. I see through most of them. Frauds.

    1. “Most of them” that you only know in a limited sphere.

      “See through” and not “see into”. You have not experienced the Neptunian vibration within yourself on a purer plane, only through (probs) drugs, glamour, hi-art-hi-fashion beauty in your surrounds. Or you would see ‘through’ appearance as an art form of expression, and see the layers with, uh, compassion.

      Frauds are. They just are, and the worst ones haven’t ever seen themselves from other than an echo-chamber-mirror, only stay grounded in confident factoids, their own decided subjectivity faking as objective standards for “the masses”, or rather the few people they meet in their small world.

      But nice Lo-Pluto for the PIABs to note. And nice rejection to help proper Neptunians keep out.

    2. Hating on people because they can’t possibly be valid if they’re not scowling and doubting all the time? It’s ok if you think you can see through us. I see through flowers all the time. All their stink and pomp, playing at being different from each other, unique, just to get laid. Everyone loves them and is all bla-bla-bla so pretty but we know those petalled fraudsters are only out for one thing.

      Careful that you are not overtaken by sifting through the wreckage of life for the truth as a kind of Sisyphean trajectory, except towards the centre of the earth, and back again. You roll the rocks, and they melt.

    3. The plutonic soul is an important one, venality is a tiresome human motivation and it probably stings you to see it everywhere, but there’s more to life. The ocean covers shipwrecks and bombs, coral reefs and whale clans, if doesn’t mean they’re not there, but there’s more to life. Come for a swim 🙂

  11. This is interesting stuff. I’m not sure if I am a Neptunian or not, I but I do have some prominence there and I “feel” a lot of what is said here not not quite to the extreme. I suppose I may have some balancing factors…

    Very good article, heartfelt.

  12. Neptune sits exactly on my AC in birth chart this explains a lot! (Premonition dreams/visions/etc..) but I think my Sun in Cap/Taurean Moon help to ground. Its taken years, but I’ve learnt so much through astrology and especially with your help..cheers Mystic.

  13. Never considered myself Neptunian because of my abundant Merc/Pluto, but now that I’m having a second look after reading this and the comments…
    Neptune trine midheaven
    Sun opposite Neptune
    Moon Square Neptune
    plus Uranus in 12th house (and Pluto if you count whole sign/equal houses) and an assortment of asteroid weirdies, including Whiterabbit, Melancholia, Conscience, Machiavelli, Mentor, Skywalker, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Urania, Sunshine, Talent, Panacea… (oh, have I mentioned I’m a little obsessed with asteroids?)
    It would explain a lot of my mental processes/inner life strangeness and general distractedness. Also dreams involving water, all the time?

  14. Moon-Vesta conj Neptune in my 7th Sag – Neptunian?

    Just spent the last 8 days at a silent Ignatian retreat – luminous days full of quiet consolation and very troubled nights of nightmares and insomnia – a practice of endurance and waiting! What is this vibe, Mystic??

  15. I feel like this relates to me but my Neptune is pretty boring. Neptune in Sag in 6th. Trine Saturn in third and opposite Jupiter in 12. Sun sign Pisces

    1. Check to see if you have Neptune stationary (within about 5 days before or after Neptune goes retrograde or direct). Stationary planets are extremely strong in a chart, often times eclipsing everything else, even the Sun sign!

  16. Sun in the 12th house, Pisces Moon 1st house, Neptune in the 10th house sextile Sun & making a kite of my air trine. According to astro,com it’s my strongest planet, second strongest: Pluto. Fortunately no life derailing addictions but I used attract a lot of addicts. Very much relate to the connection with animals, spirit, nature, etc. Did some heavy time romanticizing hot vampires (very disenchanting). Love music and art, not so much a performer (12th house sun) but very much a ‘life is art’ type -clothing, home, etc must be curated. Have visions but they’re pretty ordinary so far…

  17. i’ve never really thought of myself as neptunian, but this is making me take another look at it.

    i have a tiny 12th, smack dab in the middle of saggo. nothing in there. nothing in pisces.

    neptune (just typed out “naptime”) is part of my first house uranus-nep-saturn stellium and in a grand earth trine with merc and mars.

    maybe i am confusing it with my boatloads of plutonic energy, and leo energy too, but i can totally relate to the haute-lo cycle of being obsessive/addicted to imaginary relationships, dreamweed. and being always in performance mode.

    have never seen a ghost/spirit/etc; always wanted to.

    1. Check to see if you have Neptune stationary (within about 5 days before or after Neptune goes retrograde or direct). Stationary planets are extremely strong in a chart, often times eclipsing everything else, even the Sun sign!

  18. Yeah I would have to agreee with this post.

    So I honestly think everyone adores me or is interested in me.

    I have PIsces rising, Venus in Pisces and Mars and Venus in 12th house

    I’m very charming and smiley interested in people (genuinely) and people are often totally warped and chatty happy with me

    I’m not being insanely up myself or anything im being honest

    I do think everyone has a thing for me or is jealous ? People are always looking at me. I am typical pisces rising. Goo goo eyes, innocent air about them, fishy looking small and petite

    its weird but after reading this i get it

    Im very spiritual i speak to angels and am totally in tuned with law of attraction

    When Neptune went into pisces I BECAME me to the realest degree.

  19. Venus in the 12th house opposite Neptune; Mid-heaven in Pisces; Moon square Neptune…. I definitely relate to the love zombie issue especially in the fantasy sense. My fantasy love-life can go way too far sometimes (and can be about vampire types), to where it can start taking from my real relationship. I have a really hard time letting a fantasy be casual or a passing thing. When I decided to end my marriage (it was pretty co-dependent so we were both vampirish in some ways), I had a dream that my husband wanted to stay down in the basement with the fish tanks and I kept running up the stairs and running back down, trying to bring messages back to him from above. Finally a tornado came and I knew I had to leave and give up. And I do loooove dream weed so I have to be real careful with it, and I’m constantly reading up on the spiritual and health benefits of psychedelics. I’m really into plants in general and have studied herbalism for several years. I am grateful to say that for the most part I don’t actually see ghosts or spirits, cause that would freak me the fuq out, but I do sense them in other ways or sometimes see them outta the corner of my eye, which isn’t too traumatic. I also have this thing about being able to look at my feet and see them as what they look like in another dimension (I’m not sure how else to describe this because it’s fairly new). And I’m beginning to realize I can read a lot from people by looking at their feet…either health-wise or sexually… Pluto is strong it my chart so that’s part of this too, I think.. Anyway this is fascinating, I really love learning about the influences of the outer planets.

  20. I had the unfortunate experience of knowing a low Neptunian/Plutoian creep.
    He didn’t drink nor drug and was self righteous about it, thought of himself as a real vampire and spiritual guru. Turns out he is a severe sex addict and was seducing minors with his promises of higher spiritual knowledge and father mentoring. He sought out runaway teens boys & girls that were sexually abused. He was conscious about picking his victims.
    Beyond disturbing. I reported him but each time he magically would evade jail.
    My experiences with low Neptuians have been frightening. High Neptuians a whole other story.
    Less here be careful whom you trust because addicts can hide their addictions very well for years.

  21. My natal Neptune is conjunct my Scorp ascendant (Leo Sun). ‘Nuff said. 🙁 Pisces/Neptune ‘runs’ in the family, though. My paternal grandmother had Neptune in the 12th house conjunct her Leo asc., one of my sons is a Pisces Sun with Neptune on his asc, another son is a Pisces Sun with Cancer asc, and a third son is Cancer Sun with a Pisces asc.

  22. Just to add my bit about Saturn conjunct Neptune transits.

    Mars was involved in mine. Mars and Saturn conjunct Neptune. I dreamed of the Beloved showing up. And the dream said, This is a big deal!!

    7 days later, magically appearing out of the ether was a man, full of bright light and inspiration and words. Gorgeous eyes and a history I could get with and words for the future that thrilled me. But Saturn and Mars and Neptune were all 12th house things. And this magical being was really a beautifully garbed 2×4. He was the Beloved, sent to make sure I didn’t “settle” for something I was making plans to settle for… an impetus, a driving force, an awakening. It was not pleasant, excpet for the 30 or so days it was heaven. Then it was hell and reality and moving forward with what was right for me to do. And I made it through and I’m better for it and it’s a damn good story and a portal to more stories.

  23. Scrolled from the bottom up and saw ‘Shepherds’.
    Daisy’s very handsome long haired German Shepherd frolick-mate-in the park for over 2 years called ‘Marx’, just’ didn’t wake up in the morning a few weeks ago.His owner teared up when she saw me at the library then told me, as i greeted her with ‘long time no see’.
    So much sympathy for her and her partner as they adored him, Marx was a local celeb coz he was so magnificent, calm and dignified. Always bounded toward Daisy then would stop for her to admire him O so king of kool.
    Am relaying this here under a Neptunian night because you (all) understand the love we have for our animals and how it saddens, i so felt for her and her partner’s sorry.
    Marx bless him was considerate to the end,no illness, so sounds of discomfort or distress, simply his heart stopped beating during the night. That Marxie was a MAN in a lush fur coat.
    My heart beats for him. And Daisy Dog will probably never meet such a handsome K9 again. She a PIsces.He a Scorp. Wouldancha know.
    Neptunians? My natal moon is cosied up very close to Neptune, if not conjunct and i laughed at my ADD Sagginess, which is actually curiousity mostly, when i found myself doing an end of day sun salutation with breathwork and as i reached for the heavens, noticed there was an organic spliff in one hand and a Stella Artoise in the other.
    My bad.

        1. my beautiful canine companion Burton was “put to sleep: about 2 weeks ago , du to the effects of osteosarcoma (bone cancer0 it was the most awful decision/day of my life..been crying daily, I miss him so much. Pegasus your description of the GSD sounds like him..people are still contacting me abut how they miss his presence . Life is just damn cruel sometimes

          1. I’m so sorry. I remember your post, when he was diagnosed. I’m so sad for you. My beautiful old girl died a year ago. She was 15, blind, arthritic, incontinent, and let me know it was her time to go. It still took a few days for me to go through with it, even though she was clear about what she wanted. I cried every day, nearly all day, for 2 months until my husband decided I needed another dog to help me heal. My now-dog is so magical, I’m sure she’s a unicorn in another dimension. They make themselves a part of every memory. It’s so painful when thy leave. Abbi died at 9.11am and I say a blessing every time I notice the clock. I still feel her with me, but it’s not the same. Hugs to you, love. xxx

          2. Coyote Woman, not cruel breautiful because we are expressing pure emotion of the courageous and compassionate kind.
            We give them Heart, they return it amplified dont’ they?
            Furs & Feathers Forever.x

    1. Hey INvicta, howzit? Exploring, nourishing yourself, going to classes, keeping warm and cosy in the northern winter or are you thinking of going south and following the sun.
      Your’e looking gooood Girl 🙂
      Btw am excited by a book i discovered that may interest you: The MindBody Code.by Dr. Mario Martinez.x

      1. Peeeeegs!
        I’m great:)
        I mean ha ha, secretly great. Lol
        How are Yoooooou?
        I will look for that book.
        Currently doing Alice Miller’s The Body Never Lies, Waking the Tiger Peter Levine, Harriet Learner’s The Dance of Anger and The Power of No by James Attacher & Claudia Azzulla and other nonsense about lots of weird things like Foucault and his creepy panopticon- Goffman’s Stigma and spoiled identity and reading everything I can find around Melvin Glasser’s Core Complex but yeah, it’s all a bit chewy so I dip in and out and take it ALL VERY SLOW.
        There’s just a lot of staying in and keeping warm going on right now. I “should ” go out more etc but inside is so much warmer and more satisfying- not just physically but my levels of self absorbtion have reached new heights:)). I feel like it’s healthy tho. I’m enjoying weird shit like doing dishes and vacuuming, making sauerkraut and cutting my own hair, doing all that type of thing myself now. It’s empowering being and out and out total cheap skate. I find myself walking out of shops or if I’m having a wander and fancy sitting down maybe writing and having a bite (probably my favourite thing to do right now besides therapy and reading) is being alone around people. A glass of red wine and my iPad and I’m totally happy. But I’m not a big drinker and a girl’s gotta eat!
        Lately though I’m fussy and it’s not just about quality or the vibe, they matter a LOT but if it’s going to cost more than a tenner for my weekly or bi weekly restaurant as office and feeling happy to have people around me, no deal.
        What else?
        Rocking a purple tipped Mohawk which is constantly evolving- tattoos and piercings I may not be able to avoid for much longer.
        Um yeah that’s it though
        What’s up with you?

  24. I’m not neptunian. I’m actually really confused about my birth time because stuff about it doesn’t make sense … but that’s getting off track.

    My partner is pisces moon though … augmented by a libra asc. I think pisces and libra have a lot in common in terms of dancing off into freakin lala land whilst having a very glib view of reality and distorted concept about telling the truth! Irks my sagg moon no end.

    1. Oh and my daughter is a sun/asc pisces … she just basically doesn’t bother speaking unless it’s absolutely necessary.

    2. Omg Sag moon here and people who bend the truth to make themselves look better irritate the fuq out of me. It’s like in that moment they get the power but it has no substance (ok now that’s my Scorpy talking).

      1. It’s been a fucking hard thing to get used to. In fact, I haven’t got used to it. We’ve had wars over it. I mean full on screaming matches, throwing shit. Well I am Greek. ~shrugs~

        He can’t win really. I’m a Cancer Sun/Venus so bullshit gets picked up on my radar whether I like it or not. Then my Saggo moon (7th house) has to poke and poke and poke … until finally he spits it out. I think he’s started to learn it’s easier just to tell the truth in the first place and deal with my reactions than lie and deal with a Cancerian on the warpath.

        I think that’s one of the reasons why Scorps seem to like me. They can relax. Always know where I stand on pretty much everything.

        1. Ahhh the truth. Don’t get me started. True story. I was riding my pet unicorn one day through a deep green glen when I met this leprechaun who imparted many secrets. When I told kataka wife she told me to get off my high horse and stop speaking to that old drunken Irishman at the local shops. When I put on my hurt face and questioned her belief in a magical world she immediately insisted on checking my credit card details and canceled my betting acct. 🙂

          1. Many MANY LOL’s david. I even accidentally snorted a bit of cranberry and soda up my nose when I read that.

            I think I like your wifey. xxx

  25. Is admitting you’re a neptunian like the first step in one of those 12 step programs. 🙂
    I have Neptune in the 5th house Scorpio and it forms many pleasant aspects to the major outer planets and my moon.
    Pisces is my 9th house, so let’s just say I’m out and proud when it comes to my friendship with Neptune. Thank goddess for Neptune I say, I mean how boring would life be without it’s influence.
    My favourite planet. Life on earth is a chance to experience land and sea and partake of its bounty. What can be better than your feet on the earth and your head in the clouds. Is there any more sensual feeling than running over the sand and plunging into the cool waters of the ocean.
    I must admit that Saturn square Neptune was a difficult time for all of us but when I had Saturn conjuncting Neptune in my 5th some years ago I found out how well they can work together to make fantasies real and make the real fantastic.

  26. I have Moon, Venus, Pluto in scorpio, 12th house. And Jupiter (4th) conjunct Mars(5th) in Pisces. Sun conjunct Neptune (2nd Capri house). I think I’m screwed, though i’d like to know if there’s a chance that that love story we create in our head could be real at some point. I mean, I know I can often read people’s feelings but when it comes to this person that doesn’t even call me or manifest wanting to see me out of the places we have in common, I really don’t know which logic should I use. The part of me that knows that at some point this person feels our invisible connection and potential together and sure he’ll realize it in no time (as time doesn’t exiiist) or what I see in concrete: “i’m doing my life, eveything’s ok without sharing further with you, it was OK have something once or twice but i’m occupied with my other people now” :p. I strongly believe in both and that started making me kind of crazy ?. Need the middle path.

  27. I have Moon, Venus, Pluto in scorpio, 12th house. And Jupiter (4th) conjunct Mars(5th) in Pisces. I think I’m screwed, though i’d like to know if there’s a chance that that love story we create in our head could be real at some point. I mean, I know I can often read people’s feelings but when it comes to this person that doesn’t even call me or manifest wanting to see me out of the places we have in common, I really don’t know which logic should I use. The part of me that knows that at some point this person feels our invisible connection and potential together and sure he’ll realize it in no time (as time doesn’t exiiist) or what I see in concrete: “i’m doing my life, eveything’s ok without sharing further with you, it was OK have something once or twice but i’m occupied with my other people now” :p. I strongly believe in both and that started making me kind of crazy ?. Need the middle path.

  28. Ha! last few days I’ve had the realisation that I’m the flame to the unavailable moths. Sick of being the “fantasy girl” – the one guys come to for a good time not a long time.

    There’s a married Aries lingering who wants to go out for drinks. PFFFFFT… he’s been saying that for four years!!! He has Mars in Aqua so drops in once in a blue moon to flirt.

    Going to tell him to get stuffed!!! In a nice venus in Libra way… haha. He is nice but unavailable and after the painful Saturn / Neptune delusion-busting transit early this year (had to let the multi-Saggo dude go forever) i’m DONE with casual bullshit that goes nowhere.

    1. Telling an Aries .. no way, get stuffed, is like a massive romantic gesture. If you want him to disappear tell him you want his baby or something. Zoooom .. he’s gawn.

      1. HAHA!! thanks for the tip david 😀

        I guess my lack of interest (for moral reasons I suppose) is why he keeps coming back.

        I am fond of him and flattered that he thinks i look sexy in a pair of sneakers. Appeals to my Saggo moon.

        I don’t really want to burn this bridge. I’m just going to be honest and say that if he was single I’d jump at the chance. Because that’s the truth in a nutshell. I mean, he may be separated now. I have no idea.

        He has a Scorp moon, venus in Toro

  29. Sun conjunct Neptune in Scorpio (tight orb 3º) in 10th house.

    I’ve dabbled in neptunian substances but Cap asc and Mars in Virgo have always kept that in check. I only ever liked alcohol because it was a perfect accompaniment to cigarettes. Given up the ciggies though, and everything else. Coffee and choc are my only “vices” now.

    My low Neptunian aspects manifest as love zombie-sm, thanks to my venus in Libra (9th house). Always in love with the “idea” of love. Have never managed to make it work in “reality” though. Never gone past the honeymoon phase. Never experienced the “companionship” stage of love. Fantasy so much better. Psyche in Aqua – from afar even better.

    How do people manage to stay in love after years of farting on each others’ presence. Ewww. Moon in Saggo feels suffocated at the thought of co-habitating. Moon squares Uranus always leaves when the going gets tough.

    Being a Plutonian Scorp with a packed 8th house – Uranus/Pluto/Mars. I have a tendency to fall in love with someone’s soul… sometimes from another lifetime. That Wuthering Heights type of connection is not for this earthly realm.

    With south node in 12th house even casual encounters seem karmic. I’m so fuqing over it !!!!!! After a lifetime of empty / failed romance and still single at 52. Couldn’t be arsed anymore. I’m devoting myself to art. Fitting for 10th house.

    Can’t wait for Jupiter in Scorpio transit next year. Jupiter in Libra has been fantastic for artistic endeavours. My MC is 29º Libra, so jupes will retro back and forth over that next year too. Can’t wait.

    1. oh god, i hear you on the domestic thing. Basically if I think a guy is a contender, I imagine myself stepping over his dirty undies all over the the floor or walking into the bathroom after he’s been in there for an extended duration (I have psyche in VIRGO, btw) and if these scenarios don’t make me dry-heave, then there is a chance.

      1. I think we’re imagining worst case scenario? I’m sure there are men out there who aren’t complete slobs!

        I know Virgo can get picky and get turned off by the tiniest things but surely some things are a universal turn off? Like going to someone’s house for dinner and discovering they’re a hoarder and you have to ask where you’re actually going to eat because there’s no dining table ok sight and the coffee table is hidden under a towers of old newspapers. When dinner finally arrives your host clears the coffee table and wipes up big fluffy balls of dust beneath the table with his hands. It’s enough to put you off your dinner!!! ?.

        And the bathroom. Omg! It was dusty too!! The toothbrushes were so worn down they looked as if they hadn’t been changed or used in YEARS!! Gross!!!

        That was the Cancer guy I dated 3 years ago. Never returned to that house *shudder*

    2. Well you’re worse than me. LOL

      I only fall in love once every decade so but when it happens it’s deep.

      You have 7th house stuff going on I think. Mine’s empty

    3. The book is better (of course.. duh! Lol). Read it when I was 13.

      I had a crush on a Libran / Scorp rising guy once, who claimed that he had read the book eight times. I fell for him for that reason. Haha. He was hot though. Guys with libra planets are catnip for my Venus libra

  30. Sag Moon conjunct Neptune is my closest aspect. 12th house NN. My escape has always been to retreat in my head due to religion and overbearing parents. I have Neptune retrograde and I read somewhere that it exposes ‘religious shams’ and the native also learns to live in two worlds simultaneously. I’ve never had a real substance abuse issue rather extreme daydreaming, being a love zombie, and eating too much (especially sweets). The past few years I have been working hard on siphoning the creative energy from the daydreaming into reality. I’m much happier when I have a creative outlet but I’m also very Saturnine (Saturn in my 10th house Leo stellium and near my MC) so I really have to work to make it happen otherwise I’ll work myself silly and the creativity stays locked up in my head and heart.

  31. Oh yeah
    Laughing out loud
    12th house moon
    12th house Neptune
    Both on the Sag side of the 12th house and closer to my Sag rising
    All that hardcore Lilith energy in the 12th too but in Scorpio so daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark but sexy.
    I related to all of this so strongly.
    I feel more Neptuniun than Jupiterian TBH.
    Kinda Uraniun too. I love Uraniun energy but the line that jumped out the most was “Neptuniuns are never really alone.”
    I can happily not leave home for weeks at a time.
    I wander around sometimes and think “awe people are so lovely. I want to cry they’re so nice.”
    I resolve to go wandering like that everyday.
    I come home and don’t leave until I’m forced to

    1. Yup you had me laughing those first few lines.
      You COULD teach your grandma how to suck eggs.
      My Venus in 12 th house. Say no more.
      And thanx for reminding me to look at natal chart and the Moon now in LIbra sitting direct over my Neptune 🙂

  32. Pisces sun, Aqua rising, Sag moon square Sun. Venus in Pisces. Loaded first house. Pluto/ Virgo in 7th. Relationships when they end, and they do, feel like life/death struggle. Forecasts say big love en route. Scared much?!

  33. Can I be both Neptunian and Plutonian?

    I have Pisces sun & mars, Neptune trine ascendant, Venus & Saturn trine Neptune.

    (Also, does it matter who trines who? I mean, does Venus trine Neptune count, or is that considered a Venusian influence, not Neptunian?)

    And I have crowded 8th house, with sun, moon, mercury & Venus there. Moon & mercury both opp Pluto, Saturn & Neptune sextile Pluto.

    So, to an astrologer, would I be considered strongly Neptunian or Plutonian, or both? Or neither?

  34. Will have to read this all again and again. Scorpio Neptune exact on asc has bedevilled me all my life. I am blessed with the gifts it brings but the pain that goes along with that is sometimes too much.

  35. What I have noticed lately is that Neptunians need a cause, a higher cause, or else we self-destruct. It is the Hero’s Journey or nothing. Conventional morality is Death, and, infinitely worse, lacking in compassion.

    Trying to be more Spiritual Warrior, less Hollow Men.
    12th house Moon, Chiron, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Lilith, Jupiter. Neptune opposite Jupiter-Sun, trine Saturn, sextile Pluto, on DC. Partner is of course NR. Existing in this world is a serious challenge, every day. Sucker punches to the gut in every direction.

    Of course we are never alone. I love this!!

    1. Yes! A higher cause and that higher cause can’t really be romance because we are never alone anyway and a mere mortal will inevitably fall short of an ideal.

    2. Spot on! I have stationary Neptune in 12th, in a 1 degree square to Moon / MC. I also have Sun, Merc & Venus in Pisces……i have the most ridiculously Piscean CV starting with running dance parties & doing lots of drugs in my early 20s & it’s taken a long time to get to the same realization that chaos will always find me, unless i focus all my considerable energy on a higher cause….so help me Pluto & Uranus have their fingerprints all over my 10th house as well 🙂

      1. You sound super-aware and high vibe now though – i think there has to be that splash around in the disco labyrinth of Neptune…don’t you think? And early 20s is as good a time to do it as any.

  36. Crowded 12th house? CHECK (sun, mercury, chiron)

    Planets in Pisces? CHECK (moon, MC)

    Been talking to ghosts, angels and animals my whole life but am just now starting to refine it and take it high. My whole life struggle has been just to be responsible (SATURN stuff)

  37. yes with four planets in pisces including moon and i don’t understand the other aspects but am sure they are there. sober 14 years and definitely walk a path of strong spiritual lineages that keep me focused strong and awake … spot on Mystic xx

  38. This is exactly correct. And very welcome, because one of the things about being a Neptunian is that I always forget that I’m a Neptunian and then wonder why crowds, busy-ness, lack of creative time, boring people, bad art has a sort of full-system food poisoning effect on me. I need some kind of poster or tattoo saying: remember it’s Neptune

    1. Ugh – crowds! Thank God for online shopping! I remember the years I had to actually go to the mall to get things and it made me sick.

  39. Neptune conjunct moon in the 8th house…
    I am definitely a neptunian and can really indentify myself in this article.
    I always had an adoration and fascination for Poseidon, the sea, the mysteries, depths, the subonscious, dreams…
    I’m also fond of instant photography (not digital ones), and this is so neptunian… seeing a polaroid photo fading from black to an actual colour, like a ghost appearing… the illusion of how we look on a photo vs how we look in reality…
    Fortunately, my natal sun in Capricorn helps me to keep being grounded and practical.

  40. Neptune on Cap Ascendant, Sag Saturn-Uranus conjunction in 12th, all four square Pisces Moon. Neptune sextile Sun-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio. I wasn`t aware how much Neptunian I am for so long. Currently my work environment is full of Pisces and Geminis. My best friend is Pisces with Gemini Asc. I see a lot of similarities in Pisces coworkers, some of them have 3 planets in Pisces, including their Sun sign. What I noticed is that they are highly intuitive, they notice everything energy-wise, they seem like they are in eternal phase of melancholy, most of them have bright sad eyes, they are very compassionate and they even seem very naive. They are not easily fooled. Its a really interesting environment because they are like a mirror to me. I`m learning about myself through them.

  41. I feel like being Neptunian is swimming through the bad/ challenges to get to the good and the challenge is to “flow” through it and not get stuck or attached to the bad times as identity defining. Good post.
    A lot of my Neptunian is located in 4th h stellium- had a minor freak out last week when I realized the feng shui of my apt was terrible. Mystic was kind to advise consulting her feng shui lady and I switched things around flow is sooo much better. The next day I went to my friends parents solstice party. Had a weird Neptunian moment involving an old flames mother spotting me and asking my friend about me (we had never met).

  42. Thank you for this description, Mystic! It helps so much. I’m Pisces rising, square Neptune conjunct MC in sag, which is opp Jupiter and trine Saturn, Mars & Venus. My rising is trine Chiron & Merc and Moon and Uranus which are exactly conjunct in Scorpio. All the plants wrapped up in Neptune but the Sun and Pluto. I have struggled my entire life with giving my energy to creativity and spirituality fully, and not getting caught up in the nebulousness of it all. I’ve historically failed. But I always ask myself what is in my soul? And the answer always comes back to the theatre and the spirit.

  43. Moon (my chart’s ruler) in the 12th (Gemini), Neptune conjunct my Sun and Mercury (in my 6th house stellium…opposing energy much?), Pisces North Node… I’m practically a Neptunian and this explains so much even though my dominant chart reading says otherwise. I feel a lot of this resonates with me. Brilliant as alway, Mystic. <3

  44. Surprisingly, this resonates – especially the part about needing alone time. Sun, Moon, Uranus – 12th House (Scorpio) Neptune Rising conjunct Mars (Saggo)

  45. I love this Mystic and all these comments are really enlightening.
    I have Neptune conjunct my Sun in Sag in the 5th and various other aspects with Pluto, Moon, Lilith.
    I am so caught up in Neptunian other worldly vibes that I didn’t even notice I had that sun conjunction till I started your course…haha.
    All the dreamy, addiction, creativity, magic and other dimension awareness, so so spot on!!!
    This post has helped me actually “see” it more clearly and the way it permitates through so much of how I see the world and perceive those around me.
    So timely and life affirming.
    Thanks Mystic and fellow Neptunians xxx

  46. I have sun, jupiter and north node in cap in 12th house. My venus and mercury conjunct neptune All in sag in 11th house. My friend just wrote me a letter for my bday that i have an uncanny ability of whats going to happen next and its true i could just sense peoples wants and needs. Sometimes i get scared they might think im superficial because im different in dealing with everybody.

  47. This gives me some ideas about how to play transit Saturn conj. my 21 Sag Neptune over the next year. It’s in my 10th house, as is my Sun conj. Uranus. I’ve read the usual dreadful things about this transit, how I’m going to be soooo lonely and have all of my dreams crushed, but I’ve been on board with Saturn since the transit began and it’s mostly brought me good things. I would love to apply some structure to my dreamy stoney art bits.

    1. The other pertinent thing to think about re: transit Saturn conj. Neptune is that this is a generational thing moreso than a personal one… right? If this is about a more widespread sort of disillusionment and isolation then I definitely feel that and have already been trying to figure out how I can best be of assistance.

      I have a Neptunian/Uranian friend who just opened a sensory deprivation tank spot and is operating it on a sliding scale. I tried it out last week and I’m so on board with whatever wellness cult he surely hopes will sprout from his business. I already have a weird-pro job that I love and am good at but I am definitely searching for ways to step it up/streamline/bring more people into community/etc.

      1. I have recently been through a Saturn conjunct Neptune transit myself and this is what I have experienced, but bear in mind YMMV:

        1.) saturn shits in your morning coffee. constantly. Any beautiful dreams will be stained with the jizz of reality and economic feasibility. Daydreaming is unpleasant.

        2.) I felt like Saturn really energized some rational thinking to the point that it overrode my natural instincts and intuition. I felt I couldn’t trust *ME* that whole time. I overly relied on reading astrology and doing tarot all the fucking time during that time period because i couldn’t tap in. It was like i had no instinct. I look back now and feel crazy about spending my days in bed paralyzed by fear reading about 1-2 hrs of astrology each morning because i somehow had to be “prepared” for each day. P.S. it did NOT help. I read into and memorized every line in Mystic’s scopes for clues of how my day would go. I abused IChing. I overused Lenormand and geomancy. I don’t blame other astrologers or psychics or tarot readers BTW I blame myself. I had no idea how that transit would play out. But as Saturn pulled away from my Natal Neptune I could feel my own instincts kick back into working order. At first I didn’t trust them, but I do now. It has taken months to feel like I could trust myself again. I didn’t need to rely on scopes. I can rely on myself once again. phew! Anyways hope this helps you!

      2. I have been feeling this too. I am fostering a kitten currently and donating on a monthly basis to charity and just feeling the need to do more for others. Plus, Trump as President is about as Neptunian as it gets! I cannot fuqing believe that is happening and its really calling on all to be social activists in the States. I’m hosting protesters for the inauguration.

        1. I noticed many musicians I know already gave up and are toeing the line. They stopped resisting and are hoping it’ll all just go away on it’s own. (it won’t)
          The others I know no longer care because resisting isn’t glamourous or cool and now are trying to copy Invanka & Melania’s looks.

          1. When is resisting abusive authority ever NOT glamorous and cool!?!?! Especially now…(sigh)…

            Is my Neptune showing?

            DC has a punk rock history and I am expecting a revival.

            1. I’m shocked actually. But I am picking up Why bother to even try anymore despair.
              Then there’s the hardcore addicts they are delving deeper into their addictions and pretending Trump doesn’t exist.
              Fashionistas love the Trumps. ugh…

    2. I have natal Saturn conj neptune in cap and I think it’s a good thing! Lends some structure of daily practice to your art or dreams? I just try to make Saturn the copilot and Neptune the driver. 10th h so could be essential to your career too

    3. I am just finishing up this transit. Marsbar is right and ooof, that coffee comment. I felt very flat, like I had a terrible time feeling the magic. Self doubt and tearing myself up, but that probably has something to do with Moon conjunct my Neptune.

      I’d focus in on the house it’s transiting and figure out a way to ground yourself there. Wearing heavy shoes makes me feel better. I also have worn hematite almost every day, it’s supposed to be grounding.

    4. It was an extremely positive time for me. Dreams came true in a very timely and sensible fashion.
      Have no fear in the 10th you can realize some career dreams you always thought were to far out.
      Dream your dream and let Saturn put it into place and make it real.

  48. Couldn’t have described me better (so Neptune is responsible for my ‘seeing/knowing’ things and events way before they happen!). Thankfully none of the afflictions described have found a home in me. Probably because Saturn is conjunct my Sun. Just try ignoring Saturn. At your peril.

  49. Jupiter in Pisces + Fire Neptune
    conjunct the DC & Trine Sun:
    ‘Oi, I am a sensitive effing flowah. Listen up entity and listen good and I won’t bring out the holy water..’

  50. yes ..neptune/moon/par of fortune in 4th scorpio square my 12thleosun/asc. Had an alcoholic father (who left)…I have ghosts/visions/dream visits. Luckily I have never used drugs or smoked (do like my beer on weekend though) …I can see me being quite the party animal if i had LOL

  51. Sun conjunct Neptune, Moon in the 12th house here.

    Thank you for describing Neptune so beautifully and delicately.

    A particular way I’ve submerged my Neptune in the past (in addition to latching onto empty romances) is to take care of family members who have addictions. (Alcohol and drugs thankfully have never appealed to me because I’ve seen up close and personal, over and over again, the utter and complete havoc it wreaks. If you want to cure yourself of an addiction, I recommend spending time with a person who has alcohol-related dementia. That is, the alcohol has so saturated their brain that they have lost the use of important and basic functions.)

    Anyway, as I move into the second half of my life, I’m working on bringing Saturnine structure to the intimations and images and musings and externalize them into the “real” world in a consistent fashion.

      1. yep, my friend has it and after spending a week vacationing at his house it put me off booze. I will drink occasionally but after seeing a rockstar you admired as a teen piss himself and not comprehend where they are is off putting and tragic. 🙁

  52. Blessing and a curse. Neptune in Scorpio here in the 12th. Parallel Venus in Scorpio, both are opposite Saturn in Taurus, which used to be my nemesis but is now my rock in the middle of the sea. Neptune also square my nodes; north Node is in Pisces (late Scorp; early Pisces). I’ve had a rough go of being addicted to hot vampires and the fallout has been immense and intense. Had my share of drug use and drink and currently remain on the wagon as much as possible (went two years sober as an experiment; now only have a glass of wine like once a month or so). Now I’m a single mom and going spiritual/witch mode. Avoiding the men and definitely the vamps. Still find myself sliding into past habits but am able to pull myself out of them now before I fall completely. Beautiful healing time for me and I’ve learned a lot about myself. It’s changing the whole game completely, taking it up several levels. And yes, I find it easy to grok other dimensions, talk to angels/spirits, and meditate on loving energy. Also a musician, writer, and artist. It is quite the slippery creature, this Neptune phantasm. Sobriety and harnessing Saturn for focus and drive have helped me tremendously. Keeps me from hitching my star to wayward assholes just because “it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

  53. Thank you mystic, I think this is the creative supporting words I needed to hear (read) right now! the self confidence is taking something of a beating. Mostly from my Saturnian things LOL talk about own goals. A bit roller-coastery but trusting my piscean-ness for daily life (hey Neptune in 6th house!) much more than I do would be a great start to using the force, hmm? (Yoda voice)

    1. Cap moon will do that to you…always the self-talk about achievement and lack thereof, measuring thyself compared to some imaginary ideal timeline or others of perceived ‘better’ success…. I’m reminded of that wonderful quote from Zadie Smith about living a creative life is basically an acceptance that you will never be satisfied with what you produce. Keep trusting your fish-self to drive the machine xx

  54. Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th, kindly (ha!) squaring my Sun and sextile Pluto on the MC. I wouldn’t say I’m Neptunian, but how would I know? I have that rueful inner laughter coming up in me when my higher self is like, “Sister, you have NO idea! And I LOVE YOU—it’ll be fine…”

    My kiddo also has a 12th house Neptune in Aquarius on the ASC. Kiddo also has a stellium in early Pisces–Moon, Uranus, Venus. Lucky for him there’s some strong fire and earth in his chart. When I get him away from the video games and out in nature, we vibe on the beauty. Get us both near water and we’re in heaven.

  55. Neptune at 29LI59Rx conjunct my Asc and squaring Mars in the 9th. Yoga teacher! Also immigration lawyer. Also psychic. Overwhelming empathy.
    Neptune is “the flow” – the issue is “which” flow. A fake one? A cosmic one? In “the-all-that-is” there is still the importance of distinguishing the REAL all-that-is.

  56. I’m an aquarian with a lot of pieces in me and this sounds exactly like me. Thanks for referring to the lower and higher Neptunian levels. It hit the nail on the head for me.

    1. I am also, with Neptune conjunction my ascendant in the 12th house. I don’t pay much attention to this side of myself, but for sure, it’s there. I just don’t give these behaviors much thought. I a very saturnine person so I like to think of myself as a leader/boss but ignore my tendencies to spend days in my head. My boyfriend has told me it’s like I put myself in jail.

      1. That is hysterical, I’m Neptune in 12th too, with a cap rising.. I need to get better at putting myself in jail.. or do I? Hehe needless to say these sat/nep squares were harsh but so illuminating and needed..

        1. Wowzer.
          Putting myself in jail
          That struck a chord
          I’ve always said I’d be perfectly happy in solitary confinement. I could never understand why it was considered a form of punishment or made people go nuts.
          But I guess being nuts to begin with helps – there’s no fear of being alone whatsoever in me. On the other hand, other people and connection with them can bring me such happiness and them too it would seem.
          I think there’s a balance I’m finding between “me time” and having the courage to go out even if it’s scary. It’s knowing what part of me to listen to I’m still learning. Sometimes it’s better to stay home but like that jog on a cold morning, or cleaning the floor- sometimes the resistance to doing it means that that’s the exact thing you NEED to do.
          Great comment

      2. Omg!! Saggo guy I was crazy about for years until the recent Neptune /. Saturn square has Venus conj Saturn in Scorp in 12th house smack bang on my Sun. He once had a dream that he was in jail and I was trying to help him break out.
        He’s not into Astro so of course he didn’t realise how symbolic that dream was

  57. Great summary. I’m a Pisces with Neptune ascendant (Scorpio) backed up by grand trine with Saturn (5th house) and Jupiter (10th house). Worked ‘backwards’ with my career…corporate yoga teacher now screenwriter. My imagination is my workplace. Never been happier but it is a very precarious existence and the temptation of wine is mighty. Using every psychic sanity saving skill from my yoga days to keep high functioning in film industry. I breed unicorns. And sell them. I’ve heard rumours of an astrological upswing for film industry late 2017. Any truth in that?

  58. Dear Mystic, you are sooo right – I am a Scorpio rising conjunct Neptune and have experienced half a century of looking for my true essence…Obediently submitting to family and societal rules, there always has been a feeling of alienation and hurt, mild food and alcohol addictions still kept very private thanks to the plutonian vibe…I am a Gemini with Sun and Moon in the 8th….BUT…guess what !? Here comes Saturn in Scorpio transit and gradually bares me of it all, blood, tears and dispair infused…in typical Neptunian fashion no proper 3D reason detectable….and here I am today having nothing of the old but instead a new kind of plenty, happiness and hope as never before…Neptune’s higher octave exists afterall…

    1. me too..Shamanic work really helped me and rather like my shapeshifting abilities..Neptune in 12th Libra conjunct ascendant in Scorpio. I ask have Saturn there. I have to create my own structure to contain the Neptunian ness and focus it. Dancing helps and making huge altars

      1. Katycoyote: Hmmm.. I have been thinking of seeing a Shaman. What did you think of it? I have Sun conjuct Neptune (less than 1 degree is that possible? I’m told Neptune touches my Sun. Sun, Venus, Mercury Neptune all in Scorpio). I have seen orbs wth the naked eye, visions, have premonitions, etc. I am currently involved in traditional marriage counseling but need to get out of my head. Yoga is a life saver. Would really love thoughts on Shamanic work.

  59. Sun-Saturn, Merc, Psyche and Chiron in Pisces, Neptune conj IC, opp Jupe-MC, square Venus (yes it’s a lovely T-square w Venus and Jupe), trine Merc, sextile Mars, sextile moon-Lilith. Plus transiting Neptune currently on my sun-Saturn and Merc.
    It has taken me a lifetime to evolve from trainwreck to creative but functional human being. I am always keenly aware of how easily I could be either in the gutter or no longer alive. At times both options have seemed very appealing. I’m ok now though, more or less.
    Any tips on how to positively channel the square to Venus?? lol

    1. Not one jot. I’m Saturn in Taurus 6th house square Venus in Aqua conjunct IC and none of it seems to mitigate Neptunian tendencies. Especially since my own Jupiter is conjunct Neptune in 12th.

      Maybe live large in the fantasy/creativity, and document all the dreams and visions somehow, even in code or pictogram. Catch those butterflies. While carving your ever evolving daily practices.

      And let Neptune give glitter to your Sun-Saturn. Every daily act is one of creativity with structure. Just wondering if your home or work is efficient to higher purpose, and charitable to others. In a Merxury manner…the caduceus of Mercury. The one Saturn in Pisces i know works incredibly hard, fuelled by creative higher vision of the work, but also incredible guilt for actually being of indulgent pleasure loving nature.

      1. I’m Saturn, Chiron and Vesta in Pisces in the 11th. Much of that description rings true for me. The fantasy world, over sensitivity to other’s pain (and plants and animals) love of art and magic, imaginary relationships (which are the best, no messy reality or disappointment, lol) and needing solitude to recharge and process stuff.

    2. Chrysalis you have captured my life to a T when you described your’s. Hugs!

      “It has taken me a lifetime to evolve from trainwreck to creative but functional human being. I am always keenly aware of how easily I could be either in the gutter or no longer alive. At times both options have seemed very appealing. I’m ok now though, more or less.”

      goodness re your chart !!!! My chart is not as neptunian as yours – even though i have pisces moon + rising, my neptune is in the 8th in Scorpio (ha!) but with sextiles to saturn in the tenth and venus in the 6th. So in theory, workable (just had a shocking LZ relapse this spring, in recovery – I think, hope…) trying a meditation retreat over the NY…

      anyway, can you work round that venus square using the positive mars and moon aspects? jup square venus isn’t ‘bad’ at all either and fab to have Jup on your MC. maybe your sun-saturn could help with a checklist or ‘rules’ for yourself or check in on dreams..

      *grins ruefully* not that i can talk about leveraging good aspects to be more realistic! but its also progress not perfection, one can and does evolve. I’m working on “surrendering control”, and “letting go” stuff ATM – not sure if this is relevant for you though.


  60. yeah def feel neptunian…loads of asteroids/moon in twelth…lots of trines to neptune..need loads of time alone…imaginary re/ships lol

  61. Is Neptune conjunct my IC to be considered something that makes me Neptunian?
    It’ actually the closest match “planet/cusp” that I have in all of my birth chart.

    1. I don’t usually get stoned, not with pot or drugs. I relate more to the “sliding down the Lower Neptunian rabbit hole of addiction or hooking up with vampires because they’re hot” kinda vibe. Actually I used to. Now I know why the Sat/Nept square was so potent and powerful for me (and painful, don’f forget painful).

      1. addiction to romance or the illusion of “love”= love zombie.
        My last addiction and now I only am addicted to chocolate. Less stress! 😉

        1. Neptune in 12th house Libra conjunct ascendant…down dating hot men o yes! But now I am much more into my spiritual practice I don’t go there, and despite still enjoying a glass of wine or two I never touch other psychedelic stuff etc partly for health reasons and partly cause I have had amazing visions etc so just don’t feel the need. Can get those with out drugs..although Pluto is conjunct my MC and got so much Scorpio 8 th house stuff its instance I feel I am a kind of Plutonic Neptunian if there is such a thing!

          1. I aso have Uranus conjunct Jupiter in the 9th in Cancer squaring my Neptune and Mercury and Mars conjunct in the 8th trine Neptune, neptune opposition Venus on my descendant. I am out there, outer planet but oddly also subterranean kinda lady.Venus square uranus (don’t fence me in) and Venus trine Pluto..not like i am intense on anything ha ha

      2. Oh god yeah, all of the above
        Hot Qi Vampires please form an orderly queue
        I used to self medicate with pot daily as a teen until well into my 30’s.
        Later and earlier too actually, I got a bit into space dust – but it never felt out of control.
        What felt out of control was all the crazy inside me. My hurricane brain needed something- more of everything. Every man was “the one” and that’s hilarious because at the rate I went through men in my late 30’s it’s no wonder I’m manorexic now!
        Bleh, I’m almost other people-orexic until I find myself among them and can’t tear myself away. But perfectly content to just be now.
        I can’t imagine getting stoned, I barely leave the house as it is so that would be a disaster!
        Like I need any neurological assistance to stay in bed and munch all day!
        I’m like a stoner without the pot.
        Geeking out over the most banal of things or finding the meaning of life in banter with a barista- like not even Kidding. Single moms or moms with special kids, you know, you can tell they have something sublime and soulful about them, they are like superheroes to me. I just float around. Like that Patti Smith song. Oh btw her book just kids. Read it and weep.
        In a good way. Gorgeous

        1. “Geeking out over the most banal of things or finding the meaning of life in banter with a barista- like not even Kidding.”

          I can so relate to this. So many things have significance and demand attention. For instance, on a 3/4-quarter-mile walk to several shops I frequent, there are the flowers in the gardens that I pass, and a house with a broken sidewalk that has a bad energy to it, for some reason. There are the people you meet on the sidewalk who you have to figure out how to navigate. (The Texan in me always wants to say hi, but such contact in Boston is strictly verboten.) There’s the angle of the sun or the moon in the sky to be taken into account, and the feel of the air on one’s face, and the way one’s shoes hit the pavement. And then of course, all the information you take in at your actual destination, and the walk back! Getting home feels like an absolute achievement.

          I never confide this to my family and friends because they’ll think I’m suffering from depression or some other issue, when it’s really just processing all the life that comes our way at any given moment.

    2. I’ve had this Neptune conjunct my. IC as a transit for ages…very neptuniun way to define a span of time 🙂
      Astrodient described it as “losing the road map” and it certainly accounts for the feeling of my previous sense of self dissolving and the ego floundering as it desperately seeks security. The whole feeling of the transit has been rather nebulous and at times I’ve felt pretty low as what used to make me feel safe or validated and so on just kept either slipping out of my hands like a bar of soap in the bath. If I got what I wanted I still wasn’t happy but I had no idea what it was I did want either. There’s so much pressure to define ourselves by our goals and achievements or to measure ourselves and even define what we want in the future. All I know is that I’m much more content just having the goal of being true to myself and staying with me and what my body and other aspects of psyche are trying to say than randomly grasping at meaningless goals because I thought I should want those things. Neptune at the very base of your chart nasally definitely makes you a Neptuniun! It’s a challenging aspect but like all challenging aspects, harness the gift and you become the alchemist and heroine instead of the victim.
      Last night- and I wouldn’t admit this anywhere else I actually confronted an astral energy that has been hanging around for ages. It was a conversation I was literally telling the ghost to fuq off and naturally it wasn’t keen to do so. It felt more like a negotiation I was overhearing or a calm conversation where I was just saying “look, you need to leave, it’s that simple.”
      I’m sure it’s no coincidence the incredible breakthroughs I’ve made working my ass off in therapy that I’m finally ready to start EMDR tomorrow, that many of my ADHD symptoms have receded so much as many of them (although there’s no question about the diagnosis being correct or it being genetic- )
      but I’m clearly not “neurotypical” having had a totally codependent, very ADHD mother who was herself neglected as a child by her own ADD mom and the patterns I experienced were reflections of those she’d grown up with.
      My dad, a total aspie and ADD with multiple issues of his own also contributed so much to the gifts behind the trauma I’m unwravelling at this juncture. It fits and while I wouldn’t describe it as a picnic- I think picnics are massively overrated anyway- it’s without question the peak or greatest time of my life in ways that aren’t tangible and I don’t even try to explain. On paper it looks dire and there’s a lot of doing dishes and NOT going to gym or robotically going through the “motions of motivation or whatever success is meant to mean. I gotta say, shit, I’m grateful. I’m brave and I like being me. I’m learning to just be present and show up FOR ME, in My Life, in My Way and totally on my terms.
      I couldn’t possibly have predicted that the things that made me so sad, I was almost suicidal at times with despair but if I’d known those same things would bring me such inner wealth- but there’s just no way to explain that kind of thing. It very Velveteen Rabbit:)

      1. I wanted to say that many of my ADHD symptoms have receded recently- not vanished and I wouldn’t want to not be ADHD. I love my punk brain.
        But a lot of the anxiety and self sabotage stuff was PTSD stuff, relating to childhood wounds I’d never had the stability to acknowledge let alone address.
        I spent so much time invalidating my sense of reality and denying it because I had to survive as a kid and that meant playing along. I’m not saying my parents were not doing the best they could or implying malice or even apportioning blame but let’s just say I grew up in a distinctly lower Neptuniun environment and acknowledging the fog or that actually certainl things were fucking NOT OKAY, or even telling another human being (or admitting to myself) that they were happening simply wasn’t an option.
        I suppose that’s what I’m most grateful for now and as Alanis sings, “thank you India, thank you heartbreak, thank you disillusionment ” I don’t know the words and so I’m paraphrasing badly but yeah, it’s funny how so many of the people who inspire me are wonderfully broken open and real humans rather than clever marketers or airbrushed grillionaires.
        Oh, and Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman, if you’re reading this, no disrespect to my biological parents but if I could pick any couple alive or dead, I would nominate you to be my “real folks.”
        Just saying 🙂

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