Ghislaine Maxwell’s (Second) Saturn Return

Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested, after months of doing whatever one-percenter perps do when they’re on the lam. It all came about within hours of Saturn back in Capricorn. Say what you want about Saturn in Capricorn, he’s no slouch.

Maxwell is a quadruple Capricorn (Sun, Mars, Mercury and Saturn with Venus in Saggo + her Moon in Leo. We don’t know her rising sign as there is no official time of birth. But the Capricorn is plenty. Get a load of this Saturnine timeline:

November-December 2018 – South Node on her Saturn in Capricorn (28 degrees): Julie Brown’s Miami Herald expose of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell is published, bringing broad attention to the allegations, payoffs, perversion, evident crimes and immensity of the story. It’s also when a settlement is reached that would prevent several of his victims from testifying.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Saturn Return Looks Lit

June 2019 – Saturn on Maxwell’s Mercury in Capricorn and Mercury opposite her Saturn:  With justice in the wind, she went on an extended junket, visiting Prince Andrew at the palace in London and doing the Cash & Rocket female-only super-car rally: London-Paris-Geneva-Monte-Carlo. It was for charity sweetie, but also presumably an epic chance to rustle up some solidarity/alibis/new friends amongst the celebutantes, It-Girls, heiresses, and philanthropists present. You could see it as a totally calculated double Mercury-Saturn move.

July 6 2019 – Mercury turns Retrograde:  Jeffrey Epstein is arrested and Ghislaine Maxwell is suddenly notorious, although she’s coyly termed ‘the madam’ at this point.  Disturbing accounts of systematic abuse, grooming, assault, and coercion begin to emerge.

July 22 – 25 2019 – Mercury Retrograde again opposes her Saturn: Epstein’s address book and the pilot’s log revealing passengers of flights to the private island are leaked.  She must have been an extreme social hazard at this point, the human version of a radioactive isotope that no amount of charity schmooze or P.R. could redeem.

She Was Socially Radioactive

August 10, 2019 – Mercury Direct opposes her Saturn in Capricorn: Jeffrey Epstein is inexplicably found dead in his high-security cell.

December 2019 and January 2020: Saturn conjunct Pluto near her Saturn: Prince Andrew gives his bizarre press interview, lending even more credence to the testament of Virginia Roberts. (She’s Leo, and has her Mars in Cancer opposite Ghislaine Maxwell’s Saturn FYI. It’s a nice ‘nemesis’ positioning)  Presumably high off Jupiter Juice – Jupiter in Capricorn is by now between her Venus and Sun –  Maxwell avoids facing justice by the old-school method of being unable to be located.

Her lawyers won’t be served papers against her but continue to argue against a multitude of damaging documents being released. Her second Saturn Return is imminent but she’s (kind of) getting away with it at this point. She’s allegedly living with a hedge fund lover in a scenic little seaside village in Essex County. According to the Daily Mail, the 14 years younger CEO left his wife and kids for her, which – if even some of this story is correct, was probably a vast relief to the wife.

Ghislaine Redefines ‘Nasty Piece Of Work’

March 2020: With the first pass of her actual second Saturn Return – in a ballsy move (sarc), she sues the estate of Jeffrey Epstein for millions, saying she does not know of any misconduct by her former whatever-he-was but would like an undisclosed but presumably gigantic amount to cover her legal and security costs. Then Saturn turns Retrograde and goes into Aquarius. Did she get away with it? She’s vanished from the public eye and it’s speculated that she may have found (or blackmailed) a protector with sufficient resources to protect her. But no…

July 2 2020 – Saturn Back In Capricorn: The F.B.I. arrests Ghislaine Maxwell upon her arrival in New Hampshire, fresh from a “secret luxury bolthole” in Paris, owned by (surprise) a wealthy businessman. She has been hit with multiple charges and will presumably go to trial during the next two passes of her Saturn Return: July 17 to 28 and November 27 to 29.

Mars Squares Her Saturn For The Next Six Months

Interestingly, her first Saturn Return, in 1991, was also a busy time for her. Her newspaper tycoon father died mysteriously, allegedly falling from The Lady Ghislaine his super-yacht. Later that month she met Jeffrey Epstein, then frequently feted in magazines as a ‘playboy billionaire’ at a charity function. The guy on the right in this picture below is actor Tony Randall, looking less than delighted with the vibe.

Poignantly, she was then just getting over the breakdown of her relationship with a dashing Italian Libra – Count Gianfranco Cicogna Mozzoni. He sadly died in an airshow accident in 2012, when his high-performance jet failed for reasons that could not be explained.

In a strange astrological synergy, it was the year Pluto crossed Ghislaine Maxwell’s Sun and Saturn was on Epstein’s natal Saturn-Neptune in Libra; together they embarked on an ambitious plan to counter bad press by sponsoring global conferences on world peace and being flamboyant philanthropists. That is, the parties and the press attention part of their charitable work was well-covered but much of the actual ‘good deeds’ accounting is murky. Ie: It was all a seedy and corrupt front for the main game; the evil.

She Even Apparently Bullied Princess Diana

I was going to try and explain this person from her astro but really, I can’t. If you look back through her tabloid geisha history, before any of the rest came out, it shows a really fuqed up person: she allegedly bullied Princess Diana at school and mistreated puppies. Even this piece of blowjob journalism from last century depicts someone brittle and manic in her sucking up to powerful men. Probably the only endearing thing I read about her (sort of) was that she’d fling herself at guys like John Kennedy Jr and by mystified when they did not respond. She did not seem to like other women. Even pre-scandal, her lengthy social pages and gossip coverage show no female friends.

As I mentioned in an earlier piece on Jeffrey Epstein, this is going to unravel so much sleaze and corruption – more than just the obvious suspects. Mars and Eris-Persephone are square Ghislaine’s Saturn and its Return. If you take that in a simple, classic astrology sense, Mars is the assassin or a person who might seek to shut her up by the obvious means, as well as the guards assigned to keep her safe. Eris-Persephone is the fury of the hundreds of girls and women she has tricked and hurt – those named, the ones who died and all the Jane Does.

And then once Saturn moves on, she has Pluto conjunct her Saturn for three years; revelations, drastic transformation and justice, the end of the structure she began with her last Saturn Return – pimp-enabler to powerful men – and the beginning of a new role. Thoughts?

Edits: I’ve fixed some errors, as follows. The man on the right in the image below is not Lex Wexner – although he is captioned as such in some old sources – it is the late actor Tony Randall, not implicated in any of this s**t.

And the Ghislaine’s ex-lover was an Italian Libra, not Gemini.  To explain, I saw the news of her arrest at 2 am my time and was going to leave it till later, and even then, just do a quick social media mention. But then I sat up till 5.30am diving through a labyrinth of old Tatler articles and cross-referencing dates with planets. I had a whole paragraph on Robert Maxwell that I did not post as it got too unwieldy, he was Gemini and so when I mentioned the Italian Count, I had Gemini in my head.

However, Robert Maxwell was a classic Mars-Pluto man: a refugee from the Nazi regime who became a war hero and self-made tabloid media tycoon. He was later revealed to have been not only a fraudster on a massive scale but a potential spy. He had Mars and Pluto conjunct in Cancer, opposite Ghislaine’s Sun-Mercury in Capricorn, his Lilith in Aries square her Saturn.  He was, by many accounts, monstrous toward women and Ghislaine was his favorite daughter.

Joaquin Nin, the father of Anais Nin, was another complex Mars-Pluto man, with strong Lilith-Saturn tensions between his chart and that of his daughter. Ditto the jazz pianist Stan Kenton. You can see where I was hurtling toward, Mercury in Aries style, a mining lamp mounted on my metaphorical helmet as I zoomed into an underworld of toxic patriarchy.

76 thoughts on “Ghislaine Maxwell’s (Second) Saturn Return”

  1. I also have a stellium in Capricorn–Sun, Moon, Merc, Venus, MC–with Mars, North Node and progressed Sun in Pisces, but I’m not a cruel and fuqed up person. For instance, I spend a lot of time caring for and rescuing stray cats, get really upset over social justice issues and have a hard time saying no to people in order to protect my best interests (classic Pisces). What aspects of her chart make her such a ruthless and unprincipled jerk?

  2. This is so fascinating. I wonder if she has some post-death instructions to safeguard her. She strikes me as more calculating and vengeful than Epstein. In that second photo she looks like a snake sizing up her next meal.

    The class overtones of the rich consuming the poor, poor Diana, the powerful conspiratorial web protecting evil – it all reminds me of Grant Morrison’s series The Invisibles minus the psychedelics.

  3. I bet she does very little time or just gets a minor sentence if any its just a show and she knows it. she could have stayed in her native france where she was born as they do not extradite anyone born in france and why would she buy a $1M residence in the usa if she feared arrest. all bs

  4. Well speaking of creepy photos, this is one of Robert Maxwell, from an old Tatler article (check it out for more creepy background) and I legit thought that in the background was a snake with its mouth open ready to attack. Then I realized it was a harp.

    Interestingly – internet labyrinth alert – Jimmy Savile, the BBC pedophile and others in his ring were allegedly given cover by certain media outlets and one of the multiple disagreements between Princess Diana and her ex-inlaws was the knighting of Jimmy Savile.

    1. I had to double take at the “snake” too ….. (bad pun alert) or is it a harpy? After all, when a person suddenly disappeared it was said that he/she had been carried off by the harpies, whose job it was to take evildoers to Tartarus, a deep abyss used as a dungeon for torment & punishment……(if only…)

      Thanks for that link – but we know that the quality of life is truly in decline when Tatler can’t even be bothered to proofread – so many grammatical & punctuation mistakes!!

      (Loving the comment window toolbar!)

  5. Second photo fascinates me as if it were a painting! Note the pointing fingers, the animated faces even in upper right background, the scarlet velvet accents and black worn by the men and women above and around her, the almost viking wave shapes, framing her powerful magic. The photographer captured an incredible sense of power vortices converging.

    Goddesses above and below, Mystic, your edits from the Merc in Aries miner’s lamp, Eris-Persephone influenced, the tale you reveal in words and image choice makes so much more SENSE. The private untold girl hells of the famous women, Ghislaine and Anaïs, who were favourite or “favoured” daughters, in the old euphemisms that nastily hid and wrapped the hell tighter around them. I am stunned by how Ghislaine orchestrated her own shit-show destroying others’ girlhood, as hers had been, in perfect revenge upon herself for ever being powerless, while creating her own malevolent power in the same psychosexual patriarchal framework.

  6. O.M.G. It’s freakin’ Mars/PLUTO people I keep banging towards. Jesus–I have been down the Mars / Neptune rabbit hole, their Pluto my Venus…it’s Mars/Pluto dudes. Well, that’s something. Know thy enemy!

  7. I went on a deep astro bender about her after watching the documentary on Netflix, and I was HOPING this was going to happen at this time…low and behold, it did. During said bender, I came across a collection of letters between her mother and father that I can’t seem to dig up now, but those two had a toxic relationship themselves, so it was no surprise she turned out to be so evil. I pray she stays alive long enough to completely tumble their wicked consorts and bring down the whole house of cards.

  8. I’m expecting her to sing like a nightingale and can’t wait to see who she drags down with her. Unless she dies in mysterious circumstances of course.

    1. I don’t think she can. She has been too embedded and unsafe outside what she hooked survival claws into. Nothing will ensure that survival now. I wonder where and how her Lilith figures. She has lived in a way that the old Jewish traditions see as basically fuqing demons and spawning. I think she was a hellish victim gone completely rogue.

    2. I would love for her to sing but think the only hope is the reveal of her contacts, diaries, etc. She would need some kind of superhero comic truth serum to rat these ppl out.

  9. Getsomebalance

    Brilliant writing Mystic! Weirdly enough I had a dream about her a few nights ago. She spoke about being her fathers ‘favourite!’ He sexually abused her for years. For her it became power over her father. She carried that power over to her adult life – gaining power through the abuse of young girls and hanging out with powerful men. A mirror of her life. I woke up dazed and confused.
    I guess it will all come out sooner or later… or will it!??

    1. This would make total sense if it’s the case. I don’t think someone, especially a woman, would go so far down the road of becoming a sex trafficker and on the scale as she did without having been abused herself. Even if she’s a sociopath to begin with, there are different ways to express that, so why this path? She seemed to take to it very naturally. So I, too, believe she was sexually abused. Not at all any excuse, either, just an explanation, or at least part of the explanation.

      1. I totally agree with your comments Flowerchild…it is a tragically common scenario in the personal history of sexual abusers , enablers and even sex workers. The disassociation between the emotions and sexual activity has been broken in chidhood.

      2. I have to disagree with you. Although She may indeed have been abused by her father, the making of a psycopath or pedophile etc is not as Simple as someone done it to them. Actually studies I’ve read show that only a tiny percentage of children abused become abusers themselves. And only a small percentage of abusers have been abused. Of course usually they receive a different kind of emotional abuse that shut them down (what I call makes the soul want to leave and what operate them is a nasty primitive form). They usually are raised without sincere love or empathy but with material spoiling. Empathy can be taught and apparently can also be stolen. From my experience, nor studies, what “makes” this kind of people is to be exposed to others abused and seing it being normalized. For example, a young girl discovers her father rapes his employes and beats her mother but she lets herself be conviced that he has reasons to do so, that he is special, that she also is special etc is what makes this kind of moral and mental disease. A girl who has been abused (and I’ve known some) don’t have to turn out like that, actually they usually become advocates in justice if they manage to overcome the trauma.

  10. One of my many random claims to fame was being screamed at (aka abused) over the phone by Robert Maxwell a few months before he died.

    I was manning reception and asked him to wait a minute while I found the person he was calling for. Told me he’d get me fired, I believe words like ‘you little bitch’ were used… #dick

    Was quite pleased to hear Mossad threw him off his yacht.

  11. Yuck to any investment of energy into this person and her collaborators. Let’s put the survivors front and centre, let’s learn about the people standing up and shifting the power dynamics. Let’s shift the perspective and create the change we need, one narrative at a time.

    1. Sure, but I gather that the survivors are thrilled she is to be questioned and charged etc – justice is a vital component of healing and survival, to testify and be not just heard but supported by the collective.

      If there is no “investing energy” into this person and her collaborators, how do you imagine they will be held to account? Or do you think that a “perspective shift” and more news stories about nice people will somehow inspire ruthless predators to leave their luxury eyries and present at the nearest police station?

      Sorry if you find it “yuck” but this legal process IS shifting the power dynamics.

      1. As is your post, addendum and response here, Mystic. I totally get your dismissal, Minky, it’s justified rage for change. Just that traumatic behaviours across time and generations mean there are people who could use the grace of acknowledgment, truth and critically analytical voices of thrivers who have endured.

      2. I think it’s great that she and others are being held to account for their abuses. My post came from a response to my own experiences of harm and how painful it would be to read/listen/watch so much media/public fascination with someone who perpetrated extraordinary harm to so many young women. It was not an attack on you. I’m sorry that it came off as such.

        1. No need to apologize! I have my own experiences and understand your point but I think the fawning over her & others in that scene – all the euphemisms and so on – would have been more damaging, because it was tacit.If you see enough media coverage lauding your abusers as saints etc, it’s mind bending.

          I saw the ripple effect of Aly Raisman’s statement and confrontation of the US gymnast’s doctor: it had a massive impact, empowering Apart from the human desire to see powerful, protected smug predators bought down, I think the main benefit of the process will be opportunity for the victims to be treated with respect and have their say.

          And I think the trappings of wealth/social clout just make it more surreal – this theatre of money and luxury has been the neoliberal backdrop for decades; this story has layers. Ghislaine is a thread that just has to be pulled: that’s the fascination. I honestly don’t think most people give a s**t for wealth-porn anymore.

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            Really love the dialogue here between Minky and Mystic. Like Minky I get overwhelmed by the current plethora of evil being uprooted. Like a huge weed being uprooted. All those tendrils.

            But I just retreat.

            If only our world leaders could communicate this way ?

  12. So glad that Saturn finally got that Evil piece of work. Let’s hope it can bring down some more. Incredible piece Mystic, so glad you wrote it.

  13. Wow, those Saturn links are really something… yet again the astro shows all.
    What struck me was the caption on the CNN screenshot. “Confidant”, connoting feminine/helpmeet. Not, for example, ‘accomplice’ or another more accurate word.

    1. YES!!! I think if she’d been poor/lower class, whatever – it would have been accomplice for sure. I plowed through old media – Nineties glossy mag coverage of Epstein was sycophantic as fuq – “a taste for young ladies, some ‘scandalously’ young”…and even after some particularly troubling details came out – disappearances and so on – she was still being described as a “madam” – which is dated, for a start, but also inaccurate. Even accomplice is too tame – this is more like a gigantic scale depravity carried out between appearances in the front row at Paris fashion week.

      1. That’s so interesting… the complicity of phrases like “scandalously young” ie don’t they mean criminally young?? Echoes of the massive cover up in the UK of high profile perps, the scale of which, tragically, seems to pale in comparison with what has happened in the US.

        1. Absolutely….designed to tittilate and to cast him a s a naughty by and not an abusing criminal! An old fashioned but apt word in this instance

      2. Have you seen the documentary Filthy Rich about him/them because a lot of it explains why- journalists were specifically told by their editors to flatter or shut it down. The power and favour mill/chain silenced everyone under.

  14. Unicorn Sparkles

    Does a person like her ever have friends as such? Acquaintances perhaps. Benefactors. There are many social functions where is is pictured with other women in recent years but it’s like she slid into the frame in most of them. “Please pose with her she donates a ton” I read the story about her testing the yoga instructor…not following rules of courtesy set out in terms of payment and asking her to smell the money she had just given her… power play in every interaction

  15. I just can’t imagine the arrogance to come back to the USA from France, if I were in as much deep shit as her I would NEVER come back. But who knows how deep all of it goes, maybe she was safe nowhere and knew her time was up…

    1. Theory: the people protecting her got wind of the FBI getting super-real and did not want to be caught up in it; they would have said it’s all taken care of, fly back here – nobody will know, private jet etc – and used certain channels to snitch on her without blowback to them personally – perhaps even some form of immunity from prosecution.

      1. oooo this is the real galaxy brain take. I’m sure that a lot will come out of her being taken in but there was always be so much more we will never know about behind the scenes.

        I was just chatting with my boyfriend about how I feel that Ghislaine Maxwell is actually the alpha and the bigger picture in the Epstein thing. Yes Epstein was a pedophile and received the spotlight for those crimes but I think in terms of possibly collaborating with intelligence and the bigger picture scheme Ghislaine could have been the actual mastermind. Her and her father were reportedly so tight but the father hated and bullied most of the other children.

        1. Oh dear, but very possible…
          Yes , absolutely he could have been her creature. With all those planets in Capricorn and a Venus in Sag, she was power sex on legs.

      2. There are so many powerful $$$ caught up in this, yes, they are all scrambling to do whatever they can to avoid the spotlight. My main concern is that we all get so focused on the evil Ghislaine that we forget the market for what she was selling. She should 1000% be held accountable, but I hope to god that we also get to bring down the men involved. I still keep fantasizing about a NY Post spread of page after page. (As for the b-b-b-but Bill Clinton! throw him in jail too, expose them all, all of the rot.)

        I was also just reading about Trump Models, which was another gross thing entangled with rapist abuser John Casablancas (Casablancas Models) who moved in with Stephanie Seymour when she was 16. I mean, christ, no wonder she’s a mess now. This whole thing is so vile, depressing (after all of these years of feminism, still the bodies of young women are seen as disposable playthings. Bring them all down!

        “We All Knew About the Trafficking”-The Untold Story of Trump Model Management (Part 1)

  16. Wish Upon a Star

    Re: 2nd photo.

    A picture paints a thousand words.

    Poor, wholesome Felix from the Odd couple looks like he wants to exit stage door left.

  17. Her father was such a powerful, complex, criminal character she had little chance of escaping that DNA. She is but one of his tentacles. To me she is one of those boring people whose lives are filled with upscale social posturing while being empty immoral cardboard cut outs.
    Last time she was the sideshow to her fathers story, this time she’s Epstein’s sideshow. My guess is she won’t be assassinated, or eventually rehabilitated. More likely forgotten in some penal institution for a while to reappear later as a contestant on Big Brother.

    1. There’s nothing boring or empty about her. She’s sinister and full to the brim with cruel, narcissist psychopathy. A classic vicious bully. I’ve known women like her, who align themselves with wealthy, powerful men, and have no problem lying, manipulating and abusing whatever and who ever they can to pave their path in life with gold, and smile all the way. My bet is that she’ll wind up dead somewhere during her Pluto Saturn conjunction.

      1. Ha-ha I did too! Though you could definitely say she is a bad seed.
        Her father’s last swindle was looting millions of Pounds from pension funds and condemning pensioners to poverty (and some to suicide).
        This father-daughter story is surreally reminiscent of the birth of Aphrodite: rising from the sea foam formed by the the castrated genitals of Ouranus … but with a Buñuelan flavour. Robert Maxwell was last seeing naked & pissing into the ocean from his yacht called the Lady Ghislaine, before his body was found floating in the Atlantic…. Suicide, heart-attack, murder…who knows? It’s all so Neptunian.
        How i wish there were birth times for these characters.

  18. With the never ending clinging to rich and powerful men I’m going with some kind of projection situation, which tends to be Neptunian? Square? Or super afflicted Libra placement(s) – she can’t do anything without being attached to a partner as social (and financial?) status..
    Major father issues?
    Maybe pisces rising, i mean she looks great in that turquoise velvet number but I don’t know if Pisces can be that utterly self serving for so long without collapsing in a prescription drug induced heap or having a spiritual epiphany or similar. Virgo desc could allow for a need to be ‘taken care of’

    1. That resonates. I got a different hit on what her Asc might be: Scorpio rising, based on her looks (which also if she has Neptune in Scorp it would be in the 1st house), and that would put Leo Moon in the 10th, a professional Leo moon, Leo having to do with children and moon with being able to relate to children, like how they describe her being able to draw them in and groom them. Then her Cap Sun and other Cap stuff would be in the 3rd – the socialite thing and all the networking she did with the elite and connecting them to those kids. Horrible expression of her astro, and what she chose to do with her life map, but that’s my take.

    2. With all that Capricorn, yes, she could be utterly not self-serving but the gold-child self-damaging through others to reclaim status and power. And maybe some equivalent of micro-dosing, or only drugging up in or out of your power lair. Telling yourself (Pisces) time has no meaning and it will never catch up, or it would have by now, and letting powerful peeps deliver the message you want to hear: that the structures you upheld, and the power and status you glory in now will always be. Pan. Pandemonium. But mostly for the erudite, not the decadent.

  19. This is so well written. I saw the Netflix documentary quite recently so this is all very fresh in my mind. I will be surprised if she survives so she should at least keep all the receipts ready to expose all post death as the one and only decent thing she has ever done in her life

    1. If the authorities really want to dig deeper into these affairs they will keep her alive. She’s the only one left who can nail the other hidden participants. If the authorities want to shut down the whole thing ? She’s gone.

      1. Normally I would agree but in the Netflix documentary I was watching it went into detail about how much power Epstein had with the authorities and why it took so long to arrest him despite over a decade worth of hard evidence. Even the head of the FBI was rewarded after a shut down with a later key role in the Trump administration and certain judges and officials from various states as well. Just one example. Epstein was clearly murdered as his real autopsy reveals so it really depends which authorities are in charge and who has the higher authority here. There are very high level people involved with much more authority than the prosecutors. Both Prince Andrew and Donald Trump have cases that have been buried from Epstein, both of whom have access to MI6 and secret services let alone whoever else in the ring that has a great deal to loose and an awful lot of money and access to world class assassins. This is much bigger than the police who want her alive.

    2. I would be rather worried in her position. There will be a lot of people – with the means and contacts – to ensure she doesn’t spill the beans. Alternatively, she could be given some kind of deal which keeps her silent (although lesser nasties might be thrown under the bus).
      Love David’s idea of her going on Big Brother, though!
      And synchronistically, there is a piece in one of the UK’s papers on Lord Boothby – a peer of the realm and friend of the Krays – whose disreputable and illegal behaviour was covered up by police, government, etc etc.
      It seems we only get the full story when most of the ‘guilty’ are dead.

      1. for sure, look what they did to Diana… I agree she is in very serious trouble. If they can get to Epstein and in a max security cell, they can get to her.
        We don´t even know how far this goes and all the players. This could even be connected to trafficking in Europe given the pageant/ eastern euro/ Paris/ modelling connection. So many directions this can take

  20. I’m so glad she got caught. Stupid move to have traveled to the U.S. if she was on the run, but the best possible move for a chance for justice to be served. Sounds like she’s got the dark triad in her, the cluster B personality disorders – sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists, anti-socials. In other words, no conscience, and no ability to get one. Hopefully she’ll be put away for the rest of her life and made to uproot the rest of that reprehensible ring of psychopaths, information that they couldn’t get out of Epstein since he was found dead so soon after he was caught. Justice won’t be served if she’s found dead too soon. Ick…makes my skin crawl, just seen photos online of her and Epstein with Trump…. there is just so much ‘ick’ right now… At the end of Saturn and Pluto through Capricorn, will we have purged a significant amount of evil and corruption in this world?

  21. That’s the actor Tony Randall on the right not Leslie Wexner, who used to own Victoria’s Secret…

    1. look at Tony Randall’s body language – he’s pulling away from them …

      Always liked him 🙂

  22. Sadly I think she’ll die from some previously undiscovered “heart” condition or similar before she ever talks.

  23. Congratulations on yet another marvellous and timely article Mystic. What an evil harpy she (Ghislaine) is.

  24. FINALLY! I cannot write the words (as I do not want to offend anyone with offensive words) to describe how disgusted I am with all of this. It’s about time this huge web of horrific acts began to break.
    She won’t last long alive though, next headline will be “Ghislaine Found Dead in Witness Protection House” and probably “suicide”.

    1. Exactly my thoughts, I’ll be astonished if the ‘powers’ that be will let it all unravel and name the high profile names involved…including certain royals! I really hope it does and it all comes tumbling down 😉

      1. Same here, I hope this is the year where the rich and powerful all fall down. There is just too much corruption in the world 💔

    2. Exactly, there is no way they are going to let her live- especially when one of those people with buried allegations is the current president and the other is part of the royal family.

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