Tarot reading scene in James Bond movie. Woman in orange oriental style evening gown with Tarot spread

Be Your Own Most Trusted Psychic

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Everyone wants a psychic they trust, but ultimately, you are your best source of psychic information. Access your intuition. Find your optimal psychic groove. Tarot, the I-Ching, the Oracle on here: they all work via synchronicity. Information is around on [ Read more…]

Strong jawed, pale-eyed Merman under the sea with starfish, jellyfish and tentacles. It is art illustrating an article on Neptune transits

Neptune Nearly Drowned Me


Neptune transits have a strong undertow that can take you under and away from “land.” Learn how to be strong in the Neptune ‘ocean’ and not swept away. Dear Mystic, I am coming out of the transit of a lifetime [ Read more…]

Read Your January 2017 Monthly Horoscopes

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The January 2017 Monthly Horoscopes are posted and not a moment too soon. Honestly i cannot believe that 2016 ended with Ronda Rousey getting thrashed in 48 seconds by an (admittedly awesome) Amanda Nunes – she’s Gemini, having an epic [ Read more…]