The Ninth House People

Ninth House people are never contented, as such. It would be cruel to try and coax them into a state they’d see as more akin to complacency. Restlessness and perpetual yearning are unavoidable side-effects of mind expansion. And that’s their Zen. It’s probably also their neuroplasticity. For people with different temperaments, 9th Housers are hard to handle.

It’s not just the automatic expansion of every subject or their epic-length exploratory monologues, it’s that they intellectualize feelings. They don’t mean to be dismissive; they scan for context and then that distracts them into talking about mythology or the self-determinist movement.

The Ninth House is traditionally the house of the “higher mind” – people with the Sun, Moon, and/or a plethora of planets in the 9th*, can’t function without a high concept. It’s also the sector associated with long journeys, education, religion, foreign countries, as well as – more historically – prophecy and gods.**

Ninth House People Can’t Function Without A High Concept

But knowledge itself is their religion. In the days when the houses were initially conceived, a religious vocation was usually the only way you could study. And, in many cultures, you could not encounter ideas different from those in your circle without visiting far-flung lands. You can see how it all came together. Nomadic or sedentary, Ninth House people relentlessly broaden their minds.

Knowledge is like the 5th element to them. They remember when they got woke to it – an incredibly influential teacher, an epiphany while reading or the thrill of realizing that they can build a body of wisdom. In their mind, they are map-makers. They’re seekers, not scholars. If they rack up academic credentials or awards for discoveries, it’s an unintended consequence of their quest.

But most modern education is not made for Ninth House people. Rigid curriculums and the ‘because that’s what’s in the textbook’ style of teaching horrify them. When truth and wisdom are a magical presence in your life, seeing them debauched on a daily basis is a stress event. Some espouse de-schooling society, others are totally self-taught. The school of the 9th House imagination is a palatial library, with gardens for when you want to stroll, think, or discuss.

Knowledge Is Their 5th Element

They’re idealists but uncomfortable lending their cogency to a specific cause. You can’t be an intellectual pioneer if people would accuse you of being compromised the second you tried to change your mind or question something. And even less so if your revenue is reliant on looking busy while you specifically avoid investigating something promising.

You know that syndrome where something is reported as fact or incontrovertible and then it’s repeated ad infinitum without question? That’s like a bat-signal to Ninth House people: they will find the source and ascertain its validity. It’s amazing how widespread this is. Beliefs or systems attributed to ‘ancient lore’ but when you look properly it was written in one book from the Seventies.

The real story threads beneath layers of propaganda, secrets, and mistranslations. If you’ve got the Sun, Moon, or more than one planet in the 9th, you can’t be casual about learning. It inspires genius PhDs on niche topics, life-altering lectures, teaching or research, and lightning bolts of truth in a society that rewards docile compliance to fad-info. No matter what field they’re in – science, the arts, politics, tech – they question every single assumption.

Ninth House people also big up every personal challenge or rite of passage. It’s not to be dramatic or ego-centric. Finding a broader perspective on their menopause (like Tori Amos), divorce, Covid-19 (David Byrne’s Reasons To Be Cheerful), or job loss is how they deal with things and generally, their journey illuminates many other people. The Ninth Houser makes sure of it. If they’re creatives, their work reflects their deeper journey.

Even if they don’t work or do anything officially ‘brainy.’ they’re your natural-philosopher friend, an avid reader, or the person who’s always got a research project on. If you want a panoramic perspective to a problem, ask a 9th Houser. Want to get rid of one in a hurry? Be doctrinaire.


*Ninth House People Definition: Anything at all in the 9th House counts – Sun, Moon, Mars, etc – but the more presence there, the more the oomph. Tori Amos –  mentioned above – has the Sun, Uranus, and Venus in the 9th. David Byrne has Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and the Sun in the 9th. Annoyingly, lots of people who seem like they’d be big-time 9th Housers – Louis Theroux, Octavia Butler – don’t have their birth time on record.

** In the 15th Century, the Ninth House was said to be ‘God’ and the Third House ‘Goddess.’

Image: Trevor Winkfield

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  1. I have 7 planets in the 9th house.. sun , moon, venus , jup,sat, lilith, and north node…. in ny natal 9th house is in leo.. which all my core planets are in leo (sun moon merc venus jup) .. decided to dive deeper into this… any advise or tips would be greatly appreciated

    1. Hi Shauna,

      Lilith is an asteroid, so it’s not counted as a planet in astrology (assuming that you’re not talking about Black Moon Lilith). In Vedic astrology, the north node is known as Rahu and is considered to be a “shadow planet” that has more significance in the chart when it is conjunct with planets and makes other aspects to them. Can I ask which housing system you are using?

      If you want to learn more, it’s best to learn what each planet represents, as well as the houses. You can then get an idea of what it means to have a planet in a certain sign/house from there.

  2. I have Venus, Jupiter, Pluto and north node all conjunct in the 9th house scorpio. All my life felt like a hyperobservant lone star but feel great blessings with this gift have come to me 🙂 I have truly been so blessed throughout my life and knowledge truly, totally fulfills me. My dad joined a mystery school when I was 15 so definitely feel like I’ve been propelled into this way of life for a long time lol

  3. I only have Neptune (ruling planet) in Scorp in the 9th, but this resonates so much with me. I have always put it down to my Sag MC and having Jupiter in Sag (10th house)……..

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      ditto with Neptune ruling planet in Scorp 9th house but it makes a grand water trine. Many moons ago Mystic did an audio for me and said it was a powerful trine. Lost the recording alas a few memories remain Neptune has tight conjunct with Vesta. Mmmm.

  4. Nailed it, thank you so much! Many attempt to make jokes on the amount of knowledge I have in variety of areas. Glad to see my so called nickname of “google” is actually more fitting than they or I knew of till reading this.

  5. I have a scorpio stellium in my 9th house- Venus, Pluto, Jupiter and north node. My life and transformations since I was born have been surely immense. By the time I was 22 I’d been across the US back and forth, down to the yucatan and all over europe. I’ve considered myself retired now..haha! I am now rooting down, trying to find the career that suits me best and/or a more lucrative way of doing my thing. This was very in depth and super resonant, spot on!

  6. Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars in the ninth here during a 9th house protection year… really resonated with “modern education is not made for 9th house people”

  7. Almost half of my planets are in the 9th. Most in Scorpio (Sun, Mercury, Venus & Jupiter) and a couple of heavyweights in Libra (Saturn & Pluto). Two questions come to mind. Can 9th house density give Jupiter-esque overtones to natal chart? And am I still 9th house dominant if I’ve been living half of my life on the other side of the world from where I was born (or is the influence of 9th diluted)?

  8. I was going to ask u yesterday night to do this!!! What in the earth ?! Im venmar cnjnctd” there. In pisces. Thnk u4this!! I ll ask the forces that the seventh is next. 🤗😋😁😃🌍🌎🌏💪🎵🎶

  9. Sun, merc, Venus, Mars and Chiron in the 9th, in Taurus. I’ve not traveled, but I’m obsessive and aggressively want to learn and understand!

  10. I have Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and north node in my 9th house. As well as a number of asteroids. I have sag rising so Jupiter is strong there.

    I read constantly, I look at every angle and my best friend jokes I am her cliff notes in life.

  11. I love this! Sure I am one, but have long lost my birth chart and forgotten the time of my birth. It make you lonely in this society, this era.

  12. This was eerily accurate! Sun in Libra in the ninth house as well as Jupiter Saturn Mercury and Pluto. I even shared it with my therapist.

  13. Wow. I really love this post. I have a packed 9th including Sun.

    Fave line: “When truth and wisdom are a magical presence in your life, seeing it debauched on a daily basis is a stress event.” This is my life.

  14. Dance. I like dance. Yes, 9th house woman…..Mars conjunct Uranus in Gemini and north node but in Cancer. Having written a longer post that go zapped, I’ll shorten this. Higher concepts, genius map-maker guide, and love for territories not just here. Oddly too my choice in men seems to be reflected in the 9th house vision. Explorers of the vastness of life – cheers to all 9th housers! Dance.

    1. The Hindu Goddess of Wisdom and Learning is patron of dance. Patroness of Arts and Sciences. The traditional dances are based on old texts and mythologies which are treasures of wisdom, but you have to get there through learning and practising and experimenting. Excellent neurological patterns formed when the brain trains with bod! Mind gets freshly patterned.

  15. Thank you! I’m having a phase right now… not obsessive, just researching while I have a lot of extra time on my hands :). So Uranus is in my natal 9th House, but is passing through my 3rd house right now, I think it has something to do with it. My North node is 9th too

  16. My nine year old daughter has 5 planets in Aries in the 9th house! Not the moon, but her Sun , Mercury , Venus, Saturn and Jupiter. She is broad minded but doesn’t intellectualise emotion, on account of her being a kid but also moon in Pisces. She is adorable.

  17. This post so resonates with me. I’ve been called insufferable at times for always questioning things and digging deeper but I literally can’t do otherwise. It’s my DNA.

  18. hey thats great, but
    …elephant in the room…does anyone else feel just more than a tad let down by the new daily horoscope format ? sooooooooooooooo Jonathan Cainer

        1. Sure everyone’s comments are valid, but there are ways of saying or asking things, & everything about this comment i found disrespectful as no doubt HAEGlobal did too. I don’t think rudeness is acceptable whether one is a subscriber or not – especially to Mystic who is always trying her hardest to bring us the best & chicest astrology site on the web; and if you actually DO read what she says, you’d know that she is still in the process of fine tuning the daily scopes. One of the great pleasures of being on this site too, is that everybody is – or at least tries to be mindful & respectful of how they communicate.

          1. milleunanotte

            Yeh *sigh* b9th 9f you are correct to point out the language of it. I was preparing to farewell a friend, gone young, just in a space of not looking at negatives

    1. Seriously?! The only elephant around is the one sitting in your mind…. (“sitting” wasn’t my choice of word, but spellcheck is far politer than i am).
      I think they are amazing.

    2. milleunanotte

      I like reading my own personal influences. The adjustment for me has been to see the building, a time frame, i can now look back on yesterday(s) and see how the Personal Daily has operated. It’s starting to blow away the confused figuring of how my general Sun or Ascendant is influencing me, while sleuthing how that works from what i know of others who share those signs. But perhaps a leaky boundaried 12th houser is more apt to see value 8n that, especially with my rather intense therapy journey, now amidst the isolation.

  19. I have the moon, jupiter, uranus and the south node in the 9th. Big on learning but reading this reminded me how much i absolutely hated school and tortured myself through higher education (twice). Also the doctrinaire point is bang on.

  20. This post is making be laugh out loud because it’s SO on point Mystic !!! When you’ve been studying astrology and mysticism for years, had multiple readings and still get blown away by its accuracy ! I LOVE IT !!
    I’m Moon & Chiron in the 9th, plus 5 planets/asteroids in Sagg helping oomph those themes.
    How to get rid of one is the sooo true, I can pretty much deal with any perspective if it’s open but as soon as I’m being told something is a FACT and there’s no further interpretation I’m shutting down… I actually find it really ignorant when somebody thinks they know something concrete and won’t budge, especially if they’re pushing it on other people… I guess that’s why I like all things mystical, there’s always so many layers and so much interpretation, you can’t really pin any of it down 200%, or ever be done learning it! Thanks for another great post xxx

  21. Definitely me! Have my Aqua sun conjunct the Aqua/Pisces MC in the late 9th house and my Aqua Merc in the 9th house. You’d think with astro like that I’d be an activist, but I feel more like a traveler of the global consciousness. Really enjoying this Uranus in Taurus transit, since I feel more grounded, earthy, and bringing much-needed gardening wisdom to my regular philosophical bent (which is a combo of Transcendentalism and astro mixed with Zen Buddhism and Hindu concepts of reincarnation and karma). Never did like any philosophical or educational rules, hierarchy, or power structures. Have always looked at everything I’ve gone through from a larger perspective and tried to learn from it. The hardest thing about this quarantine has been not being able to travel! I satisfy myself by watching foreign cuisine cooking videos. Sigh.

  22. Ninth House Mercury and Sun. Teacher, Librarian, and Perpetual Student. The two greatest loves of my life, one whom I married, were born in other Countries.

  23. So timely. The intensity to know more and explore and not fall for fad is real. The contrast of intuitively exploring all the methods gone-before in order to achieve peace, with the restlessness to explore is real. Today I make peace with restlessness. Yada yada.

  24. Saturn in Pisces

    North Node in Scorpio the 9th (with a zero degree Sun-SN conjunction in the 3rd so 9th themes come up in my self-actualization a lot, I realize). Loved this – virtually all accounts of the 9th house are pretty shallow in my view, “travel and education,” but Mystic, per usual, speaks the truth about this house, so eloquently and with so much passion. Phenomenal post!

    Conventional education was true torture for me. The worst experiences of my life universally occurred in classrooms. Mystic, you speak to the deepest level of my soul and conviction here: “When truth and wisdom are a magical presence in your life, seeing it debauched on a daily basis is a stress event.” Debauched. Perfect word.

  25. Without context, there is no meaning. Subjectivity is great until there’s nowhere to put all the voices. that kind of thing. I love this post. thank you mystic. xx

      1. milleunanotte

        Ulp! Yes i am trying to recognise the differnce between knowing myself through allowing and sorting the thinking that arises from feelings, and where it becomes…’psycho’!

  26. I have Chiron and heavily-aspected Jupiter in my 9th (supposedly Jupiter is also “exalted” in Cancer if that’s still a thing). I wouldn’t have thought these planets are the most personal or defining ones in a natal chart but I could strongly relate to every sentence of this, and could supply every paragraph with real-life examples of whatever tendency/dynamic is described there. Never would have thought of myself as a “9th house person” until now… Maybe it’s amplified by my ruling planet, Venus, being in Sag

  27. Reading this post has just brought it home that when you have traits you need to hone them regardless of others telling you you are somehow wrong. We need to realise that the reality of one human being is not the reality of another but neither is wrong. It’s criminal to read of hyper controlling ‘tutors’ screwing people’s phd’s. Or folk walking away from their authentic work because some one else deemed them compulsive or over the top. My want is that every child is given the chance to embrace themselves fully. And then stand their ground. On that note I listened to Jordan Peterson last night and I rejoiced. Finally someone who gets it. Who will champion differences. And attack main stream dictates, from which now more than ever we need. He’s a Gemini !

    1. milleunanotte

      Children learning, yes, and adults, too! The journey is continuous, the learner is an acolyte becoming a sage. Hyper controlling tutors and supervisors may know the parameters of the institution, like priests, but like to withhold their ‘treasured’ enlightenment. Thanks for flagging Jordan Peters, will check this out x

      1. Yes adults too. But if we get the kids then they’ll all grow into fabulously authentic adults giving room to each other. Here ended my utopian view !

    2. Like ASD kids and the spectrum of brilliance that is an individual. Oh how I’d wished I gone to a Steiner or Private School, individuate or die was my thigh school experience. I hate bullying

  28. EdgeofJupiter

    Hey, Mystic can you synthesise a Transit Moon Trine Natal Mercury into an algorithm for us please? Sometime when you don’t have much to do. Like someone turned the lights on today and euphoria is eloquent, to paraphrase your words. Thanks.

    1. milleunanotte

      Oh yeh, you too? I didnt think with my empty 9th that i’d have much to add, just read with interest, but i also felt this description depicted much of me. Maybe differently than for planetary 9th housers…🤔

  29. That Tori interview was fire! Would a Sagittarius moon person be kinda 9th house-y? Because it me.

    1. Sure, 9th house is Sagittarian by nature. I only have Moon in the 9th and have felt it a lot more with Jupiter, Pluto + Saturn squaring. Eg: My Sorceress astro report is way overdue as I decided I needed to go deeper with my research for it.

  30. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Ha ha, it’s so true. Saturn in the 9th here. Can’t take up a new hobby without re-framing it as a “shamanic calling” lol .

    1. I could never make sense of my saturn in the 9th and its conventional interpretations (difficulties abroad or with higher education – I am totally the opposite). until someone came up with this and finally got it: you find it impossible to hang around with shallow people and detest gossip. it’s not a matter of not suffering fools gladly, it’s just that even though I love fun people and need a lot of silliness in my life (stellium in the 3rd), I find that this type of people is a waste of time. is that true for you too, lux?

  31. Ninth house sun and a Sag Moon 🤘🏻
    Been reimagining my birth story as a cursed goddess who was prevented from her actual birth time by an emotionally unstable mother and villainous doctor. Kinda believe it and think it would make a fun modern mythological novel. Guess ya gotta rewrite the book during your Uranus opposition.

    1. Hail fellow 9ner! Looks like”Circe” still be singeing your psyche? Book arrived yesterday & I’m about to begin trip.
      Btw, Circe is now traversing our 9th H!

      1. You know it! Circe transit our 9th house sounds purrrfect.
        I love love love mythology – not only was I raised religiously but as a first grader I blew through the school readers so they gave me mythology to read. I could totally break down my mom’s astro and I legit hate the guy who delivered me.

        1. Oh no! Intrigue….. It’s not often these days that people actually know the person who delivered them.

        2. I can relate to some of this; I was also fortunate enough to encounter a rogue Anglican vicar who had an immaculately maintained vicarage, cats and goats – in exchange for helping look after the goats, he let me loose in his library – he had a heap of esoteric book and mythology. Only now do I realize how fortunate and unusual this was!

          1. Looking after goats and cats in exchange for access to a badass rare library sounds like a dream. My ninth house sun has too many squares to encounter something that cool.

          2. At 20, I worked in my boyfriend’s esoteric bookstore and got to use his computer and astro software to create charts. Very very lucky there were few customers, so I had my hours free to read Wicca, astrology, Jung, IChing , Kabbalah…

            That was my real education.

        3. That’s very interesting. Almost like a while check with my shrink to discuss some Freudian issues that are operating in the back ground of your Inner Wisdom. Amazing insight into your psyche. I was fascinated by primal knowledge and psychology as a teenager. Made it difficult for me to fit with my age group. Like the ugly duckling complex compared to my golden child sibling. Also my dream space has always been my zone, I guess I am an indigo child after all.,

    2. Maybe you just need to navigate what is necessary and pick and choose (like a choose your own adventure style book).

  32. I almost teared up reading this. Sun, Venus and Pluto/NN 1 degree conjunction in 9th house. I consider it the most important part of my chart although there are officially more important areas and aspects. My interest in everything has always got in the way of surviving though.

    1. I can relate like blocking out the buzzing noise that permeates from people and feeling like hey what do I need to know that information for, oh I might need it later.

  33. Sun, Moon and Neptune in 9th. Wish I had known this much about me years ago. Have picked up 7 tertiary awards, including 2 Masters degrees on the way…too many interests now to focus on any one single field….adore travel.

  34. Empty 9th house but Sun Mercury & Jupiter in Sagittarius. Would these descriptions apply to Sun Sagg?

    1. milleunanotte

      Mercury is ideas, communication, connecting tangents and Jupiter blows up Sag, already powerful by Sun. Maybe lucky you (and i) ain’t got 9th house planets on top of it all !

        1. And why i’m happiest without a roof over my head just the sky above me, the heavens my ‘house’.

          1. This is i think for you, Pegasus. The nesting makes it not so clear, but i believe S and i are saying yeah, each in our own ways. S, did i read that right?

  35. This 9th H description is verging on the limit of decency of how accurate it is!
    Sun & Moon in 9th H, Gem cusp, trine Jupiter in 1st here.
    Yes to everything, including the random 70s thing you mention. (70s were Neptune in Sagg, which explains so much.)
    Since isolation the reading has been ramped up a few hundred notches too. My partner finally got tetchy with me today & told me that if i didn’t leave him some room on the sofa which is strewn with my reading material (& taken over the apartment), he was going to start divorce proceedings.

  36. Crystallised future

    I love your explanation of the houses, they’re so indepth. I must try and find your 12th and 6th house posts. For some reason they’re houses I struggle to decipher/understand when doing someone’s horoscope.

  37. Hmm. I very much relate to this but have absolutely nothing going on in the 9th. But I am Mercury ruled and Jupiter in Gemini and I suppose my research benders tend to be pretty all over the place and Gemini-ish. I’m less about seeking Truth and more about holding multiple versions of truth simultaneously. But I think I could get along swimmingly with any 9th house person!

    1. daniellephant

      hello fellow mercury ruled, jupiter in gemini… you said those words just before I could 🙂 “multiple versions of truth simultaneously” = spot on.

  38. Errrr, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, MC – 9th house in Leo. Acquiring knowledge and getting lost in books and websites is pretty much my life. I never feel like explaining myself to others or don’t necessarily share what I know with others. A lot of the times I assume that they know too and it surprises me when they don’t. On the other hand, pretentious intellectualising show offs do my head in. My other love as a ‘niner’ is road trips full of adventures discovering new places and it doesn’t have to be an exotic destination, there is so much to explore just round the corner. Other than that, and now under the COVID, my perfect escapism is browsing through the travel blogs, insta / youtube vlogs pretending I was there, travelling in my head…I can spend hours visiting places in my head (Neptune in the 1st), but Mars in Virgo pulls me out of the dream land when it’s time to do some actual work…what a spoil-fun 🤨

    1. Lol! Yes to not sharing what you know and then being dumbfounded that your Muggle acquaintances aren’t aware of that random, obscure, esoteric reference to an author who wrote about it 500 yrs ago.

      1. And if you ever meet someone who DID know the author you were referring to – instant best friend for life! 🙂

        1. Idea: An extension of that helps you make new friends and connections by showing you people who were reading the same obscure texts as you.

          1. does that. All the obscure PhDs … or just not quite found yet… and the people who also subscribe to the area of your interest.

            1. Wow so I register and then one weird day, another person researching electro-technology, the Tuatha de Danann, Annunaki and locus genii pops up! Thank you – this is really interesting.

    2. You are a vibe! I so wanna follow you on Instagram. Haha I feel you, my Neptune is in 1st house as well.

      1. Well, if I didn’t admire other people’s ideas and projects all the time, maybe my insta would look more interesting and the same goes for writing down my own stuff instead of reading other people’s creations 🤦🏻‍♀️

    3. Scorpio_Rising

      I have no planets in my 9th house, in Cancer/Leo, but I relate to your comment. I research, read, study and look at Google maps, travel websites etc…I’m always learning and traveling extensively in my mind esp. now it’ll be a while before it’s safe for me to travel again.

  39. 9th house Cap moon, am an editor, a writer, a researcher, and very much an autodidact. I love self-directed learning, reading, historical objects, museums. I love to travel but more Cap style (nice hotels) than Sag style, although my Saturn and Venus live in Sag. Right now Pluto is almost done with my 9th – it’s hovering in its retrograde less than half a degree from my midheaven, but won’t cross it until January 21. Wondering what it will bring as it makes that final push.

  40. Mars and Jupiter in Taurus there. Jupiter is conjunct Algol (gulp) and Epona, which I discovered using Mystic’s asteroid report! My entire life is engineered toward knowledge and learning. Happiest and most expansive when I’ve got a macro idea to share with my students or mentors. All of this tracks

    1. I’ve always loved 9th house people, I have nothing there myself but I love to watch them go. Like wind up toys

  41. Yes— Sun, Venus & Jupiter in a tight stellium, also with SN, in 9th house Taurus. Opposite another NN-Moon-Uranus Scorpio 3rd house Stellium. See saw.

    I was just thinking, I bet there is a higher than average percentage of ninth housers that follow you MM! Lots of pithy information everywhere one turns on this site. Xx

  42. aye, Venus-NN in 9th.
    love for other cultures and languages, self-taught polyglot, (too) idealistic = ✅
    doesn’t help miss Venus (+NN) is in Leo too, lol.

    Everything I own (esp. what I wear) is from some random place on the planet.
    Can’t wait to buy shit from Mars.

    Zen = Intense googling while doing something strangely acrobatic.
    Reading peer-reviewed academic papers while doing the splits. Researching the occlusive properties of Vaseline while having a one-person dance party.

    Also, was JUST randomly talking to someone abt Isaac Newton’s Alchemy obsession, looked at the chart since it whispers secrets the mouth won’t, 9th House Moon fellow!!
    Synchronicity strikes again.

    1. Cackled out loud at “can’t wait to buy shit from Mars”! My best friend and I will see you at the grand opening of the first Mars Boutique. If we hear of an alien trading post out of Alpha Centauri before then we’ll let you know. One of our main motivations for wanting to make Contact is to see what the art and fashions are like.

      1. milleunanotte

        I adored ‘ one person dance party’ and you just know some of it is nude or bare chested! Nothing weird, that’s the Sag roll 🤣

        1. Ha ha OMG Millie, my Sagg moon- neptune partner does regular nudie/bare chesty one person dance parties in the kitchen…totally how he rolls!!!

          1. I broke 5 pairs of wired headphones in a year, trying not to disturb my neighbours with much needed amplified music for ☺ yeah, that ! I have Jupiter in there, too, and the whole thing is on the rise. I imagine your bf is expressing his energy more than trying to be sexy 😄 And that you probably find it hilarious. Haha home is where the heart is 🤩🤗

  43. Love this so much. Mars in Sagittarius in the 9th for me, coupled with both a strong Mercury and huge mutable energy. I feel myself in here. Formal schooling began as a pleasure and then increasingly turned into frustration, but I’ve never stopped learning and I never will. Nothing is more exciting to me than the big reveal of (especially esoteric) learning. But if I’m not organically thrilled to be pursuing a kind of knowledge, then I know it’s not mine to hold.

  44. I’m so relieved to read this post. I only have mars in gemini in the 9th house but that seems like 2 people all the time right? So restless, never satisfied, always seeking, discontented with any routine. I wish meditating could be my job.

    1. on another note Mysic: I read the entire interview with Tori Amos since you highlighted it and she is so relevant an example of a 9th house animal. I wouldn’t have read that interview had you not included a link. I want more of that, would love to know what you are reading, tapping into, supplementing.

        1. milleunanotte

          Whoah, shit, you’re on Witch Speed! (All natural, tho) Brilliant lady. You have really blessed my days, and even the darkest nights of the questing soul xxxx

  45. I dont understand the hard to live with part though. Is intellectualizing feelings and talking a lot so difficult to live with?

    1. milleunanotte

      Haha apparently we get tiring. Had a quadruple Sag bestie once, with a damaged background and who was an artist and party-hearty…it taught me head fatigue from not getting a word in! But i know i can do it to others, at least in my younger years.

  46. SekhmetRising

    Yes. To everything. Sun, mercury, and mars in the 9th house and ‘seeker’ is a perfect identity fit. I recently graduated therapy after a year of the most intensive personal work yet, and my therapist said, “You have the heart of an adventurer. Your life is going to continue to change as it seems you can’t stop yourself from learning and growth at the deepest level. And your ability to explore the depths of context and experience is rare.”

    1. milleunanotte

      Congratulations on graduating deep personal learning! Your teacher sounds amazing, and i think big 9th energy finds good good teachers for every stage of life…it happens by chance and synchronicity.

      1. SekhmetRising

        I think you must be right. Ever since I can remember, I have always been searching for my next teacher/mentor/counselor/advisor…and I can’t imagine NOT having one.

  47. I don’t have anything in 9. Except it’s saggi of course. But I think my Venus plays a big part in my constant striving for knowledge and my mc at the galactic centre doesn’t help me zen without a lecture. Currently at 3am I am listening to a great astrologer who is a fabulously read guy, very young but really knowledgable with a superb grasp of language which is such a joy for me that he has become my night time partner.

    1. milleunanotte

      Love reading that about you, emg. It’s so nice!

      I’m different with lectures, bc Merc Aries gets flash-beamed the message by opposing Uranus and with the Sag multis might get bored… But for Neptune Moon etc trine Mercury in 5th, which makes me turn to listening to voice modulation and content patterning of the lecturer. I appreciate what i learn of their feeling about performing and/or their s7bject through their tones, and adore a beautiful voice. Of course, also their choice of language bc some words cannot be uttered in certain tones. And then their repetition/ own word references to help reinforce a theme for the audience.

  48. Moon-Mars-Neptune all in the 9th (and also in Sag). Literally feel like I am in a state of panic if I’m not acquiring new knowledge at all times (have to have podcasts, audiobooks etc running). Never happier than when surrounded by books or talking big ideas, as a kid I remember panicked weeping if I ran out of reading material or things to learn BUT I rejected school totally and had to be home schooled (which was just me teaching myself stuff and nobody paying any attention). I only just returned properly to education at almost 40 (social sciences) and now I’m hellbent on getting a PhD by the time I turn 50!!

  49. This post – laughted? I almost cried!
    Neptune and Jupiter in the ninth….unfinished Phd on Concepts of Feminimity and Witchcraft. Partly due to my annoyance at being told I had to use ‘appropriate wording’ – ie make it sound ‘academic’.

    1. Same here … almost cried. Mars-Jupiter Conjunct in 9th (Aquarius). Let go off my PhD after I defended. But it was a horror story even upto that point. Made me split up my dissertation and use only half (cause apparently I was writing two in one). I did as they told. Then after I defended, they wanted me to re-do and incorporate changes. I was burnt out (sexual harassment going on at the same time). But it still is one of my greatest regrets. And I can’t seem to find a job that makes me happy. Everything seems shallow lol

  50. Yes. My Scorpio moon is in the 9th. I can’t tolerate modern academia and it’s stupid discourse. The words “degree requirements” give me hives. More Indiana Jones learning and less exam taking, please!

    1. Objectives and outcomes. I suffered an adult teaching course once. They wanted me to take a degree in teaching but the mere thought of the rigidity was enough to have me screaming and running for the hills. Even so when I was clinical teacher and lecturing I loved it. It was absolute bliss for me and the scholars loved it because it wasn’t anything like the rest of college. There’s a surprise !

  51. My 9th cusped by Kataka houses Leo Uranus square my Asc. Disrupted education, tried out many religious/mystic traditions, gurus, schools. Veered between being teacher’s pet and leading revolution. Moon in 12th so still drawn to old female deities.

  52. I feel SEEN! In a good way lol. With five planets (Sun, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Pluto) in the 9th house I can relate entirely. My art proejects make meaning of life phases and evolutions that I read and learn as widely as I can in order to put into a critical art historical context. I adore ancient classics esp if found second hand or by chance to put together my own learning, even though I had a supposedly great education – it was really just parrot learning, so I’m putting my own education together: a lifelong task.

    I especially love your reference to the gardens in the mental libraries, as space to meander and integrate is essential to intuiting the truth / most valuable kernels in what you are parsing.

    Also the bat signal – yes! Like a BS alarm going off. I find I most often withhold assent, support, judgment unless I can really feel the trust or sense in what is being claimed. So I’m mentally hard-flirted with like that. Merc in Scorpio overlaps..

    And the mental restlessness. It is a thing! I love endlessly scouring information and putting it together to take my own temperature of what is going on.

    Thanks for this post, Mystic! x

    1. Loved this LF, and relate very much, especially the education bit about it being rote learning, and not just that – but so very culturally biased.
      “so I’m putting my own education together: a lifelong task” – perfect.

      Oh, and the “bat signal”!….you put it far more eloquently than my “red flag to a bull” reaction… but Merc in Scorp is far cannier than Merc in Leo (still learning to tame the (in)dignity factor)
      Fare-you-well xx

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