When Good Transits Feel Bad

So okay say you had Saturn whizzing along to square your, I don’t know, MOON – you’d kind of anticipate that to be a bit ick.

While it can feel bizarre when Mr Good Time Transit turns screw on you, it’s surprisingly normal. An example: Jupiter on the Midheaven = promotion, flash new job, parade down the street etc, right?

Well, maybe. But an amazing amount of people get the boot from a job or have a relationship disintegrate at warp speed during these transits.

And yes, six months later they’re all about the Eureka Flash that that job, relationship or whatever WAS a constriction or inauthentic. Hence along comes the “lucky” and “expansive” Jupiter transit and goodbye stale paradigm. It can be hard to see in the moment and really infuriating when you’re fantasizing about weird windfalls and ostentatious adulation.

BUT bear that in mind.

The other interesting scenario – that I touched on in Aquarius today – is when you ARE having a good transit but it does not quite feel good because you’re not getting it. For instance, often a Saturn transit or a Pluto-Mars scenario DOES empower you but it’s not like you strut about with people abasing themselves on the street before you, ancient style.

No way. It’s more like you suddenly look like you might have a clue already and everyone has their hand out wanting you to give them clues, advice, money, contacts, Qi etc. It can be over-whelming.

If you take winning an Oscar as a classic example of “success,” this year’s best actors – Eddie Redmayne and Julianne Moore – were both having big-time Pluto-Saturn transits to the Sun-Mars. Forced growth. Businesses are in most danger of going bust when they’re in rapid expansion mode.

The time-honored best way to “predict” how you’re going to respond/enjoy/endure astro-passages is by noting how that vibe works for you in general AND noting how similar transits have manifested in the past.

If you’re natally strong in – say – Uranus-Venus vibe and pretty much working that for an unconventional but cool and fulfilling love/art life, than a Uranus-Venus transit is going to affect you very differently from someone who is (say) natal Venus-Saturn and trying to hold their merde marriage together with blu-tac and wishful affirmations/power-whining.

Or it’s like how with Leos – Jupiter in Leo is not all venture capitalists trying to give them s-loads of cash, great hair and non-stop adoration. Jupiter RETRO (since December) is sending many Neo-Leos bats with wander-lust, lust-lust, restlessness and irritation at obstacles. But even THAT is part of the process.

In fact, many a prosperous Jupiter enterprise starts with a tantrum about the tacky blinds, crap in the fridge, stupid boring rut and latest tedious anecdote that turns into a sudden onset existential crisis.

I don’t think there is any transit that comes on all lurid and indigo angelic tendrils sliding in under the door with magical free blessings because you’ve manifested the Awesome – unless you’ve been inhaling Love Zombie fumes whilst doing the Oujia board or something and that’s just when you decide to booze through a Neptune transit. Note: Bad idea.

Many strong, amazing evolutions, enterprises and relationships start weirdly and from a flare-up of electric psychic energy. You craft them into a coherent narrative a bit later.

Oh and this is a (sort of) long-winded answer to the person who emailed to ask if they should spend “all” their money on a Lottery ticket this weekend because the Moon is going to be near Jupiter. Short answer: Noooooooo.

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130 thoughts on “When Good Transits Feel Bad”

  1. Oh my GOODNESS, I needed to read this. I’m Leo rising, and this has NOT been a charmed time for me. In fact, the period of time when Jupiter was in orb of my Asc has been, arguably, the roughest, weirdest, most difficult period of my life. Granted, I was experiencing Saturn return at the exact same time, so I don’t think any amount of Jupiter dancing back and forth could overpower that. Luckily Saturn’s moved on, but I’m still hungover from it — things *are* getting better, I think, though my depression has never been worse than it’s been the last month+ or so. And honestly, even though it’s moved into Saggo, it’s still within orb I think, and will be making it’s way back toward my natal Saturn in August. So my lucky Jupiter transit has coincided basically the entire time with my Saturn return. I’m trying my best to be open and keep my eyes out for the valuable lessons, but it feels hard and I definitely am having to fight off the suspicion that I’m being royally effed.

  2. Wow, this post is making me nervous for when Jupiter goes into Virgo and slowly transits all 4 of my virgo planets. (Later in the year). I hoped Jupiter would bring me good luck. Now it just sounds like an intense time. And after that it’s my Saturn Return. Maybe Jupiter will force change and I’ll be in better shape to face my Saturn Return, who knows.

    Things are intense now too as I’ve got Uranus a degree past my MC – hopefully that transit will finally fade as it’s been nonstop evolution with the ZZ and everything. Then I also have Neptune opposite my Venus and Sun. Apparently these transits make me more sensitive, vulnerable, romantic. Actually I am crushing on someone but don’t want to act on it for various reasons. I’m already pretty sensitive with Neptune conjunct moon natally. That’s in Capricorn so I kind of hate being so sensitive as my Capricorn moon just wants me to be strong and productive all the time. It’s confusing being me sometimes. Ha.

  3. Jupiter is transiting my 9th Rx now, but I’m looking forward to the conjunction with my MC at 29* Leo, followed by the conjunction to my Virgo Sun.

    I have to wonder if the house that Jupiter rules has anything to do with why some experience loss and others experience gain? In fact, I’m almost certain it does. Jupiter rules my 2nd house, so hopefully something good will come from that. However, if Jupiter rules your 12th I would imagine that your would experience some sort of loss (12) when Jupiter conjuncts your MC, right?

    1. Oh, and I should add I’ll be giving birth to my first child this October, shortly after Jupiter conjuncts my Sun! I got pregnant when Jupiter was conjunct my Venus and opposed my Moon.

  4. Ooooh, loved this. Growth sometimes feels like…death. Because it is – yin/yang, etc. Good advice. Thank you!

  5. I’m just gonna go ahead and have all the transits at the same time

    I can haz all the transits

    <—–losing her shit

  6. Thanks Mystic. Love this post. It made me take a closer look at Jupiter’s transits throughout my life. So every twelve years when Jupe has to traverse my 9th House Sun, Moon/MC and a stelium of 6 planets in Leo 10th, my life is shaken to such an extent, that I actually end up moving countries. Every time. Beginning on my 7th birthday when Jupe was conjunct exact my Sun for the first time. And this time is no exception – It hasn’t happened quite yet – still a few months left in the 10th House, but we are poised.

    So for me, with Jupe come the winds of change in my life: outmoded belief systems, dysfunctional relationships, stale jobs, and outlived places and countries are eliminated; *and the thirst for new horizons is all consuming*.

    The best way i can explain these Jupe transits, is by comparing them to riding a war horse with a mind of its own. Sometimes dangerous, other times exhilarating. Ultimately, Jupe’s a very bumpy ride, but the new scenery has always been worth it.

        1. Huzzah! πŸ™‚ Ooh I loved the Cosmology. And how wonderful to have the perspective & stories of the elder they interviewed. Glad you’re enjoying!

  7. Well, I have loved the current Uranus transit, it certainly has wrought profound changes to my life since 2010.
    I would say that Uranian energy naturally sits well with me as in my chart, it’s embedded with my natal mars and Pluto in the 12th. They are all only one or two degrees apart. They are all of a piece, and having uranus transiting through my 7th for some years… maybe that extra energy is helping me identify who I really am (next to Pluto) and how I really want to act (next to mars) that has been somewhat obscured in the 12th.
    Feels like it.

    And I noticed my taste has changed!! before transit I used to love decayed English grand manor -house style (like World of interiors magazine layouts) but now I just look at those and think dust, clutter, no no no, hate that old energy!
    Now finding myself really attracted to clean lines, contemporary, simple nothing unnecessary. And am actually sort of uncomfortable in cluttery spaces

    1. Hi Veronica!
      Transiting Uranus is in the beginning of my 6th house, so I am looking forward to an overhaul of my routines. Your changes sound wonderful. So refreshing to have new approaches to life.

  8. Come to think of it, transiting Saturn IS squaring my moon! Gosh, I’ve got so many heavy transits going on right now, missed that one, but sure explains how I feel…. Still depressed…. And Neptune is still sitting right ON my moon. Gotta try to get through this time period…. So depressed…. I cried a lot again today. I’ve barely been physically able to cry for decades, but a month ago when I had that breakdown, the crying came back.
    I’m taking adaptogen herbs for my panic attacks and it’s helping… I drank a lot of alcohol though in the few days leading up to last week’s eclipse…. Not this week, though, now I feel an aversion to it..

    Also, never thought of it this way, but I als have BOTH Saturn square Venus AND Uranus square Venus in my natal chart. No wonder I have such trouble having relationships! It’s always so push-pull for me, never ever comfortable. Revelation..

    But yeah, significant transits are significant, so trying to add on the value judgment of good or bad sets us up for disappointment, I think. Just forget about good or bad, it’s an experience..
    My friend and I are getting through this effing eclipse season by taking comfort in Bill Hicks’ ‘it’s just a ride’ monologue, which you can find on YouTube..

    1. My advice as a Gemini dominant Pisces with a depressive cap moon is WATCH LOTS OF COMEDY esp for late night ‘fuq it all’ marathons. Got me through some v dark, fluffy phases x
      Thinking of you fc.

      1. Yes! Thanks, pi, that is excellent advice!

        Comedy has been a good coping strategy before, and I should utilize it again. My brother uses it that way and it’s nice when we talk on the phone and make each other laugh repeating bits we’ve heard or seen online.. I should call him… He’s Cap sun..

        1. I love Bill Hicks! I need to up my comedy too, I’ve been told (here of course, <3) that it will help saturn transiting my moon.

          1. Mew too, love bill hicks. Have a biography of his staring over at me from a chair nearby. Love that line, “don’t forget that we’re simply monkeys on a rock floating through space”. Perspective!

        2. The worst that can happen is that you have a late night!
          calling your bro sounds nice if you both enjoy hearing from each other πŸ™‚

      2. 😯

        Great advice pi! Comedy has always been a huge part of my life, good comedy that is… fawlty towers, birds of feather, ab fab, keeping up appearances, the thick of it… come to think of it, perhaps there’s something about British comedy that does it for me!

  9. Ok so this is obv an amateur question, but how do you know if a planet is on your moon/Venus/midheaven, etc? I have Saturn and Psyche in Saggo, does that mean that right now (since Saturn is in Saggo) Saturn is on my Saturn and Psyche? Sorry if that’s a silly question. I’m also curious about what I should expect with Satutn being in Saggo while havig natal Saturn in Saggo…sounds intimidating.

    1. Go put your stats in astro.com. Go to the extended options and select the ‘natal chart with transits’ option. Then you can see the natal chart and the little transiting planets etc. will be in green on the outside of the chart.

      1. I use the transit charts all the time. They are fabulous for explaining current situations and MM’s info posts. The charts are also intriguing to study for the past and the future Libragirl.

  10. Change is always uncomfortable, good or bad imo, the illusion that we have any control is lost in either circumstance.
    Humans, to varying degrees, really love to feel that they have some control.

  11. When did Jupes go into leo again? Because I existential crisis has been my middle name for too long now. Wander-lust, lust-lust, change-lust, escape-lust (natal moon conj neptune)…

    For the first time in my life ever, I want a dog. I have never been a dog person. What is this? I want to keep morphing my wardrobe, get a radical haircut (I have Sagg moon long hippy natural color hair), paint all the rooms in the house, go on trips, read all the books.

    Venus is on my natal chiron while chiron is on Mercury. Wonder if that means anything. And does natal uranus ascendant change the ZZ for ya? Oh and direct Jupes is headed back to my natal saturn in the 10th while transiting saturn is hearing my moon neptune. Bloody hell with that one. Moon and neptune should not be bff’s in one’s natal chart IMO.

    1. Oh and kite flying! So therapeutic, to go outside on a bright day in early spring and fly a kite in a big open field!

    2. 😯

      I had this full on urge to take a girl puppy who needed a home in 2012. The puppy was a Chihuahua X. We already had a (boy) Chihuahua so we took her. She ended up being a gorgeous Miniature Pinscher who is a Pisces & loves everything & everyone. She is so clever, constantly interrupts me & has never let me sleep in one single morning since I got her. She is the best thing ever & I don’t care that I never get to sleep in because when she wakes me up I can’t help but giggle seeing her naughty little body wiggling around. God, she’s naughty! πŸ˜€

      Wish I could post a pic but can’t figure out how…

            1. 😯

              Gorgeous Sphinx! I have a Leo boy too!

              Your Leo looks like he is charming the pants off the lady cats in the hood!

              1. Leo is not allowed out in the ‘hood so he mugs our guests and insists they play ‘fetch’ with him like he is a dog. We have converted three dog people into cat people, so far.
                He is as ferocious as butter.

              1. Lol, apparently that’s a good idea. Didn’t anyone want to discuss my planetary aspects… Hahahaha. I have an aries kitty named Mr. Furious but we just call him FooFoo.

                1. Lol, the Leo SO is reeaaally feeling Saturn on his moon too. It’s been shitful, but I think in his case it will be the making of him.

      1. Sirius is natally at 13 cancer, and transiting is at 14 cancer! Ninth house. Natally squares pluto and my north node.

        Mr. Fauness has been wanting a dog for a long time and I’m like baby Fauness is too much work, we need to wait till she’s easier and now she is getting there. I’ve been seeing the kids with a friend’s puppy and a park puppy (while kite flying) and it’s too cute. Woke up with a strange desire to have puppy in my life. Mr Fauness is stoked.

        1. Another reason I never wanted a dog is the extra thinking about where to put the dog when you travel (Sagg moon) and a furry cramping my independence (uranus ascendant) that is already cramped with a job and kids and stuff.

          1. Fauness, your chart -counterpart (my SO is totally enjoying our new dog. He is an Australian red cattle dog and he is a sweetie pie!

          1. I have a dog story too that maybe explains part of the change.

            In November, my uncle had none cancer and was in the hospital. His sister was dog sitting. When he was admitted to hospice, they said he could have his dog. I was planning to visit that day, so they called and asked me to bring the dog. He was so happy to see his dog and vice versa. I was so happy to give him a final gesture of love. His immediate family camped out with him and all their dogs too. He passed three days later. The role of all the dogs in this may have melted part of my heart!

            1. So Plutonian, this experience. With Sirius square ur Pluto & nn, a gateway to a higher vibration πŸ˜‰ Awesome.

                1. Yes, planning has started. Researching breeds, getting the fence fixed, and the kids are thinking of names! I’m off in the summer so we’ll get her then.

  12. Gem with Sag rising. Astrologically speaking, awesome things were/are supposed to happen from the 19th of March.
    I broke my ankle on Saturday night 21st (first broken bone ever) and for 6 weeks will be in plaster and on crutches and at home as I wont be able to drive.

    I am feeling very accepting of my condition(even though it happened when I stepped off the pavement to avoid a group of revelers) and cant help but feel that it has happened for a purpose. I will take the opportunity to de-clutter when I need to get the circulation going after having had my ankle elevated so that it is above the level of my heart! πŸ™‚

    1. Oh Dear Lia, I feel for you. What’s going on with Saturn in your chart? When Saturn was rolling thru my heavily populated 8th house (2012), I broke both sides of my left ankle, no walking or weight-bearing for 4 months, then another five months of wearing a boot thing & doing physical therapy. AND I just had surgery for it *again* a few weeks ago– just as Saturn went retrograde back toward my 8th house.

      And for me it felt very much like a Saturnine experience as Time was message #1 on so many levels over the course of my recovery… The whole ordeal demanded my best in terms of patience & tolerance. For endurance.

      You are wise to just elevate that biz & make the most of this time πŸ™‚ Your bod needs to direct energy to physical healing, so all you need do is keep your head busy. I got unlimited data internet & Netflix lol. Stay strong! x

  13. 😯

    I agree! Great post MM! This really resonates for me, good transits are also hard transits when you don’t get it. I’ve certainly missed the point on many occasions. I’ve had a major career redirection, good on many levels & hard on many levels. I’ve got Pluto trining Mars until December 2016, so lots of hard work but I don’t mind so much, I have Natal Saturn conjunct Mars in Virgo 6th house. I don’t mind the sweat!

    I also fractured my finger the other day… Gemmy injuries transit

    Also if you’re interested in Julianne Moore, she did a fabulous interview with Alec Baldwin (also fabulous), so worth a listen!


    1. thanks for this! I’ll listen to it later when I have more time (um, next year? lol)

      I saw Still Alice yesterday, have you seen it BGem? Lord, I cried and cried.

      1. 😯

        πŸ˜† make time, you’ll love it! Listen to it in the car or walking to work or something like that. It’s on iTunes!

        Oh no… I haven’t seen it yet & for THAT reason. I’m so emotional lately… er lately=most of the time. I will have to watch it at home. I’m tearing up at the thought…

  14. great post…I may have to re-read a few times. I usually try hard not to think too positive about “good” transits.But, I hate to admit, as jupiter is going to hit my ASC later this summer, I was hoping at least *something* positive would come out of it. I have really been put through the ringer for the past year or two. im not holding my breath, tho.

    1. edit to add- when jup was on my sun I had lost my job had zero funds- tough time. Yet, i went through this great spiritual breakthrough, had amazing meditation ( hours per day ) and even had an initiation from HH Dalai Lama.

      when jup hit my MC I got a job i thought was amazing but ended up a total sham. Its in my 12th house now ( hitting NN,mars,jup) …I thought i would get back to my amazing meditation experiences…but not really. Its really at odds with saturn on my IC…I feel some artistic inspiration, yet saturn is completely restricting putting any of it into play.

      jupiter transits are odd and hard to predict it seems!!

      thank you for this post

    1. She is sooo good! Love her creativity. I will never forget picking up her astro candy weeklies in The Australian as a teen and thinking – this woman is a genius!

      1. The gloss magazine back then in the weekend Australian with Mystic’s page was a joy to read,
        brilliant writing. And remember Ruth Ostrow & Susan Maushart in same supplement?Wonderful laugh out loud writers. How i looked forward to my latte and Mystic’s words on a lazy saturday morn.

  15. i am fully in the jupiter brings the horror camp. when he hit my toro stellium a few years ago, one of my front teeth got knocked out and i had to walk around for a month all hillbilly-esque high style. ultimately beneficial, yeah, but so humiliating. jupe on my saturn now, which, i realize isn’t necessarily a “good” transit, but i am feeling every second of my age, every wrinkle, every motherhood-glorious stretch mark and wrecked body.
    quite honestly, i feel like venus and jupiter bring the most pain. besides chiron, i guess. hard to top chiron for sheer misery.
    what i DO like is neptune trining my uranus and uranus nicely aspecting my neptune, jupiter, and saturn. uranus and neptune transits are the best things ever.

    1. the pic is exactly how i have spent my weekend/whatever day it is now. weep, rage, direct the fires, destroy. karmic justice, mofo.

    2. Yes, i forgot how crappy Chiron is. I think the only people who get high off of Chiron transits are those Magi astrologers.

      Sorry to hear you had a rocky Venus return. Venus transits are totally overrated IMHO.

    3. Hugs to you sweetie. You will get through this swamp and thrive and prosper. As for aging, worry about it when you’re 70, not now!!!!

      sylvester stallone (68) quote when asked when he will retire:
      “the time to retire is when you get up in the morning and your ass falls off” πŸ™‚

  16. “Or it’s like how with Leos – Jupiter in Leo is not all venture capitalists trying to give them s-loads of cash, great hair and non-stop adoration. Jupiter RETRO (since December) is sending many Neo-Leos bats with wander-lust, lust-lust, restlessness and irritation at obstacles. But even THAT is part of the process. In fact, many a prosperous Jupiter enterprise starts with a tantrum about the tacky blinds, crap in the fridge, stupid boring rut and tedious anecdote that suddenly evokes a sudden onset existential crisis.”

    This bit: YEEESSSS. I went UUUUHHHGGG! Upon reading–

    I have natal Sun, Merc, Venus AND Mars in Leo–Moon in Aries. So yeah. Wanderlust something fierce. Discontent is constant. My life is actually going really well mostly, I just generally feel a low level anxiety most of the time though.

    NOT TO MENTION my Uranus, Neptune and Saturn all in Capricorn and Asc in Cancer. Zap.

  17. legit cleaned out my fridge last week. really good idea. prepping for major growth this year (sag rising, sun in leo 8th house) by way of existential crises and FINALLY being like, “oh, okay” about misc schizz. accountability is HAPPENIN’, yo.

  18. I have deffo experienced ‘good’ transits in not so good ways and bad transits in liberating and interesting ways. Absolutely agree that it has a lot to do with what’s going on in your natal chart, I loved my Venus-Saturn transit, the Uranus-Venus stuff has been really hard for me, much too on-off, up-down, wtf!!!!

    I’ve got Jupiter in Leo all up and over my chart right now, squaring my Scorpio, sextile-ing my Libra and trine-ing my Sag and Aries, literally never felt LESS Jupiter joy in my life. Times have been tough as hell. I’m about to have a fairly lengthy Moon trine Uranus transit which sounds lovely on paper and actually aligns with where I am in life right now but I’m still suspicious. Uranus just seems to = anxiety with me.

  19. Reminds me of how the new moon conjunct Venus in Sagg (last Novemeber) was conjunct my natal Venus. Yes, a Venus return, with a new moon conjunction, in my first house. Glorious, right?


    Broke up with my lover that day.

    Same with Mars/Venus conjunct in Aries in my 5th, trine my natal Venus.


    It’s all fairly well explained by Chiron opposite my Venus in the 7th. Any good transit to my Venus is automatically intercepted!

    1. yep, this. venus return this weekend = cruelest dumping of my life. haven’t gotten out of bed since friday. papers, other homework deadlines passed, no emails to prof or anything, fuq it. i don’t care, i’m gonna lie here forever.

      i wonder if this happens to people without their venuses inexorably tied up with chiron?

        1. Jupiter stationed on my Venus for 3 months this summer (22 leo) and I had a massive hearbreak. I failed 2 exams because of it, just could not bring myself to care about anything. I was expecting to become suddenly rich or something until I looked back to 12 years ago when it happened last time and it was a particularly shitty time in my love life, crying myself to sleep for months. I blame natal saturn squaring natal venus. He has the final word. Though I do have to admit that this time it was all very much for the best (as mystic said in the post).

          I hope you feel better soon hdq, once you feel all the feelings there will be a light at the end of the tunnel!

  20. This is such a great post. For a kinda half pessimist (Saturn squares my 4 of my natal planets) this rings totally true. And for the half optimist side (Sagg rising, w Neptune rising) it also resonates, as I sometimes over-romanticise what a good transit might do.

    As a multiple Libran, I’m kinda exhausted from Saturn in Libra into ZZ playing lovingly (ha) over my 13 Libra Venus, with Saturn now in Sagg for extra crumpets. I haven’t felt this tired (world-weary) since Saturn in Libra days, which, for reference, felt awful but led to big structural achievements.

    Totally grateful to the ZZ for helping me work on power and boundaries. Pure brilliance. I’m just trying to keep happy / snout up right now, whilst very much focussing on creative career and what I can control. Just that seedling of sadness that the ZZ love did not materialise as I might have hoped – what you want isn’t always what you need – and trying to let that fade out, ripple away. Let the sadness be and ebb.

    Or maybe – who knows – with Jupiter going direct, it may pick up again? I dare not hope.

    What HAS felt good (as opposed to lovely hard lessons) recently was the February Leo full moon and the Venus conj Uranus trining Jupiter action of a few weeks ago. Both plugged into my Sagg rising exactly, and felt like pure Spirit / fire. Passing breezes, but warming in chilly times!

    Thanks again for a really spot-on post.

    1. I have a 13 degree Venus in Libra too, the Uranus opposition and Pluto square has been tough times for us I think, I feel very much like you in a world weary, battered and exhausted way. The Pluto stuff has been depth charged and exhausting and the Uranus stuff destabilising.

      1. Hello fellow soldier! What does Sun Tzu have to say about this? When do the troops get to rest!!? Mystic had it right that the Pluto thing churns and then Uranus (un)helpfully comes along and goes, and what are you going to DO about it? (head in hands)

        If only I had taken MM’s advice and done NOTHING out of the ordinary the whole ZZ period long. Lol – not really. How would I have learned then?

        But I won’t mind when this constant agitation is over. Currently, channeling it into career, but man I’m exhausted and finding it hard to chill.. :/

        1. Yeah, turning off is very difficult these days, the churn is seemingly never ending and does not keep a nice time schedule. Don’t know about you but all my old ways of chilling out don’t work anymore either which is frustrating.

          Uranus has started to back off now which is some relief, there are another couple of direct hits from Pluto between now and early 2016 but I feel less concerned about them now I sort of know what to expect and what to avoid.

          GOOD LUCK to us!!!

          1. Yeah the chill seems to come and go when it feels like it atm – very unpredictable. Epsom salt baths every night helping me and I’ve been sleeping OK since the night before the last ZZ, so someone’s giving me a break. But I’m feeling more dehydrated than usual and vague headaches. Letting up on the ‘trying to figure stuff out’ as I finally grokked that this is waaay too exhausting for little reward.

            Good luck us indeed! (goes and checks out dates of next hits..)

            1. So same. Chronic dehydration and headaches (which I’m not prone to), how strange. I’m still not sleeping at all, missing my bath for the Epsom help, that really does work. Yes, you’re right, has to be a certain amount of surrendering to whatever it is we surrender to and hope for the best. Trying to control a Pluto transit in particular is bonkers haha.

              1. I think rehydrating helps sleep somehow. Just cannot get enough water and these rings around my eyes that have appeared out of nowhere?

                Have been looking up bulk purchasing epsom salts (&bicarb soda) online lol. There’s 25kg parcels available. Beats running to the overpriced healthfood shop every other week. Foot baths work too if you don’t have a tub?

                Edges of sanity is all I’m saying on the Pluto transit. Everything is everything. Don’t care anymore. Just up, over and out me.

                1. Me too!! Dark circles under eyes where there have never been any and a un-ending thirst, how bizarre. Thanks for the reminder about the Epsom salts, I can do a foot soak, easy enough and I have loads left.

                2. I bought a bulk bag of epsom salts and did MM’s Alchemy challenge last Sept/Oct and fuq, I was not really prepared for what it would draw out of me but i’ve been dealing with the physical manifestations of emotional detox EVER SINCE! Clearing now, thanks to calendula cream.

                  I have heaps of epsom salts left and I’m too scared to use them….hello, Pluto squaring my Venus at 12ΒΊ Libra.

                  PS. just a thought….I got really dehydrated during the alchemy challenge, could it be the salts?

                3. How much salts did you use? Lol. I mix my salts with sea salts and essential oils and keep them in a jar. 2 scoops for a bath is usually enough.

                4. Supercal I can’t reply below , we’re too far over. My scoops are 1/8 cup. I don’t know about dehydration, but I do know that I become one with the bathtub and stay in for hours. Literally.

                5. Another Pluto-Venus warrior! Respect the salts lol. I too do 2 cupfulls/handfulls. Yes – could be a contributing reason for thirst. Glad to hear you are on your way out of your mega system detox πŸ™‚ Emotional clearing with that transit for sure!

  21. OK Saturn in Libra a few years back brought a square to my moon/Lilith/Juno/Eros in Cap and it was AMAZING…. a fantastic love affair, truly off the scale. I couldn’t understand why people said Saturn squares were difficult because I was having the time of my life. Granted this was also Neptune right on my Venus BUT together they made practical magic. I read somewhere (probably here) that Saturn means the end of toleration, in my case the end of my sham marriage.
    When the affair ended it was hell for me but it set me on the path that led to where I am today, free of the web of lies that was my marriage, and much happier. Neptune showed me the true extent of possibility but Saturn showed me what I needed to do in the here and now, step by step, to get free enough to give those possibilities a fighting chance of being born.
    Yes it was horrible but in hindsight truly the best thing that ever happened to me. I had been asleep to that point.

    1. I am relating to this, except that I regrettably pulled away from the opportunity to have the affair? Potentially it could have been the emotional and mental death of me, just the pure seductiveness alone made my pisces mercury mars chiron flee…Dissolved my presence out of necessity (survival instincts) whilst escaping right in front of him.

      Strange that, as the unexpectedness of the whole thing shakes everything up. My partnership has really been a big weight (saturn wise, capricorn moon) and this other person has completely appeared out of the blue with radical ideas that have been very encouraging for my independence. I cannot really befriend him, being Aquarian Sun, because I suspect this man is a real challenge, impossible, mostly fire, (fixed cross T square in there, Leo, Scorpio, perhaps Taurus) intensely sensual, magnetic presence, yet absolute workaholic. I used to be that, made me seriously ill.

      The problem is I loathe my marriage (not my husband, who is definitely ruthless, but still quite loving) at present, desire this other person who seems also to be looking for nurturing love, (yet gave them a big brick wall for them to forget about it) now I wish I could completely unravel it all…I am actually relived saturn is retrograde, returning to scorpio, I met him just after the super moon eclipse of Aquarius to Leo Sun, last August, when saturn was passing over my natal neptune sextile venus, pluto, uranus, trine mars…

      1. Should I mention I have pluto almost excact on my natal venus, square transiting uranus in the 8th, which is about to hit my north node…

        Surely this is all about the authenticity of of it all?

        I have a Jupiter return coming, middle of the year, 12th house, conjunct my ascendant. It will be square to transiting saturn, then opposite transiting neptune…It will probably be a cathartic kind of hell as this post of Mystic’s advises…

      2. I have that t-square in my chart and I hope I am considered to have an intensely sensual and magnetic presence. Sounds awesome. Uranus in scorp 1H, leo sun 9H, and chiron taurus 7H.

      3. Pluto on your Venus…well that’s it. It’s going to shake you up one way or the other and leave your romantic DNA completely rearranged (or perhaps put back the way it should be). Whether you ‘go there’ or not you sound already changed and more aware of what you need.
        In my sitch I was Pluto on the lover’s 7th house Venus-Sun in Cap conjunction. I have a huge Cap moon stellium, his Mars NN conjunction was slap on my Pisces sun-Saturn-Merc-Chiron. We were kind of in it before we knew what was going on and it met all kinds of needs on both sides.
        As I understand it the north node is like a compass needle pointing towards your true direction in this life. From what you’ve written here you seem to have already gained a heap of awareness of your current sitch, both positive and negative.
        On a practical level, an affair is messy and horrible and hurts so many people (the spouses whether they know about it or not). We both eventually went home to sort out our marriages. Of course he is still with his wife. I thank the cosmos I didn’t break up that marriage, I wouldn’t want my relationship with him to have been borne out of that kind of carnage.
        If you can take the lessons without ‘going there’ with your Uranian, I would heartily recommend it. Affairs are a special kind of hell.

        1. Yes I understand. Its insanity, but sometimes absolutely necessary. I am mostly OK, quite a bit squashed, but the dynamics are much better since I stood my ground more. I’m trying to obey saturn while it retrogrades to sextile with mars, pluto, uranus again as last year.

          The potential amazing (sensual man) lover, that was playing with my mind & heart, was curiously fascinated with my eccentricities, (Leo Aquarius polemic of the super moon) which I was apologetic for, He on the other hand seemed to be beautifully at ease with all kinds of people too, but through charm, pure venus energy (Libra North node was transiting my 2nd house, opposite Aries Saturn 7th). If you put that with very strong intellectual ambition and determination you have someone with quite a lot of power, discretion too.

          The last time we met I sadly realised I was without guile, too honest previously, little resistance, and I could feel him see through me, like every atom of me being was being x-rayed under extreme intensity, energy being pulled out of me, but there was something simultaneously euphoric and terrifying (a hook) about his kindness and direct flattery, so seductive, despite the sincerity of it – I thought it like death, or being captured.

          So I suddenly responded out of adrenalised fear (flight) feigned great importance on marital responsibilities, my child, etc…And the flash of anger, emotional resentment that appeared was incredible! That was it, both emotionally wounded, upset, oh well. Regret it , but wasn’t ready to be cut open on altar…

          Everyday I wonder what is appropriate, transiting neptune and saturn is squaring my natal jupiter 12th, which is sextile to my natal moon. I was generous in spirit, but I didn’t know if strange thievery was happening at the same time…

          He believed in my art, encouraged me to be free however I just feel we are bound by very different circumstances too. He could help me go through a transition to wonderful freedom, but it would really hurt.

          I operate outside of structure, am unconventional in what I do (sun conjunct vesta aquarius 6th quincunx uranus conjunct pluto 1st) and he is within a highly structured world of rules I have little regard for…It thrills him, he is lovely and I know he thinks I was too but it is impossible…I need a bridge, slow time to disentangle, see truthfully what it is…

          1. Hey, just wanted to apologize for my little comment above. You are dealing with some heavy shit and I was being trite. I really feel for you, I had an A and it almost ruined me. I had some stuff I was not dealing with, learning about myself, and addressing and I created a nice little clusterfuq that was damn near impossible to escape from. It took years to get over and I can’t even describe how horrible the process was. I didn’t have kids at the time, which was good.

            There’s this Bob Dylan song, Kingston Girl or something like that. Who’s going to hold your bad luck hand? he says. Well, fortunately, my spouse is still holding my bad luck hand.

            1. All Ok, its all a bit over my head as neptune is on my natal mercury AND opposite my ascendant and jupiter. So I have mist over my eyes I think…there is this permanent problem of being escapist with pisces mars conjunct chiron 7th trine neptune in scorpio 3rd…I had an instinct of some power imbalance so I vanished…I’m upset about it, but a bottomless pit of passion is not a good way to self destruct. Thanks for your lovely advice. My natal late virgo plutonian and uranian qualities assisted in being outside of this. You can only trust people to be what they inherently are…

              1. You are handling this so much better than I handeled my situ. I have neptune one degree off my moon, so I get the neptune. I can put someone on a pedestal hardcore. I escape into it. I also have scorp stuff that makes me obsessive. Virgo conj Jupes for one. Ugh. Fortunately, this stuff doesn’t happen very often and I am stronger for it.

                1. Ta, I am immersed in martial arts / qigong. Seems your benevolent jupiter conjunction brings service to expand, but must not be at personal expense.My aspects are early so I am still suffering.Resistance training is a help

  22. 12th house virg0

    I’m doing Pluto-opp-Saturn now. Home/work. 4th/10th. Super busy. Next-leveling my career and remodeling my house.

    Jupiter over my 13 Leo Moon. My Jupiter-Moon transit has been about having my emotional borders blown open by the Taurus with the dead family who really got under my skin. But with the new moon eclipse on my DC, I realized, fully realized and accepted, he is an asshole. Cut all social media ties, told him I think he’s an asshole and that I love him and wish him well. Its all true – mixed up as those emotions are. They can exist at once. Everything exists at once. I feel pretty great, actually.

    1. 12th house virg0

      But, yeah, Jupiter-Moon brought me lots of crying. Didn’t feel lucky at all. Didn’t get lucky either. Haven’t been laid in over a year πŸ™

    2. Hmm yes I’ve got Pluto opp Saturn coming into opposition now too. Hadn’t really thought about it – 1st v 7th house here. WIth all the general ZZ Pluto stuff going on, not least a square to my natal Venus opp Uranus in this ZZ, this has just gone under the radar. You think it’s a doozie?

      I think that the eclipse was great for ‘all things at once’ – and cuttings / letting go. It was like a snapshot of what is and as you say many things can exist at once. You don’t need to explain to anyone, I thought, just accept and move on. Liberating feeling πŸ™‚ Good on ya, 12th house Virgo!

      1. 12th house virgo

        Yeah, I had the Pisces ex ping me and throw some shit at me about running out of people to guide. I’m no one’s guide. I don’t have to explain anything to anyone. FREEDOM! Uranus transiting 7th house much? lol. Finally, I’m getting it.

        Pluto transits are always invisible until they’re done with you. But, I like them. I’m natal Mars-Pluto-Mercury on my AC. I feel like I am coming into my own. I’m much more comfortable with my own power than ever before. But, its a lot of balancing. Keeping out of insecurity. Keeping my own power flowing.

        1. Interesting that you have that on your Asc natally. I felt that the Mars-Uranus sq Pluto humdinger brought that power Q home – like, you HAVE the power, whether you acknowledge it or not. What are ya gonna do with it? How does it FEEL?

          (Pretty darn good actually. And yeah, it’s OK to keep it focussed on myself.)

          You’re right it takes a lot of balancing: it’s responsibility, right? Where do you aim this thing? As you say: at your insecurities or your higher aims? I’m feeling it out. Taurus void moon was a bit – meh. But it’s a new world out here, for sure. πŸ™‚

        2. Hi yes FREEDOM = uranus in 7th, (but now in my 8th) from any stifling or damp suffocation relationship – its very terrifying, exhilarating but very necessary.
          I have mercury in opposition to ascendant, which is conjunct jupiter 12th, my 1st house is virgo / libra…The north node is reversing through my 2nd into my 1st…opposite natal saturn in the 7th. Its exhausting being strong, building resistance, but so liberating too.

          I would think eventually though sexual change will be brought onto the table once it hits your 8th…Its come unexpectedly to me, in aspect to jupiter reversing through my 12th house, and I was unprepared, could not fathom such lust. Literally cyclonic, uranus is giving me insight into positive dynamic energy. All you can do is manage what you are presented with in time, and be glad for your opportunity to address what matters to you…

  23. Fab bit of reality check, Mystic! Looking forward to the follow up piece, “When Bad Transits Feel Good” πŸ˜›

  24. Saturn transit natal Jupiter and Neptune conjunct and squaring Sun Venus conjunct. Lots of anxiety and dread coming up for me. Very unpleasant time.

  25. Ahh, thanks for this.
    Hey I was made redundant when Uranus-Jupiter went over my Sun hand in hand, but it was either that or resign having seen that the end was nigh, and the redundancy payout was quite the help, so you know. Jupes.
    Now that Uranus is conj my midheaven and a couple more years off my Venus I’m assuming my public image (?) Is due for a shake up but if the 9th house years were anything to go by then yikes.

    The flare up of psychic energy and crafting into coherent narrative, makes sense…

  26. Thanks Mystic! i have secretly thought this over and over but now is confirmed. I have never enjoyed Jupiter transits..and Jupes is my chart ruler! Go figure! Saturn return and transiting natal sun were better for me, but sucked over my moon and venus. Venus transits do nothing for me mostly and mars just causes irritation.

  27. Oh man. So this sort of explains to me why, with Jupiter crossing my midheaven recently, everything has gone bats o’clock…. and it’s Retro, so it’s gonna cross back over my midheaven? And then forward again…. and there was me all excited about it crossing my huge stellium in 12th house Libra in the not too near distant future… oh lord, have mercy… thats gonna be like a detonation, lined up, mercury venus moon pluto saturn sun… yiiikes!!

    1. 12th house virg0

      I’ve had two Jupiter Midheaven transits since I started my career and for both of them I was fired from my job. It worked out in the end, but it MASSIVELY sucked.

      1. oh no!! I just worked out that actually it already crossed my midheaven, in sep last year at around the time that me and my husband – who is also my business partner – nearly broke up… and it’s been retrograde over the MC already AND TURNS DIRECT within half a degree of my midheaven – and guess what is happening……… OH DEAR πŸ™ I have to believe it’s all for the best and as Mystic says, the clarity will follow….

    2. I’m a leo sun with jupiter transiting my 10th, conj my midheaven. Work has totally sucked this year. I’m a teacher, so the year started at the end of August. I was super confused as to why it was so awful until I watched a video by Nadia Shah. Change. If you’re not in the right place, Jupes will let it be known. That’s where I am and I’m scheming battle plans to come out on top.

      1. O. M. G! This info is amazing! I went and looked at where Jupiter was in October 2011 when I was in throes of becoming a teacher – not because of any great belief that I could make a difference to young peoples lives but because it seemed a career that would suit my life once my disabled daughter completed highschool. I received prizes academically. I had encouragement and great reviews in my first and second year. My third year though, I had two third practicals and on my second I had a teacher from hell and I quit just before my internship. At least she was straight forward though. The previous one created my worst nightmare and I had six months off while I wondered if I was doing the right thing. At the time of quitting I felt like a fool and had wasted a lot of time and effort ignoring my family for the long term goal but now I just see the whole fiasco as a lifestyle career that I had a lucky escape from. I don’t think I could have stood living my life like a boa constrictor was around my neck. The regimented expectation of how one should dress, spend one’s private time and the company one keeps when not working would have sent me in a spin. I like partying too much to be a teacher, and I would be meeting 18+ students around town all the time in the pubs and clubs. Imagine the ramifications of that!

          1. Talk about good information, I need to look up the aspects of my start as well. I like being a teacher, it satisfies so much of my chart, except my independent parts. I want to find a non-public school setting to get into. US public schools, depending what state and district, are a total life force suck. Corporate education reform is evil. I was told once by another astrologer that I was to be a force of change and transformation in education. I suppose it could happen but I am not all gung ho about dedicating my life to that. I teach second grade, so I don’t see my students out and about.

          2. Ok, I checked it out. Jupiter on my moon, saturn on my Mercury 10H, and venus on my saturn also 10H. Chiron on my IC too.

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