Introducing The 5th House People

Fifth House people are the least understood ‘crowded house’ segment* in Astrology. Is it the glitter? Their allegiance to Art over all else? That they power-infuse more pure vibe into a single ten-minute flirtatious conversation than most people manage in a decade-long relationship?

They’re sometimes called narcissists but it’s inaccurate. Narcissus was besotted with his reflection to the point that he drowned gazing at his own beauty. He ignored poor Echo, the nymph who loved him. A 5th house person would not let a stunning and loyal nymph lurk in idle Love Zombie mode. She’d be deployed to scout locations, cue the music, and approach wealthy backers to secure funding.

5th House People Are Always In Pre-Production

With 5th house people, there is always a production. Whether their thing is cinema, their ever forming and reforming band, graphic design, fashion, photography, furniture, dance, decor, theatre…they’re always producing something.

Big ideas, a definitive look, and awed admirers are not hypothetical luxuries – they are a molecular fuel source.

5th House relationships could be more accurately described as collabs. If creativity called they’d pack up and leave you in the middle of the night to answer. But they wouldn’t care if you did the same, especially if it was a cool pursuit.

Stay fabulous and you won’t accrue a single demerit point. It’s not coming from a place of judgment –  Fifth housers like people who are inspiring.

Why do non-5th-house people put up with them? Their glamor. It’s like they have their own lighting system and, similarly to Leo Rising people, they’re good at Quantum Voodoo Glamor. They merge with the collective subliminal matrix via the camera.

If their aura is drab, they can’t think properly or channel their genius. They’re either being creative or they’re tuned out. An example: Dinner will either be a smoothie or it will be a concept.

It’s hard to offend 5th house people because they’re self-possessed and confident in their style/creative choices. Every single thing they do involves an artistic process. Your obstacle is their impro cue. They’re not huge on social realism because it messes with their alchemical algorithm. Groove is an emotion.

Groove Is An Emotion

They are not style-obsessed, they’re a conduit for a universal aesthetic field, in much the same way that vicars see themselves as a vehicle for godliness. It’s innate. They’re the toddlers who art-direct their playroom or the child prodigies who put most adults on edge but they don’t know why.  They’re creating content and performances from the moment they work out it’s a thing.

Academia seems arid. Their aura doesn’t power up for algebra. They hook the algebra up with the lady mathematician whose father was a silk-manufacturing goldsmith who ran the Bank of France but left her without heat or light at night, to stop her studying. Was Archimedes her spirit guide or her past life? Did she dabble in numerology or read A Vindication Of The Rights Of Women?

She cross-dressed – was it purely so she could sneak into physics lectures or was there something else going on? What else did Sophie Germaine get up to when she was Monsieur De Blanc? It’s a song, fashion reference, haiku with numbers, sacred geometry installation…something.

Fifth house children boggle the minds of many teachers: they’re loud, charismatic, and have no creative boundaries. From an early age, they’re good at holding an audience and disinterested in non-imaginative design, people, or ideas. They psychologically identify with superstars, artists, and people who stand out. If there is no artistic outlet, for the time being, they focus on becoming incredibly cool and developing an intimidating veneer.

They Identify With Superstars

Marina Abramovic has the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter in the 5th house: “What you’re doing is not important. What is really important is the state of mind from which you do it. Performance.

Traditionally, the 5th is also the realm of fertility and romance but the ‘romance’ is not necessarily the pair-bond of the 7th house: it’s eros, the skittish inspirational high you get from fantastic interplays that you don’t have to define or ground in real life.

5th house people are passionately attached to their creations, which can include children. If their ambitions are not playing out as they expected, they become stupendously garish stage parents or unsolicited Director of Photography for any social occasion.

But really, they’re life-enhancers. People who snark about their loudness or concept-costuming also rely on the 5th houser’s’ ability to switch up the atmosphere in any room. They’re like human Party Rock Anthem. And remember that the word ‘inspire’ originally meant that a supernatural being would breathe into you, invigorating you with magic. This lot lives for that.

The word ‘diva’ does not mean ‘demanding talent’ – it’s from ‘divine’ and it is also referencing the Buddhist concept of Devas – magical beings. Donna Summer, who had the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars in the 5th, was the pre-eminent Seventies diva. She’s best known for her iconic performances (I Feel Love and Love To Love You)  but she co-wrote and produced her music and, of course, had an extraordinary, ineffable talent.

Diva Does Not Mean “Demanding.”

Her specialty? Recording songs in one take and high-concept albums that would invariably have the title changed by the record company. Eg: Mixmag reported that her album I Remember Yesterday was supposed to be named after the novel it was based on –  Anthony Powell’s A Dance To The Music Of Time.

An aside: Her co-producer describes how he went to Summer’s house to finish writing the soon-to-be club hit I Feel Love, only to find her on the phone. She appeared after three hours: “Look, I’m really really sorry but I’ve been on the phone to my astrologer in New York. We were discussing my relationship,” she explained.

“She was with a guy called Peter Mühldorfer but she’d just met Bruce Sudano of Brooklyn Dreams, who she’d fallen for,” recalls the co-producer. “She called the astrologer because she wanted to go through Bruce’s star sign and charts; the astrologer had decided that she had to go with Bruce. She came down and said, ‘I’ve made my decision’.”Then she delivered the song in one take.

‘I Feel Love’ Was Neptune Conjunct Donna Summer’s Venus

The transit in question? Well, it looks like Neptune conjunct Venus, your go-to for Mists of Avalon style love triangles.

Another classic 5th House indicator courtesy of Donna Summer? Composing – on the fly. Nightline asked her about She Works Hard For The Money.I was at a Grammys party and I went to the ladies’ room and on my way in I saw this little old lady sitting at the end of the bar. And she was asleep. She was the bathroom attendant. And at that same moment, a group of ladies walked into the room and started spraying their hair and doing all these things.

And my first thought was ‘God, she works hard for her money, that lady.'” “And then I thought, ‘Man, that’s a song. So I went and grabbed my manager and we went back into the bathroom and started writing the song on a piece of toilet paper.

She fought for full input into her music and image, to respond to her inspirations, and the new gay/disco/style scene she’d seemingly summoned up with a click of her glittery jaffa-orange fingernails. She was big on sequins, voluminous hair, flowers, and glossy everything.

Some dwell on her later switch to fundamentalist Christianity and alleged renunciation of her music/her audience but looking at her extraordinary line up in the 5th, I think she was more devastated by being unable to retain creative control than many appreciated at the time.

If she came back now, with social media and the social climate to call out skeeves or write meaningful songs, she would rule. And in the realm of style, art, and performance, 5th housers do.

Here are some more 5th House people to help illustrate the genre:

Nick Cannon – Venus, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, and Mercury.
Timothee Chalamet – Sun, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, and Uranus.
Sulamith Wulfing – Uranus, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury.
Juliette Greco – Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus.
Will Smith – Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto.
Stephen Sondheim – Mercury, Sun, Uranus, and Venus.
Dame Judi Dench – Mercury, Venus, and Sun.
Young Thug – Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.
Enrique Agudo – Venus, Pluto, Eros.
Mozart – Saturn, Sun, and Mercury.
RuPaul – Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Neptune.
Tallulah Bankhead – Sun, Mars, and Mercury.
Dr. Dre – Moon, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto.
Bob Dylan – Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus.
Michelangelo Antonioni – Mercury, Sun, Mars, and Venus.
Vivienne Westwood – Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus.
William Blake – Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune.
Calvin Harris – Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus.
Yoko Ono – Sun, Mercury, Venus, and North Node.
Bruce Springsteen – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Neptune.
Tyra Banks – Sun, Mercury, North Node, and Neptune.
Alexander McQueen – Moon, Sun, and North Node.


*A crowded house is more correctly called a stellium – three or more astro-anythings in one house. As a lot of interesting people don’t have their birth time on public record, I can’t zoom in and go super niche on this. You can read about the Ninth House people here. 

Donna Summer – Backstage at a television special in 1982. Photographer Unknown – tell me if you know!

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  1. Sun moon Mercury Jupiter Chiron in the 5th in Aries I’m a professional artist but have explored most art forms. I used to be very expressive w my style and wish I still was but I have become more introverted perhaps considering being born on a dark moon. I’m a cliche 5th house stellium

  2. Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn all in the 5th house. In Scorpio, I struggle with finding the balance between my fantastic massive personality and my quiet, peaceful introspection.

  3. I am a Libra sun /rising and this read my entire soul, thank you for this. I just have Uranus in my 5th (in Aquarius)and it just makes so much sense now. I’m overly passionate about the arts and I’ve lost a couple of good people due to my marriage photography/music. Nothing ever lasts but the arts will always be there for me it seems like.

  4. 5th house Sun, Mercury (Gemini) and Moon, Venus (Taurus), with all except moon (tfc) squaring Pluto in the 8th and a Cap rising and Saturn in Cap in the 12th. So, the above? Yeah, but also a battle at times.

  5. Saturn in Pisces

    I’ve been on a whole sign houses kick all year, and using that system I’ve got a heavy 5th house – Sun/SN/Mercury. “They are not style-obsessed, they’re a conduit for a universal aesthetic field” – wow!

    Speaking of other house systems, I’d love to buy my Astral DNA chart with different house options, whole signs in particular as that’s the dominant method aside from Placidus. I know that is likely extremely challenging to code, but it’s something I would purchase in a heartbeat!

    1. OMG! I just spent the whole morning delving into whole sign houses and it makes SO much more sense! It gives me a heavy 5th house too. I would also be excited for an Astral DNA chart done with whole signs!

  6. Hey mystic I’m appreciating the new (mobile) site look ! A pleasure to scroll around and read.

    I don’t have much 5th house vibe but I’m taking notes so my Leo Saturn can bring this abundance-consciousness to light. X

  7. The list at the end! Normally I shy away from people with similar chart patterns because I feel there is so much more in a birth chart. But! Your list is extensive and pulls from so many different niches of famous people. Thank you for that! I can feel the 5th house in them all!

  8. I have a loaded 5th house – Mars/Saturn/Pluto tightly conjunct in Libra – but it’s been a burden. All three planets square my Venus in Cap. It’s too bad, because all those 5th house planets trine my Aqua Sun and Gem rising in a Grand Air Trine that, at times, I’ve glimpsed the potential for being a blessing. But having grown up with a narcissistic actress mother who effectively squashed my personality, I didn’t even have a real identity of my own until my 20s. I feel extraordinarily creative, it’s just blocked and repressed. A Virgo moon in the fourth house doesn’t help either. Every time I try to create something, I just feel safer and more comfortable criticizing it than enjoying the process in any fashion. I do write novels, but they take years because the blocks are so huge. I tried freelance writing for a living twice and failed because I was sabotaging my own creativity so much. Yeah, it’s really just been an incredible burden. Oh, and I won’t even get into all the stuff in Cap the past few years squaring it, the fact my mother projected on me and made me believe I was the selfish one (oh never her because narcissists are never at fault) so I can never ask for what I want or do anything I want without massive guilt, or the fact I’m infertile and can’t have children. That’s the dark side of the 5th house and super lo-Leo vibes I’ve struggled with my whole life.

  9. This = Me. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn…all in the 5th. “Art directing their playroom” is a perfect way to describe my creative child self. Thanks for this Mystic!

  10. I have Jupiter, Pluto & Saturn all in the 5th right now, so I am assuming this applies to me, despite not having any planets in the 5th natally. Feels like it!!

  11. An astrologer told me I have a 5 house trio sun venus moon in equal house system v (placidus System only moon in 5th). I feel more 5th h though, everything has always been art directed 🙂 Had no idea about Donna I’m obsessed now ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Am undoubtedly a Fifth houser. Pluto Uranus in tight conjunction (Virgo) along with Mars in Libra all with aspects aplenty. I am forever arranging secretly symbolic vignettes, always setting the stage for some fabulosity I can neither afford nor attain. It is how I relax. I need some kind of art project at all times or I will go mad. I escape through the end of my pencil and imaginary furniture. It is also how I tell the future.

  13. I love this! I have Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter in the 5th, and man, do I identify with “Sequins, Voluminous Hair, Flowers Everywhere And Glossy Everything.” In my head, ever since I was very young, my secret identity was “rock star.”

  14. Yep 5th house type – Pluto, Uranus and Lilith straddling Virgo/Libra.

    Yep I’m loud – Mercury in Leo 3rd house/Sagg moon in the 7th.

    Yep I have multiple creative pursuits including visual art, hand craft, cooking, guitar, piano and singing. I art direct absolutely EVERYTHING. Books have to be aligned just so, art objects and wall art are strategically placed. Even my wardrobe is organised by colour. I have a definite personal style direction that has nothing to do with current fashion trends.

    I’m a fidget though (Gemini Asc) and jump from one interest to another. Very easily bored. Mess, clutter and ugliness are horrific to me. People with no chutzpah, no energy i.e. sheeple are quickly edited out of my orbit.

    I also have an acute sense of smell – my partner reckons I’m like a blood hound.

    Thanks Mystic. You’ve explained a LOT about my idiosyncrasies.

    1. Relate to this so much! In fact, I duplicated your “I art direct everything” line before I even read this comment (will go back and edit it so as to preserve your originality) I share your 5th house placements and your gem rising. X

  15. I have a theory. I’m Aries rising so all of my houses line up with their sign, and my 5th house is empty of planets. For a good chunk of my life I was surrounded by 5th house people, and I still find them very easy to befriend. I think my empty 5th Leonic house makes them feel safe. I get them, and admire their qualities, but I’m not competing for the limelight. I’m like a mirror haha!

    1. There’s something friendly and candidly warm about fire signs interacting, like creating a campfire. Bonfire? Must research the etymology of that word. Sounds like “bon” or “good” 🙂

      1. I sat around a bonfire with friends recently and there’s something really bonding about it. Unfortunately I had to look up the etymology after you mentioned it and it’s derived from ‘bone’, as in burning bones, or people. Which I guess is how people used to bond. Glad we’ve moved on.

        1. Let me create the new etymology, then! Out of the bones and dust rise the sparks, then let rest the outworn, live the true old connections in, let’s say, an Arien style wise rebirth

  16. Lol. I have Uranus/Neptune/North Node there and a couple of other points/asteroids. As a child I pretended to present and perform in festivals, I also wrote, acted, produced a “play”. I was basically performing all the time. It’s amazing how I let other stuff influence me to get me away from that path. I forgot how much I loved performing until a few years ago.

  17. Wow this makes SO much sense to me. Thank you.
    Do the asteroids count much you think?
    I’m Moon/Mars/Vesta/Juno/Vertex/Chiron in the 5th.

  18. I was born high in the northern latitudes and my 5h and 11h are intercepted. What does the collective know about that?

    1. My 5th Aries and 11th Libra are intercepted. I am a Southern hemisphere woman. I wanted to post about my intercepted door-busting but may be able to if there is a members’ only post (and if it relates to it.) Are you in the midst of a profound key unlocking? Or at the threshold of a long journey’s new vista?

      1. Mine are like yours, but reversed! My understanding is it takes extra effort to express the energies of these houses, so is that accurate? I moved to the subtropics where a lot of things changed and I’ve been able to better express these energies, but I wasn’t sure if there was more to it.

        1. Mmm, my prior reading suggests there’s more deeply to it, as it’s about unlocking those energetic doors. BUUUUT, maybe that move provided a real key? I visited high northern latitudes but have not experienced living in them….very interesting, LMCP, thank you so much.

  19. My dear Gem is a 5th House stellium guy, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Moon. I have to search for this vibe in his nature, except where music is concerned. In this time line he found his way back to flamenco guitar from what I an only assume is an alt timeline as a Spanish gypsy. We went to Spain not long ago and both had visions and dreams in Seville of lives past, the hologram selves all lit up and connected to their other selves. Intersecting dimensional realities not his usual IT/ Programmer style ID, it hit him hard. 🙂 He is a most humble, quiet, hardworking person so few of those listed are a vibe I can relate to him. Except him being totally comfortable with the weird, passionate, painful, drama of flameco, you wouldn’t guess his 5th Housie-ness ever!

  20. I’ve got Sun. Mercury and South Node in the 5th. A lot of this rings true. I started a men’s fashion magazine in my bedroom when I was 11, amongst other creative endeavours.

    1. I started a spy mag, and had a journalistic mission for each page, which i assigned to my neighbourhood buddies. (Ended up having to cover most missions myself. One of the girls was a mate’s older sister Aries, and quit when she couldn’t be leader. Sag friend got caught five minutes into her spy mission and banned from my mag etc etc) Findings for two missions couldn’t be published 😂 unexpected adult neighbour situs going on.

    2. I can relate! I started a family newspaper at age 9 and my first band age 11. I also invented my own cooking show when I was about 13. Every time I made a glass of Milo I’d perform it for the imaginary cameras, lol

      1. The cameras are…imaginary??? Makes them specially real, then 😄 Somewhere in the etheric is your video of this cool and gorgeous girl making milo in the most cinematic way, winning easily the Palme d’Or

  21. I only have the one thing in my fifth house. Granted, it’s my sun, but that’s still hardly a stellium. Guess that’s why I’ve always been drawn to backstage work. That, plus a Mercury in Scorpio.

  22. MacArthur Park Donna Summer Original extended version 1977 is one of the most epic music moments ever. She is the 5th house

    1. Ooohh i recall hearing that on radio one time, or at least a slice. Didn’t appreciate it then, as my blood parents both made me endure the other one on radio many many times, with part singalongs!

      And to this day i hate cake! Looks good, disappoints. Haha guess my bod absorbed the lyrical message.

      1. lol, who hates cake?? (because of this track)
        If your parents can keep up with her vocals I would be impressed.

        I just think it is the most dramatic song ever.

        1. No, my parents did the guy version by Richard Harris, with mother operatically dropping octaves, in an original vw bug, so they competed with the engine. Pretty funny! (Except when they both stopped to lecture little tiny me about the politics. Politics was one of the things they agreed on.) Must shower-compete with them by listening and learning Donna’s take 😁

  23. Ha ha. Yes.
    I was a full force of neurodiverse hyperactivity and colour who lived in the dress up box and refused my mother´s terrible haircuts and insisted on wigs. As a teen people would be talking about all the rock stars or movie stars they wanted to date. Girls would always ask me who I wanted to marry? I don´t want to date them, I want to BE them.
    That league anyway, pursued talent. Everything was art directed. I had a poised floor flan for epic hair moments and perfect lighting around my bed in my first solo rented flat. The rest was a studio I sewed costumes in full time for my early stage shows. My trans friend gave me her first pair of thigh high stiletto boots in a short ceremony. We made events because it was Tuesday. I once transformed the interior of my bedroom to look like a licorice allsort. Another time I bought the leftovers from a game show pilot and turned my bedroom into a light up cash register. Playboy international taught me how to pout on camera. I still casually practice contortion. I sold my first artwork at 17 from a squat turned studio space in the centre. Sun Mercury Uranus conjunct, Scorpio, 5th house.

  24. Wahh I admire the 5th house so much, it’s like the me I’m just bursting to be but my 6th house Capricorn stellium where my sun lives and Cancer rising are just like NOPE (draconian astro makes my 29deg Gem moon a Cancer moon as well). I’m so comfortable being behind the scenes.

    But then theres my 5th house Scorpio mars (trine my ascendant) drawing me attention I just don’t usually want. I so wish I could learn to embrace it, tbh but I never feel entirely comfortable and I hold resentment when I feel objectified.

    I love creative pursuits and feel quite in my element there but never seem to make enough time for them though deep down I know I’m meant for it. There are always stories and poems floating around my head. Again, I get frustrated when I can’t express myself or have creative freedom. There’s mars again.

    I’m a very conflicted gal most of the time D:

    1. Has Neptune trined the Asc-Mars yet? That will be amazing…Also, Mars in Scorp can mean every time you go to think about doing something, you raise a lot of emotional energy, existential vibe. Keep a diary!

      1. I get so giddy when you reply <3 Spot on (I have to put my heart and soul into things) and no exact trine yet but getting closer and closer – probably close enough to have a minor influence. Mars 26deg, asc 25deg…I'm excited now. I will write about it. I was just thinking of how I need to get back to journaling earlier and got a new 30 pc set of colorful gel pens making my Cancerian nostalgia for the 90s go to 100. Loving this synchronicity.

        1. Beautiful pens!!! I put off journalling for , what, 3 years because it was homework 😆 my Saturn in Taurus 6th can be stubborn. Two or three weeks ago i refilled and checked my ink and calligraphy pens, and i just started with a series of dates. Got one wrong, and just used that paper whiteout. Good quality chisel pen went right over it, and VOILA i can be creative without being precious! Now i have moments i crave writing in it. May your gel colours bring you JOY xxxx

          1. Caligraphy! That is too cool. Yes, whatever it takes to channel that creative energy. Handwriting anything always feels like magick to me and the slow strokes of calligraphy seem meditative and relaxing. The script isnt rushed and that’s why it’s so beautiful and impactful. <3

            Meanwhile I sat for almost 20 min doodling with each pen to see all the pretty colors. Very much joy, thanks! Hehe. I do hope cursive never entirely goes away. They stopped teaching it in schools here. I just love how it flows. I'm something of a chameleon with my handwriting.

  25. This explains. So. Much. ;-p HAHAH and Neptune is about to be conjunct my Venus.

    (Merc/NN/Sun/Hecate conj. in Aqua 5th)

    1. Also, Donna’s stellium was spread out over the entirety of the 5th in freakin’ CAP, which means she has had a HELL of a last 12 years. GACK! I have been having the feels for Cap stelliums lately. I dread all this moving into Aqua.

  26. Feeling it! Venus/Pluto/Sun/Mars in Libra in 5th.

    Donna’s Neptune also super prominent with that Capricorn stellium in 5th.

  27. love Donna Summer, been thinking abt her lately…
    well anyway this is my bro, and he’s a musician/artist lol
    CANT WAIT FOR THE 12th HOUSE PEOPLE…..whoooop!

  28. My 5th house in Libra is as empty as a unfurnished, white room – loving the comments of the flamboyant 5th housers here however.

  29. Sun, Jupiter, Venus and North Node in the 5th house in Gemini. This explains why ideas have always been more important to me than anything else.

  30. Triple Air Gem

    Thanks for this. I’m both a 5th and 9th houser so I love that those are the first two posts off the rank.

    I relate to this very much. As a 9 year old I wrote and directed a play I made my fellow school students star in.
    I was very certain of my vision and was adamant that they perform it as written.
    As a 7 year old I remember feeling inspired to do a drawing about school camp. It won me a global children’s art award.

    As long as I can remember I’ve been writing, drawing and creating. There is always a project on the go.

  31. One of the Astro reports Mystic did for me told me my superpower was my loaded fifth house, but I didn’t know it was such a THING. It explains a great deal. And I have Leo Rising, Sagg sun. I’ve often felt like an alien. This post is strangely comforting.

    1. Woah, loaded 5th house AND Leo rising! Sounds like super strong performance energy! Can I ask what work you do?

  32. I have North Node in Leo 5th House & it just feels really big & out there. Which I’m kind of not & prefer not to be. I did however find my life’s work during North Node transit across Leo in the last few years. So that was amazing/magic!

      1. I’m doing a Ph.D. in political philosophy & developing a new methodology to test. It’s going to keep me busy for a long time!

  33. Well, I literally had to keep batting away my 5th house Leo sun-venus-jupiter-mercury 4 year old’s advances, unsolicited air kisses, and demands for co-play enough to make it through this fun bit of glam. His everything there trines my own 5th house stellium, an aries mars-venus-eris-lilith…lol….

  34. I’m definitely not a 5th house person, my 5th is Virgo and I have no planets in it. But I have had a lot of 5th house partners in crime and appreciate them…Leo/Aquarius synergy is something that I feel is not talked about a lot!

    I know this post is not about the full moon eclipse but is anyone interested in doing a post mortem in that? Two minutes before it was exact I remembered there was a full moon and looked it up. I tried to tune into the frequency and meditate when it was exact.. then I could not sleep all night and had a sudden urge to pay all of my outstanding bills! I had been avoiding doing this for months just out of executive dysfunction.

    I paid them and organized the papers then realized that the eclipse was conjunct my natal Saturn in Sagittarius…that makes a lot more sense! Why else would I be dying to pay bills in the middle of the night lol. It was nice to financially konmari.

    1. ‘I paid them and organized the papers then realized that the eclipse was conjunct my natal Saturn in Sagittarius… that makes a lot more sense! Why else would I be dying to pay bills in the middle of the night lol.’
      Very funny!

  35. Oh gosh I needed this Mystic, especially with this Full Moon Eclipse, happening one degree from
    my Sun conjunct Sekhmet. Thank you, I feel understood and validated. It’s been a tough week. I always rant about how I have Juno, Ceres, Venus, Mars and Mercury in Scorpio conjunct Lilith in Sag in the fifth (conjunct Neptune in the sixth in Sag), and squaring my Aqua Moon conjunct Ubast, because it’s been a revelation discovering all this. I am a lot and always have been. I AM that child who art directed the playroom, who was too much for teachers, and always threatened adults. I still threaten most people, and it was confusing until I learnt about my chart. A friend said to me recently when I was breaking off with my band to make art/ music/ performance that is more aligned with my always evolving divine calling, ‘if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room’. It’s not conceit or arrogance but I’ve always struggled to be understood by most people and identified with superstars too. Not only for the glamor (although let’s be honest, that’s important), but for the level of dedication to artistry. Every word of this got me right in the heart, feeling ‘Groove as an emotion’ and ‘being a conduit for universal aesthetic field’ makes it very hard to settle into a safe and ordinary life. I am always dreaming up the next big project, even when in lockdown. Over summer I made myself a frilled gold, off the shoulder, Lycra swimsuit because I was bored with the options available to buy, and then decided I’d make myself a whole wardrobe inspired by Studio 54 era Grace Jones style. Surely she’s a fifth house diva too!? She IS ‘Quantum Voodoo Glamour’. Eclipse intensity love to you!

    1. Ah wow I have Vesta, Moon, Mercury, Juno, Venus, Uranus in my Scorpio 5th House, conjunct Lilith in Sag (conjunct Neptune in the sixth in Sag). Mars in Leo in 2nd. So yeah: Hi! – YOU just made me feel understood and validated *being a lot + a threat to adults ? Yeah. Currently, I’ve been hiding somewhere inside, for almost a year now, being paralyzed + angry with art ( Im having my Pluto square Pluto mid-life crisis and 12th house transits parties) Its Anyhow, I’ve been struggling with this sense of not being understood more and more ever since 2020. I am now remembering just how my only feel good place is the stage. How home is only found in performance. How love is only true in creation. (Im also famous for looking like I just had an orgasm right after I perform.) Even in forever lasting winter-time here where I live: stage lights replace the sunlight no problem. I am a living cliché of ”its art or death”. Of ”I am not an artist by choice: its a curse and a blessing”. Its either ”I AM ART” or all hell go loose. I make no difference between art and divine. I hope I come out of my actual transits phoenixing like never before! May this eclipse season be oh so good to us !

  36. My 5th house is Scorpio with Neptune all alone. The trine to Saturn and sextile to Pluto adds some safety rails 😘

    1. Lucky, and fun! Mine has connections to runaway train tracks, and a dreamliner or ghost train.

      (5th Merc /Chiron t-square Uranus Mars, 5th Sun t-square Mars Pluto)
      (5th Mercury/Chiron trine Neptune Jupiter Moon Ascendant)
      (5th Sun trine Jupiter Neptune)

      1. At a party last night, someone came to show me a black and white grainy video on their phone to show me what my dancing was bringing them: it was Josephine Baker. Love!

  37. Wish Upon a Star

    Wow ! I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo in the 5th house. Dionysus is bang on Sappho in Leo 5th house and they are conjunct Jupiter within 1°. And Prometheus 5th house. Oh and I have big curly hair and love to dance and party.

    I wonder if the Jupiter in Leo amplifys the others?

    Jupiter and Venus trine (orb) Neptune in Scorpio ninth house.

    This explains alot and is also healing.

  38. What a good read this is! I’d always thought of myself as reasonably 5th house but I’m in awe of those listed above. I’m Leo rising with moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno conj in my Cap 5th house plus Magdalena and Vertex. Does this count? Obviously it’s a club I want to be in, ha.
    Really enjoying this focus on the houses series, Mystic, it’s helping me understand my houses a lot better.

  39. LightningButterfly

    Dang, I’m not quite a stellium in 5th house, but I do have Venus and Mars in the 5th house. Then I have 3 planets in the 8th house! So does that make more more witchy than artistic?

  40. I had to quickly google my Chart, on this…
    As an Aqua Artist, turns out only Uranus in my 5th House..but yes, when working as a jazz singer, would frequently record a song in one take etc..and basically all my life has been about “the Art”. To this day, I wear gigantic fabulous zirconia crystal jewellery and sequins TO COLES. (why would I turn up pasty-faced and in track pants??!)
    So, I take my hat off to the absolute 5th Housers.
    And thank them for their glamour vibes! X

      1. Yes, it’s day drag to Coles, topped off with a gigantic dread hair bun like an Indian sadhu…tips for attempting this include
        A) do it well
        B) being on a first name friendly basis with all your favourite Coles staff x

        1. 🙂 as a fellow Uranus in the 5th I fully support this, but I love the first name basis even more.

          The sliding doors part
          *swans through*
          *catches in the only good light under the fluorescents*
          Good morning Karen
          *sashays off to get groceries*

            1. And a little off topic, but as a footnote: DO try engaging with your fave supermarket staff…these are real people with names and stories. Most love a chat about things…politics, the weather, travel. I’ve found it completely enriches my shopping experience…and you will too…(drag optional) x

              1. I live in Spain, although I am in a city, it is more about smaller owners and local markets. Speaking with people is normal and kind of expected in my area.

                1. No mi diga! España. Que fabulosa….
                  I just threw this last comment in as some casual inspo…how to make something wonderful out of the mundane?? Art directing people’s food shopping experience?..errr *no, not technically*… but hopefully create something aura enhancing..x

                2. Si, yo vivo aqui y gracias. Turning the mundane into something wonderful, something more enriching and full of colour is exactly why I love 5th house energy. It is not a performance for attention, it is about creating a more beautiful and artistically elevated environment for everyone to play in.

              2. Well, you ARE speaking to many 5th housers so i imagine they already do! In fact, i briefly dated a couple, but still all good in the neighbourhood 😃

                The men tell me their news straight away, and the women like to compliment my lipstick and metaphorically hug from behind the covid screens. I love hearing their stuff, and seeing their warmth. Some of them used to be so quietly service-oriented, yet they’re our people! We need to know them to share and love them.

  41. Ok. Sun jupiter conjunction in my 5th cancer into leo. Bring me Timothee Chalamet unwashed. I could happily devour this poor boy. Oh and will smith as dessert. The line “they power-infuse more pure vibe into a single ten-minute flirtatious conversation than most people manage in a decade-long relationship?“. Oh that so rings true. I can’t bear the banal mundane conversations people have with their nearest and dearest. I’d simply and rudely drop off to sleep or more likely run away before screaming boredom Sets in. No mine is the absolute of my soul ready or not or letting them, to their absolute suprise, divulge their inner most Thoughts. Always worth it. Being so absolute and real is what gets us shamed in ancient astrology. Anyone 5th house or sun jupiter. Shameful people. Yup that’s me.

  42. I bet Kate Bush is a 5th houser, I know she’s a Leo but this post just has her written all over it!

  43. “A 5th house person would not let a stunning and loyal nymph lurk in idle Love Zombie mode. She’d be deployed to scout locations, cue the music, and approach wealthy backers to secure funding.”

    This reminds me of OSHO and Ma Anand Shela. I wonder if they had a lot of fifth house action going on.

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