Kamala Harris astrology

The Kamala Harris Astrology

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The Kamala Harris astrology and the timing of her run as a U.S.A presidential candidate are fascinating. I’ve become crazily cynical about politics in recent times. Caligula, neo-liberalism, legacy environmental concepts, all of it. But today I was zapped up [ Read more…]

Astrology, Aspergers and Uranus

Astrology and Aspergers seem unrelated. But are neurally different people explicable via astrology? Are Aspergers and associated ‘spectrum’ modes of intelligence just Uranian? As described here, the ADHD personality descriptions read like a list of Mutable characteristics. After a plausible [ Read more…]

Tarot reading scene in James Bond movie. Woman in orange oriental style evening gown with Tarot spread

Be Your Own Most Trusted Psychic

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Everyone wants a psychic they trust, but ultimately, you are your best source of psychic information. Access your intuition. Find your optimal psychic groove. Tarot, the I-Ching, the Oracle on here: they all work via synchronicity. Information is around on [ Read more…]

Strong jawed, pale-eyed Merman under the sea with starfish, jellyfish and tentacles. It is art illustrating an article on Neptune transits

Neptune Nearly Drowned Me


Neptune transits have a strong undertow that can take you under and away from “land.” Learn how to be strong in the Neptune ‘ocean’ and not swept away. Dear Mystic, I am coming out of the transit of a lifetime [ Read more…]