Daily Mystic For Wednesday 23 Feb

Yes, the current Astrology is positive, really. So how the fuq, you may be wondering, has a hot war broken out in Ukraine? Not to mention the sharp policy shifts in Canada? It does seem incongruous and my clarifying thoughts are below.

But first, a (hopefully) helpful pep talk: Situations that are vast in scale and yet out of our control naturally cause unease – it would be weird if they didn’t. It can seem as if our multitude of aspirations, intrigues, and interests are once again subject to random, fluctuating factors. It’s particularly stressful in the wake of Covid inc and many of us feel like we’ve already fried our adaptability mechanisms.

However, re Russia and Co, if you’re not living in the directly affected areas – and I hope you are not – or required to deploy there, remember this: Before this century, no population in history was ever instantaneously aware, in real-time, of hostilities happening around the world. If staying informed by the moment is important to you or you think it will help you muster an appropriate policy recommendation for your local government representative, go for it.

But if not, consider that you’re spiking your adrenals by basically live-streaming blow-by-blow intelligence on s**t happening, keeping your body + psyche in fight/flight/freeze mode. Be aware and of course, if you’re a student of history, yes the developments are fascinating but claim/retain your agency in all this. You control yourself, your outlook, and your immediate environment. Asserting your creativity, enterprising nature, and sensuality in such an atmosphere is not denying that it’s disturbing – it’s good for your morale and those around you.

And if you’re interested, astrologically, we have:

(1) The drawn-out end of the Pluto in Capricorn era, as well as of the Saturn-Pluto cycle that started in 1982. This is part of a broader power struggle and while the military angle captures viewer attention, the wider story is harder to parse, let alone get click-through.

It’s a tale of supply-chain agreements and artificially created commodity shortages. The deeper war is not even ideological – it’s economic. There is a tonne of haggling going on behind the scenes with this and of course, some people/institutions will be happy for Putin to capture the bulk of publicity for a bit.

(2) Jupiter conjunct Neptune, while fabulous for spiritually aware people and artists, can also inspire zealots or misguided but over-arching faith in yourself/a particular belief. Interestingly, Justin Trudeau – who does seem to have dramatically pivoted his policy stance recently – has Neptune squaring his natal Jupiter in Sagittarius and approaching his Mars in Pisces. Putin is just plutonic – Pluto in Leo conjunct his Midheaven and opposed/stimulated by Saturn in opposition.

He “annexed” the Crimea territory of Ukraine in early 2014 (Uranus square Pluto) and from his point of view got away with it. So really, much of the merde going down at the end of this Pluto cycle is from scenarios left unresolved or glossed over earlier. On a personal scale, you’ve probably learned your Pluto lessons good and well. Compare your current self-mastery with that of 2008 and permit yourself a moment of pride!

5 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Wednesday 23 Feb”

  1. Love the learning Mystic.💚As it happens and we all know the unjabbed in Australia have been at war since the beginning of the globalist trend of two plus years regarding our new unlawful dictatorship laws and wanting to turn us into either zombies, transhuman or dead..Ukraine is run by the CIA of America who steal the wealth like they do from most of the world for.minerals and oil.They stole the country from Russia when the drunk president was in charge of Russia and put Biden Crack head son in charge of Ukraine getting paid millions to do nothing except be part of the cabal and the pedos..Our country is also run by these globalist pedo lunatics..
    Now Putin who is not part of globalist mafia will not bow down to them and has vowed to look after his country and people and everyone who seeks refuge..real Ukrainians love Putin…shame we dont have real leaders in the western world instead of Klaus Shwarbs puppets.
    Thankyou again MM 💚 💚

  2. Mystic, thank you as well for the insight. It saddens me that there is war again in Europe. As a first generation Australian whose parents fled war torn Europe, I can’t believe there is war in Europe once more. My family are not in the firing line but I know of those who are. I am hoping it will be stopped soon in some way.

  3. Mystic, this is absolutely what I needed to hear this morning, thank you. My adrenals need some attention after a 2-day intense lob onto Twitter, which I never do (I’ve never really used it; it’s so addictive, and I’m quite in awe of how “it” really knows how to push those lizard brain buttons!). I prefer to take a more historical, contextual view of what’s happening, but it’s been interesting to get a sense that people really are aware, or are becoming aware, of those murky undercurrents.

    Now that experiment is over, I’m off to celebrate and reflect on how far I’ve come since 2008 (it’s been a ride) and schedule time for my to-do list in my real, personal sphere, which is going not bad all being told. Thanks again Mystic, your observations and words provide much needed context (good for the soul, and good for one’s adrenals!).

  4. Wise words MM, thank you. <3 Going offline for a bit too. (I love how you have beautifully captured the current Mars and Venus duet in your pic. 🙂 ) xx

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