Elon Musk And Grimes Have Six Soulmating Links

Elon Musk and Grimes have just six soulmating links – which is about the average amount but they’re cool ones! Grimes’s Sun Opposite Elon Musk’s Pluto This link is like the relationship is set in permanent Pluto Transit mode; fantastic if you’re a Plutonic or Eighth House person, not at all sustainable if you’re not. In some cases, Elon Musk is ‘sent’ to turn Grimes onto their repressed Pluto or …

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New Thoughts On Saturn-Pluto Inc

I have some new thoughts on Saturn-Pluto Inc. None of them contradict the core Saturn Pluto 2020 Mp3 rant but they’re new so here they are. As you may know, it’s big-deal astro and the first conjunction between these two power-players since 1982. It’s heavy and I meant it when I said that, energetically, it’s like Darth Vader on ketamine. But I think I have found a way around it. …

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Surreal Phoenix

Learning To Love The Chthonic Full Moon

What is a chthonic Full Moon? This. It’s not yet exact, but it doesn’t have to be. The Full Moon in Aries is always a flashpoint for scenarios you’ve been trying to solve via forbearance or a high-concept form of passivity. It flares up your Mars and voila, anything short of an all-points alert feels like appeasement. Mars manifests as inflammation: Hot words, rage or the sort of stress that …

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Science Fiction Art Philip K Dick novels

Your October Zodiac Zap Up

For a more nuanced and directive October Zodiac Zap Up, see your Monthly Horoscopes. But broadly, welcome to the weirding. There have not been this many discordant and provocative aspects in months. But before you shake your fist at the sky or prepare some elaborate protective ritual, remember the broader picture. Saturn and Pluto are converging while Uranus settles into Taurus.  October’s edgy energy arises from the Sun, Moon and …

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Amazonian Deforestation

The Amazonian Fires Astrology

Want to know about the Amazonian Fires Astrology? Fine. Yes, I know about the fires. There have been two distinct types of communication to me (mostly via social media) about it. (1) “Can you tell me about the astrology of it?” (2) “Why haven’t you said/posted anything about it – people like you are part of the problem.” Actually, no. I think snarking at people for not being swift enough …

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