Googling Styles Of The Zodiac

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You can tell a lot about zodiac personalities through the observation of people’s googling styles. Of course, everyone ebbs and flows. Your “research methods” could alter depending on the type of transit you are having. Still, here are some fundamental [ Read more…]

Kamala Harris astrology

The Kamala Harris Astrology

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The Kamala Harris astrology and the timing of her run as a U.S.A presidential candidate are fascinating. I’ve become crazily cynical about politics in recent times. Caligula, neo-liberalism, legacy environmental concepts, all of it. But today I was zapped up [ Read more…]

Astrology, Aspergers and Uranus

Astrology and Aspergers seem unrelated. But are neurally different people explicable via astrology? Are Aspergers and associated ‘spectrum’ modes of intelligence just Uranian? As described here, the ADHD personality descriptions read like a list of Mutable characteristics. After a plausible [ Read more…]