Mars Opposite Neptune Aspects

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Mars opposite Neptune aspects can be problematic, but when they are applied to spiritual quests or creativity, the results are spectacular. This is what Frida Kahlo emerged with after she read Freud’s Moses & Monotheism.  She was Sun-Neptune in Cancer [ Read more…]

Marvel comics creator Stan Lee in the Seventies standing in front of comics

Stan Lee Is Saturn To The Max

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Marvel comics genius Stan Lee is a fantastic example of a Grand Water Trine in action. Visionary and an originator, not an imitator. Stan Lee is just beyond. The Marvel comics genius recreated the superhero/superheroine archetype as flawed, with human [ Read more…]

Astrology and Artists

The Astrology Of Artists


Neptune is the planet most associated with creatives, but the astrology of artists features a lot of natal Saturn aspects, usually hooked up with Neptune. The Sixties art history classic Born Under Saturn explores how Renaissance artists cultivated the concept [ Read more…]