Fast Astro-Facts

Astrology is brilliant but it can also be vastly overwhelming. If you’re not in the mood to wade through screeds of info or tackle a dense topic, these pithy little astro-aphorisms are for you. One of them is bound to ping off an “aha” moment or if you’re new to astrology, give you a fresh take.

The Ninth House As An Alt-Love Sector?

The 5th house classically refers to “light-hearted” romance and the leisure aspect of mating whilst the 7th house represents significant alliances – a marriage, for example.

But in traditional astrology, the Seventh house signifies your “first husband or wife” while the Ninth house reflects the qualities of your second marriage partner. 

Going on this logic, I guess the 11th house would be your third husband/wife? Or perhaps by then you’d be content with cats and esoterica lol.

Born During Mercury Retrograde? Great!

Never think that people born under Mercury Retrograde are under any disadvantage whatsoever.

Think more Buckminster Fuller, Louise Bourgeois, Dostoevsky, Stravinsky, John Steinbeck, Margaret Atwood, Clarissa Pinkola Estes. It’s practically a prerequisite to winning a Pulitzer.  

These people don’t have the dubious luxury of feeling automatically au fait with the cultural lingo of their era so they often create their own.

Nobody Is Born On The Cusp

While “cusp” is a technical term to describe the border between two houses in a birth chart, nobody is “born on the cusp” as such. The Sun – as this is the most commonly cited “I’m born on the cusp of…” claim is either in one sign or another.

Of course you can talk about different zodiacs and observe that you’re in – say – tropical Scorpio but sidereal Libra – but the fact is that the Sun was at a specific degree of the zodiac ecliptic and “on the cusp” is meaningless.

I think people used to say it to sex up their zodiac patter but there are so many more interesting things you can evoke to do this. “I’m helocentrically a Taurus” is far cooler than “I’m on the cusp.”

Your Zenith Guide 

Planet, star or asteroid, the highest point in your birth chart aside from the actual Midheaven, is a potent celestial guide. Think about it, this factor was directly above you at birth or near to it – how magic is that?

In ancient times, when Visual Astrology (what you can see) was everything, the stars and planets on the horizon and midheaven were of massive importance. People were said to be born under the rays of the star or planet above.

A Vital Venus-Mars Difference

Venus is what you desire and deem beautiful – Mars is how you get it. Mars shows what you value in men and Venus in women, particularly in people’s peak hormonal years.

It can create problems when, for example, someone has their Venus conjunct an outer planet but their Mars is not – so if they fancy men, they’re drawn to guys who cannot  – will not – cope with Venus-Outer Planet intensity.

Also, Venusian vibe is not necessarily “sexy” – the natal Venus can just as easily express via sensational design aesthetic, affectionate friendships, an artistic practice etc.

Gifting Advice

Want to be the most amazing gift-giver in your circles? Gift for someone’s Moon sign, not their Sun sign. A gift that matches a person’s lunar persona will always be appreciated and what’s more, the recipient will give you credit for really understanding them.

The Attraction Matrix

When you continually attract or encounter people of one particular Sun Sign, the chances are they’re showing you something that you’re not expressing within your birth chart or that you may even be utterly oblivious to. Eg: A run of Aries and Aries is your Third house – look to planets there or to third house vibe itself.

Too Many Trines Versus Too Many Squares

Too many trines (those blue lines – 120 degrees, usually of the same element) can make peeps complacent but nice. An abundance of squares (red lines – 90 degrees – e.g., Leo versus Scorpio) makes for a spiky personality who makes s**t  happen.

Easy flowing trines are not necessarily “better” than squares and if you do have a particularly gnarly square in your chart, the time when those two points form a trine is always an opportunity to transform it.

Eg: Say you’re born with Mars square Saturn, anytime Mars trines Saturn is an invitation fo soften or harmonize this energy as would be Transit Saturn trine your Mars or vice versa.

Crowded House Syndrome

Packed house? It’s a major preoccupation, no matter what the person tells you. I once knew a person with the Sun, Moon and about five planets in their 2nd house – the $$$ sector.

They insisted they didn’t give a damn about money, were completely indifferent to it – I believed them and spent some time looking into the more obscure meanings of the 2nd house. Perhaps, I thought, this person was an anomaly? Big mistake. They not only cared – it turned out to come before all else to the point that over-riding what the chart showed proved quite costly.

The Via Combusta

If you have the Sun, Moon, the Ascendant, either Node or Midheaven in the Via Combusta sector of the zodiac, it means you were a witch, alchemist or other variety of magical practitioner in a previous existence. Is this for real? Who knows? Nobody can prove it either way but observe.

The Via Combusta (Fiery Way) is the 15° Libra to 15° Scorpio section of the Zodiac ecliptic. Why the weird reputation for this particular bit? I would love to have more time to research this thoroughly but surmise a few things here.

The Chart Ruler

It can seem like an antiquated concept but it seems to work – the house and sign of the chart ruler show someone’s core vibe. The “ruling” planet is the one that rules the ascendant sign. So even if you have the Sun, Moon and three planets in Leo, Capricorn Rising means Saturn is your ruler. Or patron planet if you prefer.

It’s worth thinking about and noticing how you respond to said planet by transit. If you’re Scorpio, Aquarius or Pisces rising, you can also choose from the former ruler or “modern” planet – eg: Mars or Pluto, Saturn or Uranus and Jupiter or Neptune.

Love Signals

Often overlooked, the Progressed Moon crossing the natal Descendant is a fairly reliable indicator of a major relationship change – usually a new love but sometimes a relationship ending. Similarly, if you know each person’s time of birth, the composite chart’s ascendant-descendant axis is a strong ‘tell’ of significant developments within relationships or an attraction/affinity evolving into something more substantial.

Mars Is Hot

Mars heats everything he touches – even Saturn. Mars inflames – lust, temper, ambition, old scars and competitive urges. Mars is good for damp Saturn and Saturnine wisdom benefits Mars in turn. In harmonious relationships, Mars synastry adds sexual chemistry and Fire. Not so harmonious? Aggravation.

Saturn’s Business

The house and sign of your natal Saturn represent your greatest struggle or an obstacle that seems to present itself over and over but it is also your potentially most awesome triumph. And of course you’ll appreciate your gains here immensely.

Minimalist Astro-Audit

A really quick and cool way to check a natal chart for what gives is to trim the orbs down to 1° so that you end up with just one or two alignments. These are core and can tell you so much.

Uranus Transits

It’s not a legit Uranus transit unless people are actively tut-tutting you all round. Mainstream approval is the touchpoint Uranians use to navigate away from.


Image: The Lady Has Plans – 1942

95 thoughts on “Fast Astro-Facts”

  1. “Outer planet transits across the Ascendant usually result in major changes to relationship status”

    Well, Pluto on my Cap asc brought NADA!!!

    I get that having Sun conjunct Neptune in the 10th house and an empty 7th that maybe relationships are not for me in this incarnation but why was I born with a Venus in Libra!! Damn it !!!! It’s cruel!!! and the only fly in my ointment.

    Trying my hardest not to love zombie during this heavy build up of Pisces planets trining my Sun.

    Hope springs eternal in the sunshine of my Venus Libra mind. Perhaps someone will come along when Saturn enters Capricorn towards the end of the year. Activating my 7th house. *sigh*

    Back to work. Creativity calls…

    1. Yes! that way is:
      However you like 🙂

      Maybe you can take inspiration from cheeky faeries (sparkly tricks of the eye!), court jesters (harlequin pattern!), “the messenger”, those cool 1940s switchboard operators, pixies, newspaper sellers on the street, so much to choose from 😀

      1. Haha, thanks. 🙂

        I feel like I dress opposite of Gem. Though when I was younger I did go for sparkly eyeshadow and I had short hair.

        These days I have to keep my hair long for witchy reasons, wear only soft fabrics (well, that was always true), usually skirts, usually muted colors. I thought “I’ll endeavor to dress more Gem” but I’m waaay too much of a Virgo to do grunge or even a clean lumberjack.

        Plus I’m big-boned with a big wide face. Not very pixie-like. I try not to load on too much sparkly jewelry or whatnot because either I dwarf it or it and I dwarf everyone.

        But I neeeed a new look. Desperately.

        1. well the ultimate Gemini accessory is a fully functional mobile phone, a well-used notebook, and a fistful of pens (or one perfect pen if you’re a virgo), and a loose but broad constellation of contacts and associates, so you know, do whatever makes you happy 🙂

        2. Just to mention that Kat Dennings is a Gemini look too. I think MM covered her here and she is not pixie like, I know a few Gemini’s like her! She has Moon in Virgo and I think her best look are softer colours and a casual ease however expressed. I don’t know what her Asc is of course, but I just wanted to say as a Gem Asc, that gamine isn’t the only look they do well.. I like Pi’s take!

  2. * The highest point in your birth chart, besides the MC or Midheaven/cusp of the 10th House is your spirit guide/ultra cosmic for you. Look at the chart to see it.* – This no. 6?

    So whatever planet you have “highest” or conjunct to or closest to your MC, is your spirit guide or planet/vibe that you instinctively resonate with & adhere to. At least that’s what i understand.

      1. Yes, thanks skarab! This gives me much to work with. Mine is Lilith too. She really roared last night. I’ve been denying and repressing her (raised Roman Catholic…good girl syndrome…) and she used the Mars/Pluto energy to burst out of my shadow into conscious awareness. So painful to face my own ugly relationship patterns. I’m such an arsehole, bless my heart xx

        Gemyogi, my second closest is Jupiter, then Chiron third. Almost snap!

    1. oh right! I couldn’t understand but this makes sense.
      LOL for me this is eris.. I could have sacked a city made from demons last night. but if we’re going traditional astrology it’s sun and venus equal second at 10 degrees either side..

  3. Yes, same here. I’ve got my moon on last degree of my 9th House conjunct the MC – but some astro sites read it as the 10th H.

    This from Astrodienst: – *Note – The Moon is technically near the end of house 9 and is therefore interpreted in house 10*

    … confusing! unless there’s some archaic rule i’m missing.

    1. I think there is a lesson on this in the astro school – there are different conventions and of course, different house systems.

    2. I think the point Myst is making is that sure some astrologers will interpret the position according to the house it resides in, others the next house, but you can’t have it both ways. Like it’s a mixture of both, made up of the favourite attributes that seem best at the time. That’s usually what people are trying to pull when they get all cuspy. “Oh I’m right on the cusp of cancer and Leo hence my great breasts AND amazing hair”

    3. If you’re using Placidus Houses (the default on, the beginning of the 10th H is the MC; a powerful point of angularity. When a planet is conjunct any angle – regardless of whether it’s at the end of H 12, 3, 6, or 9 – the conjunction to that angle (ASC, IC, DSC, or MC) takes interpretational precedence.

      I attended a lecture this past weekend and someone who has been a practicing professional astrologer for longer than I’ve been alive was trying to make a case for rectifying Trump’s chart to a 21Leo ASC. His rationale for this was “Does Trump seem like a 12th H Mars to you?”

      Uh, DJT has natal Mars conjunct the ASC by 3 degrees – for interpretational purposes, you would predominantly consider it as if it were a 1st H placement anyway so that argument is pretty much invalid. If you’re going to make a case for rectification when someone has AA rated info with a birth time that has been published in several biographical books, for god’s sake make a stronger argument than that. Needless to say, I do happen to believe a 12H Mars subtext is just perfect for DJT, but my point is that considering a planet’s proximity to an angle trumps (pun not intended) the fact it is actually located in a Cadent house.

      Wantonly ignoring this fact to bend an argument to suit your purposes in my eyes only damages your cred. :-/

      1. Thanks LV for refreshing the mind re the importance of Angles. Yes – it’s ridiculous to rectify a chart to suit your purposes – just like lying to/deluding oneself is. Also, i agree that “12H Mars subtext is just perfect for DJT” – as much for himself personally – as socially – since he is the representative leader (take this as you will) and therefore symbol/mirror & even catalyst of a society whose large percentage of people feel the need to vent their repressed anger. He really hooked on to that aspect of 12th H Mars (along with the other aspects to it in his chart).

      2. Hi monte,

        Sorry – my response was only intended to address skarab’s Q!

        Personally, barring the singular mitigating factor of the angularity of a planet (conjunct ASC, IC, DSC, or MC) I *do not* interpret planets at the end of one house as affecting the following one. Some people do, some don’t – this is one of those topics that there is no consensus on within the astrological community.

        I look at Houses as simply being placeholders; a filing system if you will. I think there’s value in picking the filing system that works for you as an individual and sticking with it, though. It’s one thing to be open to experimentation regarding which House system is subjectively “right” for you, but getting all loosey-goosey within that system does not appeal to me at all – as individualistic and Uranian as this Art is, we have to have *some* rules and basic parameters or else there really is no method to the madness and it can quickly become chaos. In all the years I’ve been studying astrology, I’ve personally not found merit to blending the House influence of a planet in the manner you describe, so am in agreement with you.

        If you want great evidence regarding this phenomenon, check when your Moon changes/has changed Houses by secondary progression and notate the effects – this in my experience is a great way to gather data to see if the theory holds water. Also be sure to weed out any potentially mitigating factors; i.e. Pr. Moon switching from the 2nd to the 3rd House but 4 degrees before it does it just so happens to make an exact aspect to Mercury. Good research involves isolating the variables on the case studies so you’ve got a good control.

  4. Dreamt about flying not over or under powerlines but through them…willingly! Any clues? Coming into power? How do I find Via Combusta on my chart ( astrodienst? ) ta XxXx

    1. The Via Combusta is measured from 15 degrees Libra to 15 degrees Scorpio. So just have a look to see if you’ve got any personal planets or Asc. in that part of your chart.

            1. It’s normally the personal planets (Sun thru to Mars) & the AC – as it’s to do with your personal path. Spica is a fixed star so it’s there for everybody’s chart.

  5. P.S. My Mars-Saturn-Pluto is smack on the Via Combusta (15-22-26 Libra, 5th)… have had the burning longing to live as some kind of music-weirding artist in the world ever since I was kid. I have made great strides in the last 5 years with my poor Mars at 15 Libra getting all the hits from all the outer biggies – but there’s always a grim Saturnian clamping-down on creative urges (“get GOOD and SOLID at it, or don’t let it out at all!”) and a deep painful impatience with my inadequacy that I know will never go away. How to werq the Pluto in all of this by turning the poison of (self-critique) into the gift (of self-transformation) is what I’m working on now.

  6. thank you for this great ready-reckoner MM.

    As a moon square venus I don’t think i’ll ever get that marriage thing sorted though ahahah

    general question:

    what even is marriage? does it even count any more? being about the exchange of chattels, population control, and ensuring peace between warring rulerships through the exchange of a daughter.

    signed artemis / athena

    1. I am a 9th house person so I take issue with the enormous amounts of crap and presumptions and fake-assery and projections and acrimony and presumed ownership and short-changing and lying and sexual prejudice and moralizing and women changing names bullshit and favourable tax regimes and basically every single aspect of it.

      1. Also with its origins and history. The institution in general. Gender roles. Discrimination. Vicious 2am fights about who gets up to cuddle junior when he’s shrieking. Hideous Sunday liftout mags. Suburbs. The word “tradition” – unless that is associated with a baguette or cheese making lol – makes me itchy.
        Oh god now I cant stop. you really shouldn’t have asked me this question

      2. Ppl say “it’s just easier” when you get married. Why is it easier? What mechanisms are in place that work against someone who has not undergone a completely unnatural process: signing a bit of paper that is ultimately meaningless? And why? How is spouse status so privileged? Can we only understand someone when we are told via a metal band on their fourth finger where they are entitled to put their sex organs?
        Truly, I just don’t understand.
        Massively ranting now and offending about 80% of mystics 100,000 readers. If you ban me MM, I’d be fine with this. X

        1. As a 9th H sun & moon i wholly sympathise, Pi. And rather than rant on about The Patriarchy, Capitalism, Control, Economics & Divide & Rule tactics – all i’ll say is that i agree with Groucho Marx when he said:
          Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to be in an institution? xx

        2. Most of these benefits of marriage apply only to U.S….not sure if they apply in other countries:
          Marriage makes it easier to pass on property and estate to your children, if you have them. While yes you can do that without marriage it is not easy and requires a lawyer and a lot of money.
          Marriage makes it easier to claim special deductions you don’t get as single people.
          Marriage makes name change easier. I absolutely hate my fucking birth name. I have been wanting to marry for a long time to get it changed. I suppose i could cough up $400 and spend a lot of court time to get it changed too but people sort of side eye you when you explain that.
          Marriage allows you to share resources like health insurance that you cannot do as a single person.

          There are of course a lot of crappy things to do with marriage like if your partner has debt or a lower credit score than you, you get to inherit those (sometimes) when you marry.

          Marriage is not about the heart necessarily. It has to do with legalities and paperwork. It is like saying I love you enough to risk entangling my life, resources, and finances with yours in a public joint venture.
          I know a couple who are totally in love. Have been in love since high school. They are like 50 now and only recently gotten back together after their previous spouses died or left. They are not getting married because their kids are already mostly grown. And the woman has widow pay from the husband serving time in military. If she marries her love, she will forfeit all that money.
          In this particular case, as a cis-het they are not going to marry because no financial incentive to.

          1. hey marsbar and others xx

            I’m so interested in ppls experiences of this. I want to add that I know I can come across incredibly opinionated (cos I am I guess) and sometimes my words unintentionally damage. So is important to add that I don’t expect ppl to agree or whatever, this truly is just my thoughts and feels.. I have married, divorced, de facto-ing straight, gay, betwixt and beyond, I am trying to own my rants better rather than put my friends in an uncomfortable position of saying “um, I actually really like my husband/wife/lover and the kids are cool”
            so yes x

        3. That piece of meaningless paper creates a lawful contract that scared the shit out of me when I went to dissolve said contract. One piece of paper to get into the contract. Hundreds of pieces of papers to get out of it. The law is a secret sect intertwined in our daily lives in ways we will never fathom. Unless we join the sect (become lawyers), even then, I don’t think we know all the spells cast by legal agreements. (And then there are the personal demons and deep mass unconscious archetypes triggered/unleashed by the ceremony and agreement to marriage.)

          ***and there we have my rant about that***

          ***also, Pi…I nod in all agreement to your words on the subject. Jupiter as ruler of my chart and Neptune squaring my sun helped me get it all wrong (and right–no regrets).

    2. I was getting so mad (mars lol) about this i had to take myself for a run. I’ve stopped for a moment to write this, haha.
      You can have trust and fairness without marriage, but there is no marriage (our contemporary version that’s meant to be about “love”) without trust and fairness. So basically it’s an empty thing. it’s not marriage that is the point. It’s not being an asshole and not bringing a bucket of expectations and assumptions and shite that the other person is supposed to carry around. I truly believe that the best gift we can give someone else is to know ourselves inside out, so that our unacknowledged shit is not suddenly a stinking burden that the relationship has to carry. Once we understand yourself, and let others be utterly free to be themselves, then maybe we should be allowed to get into something resembling a relationship.
      Man I am being a hardass. Oh well whatever. Pi x

      1. The thing that gets me is people actually not getting ‘married’ because the govt. says they can’t ? I’ve been to plenty of gay and lesbian weddings, where the two people made their vows etc , wedding cake , toasts and presents.
        They of course are officiated by a celebrant and they don’t get a marriage license from the govt. but as Australia has very similar legal positions whether you’re married or just cohabiting then seriously why aren’t people just saying stuff you We are getting married ?
        I don’t need a license with a copy of the queens signature and a coat of arms to make me feel married. ?

            1. I believe with the current Marriage Act that Howard changed 10 years ago, that same sex partners don’t get life insurance or superannuation from their spouses, because their spouses are not legally their spouses

            2. in countries like the U.S. if you get into say an accident and wind up like dying and in icu in the hospital they won’t allow your partner in to see you because they are not considered next of kin. Partners can be cut out of wills and have to make special provisions if a child is involved. It is super complex. Marriage exists for these benefits too.

      2. my comment sent me into a psych-relationship self awareness pit (after freaking intense anger rush, oh my god, i am glad i was outside where i could sprint until i couldn’t breathe) where I realised more stuff about my own fears and limitations in love, LOL.

      3. fwiw? it was linked back to a thought process of ‘be utterly invulnerable and free yourself thru high-minded processes (“I am so transcended and free of silly human emo need lol”) of the need or desire to be loved and this way your lovability does not have to be called into question, because the option to love you is far out of reach for anyone else.’
        and something about my need or wish to be loved (Seen? Acknowledged?) by someone important to me, and more specifically, expressing that to them – being the exact thing that makes me repellent, or unlovable, and open to some form of verbal abuse or being sent packing or just blanked. (this is little Pi i’m experiencing here) So expressing that vulnerability to someone who really, really counts is experienced as the Ultimate Risk. To the point where – case study numero uno, the Capricorn, all my failures in love stacked up to barely 5% of the shame, sadness regret, and self loathing that arrived with /preceded the not-stepping-up in a way that counted. Whatever his energy was, it lanced this incredibly deep-seated complex of love-issues. whoa. It’s basically a mixture of fear and shame. WHY is it always these two..
        well, I think i’ve basically resolved half of my astrology in one comment. North node, moon, saturn, pluto, .. check. Transits and natal all together now, cue violins

        1. Pi, thank you for sharing your process with us. You opened my heart right up and now I’m sitting in a quiet, tender space of extreme vulnerability. I had a difficult night with the Mars/Pluto square too, and the trauma was of a similar theme to yours. xx

          1. ah.. yes. wow, thank you for this. It’s not, like, there all the time – but when it’s there, it is so… there. chipping away.. awareness is king X

        2. Yes, it’s scary to pledge to love and honour someone, truly commit, rather than just ‘let’s move in together and try it out, if it doesn’t work out, we can split up easily’. It doesn’t make it any easier emotionally just legally

      4. Pi, I pretty much agree with your anti marriage stance. I’m single and will probably not get married at my age (52)… The main drawback I’ve seen is economic for women, several of my close friends had financial incompetent husbands they were basically supporting, and when they divorced, lost their houses and money. Very sad.

        One of the young women at work was asking me if I was engaged because I was wearing a different ring, two of my colleagues in early 30s are getting married this year and there’s a lot of wedding planning, discussions, etc. which to tell you the truth I find boring as batshit.

        But my romantic side says it’s nice to have some kind of ceremony. I lived with my ex for five years but we were never fully committed — not that I regret that, because we weren’t really suited. But I actually love weddings in the sense of dressing up, having friends and family celebrating with you, lovely food and drink, etc.

        I always thought I’d do something very informal, maybe barefoot on the beach? or similar in a beautiful garden *if* I ever got married. Mind you I’d insist on a water tight prenup (i.e. they have no claims to any of my property/money I already have) and I would never change my name!

      5. I left a stable mostly happy 6 year relationship because he said he did not want to marry me after year 5. Was i wrong? I never got a good reason why from him. But to me, it signaled lack of trust.
        Why do I want to be with someone who doesn’t trust me?
        Why do i want to limit my dating options to someone who treats me like a temporary option when i considered him a permanent option?

        Even to this day, I never look back and think, maybe I made a mistake? lol! To each their own!

        I am still looking for the one to marry. Maybe I’ll never find him and that’s ok.
        I am getting old and will soon be too old to bear children.
        Never settle PIABs whether you are looking for a marriage mate or whatever!

        1. Agree. I’m married – to someone who ran rings around me, and though I wanted marriage too much I should not have persisted with a person who could not trust or be trusted…I’m the person that stays…I did “settle” despite the uncertainty, it has been tough on my psyche, I learned to adjust / detach, I do love my partner yet I know it has been unequal…if you invest in someone who doesn’t want you it’s very hard. I know I spent many years bound to someone because the “marriage” is very important…it is an entity too. Now I feel should stay the distance despite the past, my partners own disloyalty, as he invested in me too…emotionally he was capricious however he has changed. I feel I was forced to become more ambivalent towards him, because I loved him too much, now I couldn’t risk loving him so intensely, I wasn’t treated well. I know I missed out on a different love, yet I see I was inflexible in my hope, perhaps this is maturing, life…

  7. *The progressed Moon to the Dsc is an overlooked indicator of a major relationship.*

    Yes – my first serious live-in relationship. So spot on.

  8. Godawful dreams! Woke up and Gem wasn’t thrilled either. Smudged the house with Nag Champa at 7am, lol. The neighbours know I am weird so that’s ok.

    I was a Piscean spy with short dark curls in the ’50’s and I was seducing a Howard Hughes type who had Psycho mother issues. After showing me his inventions and staff I accompanied him home commenting that he was obviously bi which was fine.

    He told me about his mother and the odd rituals he grew up with and missed now she was dead.
    But she was very energetically present in the bed; he was telling her spirit to be respectful and get out of the bed. I turned around and a BBQ fork was pointing 2 inches away at my head on a bookshelf.

    Turned out my genius Orson Welles/Howard Hughes had no penis as his beloved mother had mutilated him as a baby. I was between trying to comfort him and in a state of horror when I woke up feeling exhausted.

    1. Blaming Hermes, Hades AND Ares for this bollocks today.

      So much info above! I am trying work out if I am in Astro school later. Thanks MM!

        1. aaaah, sorry … that was in the dream and not in your room. Was just wondering why you slept with BBQ forks on your bookshelf by the bed.

    2. no waaay – how amazing and interesting!! I’ve been having v full on dreams too, especially with this heat… in one I was the new Oz Prime Minister…

    3. This reminds me of a line from the Step Brothers movie. It’s one of those movies that my boys and I know every line.. anyway.. one scene one of the step brothers is sleep walking and when he is waking he mumbles .. mama the clown has no penis …
      Now how did you know you were a Pisces ? And how did you look with the short dark curls ?

      1. Will have to check out Stepbrothers then when I recover from stodgy dream.
        And I wasn’t really me, so I looked great with short dark curls!

        The dream was vaguely conscious across a few levels. There was an almost conscious theatrical awareness in how the dream was built
        Eg. “Point of view character: Piscean French spy with uncertain mandate and ambiguous morality, mostly likely Scorpio Rising.” The Genius was alternately Tesla, Howard Hughes, Leo Di Caprio, Orson Welles and Riz Khalifa. My Piscean character had to seduce them all according to their way of being which changed scene to scene. (Only a Pisces could do that, lol.)
        The other shadow activity of the dream concerned an ex with a very powerful mother now passed on. He was present at the bar in the house as was his addict brother. I feel the dream was concerning them and there is some etheric drag that has been activated.

  9. I am starting to get FREAKED out — that progressed Moon on the DSC is coming up for me AND it’s all during this prolonged period of Pluto trining the cusp of my 7th on and off… and a few other factors that are just, like… What’s coming?!?!?

  10. This is awesome! (Can vouch for the bit about dressing for your rising sign). So awesome that I am very much considering putting in a bit of overtime at work to see the full thing…

  11. Love this breakdown!

    Only, I’m smack in the middle of my Uranus opposition, and wanting desperately to burn my entire life down, only my life is so chill there doesn’t appear to be anything to burn down. The main thing I’m majorly revamping right now is my eating, and also attempting to utterly revamp my painting process but I’m still too much in my head about it.

    Ugh, I want to “do it right!” I feel like this is my chance to go crazy. And I don’t want to miss it!

    1. Ooo, but I did do a major intensive decluttering of my apartment – ditching 7 years worth of old papers old art supplies, half my books, anything that made me feel like I was trying to be someone else or doubting my artistic self, etc. Does that count?

  12. Love this review @Mystic. There’s always something new, even just and angle.
    And YES, Cusps DO NOT exist, thank you for saying that.

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