The Princess Returns

Is anyone else loving the reappearance of Kate Middleton aka the Princess of Wales today?

Yes, I know: colonial fuqery, world going to hell in a handbasket, unwokeness, kleptocracies, privilege, artifice, looted bling, more important things to worry about, anachronisms, regality is a relic, anarcha-everything…

BUT the Princess returning with todays ‘Trooping the Color’ ceremony is an unmistakable vibe lift.

Her timing is so astrologically immaculate that I also think she may be a witch and I mean that as a compliment.

Last seen in public at 11 AM on Dec 25 – three days after the British Midwinter Solstice, she reappeared at 11AM on June 15, eight days before the Midsummer Solstice.

Would it have been more numerologically neat if she’d selected a date three days before or after the June Solstice? Kind of but it’s not like this woman can pop up at a Tuesday night pub raffle or the opening of a new pottery studio.

The Princess reappeared as the ‘royal’ star Regulus rose above the horizon and no matter that it was invisible in the daylight: emperors and empresses of the ancient world would have gladly parted with their weight in gold to calculate such a moment for a public debut.

Even now, in digital, A.I everything 2024, I guarantee that there are astro-advisors to powerful older-school leaders noting this sort of thing.

In terms of Kate Middleton’s personal astrological points, the Moon was conjunct her natal Mars in Libra, augmenting her stamina. The current Mars in Taurus aligned with the Midheaven of the moment, reinforcing the public robustness of her appearance yet also aggravating her Mercury + Venus in the health sector.

Though this gives credence to the idea that the appearance was pushed upon her and could strain her recovery, I disagree. It reflects the moment and her determination to make a magnificent victory statement – by princessy and political standards – despite the shadowy internal journey of the last several months.

It seems chosen. This is not a reluctant appearance a la Monaco’s sad Princess Charlene, an Aquarian athlete dragooned into frocks and formality..

This princess is Leo Rising and the Sun in her birth-chart, the astrological ruler, is in the 5th house, the realm of Leo: the adoration of the public is a tonic for her, remedial even.

And even allowing for the fact that the crowd were presumably avid royalists, they revere her. I watched the actual live footage – minutiae of the British military, their regalia and all – so I can attest to the tangible elation when the Princess rolled out in her carriage with the children, notably no hubby.

She was immaculate in a crisp white midi-dress with black trim and a wide hat at a jaunty tilt – a super-metaphysical nod to the Solstice? I’m joking: to me her look was Mars metabolized, the fashion/celebrity version of a high-tech jet flyover. Not so much ‘I will survive’ as ‘I will survive, thrive and then rule.’

Even though it was obviously de rigeur for the moment, I love that her Irish Regimental Guard brooch has eight points like the Star of Ishtar and that the Latin motto on it is – Quis Separabit – Who Shall Separate Us.

Clearly rhetorical, it’s a ‘you wouldn’t dare’ statement and the traditional interpretation is that it’s a shortened version of “who shall separate us from the love of Christ.

But it could also refer to the Princess and her husband – if you believe the mistress/Rose theory – or ‘who shall separate’ the Princess and her adoring public. Because, if nothing else, this nearly six-month long absence from the media has sent her popularity soaring beyond an already high benchmark.

I felt momentarily sorry for King Charles as while everything went smoothly, his daughter in law received far louder cheers and clear delight from the crowd.

I stand by my unpopular opinion that he selected the crappiest coronation date, possibly as a snub to his astrology-loving former wife or to make a maverick break with the tradition set by Queen Elizabeth I.**

Should it matter if this Princess of Wales outshines him by dint of just turning up? Hypothetically, no.

But the King is a Scorpio with Leo rising and Pluto in Leo squaring his Sun – he’s super-plutonic and power-aware. First he lived in the shadow of his revered mother, than that of the incandescent Diana and now…?

Oh and the horses are still restless, it seems.

*A centuries-old ritual, the ‘Trooping the Color’ ceremony resonates on multiple fronts. It’s a performative acting out of the process armies used to go through before a battle, to ensure that the troops knew which color flags and regalia were their side and which not.

Princess Diana was the single-most vital factor in ensuring that anyone outside of the Firm and key stakeholders even heard about this arcane ceremony. She single-handedly turned it into a global television phenom until her last appearance, pre-divorce and the rest of it, in 1992.

Nobody knew it would be her final attendance at that particular ceremony but her outfit that day sort of resembles that of the current Princess of Wales. It’s striking but given that crisp fitted white linen and that genre of hat are probably go-to royal appearance in mid-Summer go-tos, I decided not to dive into a Diana research labyrinth.

**Queen Elizabeth the 1st got her astrologer Dr Dee to select a fantastic coronation date, one that augmented not only her personal success but that of the country she led.

34 thoughts on “The Princess Returns”

  1. Oooh, please dive into the Diana research labyrinth! I believe it was Diane’s former voice coach, Stewart Pearce, who mentioned something about the place in Paris, where she had her fatal accident, to have been the location of some ancient temple that was dedicated to Diana. Eerie, no?

  2. I like both Princess Catherine and King Charles a lot… I think liking both of them is quite possible, why not? 🌟

  3. There are posts circulating now on social media juxtaposing the outfit worn by Catherine with Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle in ‘My Fair Lady’ – white dress, white-and-navy bow, white-and-navy waistband with wide brim hat.

    1. THAT’S what it reminded me of…My Fair Lady! Her makeup & hair was certainly done professionally, quite superb.

  4. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I absolutely love these sort of posts.
    Never feel that you have to justify your choice of content MM, if you feel like writing it, go for it.
    Mystical symbolism should be more of a part of all our lives!

  5. I wish Catherine well in her recovery. But her response to Harry and Megan and the jealousy that was displayed gave me a rather different view of her than most commentators here. I live in the UK, by the way, and am absolutely up to eyeballs with the blanket coverage of the royals (particularly the Daily Mail)…It’s like let’s celebrate feudalism…these people are innately wonderful (really?).
    I understand the symbolic importance of royalty but not the individuals concerned.

    1. For information, this is a headline from a major UK newspaper – The Telegraph:
      ‘When lesser mortals would have stayed at home, Catherine proved that the show goes on’
      Lesser mortals?
      The spectacle is wonderful, she dresses beautifully, but it is bread and roses for the plebs.

    2. Daily Mail (badly written nasty rag that it is) trashes Harry & Megan so badly
      people must see it as a personal vendetta against them.
      Have been watch English Royal Autopsies & the disorders they had have surely been passed on through bloodline to present day.

  6. (I meant to take a brief look at this and just mention the Moon or something but naturally went a bit over the top lol)

    This is the Mystic we need, know and love. Don’t change how you do things!

    1. I agree,I am not convinced this is her more likely a double or some such fakery,definately not the original Royal.

  7. I think she looks lovely. Always one to carry herself well, though I do wonder at the pantomime of it all, like who are you, really? Always so composed it seems restrictive. There is also something freaking me out about the main image, I know MM wouldn’t just put any random image in. It frames her, like she is a painting. Am I looking at a previous life form, a portrait from the past?. Is she framed or trapped? Is she real or painted, a memory or now? It’s trippy.

    1. my reply to you ended up above you.

      I am not convinced this is her but more likely a double or a clone or some such fakery definately not the original royal shes meant to be.

  8. Am curious as to why the type of cancer she is presumed to have is not released to the public. Discovered when she tummy operation & requiring preventative chemotherapy? Not sure the reason it is being kept from public unless something intimate.

    1. The reason is that the type of cancer she has is no one’s business. Charles is a Head of State and no one knows the type of cancer he has either.

      1. They told us he has prostate cancer. As a fan of Louise Hay and a new found curiosity in GNM, the double diagnosis of cancer in the family at the same time is intriguing. Unfortunate, but says something, I think.

  9. I watched trooping of the colour last night. I use to live in the Uk days of Diana and when I saw her in that lovely dress I had a flash of Diana. Catherine looked lovely and it was so nice to see her and her kids. Well done to the Royals and no does pomp and ceremony as they do. Let’s hope she goes from strength to strength.

  10. Alchemical_Magician

    heart that second paragraph Myst. Destructive leaches who get away with murder, paedophilia & grooming *waves smol flag *eye roll

    Dont they look lovely though..

    1. Yes. The outfit said it all. She looked superb, beyond lovely. I dig a bit of Royalism. History is what makes the future.

  11. I’m loving it even though I’m not a royalist at all. She reminds me of my Capricorn sister who, when dealing with a life-threatening illness, was EXHILARATED by an outing that she felt needed warpaint and a fashion statement. I think it galvanized her and she is alive to this day – my much loved medical anomaly.

  12. She’s just gorgeous, how could you not love her?
    Shame i was working, otherwise i would have watched it on telly 🇬🇧

  13. I am an American, liberal WOC in my early 40s. There is no woman on today’s world stage whom I admire more than Princess Catherine. And yes I am well aware that the correct way to address her is as The Princess of Wales, but if we could have “Princess Diana” we sure can have “Princess Catherine” that is until we are finally blessed with Queen Catherine. Anyway, I digress. Catherine has single handedly made me reconsider my notions of what it means to be a strong and modern woman in the 21st century. To me more than anything being a strong woman means never flinching, never complaining and most importantly never compromising on one’s personal values. I wish Catherine and William nothing but the very best, they wear their duty with such dignity and grace.

    1. What a lovely response. I used to live in the USA. Now Australia. Starting to admire the English Monarchy for “playing the long game” and prioritising work and duty as a highly regarded core value.

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