It’s Metaphysical – The Eighth House In Astrology

The Eighth House in astrology is classically the domain of Sex, Death, the Occult and Other People’s Money. People with prominent eighth houses in their birth chart have experience in these areas that would scramble the synapses of non-Eighth Housers.

They’re Slytherin. They’re armchair metaphysicians. They are psychic through smell. They’re brilliant in a crisis. In an emergency room environment, the Eighth House person will be a towering force of calm strength and positivity, making cheery small talk to lighten unavoidable waiting times and taking care of must-dos. But you cannot rely on them to behave “normally” in a mundane situation. They’re like the sergeant in The Hurt Locker who was super-chill when defusing a bomb under enemy fire but severely anxious in a mall with muzak. They’re comfortable with what the F.B.I. calls “complex terrain.”

They have all-access passes to places others don’t know are in existence. Their boundaries are borders, heavily guarded.

Everyone Misunderstands The Eighth House in Astrology

Classic Eighth house themes include the ‘chosen loss’ of pregnancy terminations, sex and mercenary work (especially with Venus or Mars in the eighth house), super-acute instincts and sensitivity to power dynamics. This lot don’t need seances or mediums. They’ve got other dimensions on the cognitive equivalent of speed dial. Subconsciously or not, they feel all relationships are transactional, and that true merging only ever occurs with Source Vibe/God/Qi. They’re driven obsessives who can succumb to paranoia, but you can bet it will be well-researched paranoia. Their spook skills are exemplary.

People accuse them of being aloof or taciturn, but half their hobbies are taboo topics and the other half are secrets. Their presence and anti-fragility come from things they’ll never tell you about. At least you know they’ll never leak your private information. They don’t care if people think they’re boring or lead a quiet life. Their specialties include pulling off massive makeovers or transforming things. Eighth House people like people, situations, and companies that are in transformation mode. They’re caustic when around stagnant energy; it’s probably a protective mechanism. Complacency brings out their snark.

Stale Energy Stalls Their Hustle

What makes a prominent Eighth house? Generally, the Sun, Moon + a personal planet there but the person’s ruling planet counts three-fold. If it is a stellium in the eighth house, congratulations. You’re supernatural, wealthy via strange means and most of your romances are paranormal. Just joking. People get spooked at the “death” aspect of the Eighth house, but really, it means that Eighth house people can confront the prospect of their mortality with the same pragmatic composure they bring to any end. They know every ending is a beginning somewhere else and that there are two billion galaxies in the universe.

‘Other People’s Money’ is an archaic term that you can understand more easily as resources gained through other people. Eighth House people are not usually attached to status or the perception of being wealthy, but they’re emotional about money, especially shared $$$ in relationships – always a flashpoint, taxation, and debt. Stale energy stalls their hustle. They need to be actively evolving something to earn. The ‘Sex’ factor doesn’t mean that they’re high-libido, sexually driven people. Of course, they can be. But Eighth House people’s high awareness of sex and power dynamics does not necessarily translate into an active sex life.

Occult Simply Means ‘Concealed’ Or ‘Hidden’

The ‘Occult’ that makes up the classic litany of Eighth House concerns is also misapprehended! Many people think “occult” means scheduled esoteric rituals, particularly involving nudity and giant pentagrams.  But the word comes from the Latin “to conceal” and alludes to hidden dimensions that we cannot see. Eighth House people are into learning about the occult the moment they move beyond their early reader books. As kids, they swarmed straight to the 130s section of their local library: parapsychology, religion, astrology, religion, dream analysis, etc.


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  1. This is so true. “headed straight to the 130s” in the library is SO true, and of course my 8H ♋️ moon -Mercury conjunction remembers it like yesterday.

    thank you

  2. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and North Node in the 8th. I’m in my goo stage inside this cocoon I’m in after this Pluto transit I’ve just under gone. 3rd pass knocked everything in place. Can feel it getting better with the Uranus trine… Thank God and thank you for posting this. It means a lot reading work like this.

    1. Note: Venus R, been thinking of shaving my eye brows a lot lately and receding my own hair line, kind of like a Clingon or something.

  3. I have Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and my north node in the 8th house. What does it all mean?? I am definitely keenly aware of my mortality and obsessed with finances, but this is bad, I think? And totally into “the occult.” (Taurus sun, Libra Moon, Cap rising btw). If anyone has a good site or book to do more research on this, LMK.

  4. I’ve got a Saturn yod in Cancer in my 8th house. Not quite sure what it means, but guess all will be revealed in divine timing.

    1. Must see this movie. Don’t know amything about Hurt Locker but I’m looking to watch something tonight so thanks.

  5. Oh my gosh, I would love to have someone give me some extra insight. I just realized that I was born the day of a Venus Cazimi in 1981. I’m an Aries Sun. The Cazimi is in my 8th house with the Sun, Venus, and mars. 👀 Aries ruling planet of mars…

    1. If this relates: I know someone who has sun, moon and mars exactly conjunct in their aqua 8th house. Also mercury nearby. Cancer rising. They are now a gynaecological surgeon, originally in obstetrics and always with a practice centred wholly around the needs and empowerment of women. This person is deeply fascinated and invested in the unique forces at play in bio reproduction and beyond.

      So, not Scorpio as such, but has a very intense but detached focus and is vested in offering transparency, independence and freedom of choices when it comes to, well, reproduction. It’s supported by their ruling planet (the moon – ‘mother’) tight with sun (identity) and mars (action, cutting, incl surgery) in the aqua (cool detachment, radical independence, technology) 8th (what lies beneath)

  6. Sun, Mercury and Chiron in the 8th–this interpretation is so nuanced and unique from others on the internet. Thank you, I feel so seen!!!

  7. I have in Scorpio Venus, Saturn, and Pluto. With Mars in Libra all in the 8th house. I’m also a Pisces ascendant. I hope this house and placements brings me wealth and prosperity so I can help others do the same.

  8. Scorpio sun Venus mars mercury and Uranus. All in the 8th. I’ve lost all my immediate family (mother, father , brother) all fairly young had a pretty major legal thing early in life. Have never been a surface only person need to understand everything and can read someone without words, I know this because when the words come it what I was thinking. All this to say. You kinda nailed it! I don’t think having a stellium here is bad just that one has to pay attention to the hidden aspects to help the light shine in on the slow to grow parts of our being. The things we know but choose not to present to the world just yet. Learning from the uncontrolled ways things seem happen in our lives, this placement seems to give us more of that and all of it is an opportunity to transform despite the pain it brings. C’mon 8th bring it otherwise I’d be board!

  9. Mariya Mahiwaga

    I am a Leo Stellium all in 4 personal and all in the 8th house. 😅 My struggle is showing up and not. 🤣 🤣 🤣 Like I know I am a queen and I want them to know and at the same time not. 🤣

    1. I have an 8th house stellium in Leo: Sun, moon, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, mars, with trines sun, moon, Venus, Saturn to Neptune in 12th, Chiron, lilith, and node in 4th. To say my life is spot on to what you said is an understatement. I have a grand trine in Fire (Sagittarius rising)

  10. Mysticcaitlin

    I return to this post again, and again. It is the SINGLE MOST accurate description of what it is like to be an 8th house person. You nail the exoteric & estoteric aspects but in a pragmatic and accessible language (also with a wit that is tres 8th house.) I wish I could mail a copy of this to every online astrologer and astro-social-media persona. Yours with gratitude and respect, C (a Cancer Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Part of Fortune and Vulcan in a mostly ruled by Gemini) 8th house stellium, person.

  11. Multiple taurean here. Had Uranus transiting my 8th house ( where i have a taurus mars-Venus conjunct) for past 7 years. It started in aries, and with what i then called an allergy to men. I have allways had a very healthy erotic appetite ( truly taurean in that sense) Suddenly not. A couple of shocking erotic encounters, strange and nice, but quite detached really. One beautiful love story with a scorpio, and nothing more. Sex has seemed much less interresting. For seven years now!!… that is a long time. Almost no sex for 7 years. Now it is entering my 9th house. House og my sun and Mercur. Time for a change i think

  12. Spot on.

    I have an 8th house scorpio stellium (sun, moon, mercury, venus and pluto). Pisces rising.

    I am an artist (illustrator ,musician, poet, singer and song-writer) I’m a bookkeeper, a secret keeper, a tax preparer, a basketball coach. I study psychology and astrology. I read minds and tarot cards. I’m a witch and a healer. I am transforming and transformative.

  13. I have 5 sons, three have 8th house stelliums, one with most personal planets actually in Scorpio. It’s a puzzle, with the 8th house being so prominent in my offspring, and I wonder what this implies.

  14. I have my Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Lilith in the 8th house, does this mean just this is the most prominent aspect in my life that I should focus on?

  15. Derrick Esmond

    Yeah all this is dead on for sure. I have Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Pluto in 8th house in Libra/Virgo…Virgo Sun and Aquarius rising…I feel like I’ve had a crash course in manipulating energy…I’ve also had very interesting experiences with partners in relationships and have always been put in situations that I have no control over whether that be involving money sex/ relationships although I can see the truth in all my experiences I had no control over my circumstances other than my perspective about it and whether or not I allowed my energy to be drained due to worry and fear about money, sex and relationships…People find me that are stuck and stagnant in life so I can help them heal no matter where I’m at…it’s been this way all my life and over the past 6 years I’ve really gotten very comfortable with it…I guess I was always comfortable with it for the most part but when I realized the power that I have, I came to understand all the transformation that I was going through all my life…

    1. Oh wow this resonates. I didn’t realize it was because of the eighth house. I thought this would be where I shine, and maybe it could be, but I also found to have uncontrollable experiences and the things you listed.
      I wonder what the purpose is?
      mine is mostly in Aries w a bit of Pisces. Should I balance with libra/Virgo for a better outcome (for lack of better words)?

  16. 👋🏻 Sun & Mars in 8th house (Virgo – Aqua Rising) : YUP

    my Neptune in 12th House Cap aides this, as does Pluto in Scorpio

  17. I have my moon, Jupiter (the expander) and Uranus in the 8th house. I am Aries rising so my chart ruler is Mars. Needless to say I have helped a lot of people cross over…mostly relatives on hospice, etc. My life is full of sudden gains and losses. Very intense circumstances. I am intuitive. I tend to attract lots of Scorpios or people with strong Scorpio placements. I also have a stellium in my 10th house in my Sun, Mercury, Venus and Black Moon Lilith.

  18. Sun Moon Merc Venus Mars Neptune 8th house Scorpio…Havent met 1 person yet that has more in this house than me. Ruler of my chart is Mars and my Sun in Sag is above all the other planets Neptune in Sag too, which I believe saved me from being a lunatic. I was also born on a black moon. My Lilith is also here but in Sag… Jupiter is in my 10th and Pluto in 7th with Uranus SN Cancer NN CAP. Saturn 3rd Chiron Ari 1st. I am a Medium. I study Astrology and practice Tarot, Numerology, Crystallomancy and Candle Magic.

    1. Savanah Johnsen

      I have my sun, Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Neptune and Uranus all in the 8th house all in Capricorn I just learned this a couple days ago and would love to have you look at my chart

    2. holly bucciarelli

      Belinda Gonzalez, I also have 6 planets in the eight house. I have always been surrounded by death but I never saw it as the end. Even as a child I got giddy at a funeral. I’m a pro at endings and new beginnings. Don’t try to fool me! I research everything and I analyze everything! Reinvent,restore,repurpose, reuse. The strangest thing is the automatic writing. The messages are usually a universal message. The information is given to me all at once. Not linear. Does this make sense?

  19. I have Aries Sun/Venus/Saturn in the 8H together with Pisces SN which is also in the 8H. I have Pluto conjunct IC and my IC is located at 29 deg. in Scorpio. My Chiron is at 0 deg. in Scorpio. I have Virgo Rising at 0 deg. and it’s conjunct my Virgo Lilith which is at 1 deg. I have Virgo Mars in my ASC too. I have Moon conjunct Neptune in Capricorn in my 5H. My Mercury is at 0 deg. in Taurus in the 9H and is square my Moon and Neptune.

    1. When/where we’re you born lol you’re very similar to me…. I was April 4 1997. Aries sun saturn Venus in 8th house but I’m Leo rising. IC 28 deg Scorpio. Mars conjunct Lilith 1st house Virgo.

  20. Virgo 8th House Stellium

    I have Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury in Virgo/8th House. Leo Venus in the 7th. This article was very interesting and I’m learning a little more about stelliums as I go along. But yes, very secretive. Not intentionally (sometimes), but I just don’t like to put everything out there. I smiled when it said, we’re “…brilliant in a crisis. In an emergency room environment…” because I am an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) RN, studying to practice nursing anesthesia. Thanks for the info!!

  21. The Lion & The Centaur

    I have Mars, Jupiter and Chiron in 8th house and I loved reading this. Yes I NEED People and situations that are morphing, and me myself had kind of a mental breakdown, where I cut contact with all my friends and family and moved abroad to reinvent myself. Then I came back and started from the beginning as 2.0 or More like a whole New person.

    I classify myself as an extremophilic flower because I thrive and Bloom under extreme conditions but can’t handle everyday life. I’ve been in contact with death and birth a lot for my age and some times I feel like I’m the one on the boat on Styx that take People to the other side of the river. And yes I am some times magnetic to some lost entities and yes I like sex.

  22. Rose of the Mountain

    I am dating a beautiful deeply spiritual man from India. He got my birth date and did the Vedic Astrology which governs much of Indian matchmaking. He didn’t get back to me and I left it until Monday when i asked him what he found. He was evasive and said nothing good or bad. So I like the Scorpio with eight water signs that I am did some digging. I found an Indian astrologu site and went for it…. and found that we were a terrible match based on the fact that my Saturn in the Eighth house (along with Venus and my sun) was Maglick Dosa one of the most inauspicious charts in Vedic astrology for marriage. In India people avoid marriage with people who have these in their charts. The thing is reading about it I found it really resonated in terms of all the shitty relationships I found myself in and all the anger I displayed and the abuse I suffered and inability to be loved and love without manipulations barriers and being a bitch to deflect intimacy was explained by this charting. But how to release it? How can we change the astrological vibration and how can I reflect to him he wont die when he is with me as the Maglick says will happen if you marry someone with this house pairing.

    1. are you sure he is telling you the truth? i believe you may be non-indian, indian men tend to create random stories for not committing to someone their fucked moms won’t approve of. just a thought, woman to woman

      1. Rose of the Mountain

        Thank oyu so much for your care much appreciated. No I am pretty sure he is telling the truth. Trusting in the universe with this one!

  23. Female with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Pluto, Lilith, NN, and Psyche in Leo-8th. Neptune in Scorpio-10th. Jup/Sat. conjunct in Cap-1st. Venus in Cancer-7th. In this world but not comfortable about it.

  24. Interesting. Ive a comment about the death aspect you mention above.You state that they ” can confront the prospect of their mortality”.. As a uber 8th person.. Sag ascendant rising Jupiter with 8th house sun mercury Jupiter and Uranus.. does that make me stellium?..anyway.. Im older and wander a life has been exciting is an understatement but the main thing I attribute to my 8th house learning is that I die every 9 years or so and completely remake myself. Im in the start of another adventure now. Im like the cat with 9 lives..Everything is going or has gone.. this time is simpler, I keep my body, my name and my money, but in the past Ive even changed these..Ive created confusion from the day I was born.I think you choose to be born into a strong 8th house because there are certainly lessons. Good article, thanks.

  25. Been experimenting with house systems on and off for some months. Now using whole sign system which puts Taurus stellium in 8th instead of 7th and Sun in 7th instead of 6th. Moon and Pluto in 11th instead of 10th. Neptune/Saturn in 1st instead of 12th. Whole sign is making a whole lot more sense in regard to lived experience. Ceres now in 9th. Food for thought.

  26. Stellium in the Eight House –Sun in Virgo, Uranus in Leo, Pluto in Virgo, and N. Node in Leo. You can imagine how I was as a child. ps. Pisces moon.

  27. Wow! I have my ruling planet Taurus there plus my moon, too! But maybe, when I was little, the people around me, suppressed me because you know we were heavily were into church, no t.v., no radio, no nothing, just studying the Bible all Saturday and going all day on Sundays so, everything was a sin. I was like hostage in my own house, with my own people. I couldn’t have any friends. Nothing. So I didn’t develop my own personality until now, I’m rediscovering myself.

  28. It all rings true to me. I’ve got the Sun and 4 other planets here.
    Reading grimoires and casting spells at 10 yrs old, I was a real baby witch – to the horror of everyone around me. 😀

  29. With all my Scorp placements (Sun, Moon, Merc, Uranus), in the 12th house no less – I feel like a bonafide 8th house person. … but my 8th contains my NN (Leo) (which is square my Sun). Mars rising in Sag just keeps it on the up-up-up!

    I don’t go very far outside my inner circle to broadcast with my physic knowledge or secret desire to be an undertaker/Private Investigator/ Erotic novelist. I feel like this is something I should understand better.

  30. I’m finding this post and the comments very soothing. I don’t have any 8th housers in real life. It’s lonely! Thanks everyone. <3<3<3

    A couple of weeks ago I heard about a death doula who runs courses in Byron. Death doula?! I would be SO GREAT at that! I’m in!

    1. Byron, as in bay? Cool, I’m in Adelaide. I love reading the comments too. I’ve had a stressful week and on the way home from work today the song You’ll never walk alone came on the radio- we played that at my mums funeral, I swear I could feel her presence. Only planet in 8th house is Neptune in Sagittarius at 29 degrees. Still learning this stuff but have been interested since I was a teenager

  31. Interesting day and weekend ometaphysically. Not so much about the materialistic but connecting with older people and viewing the cycle of life.

    Chatted to a lady born in 1945, really with it. She told me her life story., all good. It was interesting. we exchanged numbers.

    Then ran into my retired Gemini real estate agent. Chatted a long while.

    When I got home after a few beers I realised he was losing his memory a bit.
    I felt sad, he was a linch pin to my now stable life. He is an eccentric, spiritual man. We are good friends He is 87 but looks younger.

    He had a very relaxed and realistic view of this last stage of his life, he said downhill. I felt sad, but he is comfortable with himself. I suppose the easier you let go of things the easier this passage is.

    And he is still a cheeky flirt, must have a lot of Leo because he pulled it off charmingly. Had a good hug and said goodbye.

    He still does healings part time.

    Old people are sweet when they are happy with themselves. I’m listening to Billie Holiday at the moment. That’s relaxing.

  32. Wow! Spot on! I have stellium and ruler in 8th. And the cutest thing I did as a 10 year old is waste my families printer ink to print 100 something pages of every demon and angel alphebatically.. since I’m 12 I’ve been asking everyone what their astrological sign is, no clue as to what prompted me to start doing that lol.

    1. My aqua man has Saturn in his 8th which is aqua and I must say sex is not important to him or has any real deep meaning. It is pump grind and shower!

      1. I am a man and I have Saturn in the 8th.. but I also have Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Capricorn with a Fire Sun and Fire Moon lol.

    2. If a house is empty, it doesn’t mean that that area of life is non existent to you – it could very well mean that you don’t have complex issues to work out in that area, or that you don’t focus your energies there as much as the houses where your planets are. Empty houses can also be viewed through their ruler as well – so look at the cusp sign and see what its ruler is doing. You could also look at where Scorpio and Pluto lie in your chart.

      I’ve found that the empty houses in my chart aren’t an issue for me – it’s almost like they are sorted. You mustn’t forget also that transiting or progressed planets in that house also have a big impact – so check out your progressed chart too.

  33. Talking of 8th House flavour, what about Jeff Bezos and his cockfight at dawn with David Pecker (couldn’t make this sh*t up) re the dick-pics?

    Bezos has Pluto sitting on his Sun right now. I mean, what’s a Pluto transit for the world’s richest man if it doesn’t involve sex, blackmail, politics and power games?

    And just for the heck of it (and coz i is on a cocktail of opiates), i checked for asteroids Dick and Pecker (#17458 & #1629 respectively).
    So he’s got Dick on his Neptune – now that was never going to stick.
    And Saturn lit up by Sol does what Saturn does best to his adversaries – swallow up Pecker (opposite) for breakfast.

    1. OMG genius! I have just checked my Dick and Pecker placements. I have Dick on my Jupe in Toro, pinging my grand earth trine and making it seem bigger than it really is. I have Pecker bang on my Gem NN. Transiting Dick is on my Neptune/ IC, which is technically my Dick opposition. Is that a thing?? Transiting Pecker is on my Leo rising. Thank goodness for transiting Gary almost on my Sun-Saturn, bringing some sensible to the table.

  34. LightningButterfly

    I’m confused as to whether or not I have a stellium….I have 3 planets in the 8th House (Uranus, Moon & Pluto), but they are not all in the same sign. Uranus is in Libra, the other 2 are in Virgo. I was certainly fascinated by occult stuff by an early age and even “talked to God,” but I didn’t hit the 130 shelf at the library til I was a teenager. Then I introduced all my friends to “Love Signs.” 🙂

  35. Wow! You really nailed it. I have the sun in Aquarius in the 8th house, and Mercury – I was totally reading about witches and poltergeists when I was little. Still keeping things hidden in the realms of sex and death. Cool!

  36. 8th in mercury, venus, and lillith all in Aries. Started doing white magic around 8 or 9 and stopped in junior year of high school. I also stated learning tarot and all other things astrology you mentioned at a young age. When I can’t sleep I’ll just read my natal chart and learn more about my aspects ever though I read about it 1000x over.

    I also love listening to true crime and mystery podcasts. To me life is all about learning and living both good and bad. Its all about that the human psyche and the why. It’s about expanding yourself and growing.

  37. I’m loving this discussion, and learning soooo much.

    My 8th house is Scorpio, with Mars at 17 degrees and Neptune AND Vesta both at 14 degrees.
    I’m Aries Rising.

    It’s only recently (I’m 55) that I realized I’m Mars ruled. (Always thought I was Venus ruled because Libra Sun, also Venus in Libra).

    Anyhoo, I always thought of Neptune being detrimental to Mars, as in the Warrior God shows up and Neptune gets him drunk on some dreamy elixir of big possibilities.

    As I’ve grown older, I’m getting more comfortable with being one of what Mystic termed “visionary people with spooky other-worldly charm and talent”, and not going to ridiculous lengths to hide it, because of my uber-Libran desire to not upset anyone.

    1. Your face shouts Mars(very strong) with watery spooky charm under a veil of Libran soft beauty.

      Don’t waste your energy trying to placate people, its written in your face. At least I think so.

      And I’m not hitting on you, I’m female and not gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

      1. I didn’t think of it as hitting on me at all.
        I was just relishing the lovely compliment. I appreciate it madly. thank you.

  38. Oooh, I love an eighth house discussion. Scorpio rising with Mars/Lilith and Venus/Jupiter in Gemini, I have twins in my twins. I love Plutonic/Scorpionic/8th housers, it’s something you just get and it can be rough when people misread or misunderstand the intensity. It’s a mode of being and useless to try to muffle or mask. I have Pluto in the 11th so I don’t expect to win any popularity contests but you can be damn sure something ‘on the scene’ will transform.

    In first grade I was an advanced reader and blew through the curriculum so my teacher gave me mythology to read. More interesting than the Bible stories I was routinely fed at home of course.

    1. “it can be rough when people misread or misunderstand the intensity” —heartlanders don’t get the intensity. *I* didn’t get my intensity…as a teen and most of my life until, nearing 50. My best frenemy in high school gave me a book for Christmas our senior year, “The Misjudged Mushroom.” The story of an edible mushroom mistaken for a poisonous one…She told me it was about me. Ha!

      1. I get that! You get used to being misjudged after a while then give up and let other people sort it out for themselves. That’s my experience anyway.

        1. So it’s confusing when you grow up being gaslighted, raised by narcissist or other fools…once you grow your super power boundaries, it’s all good…for the most part.

  39. Saturn in Pisces eighth houser with magic Pluto giving a boost from the third. Thanks Mystic! I will rethink what I thought was a deficit.
    Great comments!

    Also, married to a sun (Gemini) mars and Uranus (cancer) eighth houser. He is the ultimate mystic, so fun!

  40. Oh my stats this vibes so well. No wonder I worked in Government and could see the power structures at work. My sex life is a topic that’s most misunderstood by conventional interpretations. Private and stealth. With any sings of paranoia based on the running of my trauma interpretation spun through the communication obtained from profiling and understanding primal instincts and humanity.

  41. Takk you Mystic, and discussion below. This has been helpful to read. I am Virgo rising taurus sun, and i have a stellium that covers taurus from 4-29 degrees. Sun Mercury in 9th house Chiron Mars and Venus ( mars Venus same degree) 8th house, Mercury and Chiron in opposition to scorpio 3h Uranus. Sun in very happy aspects to Leo Jupiter, aries moon, and Virgo AC.
    I feel like i am starting to understand my chart better after reading about both the meaning of a stellium, Chiron and now 8th house. In both the posts and discussions here.
    In my case the 8th house is very much like you have described, and a very sunny looking Jupiter influenced sun and rather uranian Mercury brought together by Chiron. Very different parts of self, knowing that they are good together ( on a good day 😉 and the nutty professor Uranus allways ready to show me different perspectives.

  42. Chiron in Aqua 8th house. Sexual practice can be a powerful healing modality. It has other functions of course, but the way it can be used to heal the body and mind has been lost to most cultures, hidden from view, a little taboo. As individuals we can do nothing more for our health and happiness than to explore our attitudes and behavior around sexual practice, Raise its priority in our daily lives by first
    disconnecting it from all other priorities. It doesn’t belong in a subset.
    It’s more like source code.
    Look at the time spend talking about eating. Then buying, cooking, feeding. Watching endless cooking shows. Why ? Let’s s cut to the chase and start talking about quality sex. What is it ? Where do you get it ? Some great recipes.. We’ve nearly got eating right let’s focus a bit more on our magical, mystical sexual powers.

    1. Oh praise be!!!! A guy who understands that sex is one of the energies on the planet that is source code to some. I am ready for the discussion any time. Agree with all said here.

    2. Sex is a a double edge sword. It can lead one to the ultimate source of bliss or suffering. And while women remain subjugated by the patriarchy and its religions, it will continue to be the major cause of suffering on this planet. (Lilith-Algol in Taurus 8th H)

        1. Venus and Jupiter conjunct un Virgo. I cannot understand why people buy leather items in colors that are not the animal’s original tint.

        1. I love your SPF cockblock! Hugely funny. I would love to see your HD chart as you sound like a split definition but the gates and channels would be a real blast to know.

    3. Thanks so much Pluto Moon.

      I learnt TM when I was a naive 22 year old. I could never go any further because there was a very loud voice in the back shouting : GO NO FURTHER , all about money and sex !

      Thanks for the confirmation.

        1. Oh I got it straight away that’s why I was so conflicted.

          During my initiatoon meditation I saw the visual of me resting my head on the warm belly of a dove, then it panned out to the dove in full flight.

          I took to it like a duck to water. I did it for about 12/years. It increased my creativity, synchronicity and good things just manifested. On the dark side it opened up my Pandoras box of abuse and I had no skills or guidance to deal with it. Too young and not ready.

          Could you imagine if I took it further and seeked guidance in that community.

          1. I can’t meditate. I tried hypnosis and that was such a waste of time, I try the guided meditations and I just sit there waiting for it to be over. I do however do a little bit better with tones and chimes, so vibrations (well that speaks for itself!). So I can stand that for longer and actually find myself going places with that. But as to sitting still and letting go. Not a chance. Can’t take alcohol, don’t do drugs. But I have crashing know things happen out of the blue. So I am built to just have it happen.

            1. Yes why guild a lily. Other people are so full of shoulds, they project onto you what they think. Not good . Age taught me this.

              A few years ago I heard that music is meditation. God it’s something I’ve always loved like dancing.

              Anyway TM worked for me.

    4. And he was Aries rising with an Aqua moon, square Merc in Scorpio. He could see through bullshit and wasn’t shy about speaking up about what was right. A Peace/Justice Warrior.

    5. I read that the original lyrics to Sexy Sadie went: “Maharishi, you little twat/Who the f*ck do you think you are?/Who the f*ck do you think you are?/Oh, you c*nt.”
      This was before George made him put on his velvet gloves. Imagine…

    6. Because religion hates sex for some reason LOL. Actually, religion should be teaching us about it, why do they hate sex so much?

      1. It’s all about power & control. Religious leaders know that there is great power & beauty in the mystical union through sex. They just don’t want the plebs to know about it, or empower ourselves through it – or they’d be out of a job, LOL.
        I mean if one had to choose, who wouldn’t rather spend their mornings celebrating life by making hot beautiful lurve somewhere & connecting to Source bliss – rather than kneeling on a hard pew/floor and listening to some boring & repetitive fart of a man in bad drag rant on about some vengeful god who will punish you for your very existence? So to make sure you would choose in their favour they demonised sex (and women) – read the Old Testament – it’s a blast.

        1. I’m sorry to hear that, Jm.
          Religion has brought so much misery & suffering to this world.
          It does exactly the opposite of what it claims to do.
          Power mongers who feed off human frailty.

          1. Wow … so, so tough… can’t even imagine.
            All i can say is that you sound like a fabulous human with a massive heart & that’s why you bring so much joy and compassion to this place. I really hope you find your mermaid Jk. But you ain’t gonna find her in a dry bloody lake, are you?! xxxxxxxxxxx

        2. I’ve had such an awakening that past year or so and religion was one of my themes. One of the many things I started to despise, was the constant feeling of guilt from constantly doing wrong (thoughts, actions, words, etc) and constantly asking for forgiveness over and over many times a day. I’m sick of it, I am sick of the guilt over nothing! I cannot even imagine how many relationships have been torn apart because of this guilt and fear. I am done with oppression.

          1. Good for you, ÁNLEIFR!
            Imposing guilt on one is how they tie you to them, it is a degrading form of oppression. You must feel so relieved.
            I am truly happy for you. <3

  43. Ceres in 8th in Gemini close to Sun/ Moon midpoint. Day. Forceps. Day/Night. Daydream, walk, nightdream. Soy no, and mean it. Ditto, yes. Be prepared to die or start again. Child death/birth is life changing. Prepare for the worst/hope for the best. Keep the best, forget the rest. Yes, all relationships are transactional. All life is interconnected – the web of life – therefore defend boundaries assiduously. A healthy immune system aids survival/transformation to next level. Stagnation is defeat. Get a good night’s sleep.

  44. Just a guess but as 8th house peeps are naturally drawn to metaphysics and esoterism, this will resonate with pretty much every Mystic member… we are the 8th community! Who’s wearing their octarine cloak?

    1. I had to Google Octarine. My scorpio son invented a colour just like this when he was 3. He called it Chimptee, a pinkish purplish green.


    Jk I was already up.

    Yeah 8th house. Mine is 24° Libra thru 25° Scorpio. In it is Uranus-Mercury, Mars, & Sun-Venus. My Moon’s in my 7th conjunct Pluto, so it too has a very 8th feel. WITH ME IT’S ALWAYS PERSONAL BB.

    (Note. Feeling compelled to use caps a lot lately; suspect it has something to do with transiting Jupiter currently aspecting my Jupiter-AC. Do not adjust your sets: these spontaneous outbursts, like astral bodies, are transitory.)

    Re the personal & the 8th house: it takes two (or more) to tango. Sure we can do shit ourselves, but we know that the real magic happens when we aren’t going it alone. We know that the true alchemy we hunger for happens when we connect with others. We find out early in life that connecting with others who are not simpatico can be very detrimental to our own inner stasis, as we are so concentrated on the relational exchanges, & we become guarded, saving ourselves for the “right” ones with whom (who? Is there a Mercury in Virgo in da house?) we feel safe to share ourselves. Enter then the sad emo goth, trapped in a material world with no hope of magic-making because NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME. Atleast if one goth can meld with another, there will be some light again. It really does take 2 (or more) to make a thing go right. To make it out of sight.

    Elder 8th housers must teach the children that there are a multitude of interdimensional beings with whom (?) we can merge– why limit yourself to earthbound fleshy creatures only?– and that all unions are blessed, simpatico or not. WE REALLY CAN TURN SHIT INTO GOLD. That is the wonder & the alchemy of the 8th house ✌

    1. Whom. (Mercury cj Mars in 9th in Virgo, lol.) Yes, we 8th housers have one foot in this realm and one foot (or sometimes the whole rest of us) in other realms. Only other 8th housers understand, it seems. Or maybe 12th peeps.

    2. Ooo, someone called!! “Whom” — your “whoms” are in all the right places…as the other Mercury in Virgos have related. Would you like a diagram? With sigils or not?

  46. I have sun, pluto, lillth, moon conjunct in the via combusta libra + saturn (chart ruler) and jupiter conjunct (sextiling uranus, other chart ruler) all in the 8th house and the above is Extremely Accurate

    edit to add: I had to have a consult with Mystic over a tax bill that was making me crazy, I have a visible tattoo that says ‘we die’ that freaks people out but i find hella comforting, i work in a really high-stress and high-paying job that has a crisis element, etc etc etc the above is SO ACCURATE

  47. A astro friend of mine told me about my 8th House over a decade ago. It’s a major part of the focus of my chart. My dad died 3/9/18. My mom is 84 and clueless about money. She signed off as trustee 12/6/18. We are waiting for the TRUST to take over my LEO older brother’s risky TDAmeritrade gambling with my folk’s money. A financial elder abuse case was lodged against him last year but Mom denied he was doing anything wrong. Her therapist, an ABUSE specialist LCSW says he’s now being abusive and she’ll have to report it. He just threatened me tonight about how the TRUST doesn’t want us (he doesn’t know they’ve already accepted us) because F&M bank closed us down last September after a 60+ year with my folks because of the large checks they were writing to my brother without a good explanation and never any money coming back from their investments. He said only we can protect our money and make sure we get what we deserve. He already siphoned off a M in the last 7 years and there isn’t that much more to go around. He continues to try and separate my mother from anyone else in the family. I will go and reread this info again and go through some of these comments here. Doesn’t surprise me one bit this is all being written about right now as this has been front and center for the last 7 years but is red hot right now. Thanks MYSTIC. I sure hope these comments can’t be read outside the MM system.

  48. How about Rick Darling and Graeme Wood opening the batting as the embodiment of Merc retro? (Soz not on topic but as I’m currently in denial about all my transits I’m going for levity and wit – Gem NN)

  49. “As kids, they swarmed straight to the 130s section of their local library: parapsychology, religion, astrology, religion, dream analysis, etc.”

    …have you been spying on me??! Sun, Pluto in the 8th, with Pluto in Scorp.

  50. So I guess I qualify, if I’m Pisces rising, and both Jupiter and Neptune (both in Scorpio) are in the 8th. I’d say about 65% of the above applies to me. I am super calm in a crisis, and I’m trying to become more comfortable with discerning various energy. I am emotional about money, but I think most of that has to do with blindly accepting my parent’s feelings about money. I do know that the universe always has my back, and I’ll always be taken care of.

  51. My 8th house is currently activated by Pluto, Saturn and soon to be joined by Jupiter… I am really feeling all these 8th house themes – and just quietly I am revelling in the anti-fragile reactions I am having to life at the moment… Thanks Mystic for the positive spin !!

  52. My 8th is Pisces and Aries – Neptune ruled. I have Chiron conj the house cusp and transiting Neptune on it right now. Psyche at 23 Pisces in my 8th. Chiron is opp my Pluto-Uranus first house conjunction. So I guess it’s all about boundaries?
    Honestly, I think these Neptune transits are going to finish me off. After Neptune through my 7th house I don’t even feel like a person anymore. I feel like a cloud or something, like what remains of the alien after being vanquished by Dr Who (1970’s version). I just can’t decipher the incoming on any level to know how to make a good decision about anything. I’ve whinged here before about where I’m at so better leave it at that. Yoga and music are helping. In the absence of any other clear direction I’m doing those things.
    Been having the strangest deja vu. I went somewhere last week that I’d never been before but I dreamed it years ago.

  53. oooofph I feel so much of this resonate, but I only have Lilith (actually the lilith corridor as mine is quite narrow) in the 8th and in Leo. which opposes my sun.. and my south node in virgo is also in the 8th
    the transactional bit i totally get…but it’s a huge conflict in myself…on the one hand i would love to work this tendancy, to own it, but then that leaves me feeling like i can only ever have casual flings (or if I was more audacious making sex for money work.). The desire is to merge and I get a feeling I could do this through sex, but I don’t know how to hold that line between merging with Source through another without confusing the other as Source.

    Also wondering how this works in synastry? like when a persons planets rest in your 8th house..even if you don’t have any planets there do their planets activate that house and cause it to ‘come alive’ so to speak?

  54. Fuquing brilliant PF as always. Please bring more cricket analogy to astrology!
    I have a vague memory of Greg Chappell having that terrible run in the mid-80s then finishing up with a massive hundred. Wiki says he made 182 in his final innings, which I think I remember. Although it’s prob not a great example of 8th house as he was already at the end of his career by then.

  55. Genius. What an amazing dissection of insight into the 8th House, thank you.
    Scorpio Moon in 8th House, here.
    Everything rings true. Xxx

  56. Haha. Yep. Sun-mercury-south node in the 8th. Definitely right about all of the above, from the 130’s library reading habit as a kid, to the emergency room hustle. The hardest thing about being an 8th house person is living with the innate knowledge that under the thin veneer of normalcy in any given moment there is a seething vortex of primal power, entropy and…well… magic. The veils are exceedingly thin for us. It makes it difficult sometimes in relationships with people who try to manufacture interpersonal intensity be being drama queens. When for us, making coffee or driving to work can be replete with transformative intensity. I get weirded out by things like standing in a queue at the movies. Or literally driving to work. By how intensely strange the world is. Another 8th house friend said he would have those experiences in the meat aisle at the supermarket. Our day to day is full of WTF existential oddness. So yeah, we don’t need to pick fights to manufacture excuses for make up sex. We can feel that kind of intensity picking up the dry cleaning.

    1. Bravo! Absolutely perfectly articulated. Well done & appreciated- a comfort to relise that there is someone/others out there….doing it…having it….you know what I mean….

    2. Well put. The seething. Also I don’t have a ton of patience for ppl who can’t see it or don’t care.

      Have the time I want to scream “we are all dying!”

    3. This is so me. Virgo Moon and Pluto in the 8th house. I feel the thinnness of the societal veneer waiting in line at the grocery and ponder the strangeness of over-egoed monkeys hurtling themselves in metal tonnage on my drive to work

    1. Yessss

      This is so me. Also it usually freaks people out bc I am so intense (8th house Sun Merc Saturn plus very tight Sun sq Pluto). When I think I’m close I tend to sabotage it.

  57. Thanks for this. About to have Pluto cross into my 8th trine my natal Pluto in the third in the next seven days––and holy moly I am feeling it. It’s like something is coming home to me and it’s resonating across a number of levels. I have a Scorpio moon, which incidentally a lot of muggle orientated astro people have often given me grief for over the years. And yet, it is starting to feel comfortable, as though I have this new understanding that is cosmic and other-worldly. I keep seeing things out of the corner of my eye and when I go into old pubs or houses it’s like the spirits are keen for a convo. Interesting. Just what I need as I enter into my crone phase. 8th house come at me!

  58. Mystic i needed this!! i have been trying to understand my mars in the 8th house in cancer and for a long time and often what i read about just confuses me and scares me. One thing i want to ask about this isyou wrote that eighth house people view every relationship as transaction and while i do notice the intensity of power dynamics in relationships and how hard it is for two peole to be vulnerable FOR REAL, I also want believe in true love and want to believe in the possible of a true loving partnership. Can this be possible for a 8th house mars in cancer (im a scorp rising with pluto in the first house but i also have a pisces moon in the 5th and my venus in gemini in the 7th, also im in aries sun so im mars ruled) . would love anyone thoughts or advice or insight?

  59. This resonated for some reason (reading about philosophy/religion/magick since 8 y.o. when I got my library card; keeping a surprisingly cool head in emergencies and grave situations but often being casually useless otherwise etc).
    My natal Gemini eighth house distinctly lacks any planet placements but maybe it’s my Scorp-Pluto first house.

    1. Agreed, especially about that early reading. I also have a certain levity in otherwise dark situations (particularly medical ones). Natal Gem and Merc in the 8th, and Scorpio rising.

  60. Always been a little nervous about my eight house – the way most astrologers put it, I’m doomed for a violent death at a young age, plus added suffering and incarceration. They’ll also casually add that my $$$ situation will never be solid. Ugh.

    I have Sun, Mercury, Mars and Pallas in there (always up for a mystery!) as well as a Scorpio Moon conjunct Pluto. Uranus rules my chart, and I’m a Libra. Sun is Squaring Uranus and Neptune in Cap (am a lightweight for all sorts of alcohol/substances/medications) and Mars is squaring my Saturn at 0 deg Aquarius. Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts regarding the boggy, esoteric swamp that is my 8th 🙂

    1. My favorite is “JFK had mars in the 8th house so you are sure to have a similar death”. Still working on becoming president.

    2. In any personal communication you have to do some real time sorting of what’s ‘your stuff’ and what is ‘not your stuff’. Seems that the people who know themselves the least probably seek careers in giving other people advice on who they are. You were just a mirror Myst. Then again that astrologer was possibly a vampire who’s been alive for 1000 years and now has dementia. She thought it was 1289 not 1989. A simple mistake, could happen to any of the undead.

    3. My bestie and i (16 at the time) wagged school one day and went to the only esoteric bookshop in town back then. I decided to get a reading by the resident astrologer-fortuneteller. He asked me what my sun sign was (Cancer says i) and without any further ado he tells me i’d die at 69. I was amazed he dared tell me something like that, and i figured immediately that the fool just used the symbol of the crab as his basis for my demise. My bestie, on the other hand, in true multi Scorpio style, consoled me by saying “Naah, he meant you’d die doing a 69, you lucky dog”
      But really, how fuqing evil was that of the so called astrologer.

  61. I have Aries in the eighth house. Also, my south node.. thoughts?

    Maybe im bulletproof or, just love talking about taboo?

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Well your magician outfit suits your south node. Do you have any recall of past lives? I’m a Scorpio South node too.

        1. also have south node in 8th, but in virgo. in that liminal space between last life and this one I was adamantly against coming in. ‘ive done the work! c’mon no more i’ve done the work, not again!’

          1. Resistance was precisely why I was brought back. It actually felt painful and heartbreaking to be pulled from that consciously universal space and I fought escapist behaviour my entire life. I’m much more balanced now of course but I could not be more individualist if I tried. Now learning the process of healthy partnership … if I can find someone to cope with my dark bits, my light bits, my electric super charge and my psychic, well….. we will be winning

  62. Wish Upon a Star

    Just realised the synchronicity of last 2 days. I asked the oracle what part of my astro chart I should discover. Pandora it said. Well I have it in Sag in the 6th house.

    And this morning I was guided to find an acupuncturist. I called someone and she turns out to be a Maori Spiritual Healer.
    Moon in Scorpio lady. Her history, spiritual skills and spiritual interests are so similar to mine. We had a long chat.

    So I feel she is the right lady to help open my Pandoras box (blocked memories and move on. 6th house: healer.

    I was resisting today but tonite I feel she is the one to help me.

    So finding out my Scorpio bits gives me strength and confidence.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      OMG. My Chiron in Pisces 29 degrees is today. That’s when I was guided to pick up the phone and call this lady.

      PURE Synchronicity. Thank you.

    2. I’m doing something similar. Got a Saturn sq Sun this month so I found a wonderful chiropractor and am working on the bone-foundation, learning that I have to release and strengthen. Hope your acu-witch is amazing!

  63. Well my ruling planet is in my 8th house… I am a Capricorn Rising I have Saturn in the 8th, along with my North Node and part of Fortune.

      1. Librarius, I’m not really sure to be honest. I am new to astrology (the past year) and I am 40 years old, divorced and there are so many transits and things going on all the time I can’t decipher what is affecting at which time. I’ve got Pluto and Saturn transiting my 12th house right now but from what I can gather the North Node is what I am supposed to accomplish and the 8th is about merging/transformation so I am supposed to find someone to merge with sexually and spiritually?

  64. Wish Upon a Star

    South node in Scorpio which I really feel.
    Mars and Neptune in Scorpio.

    I helped my mum cross over in hospital. She was terrified, so I made her feel like she was the child and me the mother. It was a spontaneous thing, strength came thru me. It helped. I will never forget looking into her eyes and stroking her brow.

    Some mothers find it hard to move on with the children around. 3 days before her death I spontaneously went into a trance.
    Archangel Michael came thru, he is beautiful, with mum. He spoke for mum and asked if it was OK to move on. Yes.

    And at the same hospital was mum’s niece having a baby girl. Beautiful she was. Fair like her mum and my mum..

    So one left and one came in.

    1. I did the exact same thing with my father. I imagined his fear and tried to help him. I kept thinking he was going back to his mother. it felt natural and spontaneous, just like you say. me too I’ve got mars and neptune in scorpio, and venus too. moon conjunct pluto, which many astrologers consider to be equal to moon in scorpio. and yes, there are countless stories of a person dying and a baby being born soon after in the same family.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        I know they were giving her morpjine for the pain. It looked like she was receiving instructions from some one on the other side. Something I felt reassuring and interesting. Someone was helping her.

        You definitely helped your father move on. Have you had any communication with him since?

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          Just found out I have Sun square Pluto, Moon Trine Pluto and Pluto in Virgo.

          I might go out and buy the above outfit.

          Rock On.

        2. yes, a few months later, in one of those dreadful fits of depression when I couldn’t even get out of bed I’m pretty sure I heard his voice telling me ‘come on! come on! get up!’. and I dreamt about him immediately after we finished redecorating the house (his young self entering the house and liking it). found it very strange, because we had a bad relationship until I was about 35 or so, and even then I was always so worried about so many things that with hindsight I realize that he never got a chance to see me happy, really happy in my adult (let’s say over 30) life – which I am now :), ten years on.

        3. yes, me too I’m absolutely certain of this. just before dying, my grandma kept saying that she saw her two dead sons singing and calling her. and she was not on morphine (while my dad was).

  65. As a Scorpio rising, this reads as wildly familiar — but I have nothing in my 8th house. Am I just projecting?

    1. I have Chiron here in Aqua. Unfortunately the misinformation around the 8th house sort of gets amplified with Chiron there. The wound etc. it’s in a dark place. Blah blah . Cliches x 2. Still looking for a good interp of Aqua Chiron 8th that isn’t lame.

    2. Chiron in the 8th is deep transformation that may have more of a blend of literal and metaphysical themes than in other houses. Not necessarily literal close calls around mortality but perhaps. Maybe it’s more around the awareness of death and how that impacts ones ability to orientate in life and with others as some may trust the natural cycles of life eg birth/death and others may be less trusting of life and perhaps others. Maybe it’s experienced in extreme circumstances of having followed by loss. The sign in polarity will be a clue on how to work a planet and how Chiron may work in this house.

      I feel the need to say that Chiron is not so much the wounded healer but that he reflects the wound as our own medicine. We all get wounded coming from spirit to human in our interactions and experiences. Mostly these are unconscious and hidden (8th house work) so the healing balm is not so much for others but what we do to bring light to shadow (again 8th house theme) and only once that is done can we freely offer this to others without our own agendas blending in without our awareness. I should also state that healing is not curing. It is not like the virus that is no longer but it’s the knowledge that a wound exists and sometimes it’ll act up and need some attention. The healer aspect is the wisdom to devote the necessary attention to the wound when it calls not to be at the mercy of it’s unconscious agenda and to know the difference. Healing often involves learning to work with something as we continue to walk through life rather than making something go away. In my experience healing often comes with acceptance. It makes itself more known in the present. It speaks when you tune into the wounds voice and responds to definitive action that is supportive of evolution – this doesn’t always look like a-typical healing.

      Even this is kind of simplistic and just a small piece because there is the whole interplay of one’s life and chart that is essential to understanding how something might play out. Humans love to simplify things and keep it snappy. And whilst it’s true that some things are easier to digest in small bites it doesn’t always offer the service it proclaims. It’s a show of wit or quick dopamine hit, like good advertising or a clever meme. In Chiron’s case – wounded healer has not worked quite as effectively. I think he needs some rebranding though the themes are still valid. Maybe one message is to look beyond the label?

      A lot of transformation occurs with and through others and through others and in the 8th it’s usually deep transformation and merging through intimacy. Does the wound allow for this or prohibit this. Is there consciousness in relating or is there secrecy and hidden damage. There are so many ways you could begin to question how this might look and be experienced. Deep transformation occurs when deep wounding is acknowledged and the 8th will naturally (or inevitably) seek what has depth when our humanness is owned, when our flaws are integrated etc but we rarely start here. We start with just the tip of the thread and follow it, which can sometimes be an ordinary gripe or a common injustice. Anything really. The skill of the self – healer is to be able to be both attached and detached from the wound perhaps. Not easy. Definitely one of those fluctuating things that is not possible to hold constantly but do we then say that the knowledge of this is what enables the healer to keep tending to their experience?

      The wound is the same for all of us. It’s coming here to have an experience on earth and living with polarity and how that translates for each of us. It’s there to inform us and to provide the map that directs us forward on our path which is not linear in nature and may involve spiralling back upon our blocks (or wounds if you prefer – winks) again and again until we do indeed heal them.

      Just another view and isn’t that how we come to finding our own – by being with all views until we find what has resonance and meaning.

      1. Hahahahahahaha….with my level of 8th action I take dislike as flattery – well, tbh I haven’t always had the resilience for that but I do now. I mean Pluto conj Moon is either going to break your or make you beyond everyday forms of resilience with some things.

        Like I keep saying – and maybe that’s the reason why… if it comes out of your gob or your fingers it’s yours. Deal.

        Maybe it was merely an accident?

        Maybe it’s Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries?

        But for fun, if it wasn’t the alternatives would sit more in this list of possibilities:
        – maybe itheir wound made them do it?
        – maybe it was to illustrate an example of low 8th behaviour?
        – maybe it was grudgey?
        – maybe it was settling old scores of karma?

        1. I can be suspicious of flattery from strangers. I question the agenda but sometimes there is none. Intuition and a life of experience informs on who is selling and who is just being straight up. Not always immediately but people do out themselves… eventually.

          Sometimes I can get annoyed at all these folk that talk about wanting straight up direct conversation and then not handling it or the ones that talk about inclusivity and then snark at others differences because of their own prejudices which are of course ok and allowable because well hypocrisy is ok if it’s justified. Pfft. Really? Still part of the process of evolution is the path of acceptance which to be clear is not doormat or victim – so I am committed to that and petty scrapping is consciously off the menu.

          My 8th is Saggo so by default my Sun, SN and Neptune all sit under it’s influence as they are under the domain of Scorpio 7th anyway. Mercury too but at less than a minute from the cusp he monitors the entrance and dips in an out at will. Then there’s Mars, Venus & Moon. She sits just in the 9th at the exit in tight conjunction. My 8th keeps secrets – mine and others.

          Did you say organic chocolate? Um, yes please! Ah.. ok – activated…well it’s likely activated, organic, hand-rolled under a new moon with drum beats in the background and read a special earth magic invocation round your way 🙂

          I appreciate the look out x

  66. So an 8th house Cancer Moon here. At the far end of the house is Mars in Leo semi-sextile to Moon. Moon is sextile to Mercury in Virgo in 9th. That Cancer Moon is also square North Node in Aries. As a child, a little blonde midwestern Witch trying to pass as normal Methodist future wife material. She loses herself in the woods with her dog by turning into a deer as she runs. Her cat comes in through the bedroom window each night. Certainly enough exposure to dark, secret things in my early years. I read all the horror novels by 15 and stopped. Around my teens began my study of dreams, meditation, tarot and healing touch–what I could find in the midst of the heartland and long before the internet. I would definitely rather be holding space for a transmutation than wandering a mall listening to muzak.

    1. Same – also 8th Cancer moon. I think we’ve talked about this commonality (and others) before. 🙂 Party on, sister witch!

      1. Absolutely Party On–we both have the Sag rising as well … It would be an intense party, as it always has been.

  67. Sun Merc Saturn 8th house (whole sign) or Mars conj Moon 8th house (placidus). Currently wondering if maybe whole sign makes more sense and this is like damn yes! My great uncle had almost every Time Life series in his basement and I lived down there studying every occult book he had. In middle school I was all over The Gift of Magic. (Lois __? Those books were awesome.)

    And I am 100% the person who is dead calm in a crisis and hyperventilating in the mall

  68. Yes, and seeing how both your chart ruler and your solar ruler are the Moon, you are quite the loonie! 😉 And since your Moon is in Aqua, ruled by Uranus, you are also Uranian – as you know – so Uranus changing signs is gonna be EPIC for you. As is Chiron changing signs as it’s in your 8th! <3

  69. I only have Lilith in 8th House (Taurus), but she shares the same degree as Algol – The Eye of the Medusa – the most maligned and feared star of them all. Algol was also called Lilith by Hebrew star watchers. So it’s a double whammy of Lilith rage when aroused. I have got some horror anecdotes to do with sexual assault that completely horrify people – so i keep them to myself. What I will say is that i managed to overcome & escape group assaults with pure rage and strength even though i am a small person. I literally emasculated a guy who attacked me when i was 7. If i see another woman being harassed i’m there in a flash – before i can even asses the danger. It’s not that i search out nasty situations like some hero-vigilante, but i have witnessed and experienced more than the normal person – I get taken to the brink of horror, but somehow avoid being swallowed up by it. Maybe it’s also to do with my chart ruler being conjunct Pluto.
    I guess that it’s no wonder that in my practice i deal with a lot of sexually abused people.

    This 8th House Lilith-Algol forms part of my Grand Cross/Square – it being opposite Jupiter (1st) & square Mars-Venus (10th) & Chiron (4th).

    1. Yup. I honestly believe we are designed to deal with the sh** that arrives or we seem to vibrate in such a way that it finds us?? And yet we are equipped to deal with it. It is almost as though we can embrace this stuff. Or that we have to. I must look up my Algol as I have no idea and I would suggest it is benign in my chart. Thankfully

      1. Yup very nicely placed with my north node in Taurus house 2 and trines sun Saturn etc. It opposes my Neptune in 8th scorpio but It is benign or just a strength on my side as such.

        1. I’ve read that with fixed stars, it is only the planets that are conjunct them (under 2º orb) which are affected. Wish LiberatingVenus was here – she was a big fan of the fixed stars & their effects.

      2. Yes, it has always stumped me as to why i’ve had to deal with these attacks – always out of the blue & by total strangers – except the one whose testicles i busted and one who was a 70 yr old neighbour and i couldn’t tell my parents because i feared my father would have killed him – then we would of all suffered.

        I’ve also learnt that it makes people v uncomfortable – or simply disbelieving – and likely to view you as the weirdo – like it’s you who are deliberately attracting this somehow. Never mind that these assaults happened mainly in plain daylight and in supposedly safe public places. One time when i did report a vicious attack on me (while a man was looking & did nothing) to the police, they treated me so off-handedly & botched up the investigation so badly, that the culprit ended up attacking 8 other women & killing one. There’s been a few others but I feel fairly shi*ty writing this and sorry for ruining people’s vibe on here – but that’s the 8th House/Pluto for you – nothing comfy about it.

        1. Gladly, those places are a walk in the park compared to King George Square car park or South Bank in Brisbane circa 1978-9

        2. No it’s good to be honest. To just says hands up, look this shit has happened to me ???? No idea it just has. And maybe Astro is giving you an insider view on possibly why or how.

          1. Thanx emg, I’m sure you are right – but honestly, what i’ve mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg. And it’s not just been sexual attacks – there’s been suicides i’ve witnessed, accidents, weird fits and other stuff.

            Another curious fact is that Jimi Hendrix’s Asteroid (my first & all time musical love-hero) is also on the same degree as my Lilith-Algol …. just bonkers … go figure.

  70. Sigh, yep. Ruler of the 8th (Cancer) in the 8th (Moon) here. With an exact sextile (within one minute) to Pluto, which is conj. my Sun in Libra on the MC. I’m a Sag rising, with Jupiter, chart ruler, in Scorpio, which is square my Moon. Been talking to trees and dead people since I was a kid. I’ve written a gay romance novel (M/M), write erotica that I hardly show anyone much less get up the nerve to publish, even under a pseudonym, have had brushes with death and abuse, and currently live indulgently silently in my little garden home, surrounded by pets and kids and plants, though kids only half the time because of custody split, remaining relationship-celibate by choice. For now. Got my debt in restructure-pay off mode with a four year plan. Used to be worried about tr. Pluto soon opposing my Moon but now I know it’s just going to act as a magnifying glass. Gotta get ready for my close-up.

  71. I have Uranus Neptun and Saturn in the 8th house.
    Does that count?
    I am feeling it heavily as a theme in my life nonetheless…

  72. My Sun Mercury, Uranus and North Node, all in Leo, all in the 8th House. Growing up in a very large family made fir dome quite intense times. And knowing before I even knew that I knew didn’t do me any favours. However, as zi grew into who I am, and accepting that, I stopped trying to make other people comfortable. Made me a whole lot happier too.

  73. Wow can I use this Mystic as part of my CV? This is what I do. All of it. There isn’t one bit I can say hmmmmm nah not me. I asc in Pisces very last degrees and my Neptune is in scorpio my eighth and it trines to my asc and my sun Jupiter in cancer 5th. I do all this big time. I am now working with the uber mega rich (in financial terms) but cannot see them as anything other than human beings with plenty of resources. It doesn’t occur to me that they are different or should be treated as such. I will chat with my boss as easily as I will chat to a guy under his newspapers in a doorway in town. Just humans. Death… can’t understand for a second why people fear it or will do anything to avoid it even when the time to live is well past? I don’t think I would be good in a care home or maybe I would be super good??? I sat with my second husband’s father as he died and I have never felt so at home and privileged to be there. It was like being at a birth! Deeply touching and wonderful. Sex… errrr need I say much more about my sex life on this site?!?!?!? I think I am an open book. But I will say that every man whom I spend time with always without doubt call me witch. And walk away from an encounter seeing stars and trying to control a very drunk/stoned sensation. Me I walk away with a smile. Fun. I do that stuff for the fun of it. I love my scorpion house.

  74. True… I have Sun & Mercury in Leo in the 8th house, and I am extremely drawn to the occult. I act waaaaay more vanilla than I really am during day to day encounters, at work, even often with friends. Yes, even with friends, because I know not everyone is excited by dark stuff. I am very scared of death, though, but I think that is all my Leo aspects wanting to stay in the light, alive…

  75. Aqua Sun in the 8th. I have many times past , literally uttered the words ” relationships are a transaction”. I seem to have no ability for unconditional love which makes each relationship even more work as I take notes in my mental ledger.
    I don’t want this. It’s burdensome.

  76. With venus, merc and mars all shacked up on my 8th, its no wonder i find myself lurking on an astro blog in a very dark room. Well done MM. Nicely done

  77. My asto chart says north node .. “ it’s trying to be normal that blocks their Qi” kinda sums up most days .. thanks mystic x

  78. Oh my goodness this is SO ACCURATE. Probably one of my favourite posts ever. I’ve 4 planets in 8th house (sun/mercury/Saturn/Jupiter all Virgo) and my north node (Leo) too
    This is like you’ve seen inside me Mystic

    I nearly spat out my tea with the line “Complacency brings out their snark.“ so funny so me!! Xx

    1. That line about complacency and snark made me realize I need to stop being snarky to the boring people at work – at least when you work in sales I’m expected to be! upbeat! and! positive! at! all! times!

  79. Neptune in the 8th here. So not exactly an 8th house person overall, but I do def have secret shamanic hobbies. I’m getting better since my Saturn return at speaking on the surface level with people but i used to be utterly bored with anything except deepest darkest truths.

    I work in birth, am not scared of death (I mean, probably a little of mine), and I *love* scorpios. Definitely have too much Gem and Sag and Aries in my chart to keep a secret as far as I can throw it – which is tough with a secret hobby.

  80. I’d say almost 80-85% of this description totally fits me. Might that be that nice Pluto sitting in my first house? And thanks for clearing out the “classing meaning”. It’s like with Chiron: people expect all kind of darkness/bad news/gloom from some areas of the their BC of from some planets transiting.

  81. 8th house Leo here- sun conj merc & mars. If I could describe myself as an 8th house visual artist in my bio and have it understood, it would make writing so much easier!

  82. my blonde keith richards got back in touch with a declaration of love after we’d called it off…i did well in not messaging him-on a void moon aswell-im sure mystic said sthing abt messages coming thru on a void moon…or sthing lol

  83. love this. have neptune here, not sure if this qualifies me.
    got jupes transiting it this year. yes, i did buy a bk on tantric sex recently lol
    prog moon in scorp now too…ooh la la

  84. Oh YES, Virgo- Uranus and Isis 15 30, Pluto and Pandora 15 50. Osiris 25 12. Aqua rising. Love this blog love love love

    1. A hippie Aunty gave me (all the nieces and nephews) the Peter Max book called “Thought” when I was 10. I still have it 40+ years later. Been reading occult books since my teens.

  85. Sun (my chart ruler), moon, mercury, venus – 8th house stellium. Thank you Mystic. This is such a relief. I feel as though no-one really knows me. I relate to all of this. All of it.

  86. Wow. You got my number. The nonchalant zen focus amid chaos is real. It’s so pleasant that I now look forward to crisis situations. Also had some morbid fascinations as a kid. Once brought a dead bird in for show and tell. And so on.

    8th House Gem with NN, Merc, and Mars+Sun conjunction

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