Ava Gardner’s 8th House

“I’ve always loved musicians. I’m absolutely intoxicated with them. All they have to do is stand in front of a bandstand and I’m in love with the whole band. It’s not only the beautiful swell of the music that emerges from the group, it’s the instruments, and the whole ensemble look — I think it’s sexy as hell. Some women fall for writers, some for sailors, some for fighters. I’m hooked on bands.”

Ava Gardner – My Story

The Mars and Venus placements alone – never mind anything more complex – reveal SO much about the genre of person someone finds attractive. Or, as in the case of Golden Era Hollywood icon Ava Gardner, irresistible.

Yes, the sign, house and aspects of Mars and/or Venus show your ‘type.’  How so? Let’s use Ava and her apparent thing for musicians as an example.

A Capricorn with Leo Rising, her 7th house of significant relationships was Aquarius but “empty” – that is, without the Sun, Moon, Node or a planet there. So think ‘unconventional’ and not particularly invested in the one-partner-for-life concept.

But in the bordering 8th house, the realm of sex, intrigue and sometimes the people you’re irrevocably drawn to, the famed ‘femme fatale’ had the Moon, Mars and Uranus in artistic, oceanic Pisces.

She loved yellow roses and the tuberose-laden Fracas fragrance, created by the genius perfumier Germaine Cellier, an Aries with Mars exactly conjunct Uranus in Capricorn. “She liked the fast times,” wrote film critic David Denby, “the soft Hollywood nights filled with swing bands and torch singers.”

Uranus rules Aquarius and thus her 7th house, making it a prime relationship influencer. Not only that, her Mars was nearly exactly conjunct Uranus, drawing down wild Uranian lightning every time she felt even a beat of ambition or lust.

Mars-Uranus in Pisces is prototypal muso-vibe, encapsulating the kinetic unpredictability of live performance and the dionysian charisma of the performers. Her ‘type’ was hot, tempestuous ultra-talent. It also had to be on a huge scale because her electrifying Mars-Uranus combo was trine hyper-inflationary Jupiter and Pluto

Even if she were not famous and a renowned beauty, the hyper-inflated Mars-Uranus in the 8th would have made low-key loves or comfort-zoned arrangements completely out of the question.

Her Venus in Scorpio, in the creativity-revering 5th house, augments her ‘type.’ Trine her Piscean Moon and South Node, it rendered her more than able to fall in love with someone for their art or creations.  She said she was first drawn to her best-known husband, the Sagittarian Frank Sinatra, for his voice, which she compared to that of Maria Callas – “it made want to cry with happiness.

Could she have become a singer herself? She flirted with it on and off but whether through her trepidation or the reluctance of big film studios to see beyond her visual appeal, it never panned out. That she was also a drinker and a brawler with a penchant for non-stop profanity and bare feet could also have played into it.

Mars-Uranus is admired for originality and instinctive cool – not so much suave career management.

Gardner’s summary of her marriages is textbook Aqua-Uranian: “I suppose one of the strangest things about my trio of failed marriages — and in passing I would like to gently point out that none of my three exes were asked to pay a penny in alimony — was the fact that the marriage bond seemed to be a shackle that manacled us together. Once divorced, we enjoyed each other and retained a deep friendship.”


Images: Ava Gardner with Peter Lawford and Artie Shaw, who was to become her 2nd husband – Ava Gardner and her third husband Frank Sinatra walking on Miami Beach.

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  1. As an empty seventh houser, I completely get the not wanting to be tied to one person for life thing. I tried marriage when I was younger and driven by hormones – needless to say that didn’t pan out, despite my best efforts. Now, there’s no way I would consider it again.

  2. Venus opposing Uranus here and although not exactly the same, I get it. Excitement is the name of the game and predictability absolutely kills the libido. Have had a variety of lovers but none I could see tying myself to for eternity. I could see if Pisces was involved, wanting to marry as the dream.

  3. The Lion & The Centaur

    I’m continuously side-blinded by Plutonians. In the past 5 years, 3 men have been Pluto rising, Scorpio stellium, or like Mr Sagittarius, Pluto and Venus conjunct Ascendant in Scorpio. And like in Mr Sagittarius’ case, I thought his rising was Taurus! This happened to two good friends of mine too, both turned out to be Pluto conj Ascendant and one is Scorpio-such. My chart ruler Jupiter is in my 8th house and even though my 7th house is fun and breezy – Mercury in Cancer, Venus in Gemini and Sun in Leo – the intensity and focus of the 8th house (Jupiter, Mars, Chiron) must lure the Plutonians in. Pluto in 10th is also the most aspected planet in my chart. So I’m like fun in the front, intense Pluto in the back sort of person (if anyone with Pluto in the 10th and Neptune conj Uranus in 1st can come across as fun eh?).

  4. definitely don’t have empty 7th-have sun conj n node here in 🦂
    since taurus has been opp, everything has gone topsy-turvy, nothing has stuck
    kinda like the idea of marriage, but then again have uranus on the descendant!
    is there a good time to buy a watch?
    when saturn trines your venus or sthing?
    i have my eye on a vintage Cartier…im not usually a watch person….

  5. Love this Mystic xx
    I can relate …Lol
    Happy New Year Birthday Twinnie xxx May 2024 bring us all lots of love and laughter x

  6. Mars conjunct Uranus in the 8th – wow, no wonder Ava G acted so freely & spontaneously without giving a shit – especially poignant in her era where women did NOT & were not allowed to act like her. People always spoke of her great translucent beauty IRL & how the camera didn’t do real justice to it, but what i like about her is that her character was too strong & earthy to make her a mere muse – she was beyond that & was often referred to as a goddess by people who met her – but above all, she was untameable. I’ve also marvelled at how a free spirit with such Dionysian predilections (asteroid Dionysus ON her DC) was attracted to live in Spain under a stifling dictatorship back then. Yet she did so for 12 yrs, and with gusto. She danced, bedded whoever & partied her way freely, becoming a local legend. There’s an official Ava Gardner Tour in Madrid so that fans can enjoy going to her favourite haunts. I did it last year during my Venus Return (unwittingly), which was perfect. There’s even a statue of her in a coastal town where she filmed “Pandora & the Flying Dutchman” – a totally must-see, epic surrealist movie about a grand Neptunian-Plutonic tale of romance.
    I’m thinking that it was her 9th House Moon which led her to travel & explore other countries & cultures. She hung with writers, musicians & philosophers, she drank & danced with gypsies in flamenco bars for nights on end; she gave the Hollywood studio moguls the finger & went & lived under a dictatorship but completely dismissed it’s restrictive conventions & mores – not even General Franco could rein her in – but then she also had Aries-Lilith in the 9th H.
    Robert Graves, a friend & admirer of hers, once gave her a poem of his to read (“The Portrait”) in which he said the following lines could apply to her:

    She speaks always in her own voice
    Even to strangers
    She is wild and innocent, pledged to love
    Through all disaster…

    ‘That was Ava to the life’ Graves writes.

    I’ve always been an ardent Ava admirer, mainly because of her disdain for prudish mores & her very strong “Fuq-it!” factor when faced with restrictions. I also have a Mars-Uranus conjunction – but there is something else when “Fuck-it” is the base fall back reaction – which of course reminded me of our mate Gary, who’s motto that just happens to be. So i had to check, and sure enough: her Gary is exactly on my Lilith – AND, get this – my Gary is exactly on her Lilith. The Fuq-it! twins.

    1. She is some women to twin with Skarab! What synchronicity.
      The Spain thing. Always loved that about her. The Spanish LOVE women passionately compared to American men.

      1. Hellooo, Chrysalis! Thank you, I’m as well as one can be with Gaz pulling u-ies on my Sun for a while now – hence the need to cruise onto the blog with a bit of a cultural rebel hero rant. Hope you are enjoying life out of the cube farm. 🍻😘

    2. Thanks dear Skarab I am really well – a huge adjustment being job-free but leaning into it. Made a few resolutions for the new moon in Cap – long term goals tied into second Saturn return. Gaz is currently retro in my 11th house opposite my Cap moon so I’ve hung up the double denim and am taking some well deserved solo time. Contemplating a Starsky and Hutch binge watching weekend! xx

  7. This absolutely works! My Mamma has a Piscean 8th house moon and 9th house Venus in Aries, which now explains why she married my father a 12th house Piscean Sun musician! She was attracted to the lead singer of the band with the fast car, which she thought was the ticket out of her very restrictive home life which saw her basically being treated like Cinderella while her mean sisters watched her do all the housework leering over her.
    But her marriage was another projection of her not standing up for herself……smh tragic.
    I think love for me exists in greater color in my mind, the mystery before I meet someone is a greater experience than reality lol. I can turn very ordinary situations in an extraordinary fantasy that never really delivers 🫠
    Venus Retrograde in the 12th makes the universe, music, travel and art my greatest love affair to date that is ALL consuming.

  8. So, my Sagg ruled 7th is empty except for the North Node. I am sus on the nodes now, being from the south hem. Jupiter would then influence my relationship interests? It is in the 9th House in Pisces. And my partner has Mars in Pisces conjunct my Jupiter. He’s definitely my type. My Cap 8th House is a mess of Lilith/Vertex/Pallas/Psyche & Ubasti, I am guessing that I could be a great crazy cat lady if all else fails!

      1. Aww Pegz! That’s sweet of you. I re-read the post & now imagine the multiple Gem guy & I must gel because of my Mars in Virgo/3rd. My Jup is all about mutability too. Mutable Love!
        I think we suffered a lot so by the time we got together we appreciated the hell out of each other. Some serious Saturn placements for us both.

  9. Wish Upon a Star

    Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo within 3 degrees 7th house. Mars in Libra 8th house and Venus in Cancer 5th house. Unfortunately my child bearing years were lost in trauma and subsequent depression. I remember in the midst of this my body was aching for holding my own baby. But alas not for me. Sun in 4th house near my mercury in Cancer and Ceres in Cancer.

    Now in my 50’s I feel free and independent. I always thought marriage was an outdated thing. How many relationships really last that long? I think it puts undue stress on a relationship and subsequent guilt and other bad feelings. But I adore babies, toddlers and children. I have had the honour of living with and caring for one or two. They bring me alot of joy and grounding.

  10. Never could quite get my head around the theory and practice of marriage. It’s utterly foreign to me. (Ironic? Sadge rules my 7th house.)

    Separately, I don’t know if the man (/person) exists who could happily field my high-concept, lo-fi wedding day idea, as an artistic exercise. Eh.

    It’s good to know our type/s though. Ava G’s pursuits are commendable

    1. Marriage is not natural but a government construct not for Wild Things.
      Also prefered long distance relationships that are not underfoot, they give space.

  11. Mars Saturn & Pluto in 8th house…empty 7th. Like the interpretation of empty 7th…fill it with whatever you choose but Cappy Venus had me looking at lovers of substance in 80’s. And Virago Mars eagle eye-ing their clothes shoes cleanliness and manners.

      1. Hello sweetness & light, yes i read it with happiness. There seemed to be no ‘reply’ underneath your message so here it is now. THANK YOU most appreciated x

  12. Ava Gardner’s CHIN! Barefoot brawler and drinker sprouting profanities? The chin was responsible :-).
    Handsome woman. Always said ‘pretty fades-handsome stays’.

  13. Love Ava Gardner. To me not your average femme fatale. Those eyes that mesmerise. The sleekness and elegance of a cat. How could anyone resist?😊

  14. Why I never got married… Ava says it best. I have Venus conjunct Uranus, 7th house ruled by Sagittarius and with Jupiter in Aquarius on the 8th/9th line. I actually like my beaus more when we are apart (and I don’t blame them for this) though I genuinely love them. I have the usual needs for love and affection. I have been a very committed partner. I give and receive love, and have an active extended family and social life. It all just expresses itself differently and Ava’s really resonated.

    I tried to wedge myself into the white picket fence, house in suburbs, and kids motif because I thought I was supposed to, but it damaged relationships and myself in these awful attempts. I’m finally at a point where I can embrace my natal mating energies without embarrassment.

    1. Not cut out for suburbia either and my three major relationships have been unconventional to say the least. Superficially, I do normal but someone once described me as the silent rebel. Probably pretty apt.

      1. Brunnie Suburbia for me meant washing machines, dishwashers and fridges. They all white and square. Dead boring.
        Now if they had been made round…….

      2. Same same adore children especially their voices. The sound tugs at the heart strings.
        So many women with children have told me how lucky i was NOT having them which makes me think it’s the biggest thing you can do in life. No regrets, animals are all my children.

      1. When asked in a roundabout way, marriage I said no to. Children, I love and they love me but for several significant reasons, I knew I would not have children this lifetime. And I have no regrets. Being Auntie has its joyful, colourful place and I think adds a dynamic to family and children’s lives that are all the richer for it especially if you are the eccentric auntie.😊

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