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Full Moons are the best known astrological phenomenon for a reason. Even the most intractable cynics acknowledge the impact of this once a month opposition between the Sun and the Moon. It is a high tide of the psyche, a time that exposes polarities within and without.  Dramatic or not, they are always illuminating.

Shirley Bellwood Misty comic artist

Maximizing The Indigo Moon

I’m calling this Lunar Eclipse in Cancer an Indigo Moon. Being a Full Moon and an Eclipse with this much going on around it warrants a new category of rarity. And I don’t rate Blue Moons because they’re only referring to a calendar. Moons are the real calendar. Anyway, there are many manifestations of the current astro-fuqery: enough of the political, let’s do the personal. Eclipses like this are mostRead More…

The Full Moon Firebird

    A Full Moon conjunct your Venus can be strange magic. That went quadruply for the Full Moon in Taurus a few days ago as it was also Mercury Retro. It was omen central for so many of us, as this tale attests. Hey Mystic! I’m going to write about a wild thing that happened. My relationship with a young Libra man is likely ending. We’ve been together forRead More…

Surreal Phoenix

Learning To Love The Chthonic Full Moon

What is a chthonic Full Moon? This. It’s not yet exact, but it doesn’t have to be. The Full Moon in Aries is always a flashpoint for scenarios you’ve been trying to solve via forbearance or a high-concept form of passivity. It flares up your Mars and voila, anything short of an all-points alert feels like appeasement. Mars manifests as inflammation: Hot words, rage or the sort of stress thatRead More…

Full Moon in Aquarius

An Aquarius Full Moon Moment

Want to hear a surreal, snappy little Aquarius Full Moon anecdote? Here it is. It is SO astrologically apt. Dear Mystic,  I thought you might appreciate this story: I am a Cancerian and during the Eclipse of mid-July, I discovered that my fiance has been cheating on me for months. One month later, I was traveling back home after an extended vacation on the day of the Full Moon inRead More…

Omni sci fi art. Highway with galaxies visible above it.

The Full Moon June 2019 Hyper Flux

You can best understand the Full Moon June 2019 scenario in the context of the ongoing Hyper-Flux. That is the Mutable square of Jupiter + Neptune. It is a psychoactive stimulant in its own right. It’s like when the surrealist Salvador Dali was asked if he did drugs, and he said: “I am drugs.” Jupiter squares Neptune all year, accentuating the escapist, transcendent desires of Sagittarius and Pisces. Each planetRead More…

Kim Novak with flame in cauldron

Scorpio Full Moon Sorcery And An Experiment

The Friday (witch’s day) before a Scorpio Full Moon is ideal for some House Witchery.  It’s also super-strength Outer Planet Vibe – a la the Daily Mystic email for Fri-Sat-Sun. It intensifies everything. Issue drastic ultimatums and seek dramatic resolution OR shift the stuck energy with some domestic sorcery. Both? Fittingly, two queries whizzed into my inbox today. Dear Mystic, I’m waiting for a delivery of wine and cigarettes, tryingRead More…

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