Lunar Eclipse Leisure Options

There are very Full Moons that I clock-watch through but this Scorpio Lunar Eclipse is one of them. If you’re jaded with it as well, one or more of these suggestions may alleviate the merde?

Why is it so nuts? Lunar Apogee Lilith is at an aggravating angle with the Full Moon, which is already amped as it’s an Eclipse. This has advantages but it emphasizes any Madonna-Whore style contradictions within relationships.

Mercury Retro near the Sun adds extra zing to the Taurus-Scorp polarity. The hypothetical ideal would be some sort of mellifluous merger between recently realized emotional nuances or intimacy requirements and our established paradigm.

But if Merc Retro management means you’re wrangling logistics or troll-whispering, it can feel like you’re cheating on an undeniably amplified psyche or inner world. Not to mention more likely to snap and treat onlookers to a Freudian monologue.

FYI, the recent Daily Mystics have been loaded with more structured support for this tricky astro – these tips below are the levity version but see the D.Ms or Horoscopes for the gravity.


Because Mars and then Venus are about to be in Leo, with the Venusian vibe lasting for months. Catharsis and existential anything are not lighting you up these days but the Mars and Venus show could become an extremely productive performance. With Lilith and Sappho already in Leo, the preparations for your upcoming ‘role’ will be thrillingly erudite as well as daring. Step One: Power Hair or An Anthem that signals the style zeitgeist you’re about to bring. Step Two: Declining any parts in control-dramas. Your show will be better.


If you’re inclined this way, you’re probably in mode already and just skimming this as a parallel brain exercise between bouts of obsessive research. Whatever your topic du jour – Megavitamin B6 Syndrome, mystery charges on a bank statement or the indigenous deities of Taiwan – the fixed zeal and high-beam focus are the same. Your abiding faith in the potential productivity gains of the unearthed intel is probably being tested but stay firm and keep digging. There is no better illumination for sleuthing than a Full Moon like this.


You’re marinating mugwort for a magical skin lotion or electro-magnetizing your own minerals on the kitchen counter-top, moving the jars to different compass directions in accord with the atmospheric pressure and solar winds. You’re looking forward to an epiphany regarding the Eclipse-zapped realm of your birth chart, neither striving for it nor obstructing the message. If a ritual is required, your increasingly honed instincts will alert you or a sign will appear. To you this Scorpio Moon is a handy portal into Pluto in Aquarius.


This is a strong tactic for the Earth signs and people with prominent Earth element placements. The Scorpio Moon Eclipse is no match for the hefty line up in Taurus – Uranus, the Sun, Mercury, Vesta and soon – mighty Jupiter. Dismissing anything “wet” and ignoring any drama without an immediate evac alert, you go big on food, sex, money and security. You’re anticipating a new creativity and commerce feel with Jupiter in Taurus and you won’t be able to pick up on it if you’re adrenal from Leo scenes or dark night of the soul scorping.


Refusing to engage in yet more Fixed sign fracas – the Saturn-Uranus square was sufficient, thank you – you’re passively resisting with some super-mutability. Ideas, commitments and feelings are fluid because that is simply how the universe works, no apology. You’ve yourself permission to pivot, fork or generate a tangent at any time, with or without contradictory rambling that you call ‘fair notice.’ It’s not only a good tactic for this Mercury Retro/Lunar Eclipse, it’s brilliant practice for Uranus in Gemini!

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is exact at 17.34 on Friday May 5 but it has a 24-48 hour buffer either side. See the Moon Calendar for the time in your zone. Thoughts?

Image: Sun Xun – Magic Star Map, the Flame of the Lake

54 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse Leisure Options”

  1. “What stands in the way, becomes the way”, is my quote for this moon. Scorpio Moons aren’t my fave, I have a Scorpio natal moon, it’s enough. Also my mother has natal Sun, Merc, Venus there & I feel like I always get a lesson in her genetic predisposition or legacy dna gifted me.

    1. Sphinx, you survived a Scorpio mother. A Leo friend of mine now gone to the stars, said us both having Scorpio mothers united us.
      They never let us forget we have half their DNA…..

  2. I have the bizarrest mind today. I am googling ADHD because that’s what it feels like. I can’t complete doing anything – loading dishwasher to an email or a purchase decision. My attention is severely scattered and I have less willpower to move than a forest slug. I think my attention degraded drastically post-Covid, but this shit is on another level.
    I cruised calmly through the actual eclipse day. Is it hitting me with a backhand?

    1. Sounds hormonal if it’s not your norm! Have ADHD, hyper-mobility, plus hormone shifts, I tried HRT but my arm socket got so loose my arm fell out. Oestrogen/Progesterone is beautiful and much of our memory utilises hormones to carry memory. Now I have stopped hormones, no memory, but my body is back to something like functional! Not sure if that helps

  3. My Scorpionic dreams were prophetic as an ex- paramour from 2005
    texted me. A Saggie way to much like me just as the moon goes into Sagittarius.
    Note to self: Don’t dream of sinking your nose into a man shirt – he may just communicate in a non-dream state,
    Moon sleuthing was about terpenes, temperatures that release them and astronomy, the night skies for May, so felt interrupted after my heart stopped doing fast fox trot.
    This is person that ‘ghosted-gaslighted-breadcrumbed’
    (all by text) before there were names for that aberrant behaviour.
    So yeah most of Mystic’s paragraphs were A Happening.

    1. Turns out, it was indeed dog-shit behaviour that we were referencing in your last comment. What was your response?

      1. My response was ‘no words’.
        His: ‘that’s a first.’
        The banter between 2 Saggie’s was what originally drew me in alas.
        Beware men who make you laugh?

    2. Sagg men are such a weakness 😩
      They most definitely live in an eternal I’m deep into my mission/purpose & have minimal capacity for anything else lol.
      Mercury Rx is forcing us to re-examine the past which is another reason for his return….. same with Pluto in Rx in its transform or ima tear this place down lol.
      I live with a Sagg Sun/Scorpio moon roommate & he almost turned into a werewolf on the most intense day of this eclipse 🐺

      1. Dear Seseme Seed, ‘re-examine the past’, but of course that was it, AND he still has a piece of my lingerie, hence therein lies the spell, something that belongs to me in his clutches.
        Yes to him interrupting my research & turning wolf, prob has a Scorp rising or moon. x

        1. Ooooo saucy! I don’t believe there is another piece of clothing with greater energy, especially from a woman πŸ”₯
          Still it’s always a compliment to know you’re presence is missed 🀍

  4. So many people are using substances to cope with the intensity. Seen it on trams and buses, various ages too.

    Myself I’m letting the Lilith light the way, cause I’ve been fighting against this for too long and it’s much easier to lean into. Apparently my energy is right and getting greater 10th and 8th House themed supports.

    A lot of intel is coming from the other sides of conventional communication too. So again I’m not pushing against only asked and hearing what is needed for these spirits of communication. Midheaven magic too. Thank you MM for this post and the Oracle is spooky accurate.

  5. The Lion & The Centaur

    I got a surprise cat this week. A chocolate and cream colored Ragdoll. The Oracle said my totem animal was a ‘black and white tuxedo cat’ but I think his colorings count.

    Control-drama blowing in my face both at work & uni, insomnia, being ghosted by an ex love who I was about to have a date with tomorrow – I don’t care. I love this fluffy ball of love purring in my lap as I just finished a novel and am about to start a new one. Thank you universe & magical Eclipse Cat Familiar.

    1. Animals always come into your life at the right times! The ex had to move to the side to be replaced, with a real ride or die 🐾🀍

      1. So true! Goes for plants too. A tiny thumbnail sized succulent is now a gigantic balcony railing sized giant. All because there was metaphorical space for it to grow.
        Wish we could post a picture here. Wanna see your chocolate icecream-y cutiepie! 😻😻😻

  6. I asked the I Ching ‘do stars count as fire qi?’ (Considering that they are massive balls of burning gas even if light years away.) The response was hexagram 19.1. I’ve interpreted this as “to some extent they are alike, still helpful, consider as fire-adjacent(?)”. I just wanted to share this somewhere

    1. Of all the oracles, believe the Ching to be the most beguiling (apart from the alchemy tarot of MM of course).

      1. Yes. Tarot here is also v helpful. More recently I have got better at interpreting / reading between the lines for both, to apply the information to the life situ.

  7. I love your takes on navigating through these intense planetary periods!
    I’m somewhere in between Modern Mage & Leo in. I made this bright blue concoction yesterday of Blue Lotus flower + Butterfly Pea Flower that honestly felt like I was sipping on some Circe approved fountain of youth elixir lol πŸ©΅πŸ’§

        1. Yes it is lovely ladies!! An amazing flower. I added a pinch into my bath the other day and I felt like a mermaid πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈ
          Hope we all survived the eclipse. The Scorpio vibrations could be felt in the air…… πŸ¦‚

  8. Corduroy jeans

    Again – – the words “thank you, thank you dear MM – & super intelligent community” are never enough. But you’ve kept me whole in this particularly batty full moon// lunar eclipse (details are irrelevant – activating super-mutability warp-speed, now..!!!) and I will never forget it. Blessings & Goddess-speed, to wherever you are going – as for me, that is the Jupiter-in-Taurus jet over on the tarmac, there.. (adjusts Top Gun aviators back over my very non-Tom Cruise, very effeminate, try-hard-cool, face !!πŸ’– πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚XOO

    1. Corduroy jeans

      (Or cedar-scented, Jupiter in Taurus spaceship. (Thanks Sam – again!!!) Whatever works in Venusian Universe )Xoo

      1. Very much also here for the purposeful walk across the tarmac to the jet while clad in full flight gear. Is actual nourishment for my Aries things. Invigorating. *Hands CJ the flight plan while walking up the stairs, greets hot but professional ground personnel, appreciates the aromatherapeutic benefits of jet fuel vapour, hot metal and tyre rubber, plus sensory experience of hearing engines start and warm up* Thank you

        1. Corduroy jeans

          *Call-sign CorduroyJeans reports for duty with slo-mo walk alongside fellow Lilith-in-T co-pilot Sam, high-fives her a homemade micro herbal capsule made from sage, oregano and angelica that I picked during a lunar Scorpio eclipse for max essential oil expression, and hand-dried alongside electro-magnetised minerals on feng-shui aligned kitchen bench. “For the g-forces” I intone confidentially, before scanning the pit crew for who is drama, who is lama, and adjusting my hematite dog-tags because they are one of my lucky Ba-Zi elements, and today has too much Fire//Water..πŸ˜†**

          1. Corduroy jeans

            Ps how GOOD are hot metal, jet fuel, and tyre rubber aromas??? BETTER THAN COFFEE 😍πŸ₯°πŸ›«

            1. ^^^ This is my church. (Ok also salty coastal rainforest walks and lungfuls of fresh earth-scented air but I need the norepinephrine rn)

            2. A good brew is a benchmark not to be messed with πŸ˜‡
              Bad culinary and bad music and I’m out the door. Love you take on this Astro situation Corduroy jeans x

            1. Corduroy jeans

              Thank YOU, dear Sam β€πŸ’–πŸ’• Lordy knows I could not have survived this little eclipse phase (at least, functionally πŸ˜‚πŸ₯°) without you cowgals, and this community. Xx My husband & kids were pretty amazing too, obvs – but I was able to laugh, here. Thanks Xoo

    2. Haha, your Top Gun impersonation sounds SO much cooler than my Jupiter in Taurus Takeout Chinese and late night funny social media after months. 😁
      Took a 1 am stroll in pajamas, slippers and warm jacket to go say Hi to Artemis, before calling it a night. Eclipse in a coupke of hours. But I gotta sleep. See you all on the other side! πŸŒ•
      The Tarot and dreamscape have been screaming at me with implausible scenarios. I just gotta keep cool and stay grounded (hehe).

      1. Corduroy jeans

        That sounds pre-tty cool to me, 5HC!!πŸ˜„ We having takeaway tonight, with a dubonnet & gin with nod to// and to witness the anarchic and ancient ceremony of King Charlie III’s coronation (we aren’t royalists, but luv a bit of ritual & history – and Scorps do those v well??)
        But need to harvest my wormwood, olive leaf today, and (as mentioned to Sam) my sage, oregano, thyme, hyssop and angelica herbs for drying while moon still in Scorp. (Use former for incense, and latter for tea/scent bags). Go gently Beautiful 5HC XOO XOO

        1. You are in my Herb-heaven. I have Circe conjunct my Cap moon. I love reading about herb adventures. Yet to express that side of me fully and you are inspiring! πŸ™‚

          About the coronation, I am a bit of Royal-sympathiser but my Aqua Sun is bristling a bit. If I were a Royal in this day and age, i’d quietly take power without a fuss before someone questions my right to it.

            1. Ahhh, the natural understanding of Aqua Suns with 11th House Havers. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
              I have 5 planets in Cap, and Virago Rising. πŸ˜† All in all, too Saturny and drab.

  9. Last night’s dreams were quite strange, sexual, monster’s hidden in cellars and old friends gone-to-god (or the stars) featuring in all of them.
    Why was i smelling a man’s shirt on a hanger in one dream?
    All Scorpio, but of course, she answers.
    Bit of suppressed libido in the subconscious after all this time i guess :-).

    Who magnetises their own minerals on the kitchen bench top….lol.

    1. I’ve been having the strangest dreams based on plausible situations, so real that in the middle of the next day I have to sort out if it was real or part of the dream.

    2. Men smell so good. I miss that in my life. Do you remember what the shirt smelled like, Pegs? I am fascinated by dreams. It must be your subconscious signalling something Venusian/Scorpionic.

      1. How about it signalling ‘you haven’t had sex for 15 years’?
        Don’t remember the aroma, more the actual act of it next to a man in a different shirt.
        Woke up to what seemed like a spot light to find it was the moon.
        It is our sense of smell that tells us if the emitter is beneficial for us or not… says retired arm pit sniffer.
        Cappy dear, impossible to miss them with a 28 kilo American Staffordshire snuggled up to me every night. x
        #women who run with the pitbulls.

      2. Hahaha… Some men. Or should that be #NotAllMen πŸ˜‚

        I like wearing ‘masculine’ scents these days… It helps me ground in that energy instead of seeking it outside of me (a dangerous pastime). You can have the good scents even without the man-carrier if you choose to… 😊 One of my faves is Ash Oud by NZ perfumier Circe. Smells of leather & liquorice & whiskey. Sexy & delicious. It’d be interesting to smell it on someone i fancied – to see how differently it emanates from them. Well, that’s a task i’ve now set for myself, isn’t it? Hello Jupiter in Taurus…! πŸ˜†

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