Navigating The Neo-Weird

We’ve flipped. I don’t mean that in a negative way, not at all. I mean that society has flipped from the post-Saturn/Pluto conjunction (January 13, 2020) environment into pre-Pluto in Aquarius mode.

Whether your go-to dystopian nightmare is 1984 or a contagion scenario, the future is on track to be more Philip K Dick than Orwell. Welcome to the Neo-Weird. You may need to adjust your perceptions. The good news is that the weird-already contingent have a huge advantage. All you need do is stay patient over the messy wind-down of Pluto in Capricorn.

The Jupiter in Pisces post and Pluto in Aquarius trends piece feature more granular ‘predictions’ and 2022 Mp3s are imminent. I’m just waiting on transcripts so that they go up with both options. What The Astro-Fuq? and the Turbulent Times series also have a lot of intel and suggestions.

This Mercury Retro Is A Zeitgeist Flashpoint

But if you’re interested in cultural zeitgeist flashpoints or would like to see Neo-Weird in action, Mercury Retro in Aquarius is here. I feel like every Mercury Retrograde we have now is legit the strangest in recorded history – it’s like an arms race or super-computing calculations velocity. So what, really, are the credentials of this one?

Well it’s in Aquarius and begins with an extended-play Mercury-Uranus square – from January 12 to 17. That repeats in late February. The Saturn-Uranus square that influenced the entire last year was not a fan-fave but Mercury square Uranus is different: it’s a wizard, a trickster, a revealer.

Mercury is Retrograde from January 14 until Feb 5 (see the Moon Calendar for exact times in your zone):  The news feeds, already resembling an alien reality-television series, will hyper-escalate into pure surreality. In the personal sphere, aim to enjoy a protective bubble of pure objectivity.

A Protective Bubble Of Pure Objectivity

This retro enhances lucid detachment, the only viable mindset for assessing anything at the moment. And, because most of this mercurial matrix will be in Aquarius, it’s a handy tool to project yourself into the Pluto in Aquarius paradigm. This is the last full year of Pluto in Capricorn – weird, right? *

Even if several factors of the future aren’t clear, this Merc-Retro will help you gauge it. Contrarian or off-your-usual-beat decisions can feel bizarre but they’re bound to be better than strategizing for the Pluto in Capricorn era.

Helpfully, Neptune is about to be square Lunar Apogee Lilith – from January 14 until Feb 8, slightly longer than the Mercury Retrograde. This is not a square to send you scurrying for garlic or Rock Rose: Neptune square Lilith aids people who want to suavely slide around convention, preferably without being checked.

It adds an extra dimension to an already out-there Retrograde, making mid-Jan to early Feb a fantastic phase for ingenious scheming and unusual alliances.


The End Of Pluto In Capricorn

*You may remember 2008, when it began – like any Pluto phenom – with a crisis and an opportunity for radical reinvention. Maybe you and I got the memo but the broader economic settings remained more or less in place.  In most places, quantitative easing (money creation so banks can lend more money) was introduced, along with their partner – super-low interest rates.

The finale of Pluto in Capricorn – now until April 2023 – will see a reversion to mean: quantitative easing is eased and interest rates begin to rise. Additionally, while part of the supply chain shortages are because of the pandemic isolation protocols, there are other factors at work: certain resources strategically with-held, fallout from the Suez Canal incident and the entire globalist model. Grow things – even just one thing, in a small pot, preferably heirloom seeds. Local councils should mandate bee gardens and refuse to spray edible/medicinal wild herbs with pesticides.

81 thoughts on “Navigating The Neo-Weird”

  1. Yep, you’ve nailed it Mystic. The monetary system has been sticky-taped and blue-tacked together since 2008. It’s a wonder it hasn’t imploded sooner. I’ve made a distinct shift to local and tangible, using cash and notes again and buying up seeds. Lettuce in pots on the balcony next!

  2. oooooohh, Philip K Dick sounds interesting. Will have to find some of his writings. Strap yourselves in ! “Matter of Perspective”, I live by this.

  3. Neo-weird sounds better than ‘the new normal’… lol. I have to say using the power moons resource this year has seen me gliding thru this year and cutting up all obstacles like butter 🧈 Pluto square Pluto has had me facing some darkness and bringing it all to the light, like a rake to my psyche which was painful at first but I’ve re-emerged stronger. Neptune square Lilith is exactly the powers I need to pull off a creative project this month. Ingenious scheming = activated

  4. Hey MM thanks for being there. xx Hope everybody keeps breathing, being in present, and remembering how temporary we all are//everything is. Jupiter currently conjuncting my MC/Mars/Vulcano aspects has brought a gift – discovery of underwater live webcam 24/7 of Indian ocean under Busselton jetty, the longest timber piled jetty in Southern hemisphere (the webcams are set up 1.8kms approx offshore. View outside 9am to 4pm AWST (1am to 8am UT) for best windows.. The fish, starfish and octopus really bring you insights from the deep blue. *Love & Peace*.
    www dot busseltonjetty dot com dot au / live-webcam / (replace the word ‘dot’ with an actual one, and remove all spaces).

      1. Hi Beautiful, but – * beware * !! It is very addictive – lol!! Hope you alright sweetpea, go gently and softly into this “new” year (I say “new” ‘cos I don’t pay as much attention to the Gregorian NY as I do the lunar New Year, coming up on Feb 1st! Getting rid of the actual and metaphorical cobwebs prior to that!) XOO

      2. Hi Beauty, this is my 2nd reply to you as my first one disappeared?? Sorry if both suddenly appear!
        Just to say, go gently into this new year XOO I was also just saying, I don’t pay as much attention to the Gregorian system as the the new lunar year coming up on Feb 1st, so am concentrating on cleansing and sanctifying space of old energy before then. Big hugs Chrysalis..x

        1. Hello lovely Earthstar 😍 HNY to you also. I am trying to be gentle with myself – never my strong suit. I found a guitar pick on the ground near where I park my car every day and have seen that as an omen. I know there are a couple of musicians around where I live, but still. If the universe threw it to me, I’ll gladly take it. xx

          1. (And yes – please be gentle with yourself. It is the only, only answer to all of life’s mysteries – complex ptsd, relationships, you name it!) X

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Oh wow I just checked it out. I saw one of my mates, I’m a Pisces Rising, reminding me to go with the flow. LOL !

      We’ve got a full moon coming up in Cancer. If I can’t sleep I’ll go online and check out the action.

      Thanks Earthstar. You are a gem.

      1. Wish, it really, really is magical, isn’t it?? They should livestream this in hospitals, in waiting rooms, etc etc. Last night, just after sunset (but before total nightfall), there was a beautiful fish who just came and swam around the bottom left corner of one of the windows. It would do a loop, then turn and look almost directly into the camera (it felt like). Or into the depths of my soul, who honestly knows. For ages!! (like, 15 minutes??) Quite a large fish, too. If we ever saw one of our famous great whites, I think I’d faint. Or just cry with happiness. XOO

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          He he ! Oh yes I had an eye connection with a pretty fish too. It was quick but enough to make me laugh. It’s so sweet. It makes you realise how doing things that you did as a kid softens your heart again.

          I hope to see a Robert De Niro fish in Taxi. “Are you looking at me ?” lol.

          Just a question I got online after 10 pm. It was pretty hard to see anything. The inside light was on reflecting off the glass. It is easier to see at daylight. Maybe dawn and dusk are the best times?

        2. We are finding out sea creatures are emotional, no wonder i couldn’t look at the fish my friends caught in their boat. Refused to go with them after the first time, way too traumatic! For me too.
          With my impaired breathing now totally understand the expression ‘fish out of water’.
          Any creature that makes eye contact has an intelligence.
          We are all turning buddhist 🙂

    2. Fantastic documentary-movie ‘My octopus teacher’, on Netflix,
      A man who made friends with an octopus and filmed all the encounters.
      Just amazing you would love it EarthStar.
      In fact all here would love it but since you mentioned ‘under water’ my fave place to be……

  5. you could describe the recent past present et al as weird – but real issue is no one is seeing where this is leading/what is coming. To the ones in control of world everything makes sense, notwithstanding a few blips along the way

    1. I don’t want to be detached. I want to be super invested, take it to heart, cry, rage, shake my fists at the skies. I am tired of selfishness masquerading as impersonalness, or worse, ‘professionalism’. I just want to scream and burn everything that comes in my path like an out of control Dakini. And then, sigh and curl into a long, deep sleep.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        I’ve been there and done that and it leaves me exhausted. I need to keep healthy.
        Accent the positive, elimanate the negative and don’t mess with inbetween.

        But, hey, I admire your passion

        1. Thanks Mates! Replying to you all and boring everyone with my saga on this wonderfully trans-personal post feels weird, but here is a big Thank You! You all are inspiration, light and a comforting pat – when I feel completely despondent. Grateful for the Internet to have this opportunity, even if virtual.

          Wise Wish and Brunnie, yes, serenity works better long term…but oh…that mad rush to scratch that metaphorical destructive itch… I ALWAYS feel better after I have burnt the house down. Its natural, because most days I am calmer than a glass of water left standing on the counter for too long. (Giggled reading your response, Dear SheRat 🤭)

          Stella, Pluto still in orb of my Cap moon, though the worst is over. Uranus inching closer by retro to exactly square my Sun and oppose my Mars. But lets not blame transits. My natal Sun Sq Mars, and Cap/Scorpio stelliums are the perfect storm in a teacup and multi-depressants, all combined. Hurrah!

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            Oh 5 please don’t put me on a pedastal. This wise old owl fell off her perch.
            I was actually quite triggered by your response. The recent past was brought up in my face very quickly and I felt bloody minded about it. I was reminded about how much it took out of me. And how hooked into something so dysfunctional I got that really had nothing to do with me. This is a pattern I am currently becoming aware of. These people are not my family and I now can walk away from them. Huge realisation!

            Calmer than a glass of water. I like that visual and analogy. That is a state I am aspiring to.” For too long” .That explains why you want to spend that energy. My advice is to use that energy wisely and don’t get into bad patterns with it like I did.

            Thanks for this experience and emotional dance Cappy.


            1. Haha, are we all on the same journey? Last blogpost, I got triggered because of my own guilt at not doing my job very well. You are awesome at having recognized the pattern and doing something about it.

              I do newd to expand my energy (Natal sun sq mars) and have started a healthy outlet recently. Let’s see how long I can keep up. Thanks for the dance too. This place a d you all keep me sane.🤗

      2. The energy of passion. Fully understand. Indifference gives you time out to regenerate. The balance of the two indifference and passion result in energy in motion. Wishing you well.

      3. Manifesting Shakti are you darling?
        There IS no professionalism anymore. No one seems to want to do their job. Pisses me deeply as they are still receiving money for the service they are not supplying. Shows a lack of pride courtesy and honesty.

  6. Just about all I can think of this transit is that Pluto in Cap has been boot camp for what comes next. Uncle Pluto will quickly oppose my early Leo sun, which is at the top of my chart and the apex of an angular t-square. I also have Saturn and Mercury in Leo so those will be opposed as well. It felt so far in the future when I was prepping for my Uranus opposition. Well now we do have a taste of how wackadoodle things can get now don’t we.

    1. Electro I too have Pluto coming up to oppose my Sun (and Uranus). I have had the opposition to Mercury already (and Venus) and well, batten down the hatches, try not to get too obsessive and really scrutinize who comes into your life at the time. It WILL be big and it will make lasting changes. Just hopefully without too much mayhem in its wake. We must compare notes when the time comes.

  7. Neo-weird, I am very comfortable with. Surreal experiences, not a problem. However, words fail me at the moment with what is going on. My mother escaped communism at 17 years of age. And if anyone has an Eastern bloc mother, they know you will get a straight answer in one sentence that cuts through the crap with the precision of a sharp knife. I think I might ring Mum.

        1. Cannot repeat. It would polarise too many people on here. However, good advice from mother. Enjoy your Birthday. So this Capricorn is dancing to Nana Mouskouri. Any generation Xers out there will know who I mean. Much love. 💜

    1. Just had a slow re-read. Growing random red things, wild cherry tomatoes (Mr Crow’s favourite) capsicums, radishes & herbs and more pumpkins than I can count. MM you mentioned Owls somewhere, maybe, the Tawney Frogmouth Owl (but not an owl) family of 4 has returned to the tree outside of my bedroom window. I heard them harmonising the other morning before dawn and thought “blessed” and returned to sleeping. Sleep has been better this week. Ready for merc Rx!

      1. Moved after securing a coastal job teaching, moved house again, 2/3 children moved out, they had tricky relationships that I was powerless to assist, mandated job so temporarily unemployed – maybe. Going deep into myself and trying to have soul chats. Totally OTT tarot and intuitive channeller addiction.

        1. Ooof, intense! I don’t even have that and can relate. Its the general Plutonian clime. Hope the employment situation gets fixed soon. The world needs more teachers…SO MANY more teachers.

          I can’t watch anything else these days except Tarot channels. I sign in from random email addresses and I feel more worried about my IP address being acccesible than my virtue. 😆 But if word got out on the street that the gal with that tech job is crying into a bowl of homemade mango icecream and watching Tarot every night this week, nobody would hear what I have to say at work, ever again. 😑

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            Oh everybody has a crutch. And hey I used to work for an IT company. Not in Tech but Sales. I know what they are like. Very left brain and dismissive of anything metaphysical. Not all of them. But most.

                1. Oh, so you DO know. I have the kind of workplace where if you raise your voice or disagree/dissent to anything, you are a pariah. I never feel my authentic self there. Remote working during Covid has made it much, much worse.

                  Made the icecream for the mega-Scorp MM warned about in her monthlies. 🤣 They like mangoes. Even cooked stuff they said their late mom used to make + another dish… all way opposite to my dietary choices. They ate none of it and I had to throw it all away. Did not have the heart to throw away the icecream though. Hence, eating pure calories + tarot madness. Its a phase. Will pass. Or the icecream will finish, whichever comes first. 🤣

        2. Wish Upon a Star

          Going deep into myself and having soul chats. I like that.

          Being temporarily unemployed sounded like a gift in that scenario.

  8. I have literally FELT this shift and I’m so buzzy and excited with the energy of the Saturn/Uranus square dissipating. Just hearing the phrase “Pluto in Aquarius” makes me feel not hopeful but–stimulated? My creative process is suddenly moving at warp speed. I’m shocked and delighted and it was unexpected that I would feel this inspired again. I’ve always been weird. Maybe the times are catching up.

  9. I can only describe the years from 2007 to now as endlessly heavy with little reprieve. Even joyful events have an “okay plebes, get back to work” vibe. My moon is in Capricorn in the 10th house has been brutal regarding work. I finally just retired at 59 and gave up.

      1. I hear you both and wish could hug right now. I get it. I have a 5 planet stellium in Capricorn. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to not have an outer planet transit affecting them. But it doesn’t end any time in foreseeable future. Soon, Saturn square Saturn, Uranus opposition and Pluto on my Aqua Sun. I wonder when it will end.

        I may just be a tad disappointed and low on energy today. None of my goals since 2008 have been achieved (unless you call being broken down on cellular level and being rebuilt on the whims of fates, a goal).

        I haven’t even made the tiniest dent in them, despite coming within sniffing distance so many times. There is only so much a person can take. Yes, even Capricorn moons.

        1. Oh my dear, I can hear your anguish and disappointment. I wish I had something wise to offer. I guess solidarity with you will have to do.
          After a v stressed fortnight dealing w workplace issues and navigating pandemic fuqery it’s clear that none of my go-to coping strategies are good enough, not even the less than optimal ones. (Especially those, tbh). Nothing short of actual transcendence is good enough. So I wiped the layer of dust from my guitar and tuned it up. I don’t play, it’s been sitting there for years. First time in a long time I felt absorbed in something.
          It is also very Cap moon to focus on what didn’t pan out. Hugs to you. 💕xx

          1. I would love to hear you play, Chrys. I own a dusty piano and should get back to my learning journey. We can jam together. 🙂 Music is solidarity in action. Huge hugs back to you…we are all in this together, through multiple incarnations and ego-masks. All we can do is to float together.

            1. It’d be cool to jam with you! I bet you make magic on your piano with all that 5th house creativity going on. 🙂 The guitar pick I found was in my car bay. I took it home and left it somewhere outside up high and then the wind blew it to my front door. So I couldn’t really ignore it. x

    1. choosing you by retiring is giving up their game for your own new game. Provided finances are fine you’ll probably experience a period of adjustment as constant fuqery being strangely absent throws you for a bit.
      I miss those days of joyful events having a trailing half-life.

  10. Honestly, I don’t think I have it in me for another Pluto transit. Through my fifth has been brutal, as was the fourth. I feel like I’ve been fighting one thing or another my entire life, and apart from being over it, I am just so fuqing tired. I must be about 84 in Pluto years.

  11. Uncle Pluto has been in my 1H since the end of 2007 and won’t be leaving until 2032, my 1H is huge. I’m excited about it leaving Cap but not sure how much of a difference it will make personally if it is still in my first house. There’s only so much regeneration a gal can do before turning into an alien/goddess, or maybe that’s the point?

    1. 25 years!! Holy harlots – that’s intense! Ten yrs was long enough for me. You could always convert to the Equal House system …. And then revert back to Placidus for when Jupiter & Venus go through there :-D.
      Maybe the quirkier & humanitarian Aquarius aspects of yourself will be aroused by Pluto when it crosses over? And after all that Capricorn/Pluto intensity you’ll shave your head & become a revolutionary? We need a few of those.

      1. Ah thanks for the positive response! I’ve just realised that I could research those who have Pluto in the first natally, might give me some clues on what I’m becoming… The longest metamorphosis ever 🤣

        1. I’m a Pluto/Uranus conj in the first girl and I liken it to being Dr Who and the frequent regenerations. It can also polarise how people feel about me. It seems to push people’s buttons about personal power. In response to that, the smaller I try to make myself, the worse it gets. Mystic’s astral DNA report was super helpful in explaining this.

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            I’ve got Pluto/Uranus conjunct in my 7th House. I think it polarises how I feel about people and vice versa.

        2. Well having Pluto in the first natally (mine is one degree into my 1H) is weird cause you don’t really remember a lot of what happened as it traversed through the 1H. Uncle Pluto sitting on top of your head is weird, you walk into a room and immediately an entire group of people decide they love or hate you — I would be interested to know, as someone who has this natally, whether you noticed the change in how people reacted to you when it moved into your 1H? Pluto squaring my 1H and then my 7H Mars has been quite enough for me, but now it will be moving onto my Aqua Stellium. I keep trying to comfort myself by saying I’m Plutonic, so I can handle it. I can’t imagine it being somewhere for that long — how many other planets is it hitting in your chart on it’s way?

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