Sagittarius men

Santa with Audrey Hepburn

Yule Can’t Fool Me

Hark everybody! I know I speculated that Santa is a Sagittarius but I legit think something more sinister is going on. Here we have Capricorn season, a time when many people want to be temperate and goals-focussed. But no, a strange spectre haunts public spaces across many cities and towns. I’d say wraith but Santa Claus – an archetypal patriarch – is ‘designed’ to take up space. He is imposing, …

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Everyday Astrology Magazine

Everyday Astrology Magazine

Everyday Astrology magazine was a pulp publication that ran from 1932 to 1953. I’ve never looked inside it, but the WW2 covers are surreal. The magazine was trying to strike a balance between keeping the show going and acknowledging the unprecedented shitstorm raging around it. It was published by Ned Pines, a Sagittarius who started Thrilling Publications (later Better Publications) in 1928 when he was 23. It quickly became the …

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The Prototypal New Age Saggo Guy

Musician, producer and songwriter Maurice White was the prototypal New Age Saggo guy. Arguably he did more to introduce esoteric concepts into mainstream culture than anyone. He founded the phenomenally successful band Earth, Wind & Fire, transmitting a unique fusion of disco, funk, jazz, and occult imaged album covers/concepts at dizzying velocity. White was doing ankhs, chakras, planet symbols, the Eye of Horus and apocryphal bible kitsch well before it …

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Jesus Was Not A Capricorn But Santa Is A Sagittarius

Santa Claus is the best-known member of the Sagittarius sign. Jesus was not a Capricorn. Pisces makes more sense. Just think of the symbology; loaves, fishes, redemption and turning water to wine. He was often barefoot or in sandals. He had a broad acquaintance and enjoyed a cryptic romance. Think also Father issues and martyrdom. The olden day Christians just changed his birthday to bump off the far more popular …

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A Strange Relationship With A Sagittarius

A Cancer In A Strange Relationship With A Sagittarius seeks advice. Weirdly, it’s the Sagittarius being “non-straightforward.” Dear Mystic, I hope this finds you well. I’m pretty new to this and delighted to have found your site. I am reading the archive but haven’t gotten through all of it and need your wisdom. I met this Sagittarius-excuse-of-a-man on Christmas Eve in 2016 and Venus-Eros hit me up pretty hard. I’m …

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Saturn Transit Lessons From Brad Pitt

Who needs Saturn transit lessons from Brad Pitt? His comments in this interview are super useful for anyone having a Saturn transit to their Sun.   “For me this period has been about looking at my weaknesses and failures and owning my side of the street.” Brad Pitt – GQ Magazine How Saturn is that? There is nothing so useful as a Saturn-Sun transit for self-scrutiny. It’s a gloomy audit …

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