Happy New Moon In Capricorn!

Happy New Moon in Capricorn!  Always a substantial Moon, this one is squaring the Moon’s Nodes AND in sync with Uranus. What does this mean? Well, you may have a robust agenda, with an exquisitely lucid take on nearly everything.

Others are blatting into or out of your orbit at high velocity with scanty explanations. Do you even have the mental bandwidth to be mystified? Perhaps not. New Moons like this accentuate the people and paths that are for you…or not. 

There are other factors at play, of course and it can become confusing. For clarity, why not select one – or two – of the following ‘protocols’?


This is a hardcore performance Mars, aided by Lilith in Virgo + Uranus in Taurus aka an excellent Earth synergy. Think tangible metrics like money and time, with a simplified food and exercise regime. Stoic philosophy or ancient graffiti reminds you that the world has always been fuqed in many ways but by Taranis (substitute with your preferred martial oath), your niche in it won’t be. You’ll out-work, out-scheme and out-everything the competition. Motivation: Nice sheets, high-end cutlery + sufficient cash in the coffers to yell ‘fuq off’ (across your metaphorical castle moat) to trolls and co. Viable till mid-Feb.


The re-realization that duty and straight lines don’t bring out the best in you feels like a cosmic revelation. You don’t have to look too far for trappings to denounce/declutter or tantric nomadic love interests. You may channel the Neptune-in-Sagittarius era hit song The Year of the Cat – ‘she comes in incense and patchouli‘, entertain an ambitious travel agenda – geographical and astral, of course – or debut radical romantic candor with mixed results. The ‘awe is your religion’ approach is easy to adapt to fashion and beauty, even if it does inevitably wind up with hemp oil, baking soda and yoga for everything.


The screechy intensity of the pre-Pluto-shift power-quakes are frying your aura or is that the smart grid? Whatever, the Neptunian approach is to swathe yourself (and anyone you can inspire) in enchanted scents, aura-nourishing mists, poetry, music and communing with the natural world, as well as something other-worldly. As it usually involves solitude and dis-engaging from the news cycle, you run the risk of being deemed escapist but if your spiritual health is at stake, what else can you do? Your dreamscapes reveal the need-to-knows, no interpreter required. The more you listen, the less is lost in translation.


Helpfully, Mercury emerges from the shadowzone of the Mercury Retrograde as Pluto moves into Aquarius; Jan 20/21st is a natural go-zone by this logic. All you need to in the meantime is play for time, avidly research the real breaking trends (beyond the currently next-level spin and hype) and devise/refine your new-era strategies. You may be tempted to push for certain conversations but the chances are that whatever you need defined or affirmed, it will occur organically before the 2oth/21st. Behind your necessarily super-chill demeanor, you’re humming with confidential calculations and analytics.

Do any of these ‘choose your adventure’ options appeal to you?


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79 thoughts on “Happy New Moon In Capricorn!”

  1. Wow, seems like everyone has been feeling this! It was in my fifth house and normally I’m all, oh, fifth house, I’m a Cap moon, Saturn/Cap, I’ll pick Mars in Cap etc etc but just recently I’m starting to think more about how my fifth house actually begins at 24 Sagg. I can’t believe in all these years I’ve paid zero attention to this fact. So my fifth house is Jupiter ruled and a bit Sagg-flavoured, yeah? For the past few months I’ve been berating myself over and over about how I’m not working hard enough, updating my lists, fixing my spreadsheets, reading time management books and so on and wondering why I’m getting nowhere with my creative projects and feeling completely joyless. I realised, maybe I need to go to the beach, walk in nature, get outside more. I mean, everyone would like to do those things I’m sure but I feel this will be a secret key to making the lists and spreadsheets work properly. Venus is bang on my SN right now and heading for the cusp of my fifth – so I’m doing Venus in Sagg. *Takes off sensible shoes, pulls hairpins out of severe bun, reaches for boho turquoise jewellery, whistles for horse*

    1. Dearest Pegs, adding to Sam’s list, I am coming over with my Asian cooking skills to make sure that you get the ass and boobs you want. A sexy paunch is completely optional.
      Jokes aside, I hear you. All of my Capricorn though says that money solves a lot of things. Take as much as the insurance offers and let Lady Venus smile on you – one way or another. Huge hugs!

      1. ASIAN FOOD? I’m there. It is truly the answer to my lack of appetite. In the 80’s went to Singapore twice a year for THE FOOD, where one can eat happily 4 times a day & then more! Will happily take a paunch if it comes with tits & ass 🙂 x

      2. It’s ok we have a mop here somewhere, 5th house.
        Agree on money solving many things, and the straight-line (if not Venusian) solution that is presenting itself for pegs.

  2. The stars ARE aligning. On the day of New Moon (after waiting 6 weeks) found out the Maremma owner does have home insurance that covers dog bites. Wonder the payout for losing tits & ass in massive weight loss?
    Why am i sad about the news, perhaps because it means regurgitating the hospital trauma for lawyers?
    Because now i must be covered neck to ankle dress wise?
    This from someone who was partial to nudity, happy at a topless beach (even if not designated topless), worked on keeping fit, proud of the figure espesh considering age. No wearing swimmers anymore.
    Compensation can be quite substantial but losing one’s breasts & needing cushions to sit anywhere or leave indentations on furniture isn’t a money issue.
    Neither is health actually like how much Sustagen + protein can one drink?
    Might buy a lot of soft furnishings? How much is ‘loss of a body’ worth? Will a sexy new car with all the trimmings be my new body? Am i turning into pure spirit or becoming thinner & thinner til i disappear or evaporate.
    O dear this is little woe is me innit. Time to join the Nunnery, what? They wear street clothes now not habits to the floor & veils!
    *****but the planets are on side*****:-)

    1. Slender pegasus, perhaps you are now simply in a streamlined format to travel a little more lightly just for the moment.
      An ideal time to consider lots of delicious carb-loading..? I imagine seafood platters…perfectly crunchy chips… ice cream in a cone, breakfast zucchini fritters with the tzatziki on the side… a couple of roti with a delicious Malaysian curry… a cheeky croissant… affogato for dessert… coffee and cake… a generous helping of lasagna… garlic bread… gnocchi gorgonzola… fried rice with an egg on top… tacos al pastor… onion bhaji… dear me I’ve just had dinner and I’m hungry again!

      1. Sam thank you for stimulating my appetite, now i have wheels again can go explore different cuisine instead of deliveries from boring Woolies & Coles & their endless pages of mainstream nothing much.

      2. Delicious food ideas, Sam!
        If I had my way, it would be spinach lasagna with tomato sauce and mascarpone and ricotta three evenings per week in winter…

      3. Peggy sue, go get that bread, literally. Glad you have a chariot once more so that you can venture outwards to renewed culinary vistas. xox BTW traveling to Singapore (/ the peninsula generally?) twice a year to EAT sounds like the most brilliant idea I have ever heard. your genius knows no bounds. Eat (food), Pray (for always delicious food), Love (food). This is the way. Do these jeans make my Jupiter in Taurus look big? bahaha

    2. Wish Upon a Star

      Oh no you won’t evaporate not on my watch. I think I am channeling the Capricorn Sun when I say try and think long term with the wait gain, yes I realised I just did a typo but I will leave it. It is a wait game. I am sorry for the massive weight loss and you are trying hard with the protein drinks but maybe when everything settles down and the winds of Pluto in Aquarius blow regularly you will regain your joi d vie and the weight will gradually come back. I can see you sitting outdoors at dusk with a glass of champagne and a plate of yummy food. I know what it is like to lose something (my right breast thru cancer), I am also grieving at the moment so I know how you feel. But the planets are on our side Pegusus. I think the word of the day is patience.
      Lots of love and hugs.

      1. Darling did you LOSE a boobie. Giving you a little of my grief of losing two. Yes at least i have them though they look 90 years old & had me thinking exactly what you have experienced ‘what if they were removed’, & there for the grace of the goddess go I. Shall not complain now you have given me a reality check. Blessings little Amazon.
        There was a rumour that the Amazons removed a breast to make archery more accurate, easier to shoot them arrows at enemies.

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Little Amazon : I will take that. On good days I do feel like an Amazon but on bad days I have regret. I did not mean to give you a reality check. Feelings are feelings are they not?
        I could always try archery, I am right handed and the right breast was removed, so lucky there. I can always have reconstruction with some tattoos. Some days I feel that I will, some days happy the way I am. Such is life.

    3. Hey Pegs, sorry to hear about all this. Good luck with the lawyers. I hope all these wonderful food images will nourish on a metaphysical level xx

  3. ‘The Year of the Cat’… so beautiful. It is cinematic and symphonic. Some music from the 70’s has a unique quality to it which soothes and uplifts the soul. I also find it in ‘Home on a Monday’ by the Little River Band, in ‘If you leave me now’ by Chicago, in ‘Sailing by Christopher Cross, in ‘How Deep is you Love’ by the Bee Gees and in ‘Sara’ by Fleetwood Mac. Must be Neptune in Sagittarius making itself felt and heard…

  4. I guess I am waiting for Pluto in Aquarius… or more precisely, for Pluto to finally, finally leave Capricorn. I have been consumed with work and duty for the past 15 years. Pluto was trining my Virgo and Taurus planets during this time. In theory this should be something positive, but these ultra earthy energies have been consuming and using me up as well. Like the Ring in Lord of the Rings was consuming its wearers. And in the end I am not an earth sign, I am a Sagittarius. I wish for the new era to be more about my Sagittarius side 🌟🙏

    1. this is actually a good description for the effect Pluto things have on me. your words helped me understand something about a relationship too Calcifer

      1. Hi Sam, yes, Pluto matters can consume us. Giving away our power, or having it taken away from us. Bringing conscience and light to the situation, helps 🌟

      2. Maybe that’s why Persephone had to fuq off away from Hades for a half year break every 6 months. Otherwise she’d become a husk

      3. Yes, Sam, I completely get it why Persephone had to go on a 6-month holiday every year to her mother Demeter and be fed and nourished properly instead of being consumed by hubby Hades

  5. All of the above. and totally agree: thinking about ‘Year of the Cat’ was a great catalyst for forgotten emotions, feelings and memories…

  6. LOVING the “Year of the Cat” hypnotic song by Al Stewart as choice reference … he is a Virgo with a Leo Moon

    speaking as a multiple Pisces 8th houser married to a Cap Stellium in the 2nd (w/ Sag rising; hot next to my Sag Mars) this energy is a hazy fever dream that finally feels like a good time

    1. Al Stewart is in rotation on my playlist a lot … his historic songs, Roads to Moscow, so poignant now, and Nostradamus, and my New Year’s Song was On the Border: “I thought I saw down on the street / The spirit of the century / Telling us that we’re all living / On the border.”

    2. I just googled around looking for Al Stewart’s chart – Virgo sun, 50/50 Leo or Virgo moon – and found a Financial Times 2021 article about Year of the Cat. The final version emerged from a Vietnamese astrology book: “When his girlfriend left a book of Vietnamese astrology open at the page for the Year of the Cat, then just beginning, the words fitted the same four notes — and also contained the word “of”. Stewart was obsessed with Bob Dylan’s “‘of’ songs” — “Masters of War”, “Chimes of Freedom”, and presumably in 1975, “Simple Twist of Fate” — believing that the preposition made them sound “portentous”. When he watched Casablanca on television, an opening couplet came to him: “In a morning from a Bogart movie, in a country where they turn back time/ You go strolling through the crowd like Peter Lorre contemplating a crime… ””

  7. I have been visiting parents and while its been comforting, I feel numb and dumb… boxed in. I can’t wait to go home to my pupper and enjoy solitude in vast white expanses of freezing minus temperatures in double digits. 😶‍🌫️ I’d say I choose waiting for Pluto in Aquarius. I need an overhaul and many overdue conversations. Waiting, waiting, waiting for my turn to come.

    1. Some of us are being gently steamed here in the southern hemisphere 5th house. I’d happily enjoy a stroll through snow covered fields in the minus teens temperature for a few weeks! Alas I must seek respite in the walk-in beer fridge at the local bottle shop, or standing in front of the open supermarket fridges..

      1. Haha, Mystic should start our own Home Exchange services. Much as I love my 10 kms from city center, yet next door to a bird sanctuary and two lakes apartment, Nordic winters always get to me. I blame my Asian tropical ass. 😆 I would literally commit massive financial crimes to spend a few weeks in tropical sweaty humid climes. I guess the grass is greener and the snow is whiter on the other side, always. 😉

      2. And Sam, I highly recommend wetting some bedsheets and hanging them on curtain rails, if you have them. Also, on door frames. Its a proven trick to beat dry heat. We also used water cooler fans with water falling on straw mats…which was then sprayed out along with cool air. My dad used to add this fragrance “Khas” essence, aka vetiver root essence. Ah…memories of summer.

        For humid heat, well…tough luck. Except dunking in a swimming pool or AC, nothing else seems to work. 🥴 *Source: 20 years in SUPER dry 44C heat and 9 years in 30C prennially but humid as hell living.

      3. Loads of typos. 😶‍🌫️ And wetting the sheets sounds like something else, now that I read it again. 🤣 But you get the idea.

      4. It’s hot. Used to love the heat but lately anything over 25 is too hot for comfortable breathing.
        And 5th House Cap…… happiness was a steaming jungle atmosphere having lived in SE Asia for many many moons.
        Humidity i found very sensual, also it meant abundance of flowers like Jasmine & Gardenia, orchids of all varieties. Colour & aromas abounding.
        The dryness of Oz where i am in the South never appealed to me, wrong colours!

      5. I love vetiver. that essence sounds amazing. Will recall wetted sheets on curtain rails when required – no double entendre interpreted. it sounds really practical, lo-fi and clever – a very Capricorn solution. Mystic’s home exchange services sounds amazing.

  8. Wish Upon a Star

    I’ll opt for the Neptune Nebulousity cloaked in Mars In Capricorn wearing my favourite Patchouli Rose Scent.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Not home made but very natural made by Viva La Body in Townsville, I think, definitely Australia. I think this scent is there most popular. Comes in deodorant, soap and perfume stick.

    1. My Rose by L’Occitane arrived. Sprayed it & thought WRONG! Then it changed after an hour then again after 3 hours, 10 hours later could still smell it on my hand…..it gives good ‘sillage’ but it shows how different it smell on people as it was worn on Japanese skin when i tuned into it and asked ‘what are you wearing’?
      Patchouli drop under armpits is an aphrodisiac 🙂 mixed with rose seems a good balance of masculine & feminine.
      Yes Neptune will save me from my thoughts of physicality & channel my energy into art. x

  9. I’m doing a combo of Mars and waiting for Pluto in Aquarius. Zooming through all the crud, relentless sorting stuff out, being rather militant with folk supposed to be doing work for me (trades/builders) all the while plotting my new and improved writing/Comms schedule and plan, but not actually implementing it until Pluto arrives 👌🏻

  10. It’s not so much a risk of being deemed an escapist, as the instinct to escape. Those who would call me an escapist are the kinds of people whose opinions I don’t really care for in the first place.. like, look at what one is escaping from (*gestures back to hatorade addicts and rigid vistas*). No way am I going to hang in that space a picosecond longer than required.

  11. Yes to tantric nomadic love interests. I have Venus in Sag natally and this speaks to me! Happy new moon to all the lovely people here … ten more days and Pluto is out of Cap, a week til my progressed ascendant moves into Leo (maybe I’ll finally find a good hair person) and the very deep freeze that we’re about to enter will hopefully have moved along.

  12. I am LOVING this Capricorn new moon after a super difficult December spent alone mostly in bed, usually crying. It was a necessary process for me to engage with but I’m happy to leave that energy behind for now.

    I think I’m doing a bit of all three. The Mars in Capricorn part is the one deep cleaning the house and doing a ton of horse and yard chores and busting out my planner filled with new 2024 Filofax sheets to write up and plan out my dreams and goals for the year in detail. Venus in Sagittarius covers the part of me super focused on consciously developing my independent and adventurous side after getting too enmeshed in my relationship last year. I lost a pregnancy in December 2022 as a newlywed and I think marriage then thinking I was about to become a mom caused me to muffle this side of myself quite a bit. It’s time for that to change back! I’m doing Neptune the least of the three (sober thinking is a huge priority at the moment lol) but I do feel a drive to spend more time working in the garden and less time dicking around online in my downtime. It just feeds into dissociation which is a huge battle for me.

    Kinda nervous about Pluto going back into Aquarius as two days after that happened last year was when my husband had a psychotic episode. It was hugely traumatic for everyone and I had to hospitalize him… he’s doing way better now and is good about doing 0 drugs (not even coffee) and getting enough sleep and nutrition but it’s scary that it could *in theory* happen at any time. He’s got his moon in Aquarius.

    1. Also there was a HUGE geomagnetic storm when his episode happened. I was feeling it too. We are both super sensitive and I always keep an eye on the space weather if I start feeling funky and try to extra hydrate and ground.

  13. Looking at my astro, Venus was recently conjunct my North Node in Sag, so work in that departement has been in the mix for awhile. I actually wrote a long bucket list of where I want to travel! 😂

    Mars in my 10th house was pushing me to work (on my projects but I’m retired, so I can sleep and watch movies instead, or focus on relationships), which is, btw, 1 degrees from conjunct my 11th house cusp. I can feel the changes already… Busy work-related social schedule coming up with lots of Mercurial 10th house communications. I think I’ll be grateful that I rested up for awhile and watched those movies when I could.

    But I really want to reign in Neptune in my 1st house. It’s just too out there. Focusing on the inner planets and the dad-to-day is a good remedy for the Neptune nebulocity. Still, I like the big ideas that are coming out of this placement. Surrounding myself with beauty, as well as having lovely scents, are uber important.

    Dang, I guess I have to choose the Mars protocol.

      1. Sorry 😏 – not conjunct my 11th house cusp and not in my 10th house either. 20 degrees CAP is full on in my 11th house. I only glanced at my chart on Astro and didn’t bother
        to really check it until now.

        I also see that Uranus in Taurus is forming a Trine to this NM, so I expect some sort of stunning breathrough in my Capricornian 11th house intentions… Maybe even a thrilling twist of fate!

        Mars has a harmonious angle to Jupiter, too. I only know that whatever happens, it involves a lot of practical work, communication, structure, commitment, networking, etc. like creating mown luck.

        11th house: connecting with my tribe (trine Uranus, my tribe are misfits, like me 😂) and it may also involve anything to do with 19 degrees of Taurus: The Sabian symbol – “Pure receptivity sponsoring spiritual breakthrough”


        “A new continent, rising out of the ocean.”

      2. Sabian symbol for my Taurus North node is THE WOMAN OF SAMARIA COMES TO DRAW WATER FROM JACOB’S WELL. And yes the meaning is special and profound for me.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Are you a natal Neptune in the 1st house? I am a Pisces Rising with Neptune transitting my first house. I need alot of space and time to myself.

      1. I’m your astro twin, acendently speaking. And I also have 12th house Mars on my ascendent. I love being alone and also need physical space. But my natal Neptune is in my 7th house at almost 28 degrees. This is not great, from experience, but the aspects make me focus on beauty (not so much my own) nature, music, art, books, design. I am something of a recluse, but can act like a social butterfly when needed, putting on illusions and casting spells.

      2. But I should have written “transiting my 1st house”. It feels like a permanent place ment, though, because it might be there for the rest of this life.

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        Hi Twin, I checked to see when Neptune was on my ascendant and it was early 2016. Yes that was a very nebulous time for me. I like your thoughts on handling Neptune in the 1st especially focusing on beauty, the arts and scents. A lot of alone time: yes.

        “A new continent, rising out of the ocean.” – wow. Neptune at 28 degrees 7th house. I understand why you need your space. My 7th house has Pluto and Uranus conjunct tight ???? I have Neptune 22 degrees Scorpio conjunct Vesta 9th house, makes a grand water trine.

      4. “A Grand Water Trine” – are you naturally lucky? Since you also have Pisces Rising, I bet you’re a “fixer” (like me – I will pry to get to the core of the issue, whether you want me to or not!!!)

        I have an aspect (or several?) that make me an optimist, despite my Kataka Sun (conjunct Sirius) and 12th house Mars. And despite being a Moon child with a Pisces rising, I’m surprisingly fiery (no one would ever guess it), with Uranus, Pluto & Jupiter (conjunct Regulus) (yes, I’m THAT old…) I focus on the daily things I need to do to stay away from despondency and from wild imaginings. I embrace the wild imaginings to create, even without resources, we can create out of nothing.

      5. Looking at the Sabian Symbol for your 9th house Neptune (conjunct Vesta) at 22 degrees: It suggests navigating (9th house) life with love and light. (where’s your NN?) Any work you do, be study (thirst for knowledge) it in the legal field, or publishing or religion/philosophy, you can invent things in your imagination (and share it with the world) to deal with the less savory details of our existence. With the power of your very potent imagination, you can endow anything with profound meaning. (However, if it is really 21-22 degrees, then the meaning is different).

        Scorpio 23 (22° – 23°)
        Some of our baser inclinations can be
        ​trained into a higher spiritual expression
        “Transforming baser instincts”

      6. Uranus and Pluto conjunct: you either have a Cancer/Capricorn or Gemini/Sag NN/SN axis.

        If CAP is your SN, that NM in CAP would have been challenging. Still, we navigate by the guidning light of the SN.

        The Sabian Symbols help to understand one’s path in life, which is why I asked about your NN, but transiting planets, like Uranus in Taurus at 19 degrees concerns everyone. It may be in your 1st house. For me, it’s in my 2nd.

      7. I am naturally lucky, but I did take a bit of a beating with Pluto in Capricorn. Anyway onwards and upwards. I suppose I am a fixer. When it comes to people I feel I have X ray vision. This is a blessing and a curse. My standard chart shows mostly water but I later discovered that I have many feminine planets in Aries 2nd house. Fire and Water. I think I am a realist, then sometimes a dreamer.
        ” I focus on the daily things I need to do to stay away from despondency and from wild imaginings. I embrace the wild imaginings to create, even without resources, we can create out of nothing.” This is gold for me.

      8. “Transforming baser instincts” I really need to hear this at this stage of my life. And just in the funny waiting period before Pluto in Aquarius: bonus. This is like manna from heaven. You are an enlightened messenger. My Venus in Cancer gives you a big hug. So I have North node: Taurus 3rd house, South node Scorpio. I would like to write a book about my life and something just clicked when I read the sabian symbol. And yes it is 22 degees 24 min . Yes the less savoury things in my life: transforming with love and light to release profound meaning. As a natal south node Scorpio it is easy to succuumb to revenge and hate and self pity with a Pisces Rising. Many moons ago a Saggo astrologer looked at my nodes and suggested to let life’s setbacks be grist for the mill. I know what he means now.
        When I first discovered I had Vesta in Scorpio conjunct I saw a fire of love burning all the lower feelings. I can’t express how happy I feel right now. My heart is full. I am reminded how my heart felt like the 3 of Swords Tarot with the Bee Gees singing : How do you mend a broken heart?. Answer: with love.
        Thank you so much T for the effort of looking up the Sabian Symbol. Lots of Love and Hugs.

      9. Transitting Uranus in Taurus is in my 3rd house. My Taurus Moon is 14 degrees and my North Node is 6 degrees 34 minutes Taurus hanging out with Transitting Jupiter. I will now look up the sabian symbol for my north node. Over and out.

      10. Not sure if I’m responding correctly, it’s late here!

        I just read about your grief, and also about your despondency.

        I will not say that I’m sorry for your loss, even though I cannot begin to imagine your emotional pain – but can feel it on an absurd way, no sorries because it was and is a part of the path that you chose and is now a part of the beauty that is you. It took years to accept my extensive visible scars, for example, and even longer to stop grieving over not being like everyone else. For whatever reason, we choose challenges that help us to grow, and what we learn can be shared with others, depending on your path of expression.

        So I say, embrace your uniqueness! Embrace it and tell everyone else out there who is living in grief and shame that they are “Born to be alive!”

        We can find beauty and grace in anything. Let your hearts soar in the little things. It’s really time that we all start be having as if life really matters. Let this Pluto transit help you shed whatever happened in the past. It is no more.

      11. Thank you for your honest and very real words Tetrahedron. I will let this Pluto transit help me shed the past. It is in my empty 11th house.

        BORN TO BE ALIVE. EMBRACE MY UNIQUENESS. With my uniqueness . Just connecting the dots now with the 11th house. Would love to be an activist to help people in grief and shame. Start behaving as life really matters.


  14. Whoa. Ringing true all over the shop.
    Natal sun, merc and Venus in sagg, pisces ascendant and mars in scorp. Currently making moves to live with terminally ill scorp father in the family of origin home, liaising with sibs to get confirmation that they’ll be here when I need time off from the father and booting red haired scorp sun with sagg ascendant 21yr old and wildly charismatic aries sun with sagg ascendant 19yr old out and ending a lease to do so. Fkn. But das kinder were informed to GTFO in early Nov. They got the down low that momma is moving back home on Monday night. There’s been a whole hecking lot of comms fracas going on around it all since early Dec. Meanwhile I have been sowing all the seeds so that any future hard convos may resonate in my favour. Plus using physical diaries and wall planners to sync movements with the soon to depart father. Lots of other pragmatism in play too. Scorp Dad’s house has had electrical fuqery going down since 20 Dec with no hot water from Christmas Eve through til 28dec, Taurus brother and Virgo sister in law with their 3 kids , scorp,4, sagg, 7 and cap, 11, stayed and scorp Dad’s potentially last Christmas saw 14 folks at Christmas lunch, all now resolved and some unexpected better outcomes chucked in as well.Whew. man alive the portals do seem to be open.

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