The Third House In Astrology

The Third House In Astrology is Scribe Vibe. When you see this sector emphasized, you are looking at a person with a primal drive to communicate and gather information. They’re gifted, glib, and eloquent, the kind of people who compulsively read everything from an early age. They’re media addicts and information brokers.

High, low, esoteric, or mainstream – they’re across it and retaining the snippets that they might need to slot into their vast data matrix later. They’re not judgmental about the source either. Third House people are omniscient, forming on-Zeitgeist opinions from a variety of inputs; the quip made on social media, the in-depth backgrounder that they scanned, the tabloid headline. They are often opinion leaders, trendsetters, and media people.

The novelist and screenwriter Michael Crichton churned out an amazing 10,000 words a day. He sold over 200 million books and penned hit movies/television shows such as Jurassic Park, DisclosureThe Andromeda Strain, E.R and the original Westworld. They eerily seemed to align with the breaking issue of the day. They were Zeitgeist. He had Mercury and Neptune in the Third House.

The producer of E.R. said of him “No lunch with Michael lasted less than three hours and no subject was too prosaic or obscure to attract his interest. Sexual politics, medical and scientific ethics, anthropology, archaeology, economics, astronomy, astrology, quantum physics, and molecular biology were all regular topics of conversation.”

Classic Third House vibe. This is the communications sector. It’s ruled by Mercury, like the signs of Gemini and Virgo, as well as the media itself. To have natal Mercury there means you transmit and pick up information at Warp Speed. People with strong Third House energy don’t give a damn about official information, paying their dues, or the “normal way.”

Most of them hate even reading instructions to open a jam jar, let alone manage their career. They would rather generate their own concepts and theories than pay homage to those already formulated.

Ideas Generation Is Their Forte

The classic Third House person starts talking/writing/scheming their way out of/into situations from the age of eight.  Stephen King has Sun, Venus, and Neptune in the Third House. Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Mercury on Pluto and the North Node. Jane Austen Mercury in the Third House opposite Uranus.

Joan Rivers was a classic of the genre, having Lilith, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in this sector. That, by the way, is a Stellium.

She was not just insanely witty in public and private, she built an empire out of her wits, surviving and thriving over a 55-year career.

This quote sums up the Third House Vibe brilliantly: According to Ralph Schoenstein, who dated her and worked with her on her humor books. He said, “She has no airs. She doesn’t stand on ceremony. The woman has absolutely no pretense. She’ll tell you everything immediately. Joan isn’t cool—she’s completely open. It’s all grist. It’s her old thing—’Can we talk?’”

Third House People Need To Be Current – They Are Allergic To Out-Dated Information

They need to be current. Third House people don’t usually care that much for vast tracts of academic information or received “wisdom” because they like to speed-boil the presenting situation into the perfect reduction of relevance.

Your “halfway through your sentence” is often the 3rd House person’s version of “droning on too much”.

If they would rather run away and write down, blog or broadcast a hyped-up version of the witticism you just spouted or an insight you evoked than bond with you, that’s how they roll.

The Third House is the realm of Thoth, Mercury, Hermes, and Seshat.

Third House strong people value the wild idea, the sudden snippet of gossip or connection, synchronicity and conversations that operate on multiple levels.

They irritate people with more reverence for traditional education, those who find it bizarre to have a dream snippet or something the taxi driver said afforded the same intellectual gravity as the recent ‘findings from scientists’ and who do not like to have their private life turned into appetizing quotes for the media.

Image: Mary Tyler Moore

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  1. I picked up the phone and called my artist friend with the packed 3rd and 11th house and the glorious thing is we had that rift / feud situation cleaned in under a minute. We had each other at hello. After our convo I sent her a link to the new LDR album (blue bannisters) and she said that it made her day. Thanks for the reminder that 3rd house people are fun and facilitating friends 😁🤗

  2. Yes, I love reading, books, reviews, autobiographies, health discoveries, and information relative to today’s human race!
    Moon(Libra), Venus(Libra), Mercury (Virgo) Jupiter(Virgo) & Mars(Virgo) all in the 3rd House.
    Would have loved to have been a writer for the sake of publishing a beautifully written and presented book to share.
    I have been told I speak too fast, my words have to catch up with my thoughts 🙂

        1. Really – I think “too late” is potentially a thing if you’re planning to try and crack the Vogue Paris cover, become an astronaut, or break the 100m sprint record but writing? No way.

  3. holla at me mystic lol this whole time I’m like “it’s me”

    third house stellium: Venus Uranus Sun [Sag] Neptune [Cap] in the 3rd and you have called me OUT lol

  4. I think I’m quite “3rd house-y” despite having no planets there. Really?
    not simply delusional and desperate for attention?
    Well yes, that too.
    All the Virgo conjunctions and them being such personal planets and weirdly my Saturn in Gemini. Not sure why but perhaps being either square or opposite all of those personal Virgo planets sharpens them? I always have to remind myself that Virgo is earth and not air because I feel the effects of the air and the mutability of the fire so much more. Feeling earthy doesn’t come easily. That might be trauma related and could come easier with age. But it’s interesting to me that it’s not as cut and dry as just the houses or whatever. There’s a distinct vibe about a person or a time. Jupiter in my 3rd transit has made me way more outspoken and clear in my relationships. Okay yes, also intolerant.

    1. Virgo is a classic Mercurial vibe, only quieter than the louder Gemini cousin. Have you checked your progressions? If its a recent development, there has to be a progression (most likely of moon) to your third or making an aspect to your Mercury.

      1. 🤔
        I just checked my progressed chart and nothing looks progressed into the 3rd but I have a ton of planets that are currently progressed in Libra. That’s air isn’t it?
        Mars, Moon, Uranus, Pluto and Venus. Lolz. Aquarius is my progressed rising sign. So mystery solved I guess 😝

  5. Venus Gemini 3rd. I love anyone who can titillate my mind. If you’re stale dull boring I’m not gong to consider I was ever in your aura. No offence but you won’t register. I read and read and listen. All I need to do now is stop long enough to write I know I’m a writer but I haven’t yet worked out my mode of delivery. I’m not a fantasist at all. So it has to be reality driven. Hey ho.

  6. I have Saturn conjunct Neptune in 3d House, and Uranus (which squares my 11th house Mercury in Virgo). No idea if this makes me a 3rd House person – probably not, but 3rd House is a long-standing Theme in my life. People tend to compliment my communication (which is a bit of an unusual compliment to get) but I oscillate, On and Off: was the literal spokesperson for an org for some years, then rediscovered my introverted side, deleted social media, started working from home+alone (2 years before Covid), and now have been a total hermit for 4 years. Recently I’ve been told by an astrologer I should work my Leo MC more and make myself more visible for the sake of my (very 3rd house: publishing) career. Rings true but oh so hard to be bothered hahaa

  7. Uranus in3rd, tight opposition to chart ruler Merc , ( and sun mars, Venus taurus stellium), also saggo neptune in 3rd. Allways seing bigger trends, just nodding when they present out in the world. I enjoy seing things i have been interrested in turn up in the papers. Might be a bit extra now with Uranus in Taurus also. My things, like the things that are deeply mine are trendy. Bit annoying, yet i do understand it.

  8. So much resonates!
    I’m a triple conjunct (Moon, Sun & Venus) Gemini 3rd house. My dad taught me to read the daily newspaper when I was about 3-4 years old. When I got to school I didn’t understand why we had to read “old” books or stories. I still read the news every day, read widely and broadly. MM’s site is also a news source. I also love the transparency of thought, ideas, knowledge etc. I’m like Joan, I’m always the one that’s gonna say “can we talk?’ No matter what.

  9. The Lion & The Centaur

    Depending on the house system, my Saturn in Aqua falls in either 2nd or 3rd. I feel like the third house makes more sense, but house systems in general give me headache, because I was born in high latitudes (60 north).

  10. Scurried off to check my transits after comments below and wouldn’t you know, currently have Jupiter in my 3rd house and from December 27 Saturn will be there too. This could explain why I’m physically allergic to the Colin Robinson syndrome and can only be online for a few minutes. Best purchase of this transit has been a fountain pen. I’m never writing with ballpoint again.

  11. So Mutable It Hurts

    Wow thank you Mystic! I have Sun, Lilith and chiron in the 3rd house in Gemini…opposite Uranus mid heaven…square Jupiter rising in Pisces and square my Virgo moon, I feel pulled in so many directions but also like I am the zeitgeist

  12. Moon – Eris – Sun third house that spans the tange from late Aries to mid-Taurus. If I can’t write, I die. My writing has cost me very nearly everything: my marriage (the ex wanted to be a writer), and child. Neptune conjunct my Midheaven in Scorpio, so I also write about perfume. This was so very spot on!

  13. Question: In traditional astrology, 3rd house also relates to siblings and neighbours. If the NNode in Gemini season has taught us something in the age of pandemic, it has been to (re)discover our neighbourhoods and that blood is thicker than water – even when invoked over countless video calls. What do you make of it?

  14. This. Neptune in the 3rd sees me answering your thoughts not your words, and it’s something Mystic made me realize! I loaaaaaaathe people who constantly moan/complain because by the time your done with your rant, my soul has basically left my body lol. I consume information like it’s a food source, sustenance for my soul 🤍

  15. I truly love reading this comment blog. My 3rd house in Cancer has Venus conjunct north node as part of a grand water sextile. Also have an earth trine giving a lovely star of David. Gemini is 2nd house and Mercury in the 1st. I flipped in and out of many work roles, including hospitality, swim teaching, boat crewing and yoga instructing. Then later in life dabbled in writing magazine content and finally published a travelogue.

  16. Thank you, that has just given me an amazing insight into my struggles. I have a Virgo asc and gemini MC and have moon, Mars and Neptune clustered in my third. My friends have always said if you are interested in something ot will be mainstream 10 to 15 years later

  17. What a coincidence, re-reading Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park right now. Certainly not literature, but love it all the same. I think I would qualify as a third house person with Pluto and Uranus in the last degrees of Virgo in the third (and in aspect with my Sun in Sagittarius) and am happy with it 😊

  18. Capricorn and Saturn. Communication has always been something I struggled with. I am a Librarian, a Reading Teacher, and have two Masters Degrees. Writing has always been so much easier for me as communication. Facing my slight stutter head on was something I had to do to become a teacher. When I was very young, I was painfully shy. Just did not want to talk to anyone except those I completely trusted.

  19. Pluto, part of my exact t-square, in the third. That’s it. I don’t think it makes me a Third House person but there’s a degree of compulsive/obsession to communication and gathering info.
    I’m a writer and my work has been PAINFUL recently, getting triggered into the past just looking at it. Had a major breakthrough last week around it too, though. And look at that, Mars just passed over my third house Pluto!

    1. This is interesting. Yes I can see how this could happen. Sounds like you’re processing it it rather than being processed by it though. Bravo. The best writing is obsessively truthful and detailed imo. Painful or otherwise.

  20. North node loose conjunct Taurus Moon same degree Magdalena in 3rd house trine Pluto and Uranus in Virgo 7th house.

    I don’t know if that makes me a 3rd house person?

    I have a Gemini sun but it’s in the 4th house.

  21. Bang on Mystic. I have Mercury conj Venus and Sun conj Uranus in the 3rd. I have a career in the media and am an artist. Sometimes when I’m illustrating (painting’s too slow) I get so fired up I just can’t stop like a train. Most people are too slow for me even though I come across as relaaaxed (Taurus ascendant). I have 2 Gemini children, both brilliant and when we get together it’s non stop chatter, jokes, laughter. I love the 3rd house but it makes me impatient esp on top of the Sun Uranus conjunction. mediocrity is for the birds.

  22. Jupiter conj Epona in 3rd house (Dionysus also in the vicinity). This explains why I can’t just be interested in ideas – I have to go and get a degree in philosophy, then apply it primarily to conversations analysing the metaphysical nature of reality with willing strangers at parties (close buds are over it). Or writing recreational essays exploring the holographic subtext of my garden.

  23. Wow, no data on 3d, interesting
    Obv not a coveted h topic

    Neptne Mercury to Jupiter here in Cap

    Nept≥Merc≤Sun midpointing

    All said and done, very true, every word

      1. That would be all the time. I’ve stopped taking calls from old friends during the past two years who have lost the ability to discuss anything else.
        They used to be witty, articulate and scandalous on a good day. We’d gush about art exhibitions or clandestine affairs, literature, psychology, dream interpretation or current astrological transits. I’m not participating in this mass acquiesce to stodgy mediocrity.
        Repetitively parroting tired blanket phrases like new normal or whatever the latest polarising media distraction or totally made up issue is not conversation. Neither is bleating about their health anxieties acceptable. Sorry (100% neurosis) Nor is projective identification eg the government is bad, or Meghan Markle is a narcissist (again? really? just her? Not me? Not you? Have you ever even met this person? ) or the hill I chose to kill them on which was, “everyone is an a**hole now” (because it’s not fair that she should have to submit to a vax or a tax increase or travel restriction or someone suggesting she was being selfish about something no one was but that old conscience was prickly again.
        I could not anymore.
        I found myself unable to sit there and signal empathy for another hour of my life. No.

        Bit of a rant but seriously, talking about one’s health, money, politics etc used to be considered bad manners – is it me or…what happened to my third house people?

        1. Clearly not upset at all about losing the close relationship with my 3rd house friend to the media pandemic. She reads all the newspapers for hours every single day. I’ve been on a news fast with Jupiter transiting my third and wound rather she threw rocks at me than talked.

  24. Mars, Venus, and Neptune in the Third House. Can confirm. I taught myself to read when I was two and haven’t stopped since.

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