Born With Mercury Retrograde

Thomas Pynchon On Pluto

The author Thomas Pynchon (Gravity’s Rainbow, Inherent Vice) has a hot take in Pluto in two of his books, maybe more. Maybe his natal Jupiter opposite Pluto helps him tune into it more. When you are born with that bit of business, you do Pluto with dubstep; it’s part of your rhythm. When you get ambitious or excited by ideas; hello Uncle Pluto. “Pluto is in my sign now, held …

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Mystic Mercurial Revelations

Mercury Retro in Pisces gives good mercurial revelations. They’re the seemingly whimsical little seeds of information that float in on the breeze. They’re more substantial than their levity suggests. The last three Mercury Retrogrades have been vile problematic. The one last March hooked into the Jupiter-Neptune square. The mid-year Mercury Retro was understudy for the starring Eclipse, interjecting surreal subtones and odd omens. The October/November 2019 Mercury in Scorpio Retrograde …

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Everyday Astrology Magazine

Everyday Astrology Magazine

Everyday Astrology magazine was a pulp publication that ran from 1932 to 1953. I’ve never looked inside it, but the WW2 covers are surreal. The magazine was trying to strike a balance between keeping the show going and acknowledging the unprecedented shitstorm raging around it. It was published by Ned Pines, a Sagittarius who started Thrilling Publications (later Better Publications) in 1928 when he was 23. It quickly became the …

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When Your Jupiter Pluto Transit Looks Like This

Some Greta Thunberg Astrology Notes: A lot of us are cynical beyond belief these days, stalking the dystopian streets in a low-key rage, too busy to muster much more than scorn at the latest missive from planetary admin. But Greta Thunberg’s speech at the U.N. raises my hope levels. It was Jupiter on her Pluto, an enriching transit that activates concealed power or resources. Of course, it is easier to …

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What Do Retrogrades In Astrology Mean?

What do Retrogrades in Astrology mean? Retrogrades can sound scary. Like something is wrong in the galaxy. Or that you were born under a defective planet. I get many emails from people lamenting that they were born with Mercury Retrograde. But it is not a problem. Many a fabulous writer was born with Mercury Retrograde.  You can check out the upcoming Retrogrades in the Moon Calendar btw. Retrograde phases are immensely …

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