Transit Uranus Conjunct Your Ascendant – Illustrated

Before Your Uranus Transit

After Your Uranus Transit

From the outside, transit Uranus conjunct Ascendant is notably nuts. Whatever your rhythm when this hits, it’s thrown out of whack and you like it. You suddenly see your persona and appearance as more of a fluid construct than a fixed concept of “you.”

The general consensus among people you know is that you’ve flipped and accusatory “you’ve changed” snark punctuates any conversation you’ll stay still long enough for. Luckily, you will never be more impervious to other people’s opinions or conventional metrics than you are at this time. Any outer planet crossing the Ascendant has self-actualizing potential but Uranian morphs happen fast.

Lacking the Fogs of Avalon feel of Neptune or the deep psyche grind of Pluto., they’re fun. While it only occurs once every 84 years, it will usually last for  a year and surge within that time, being super-potent when it is exact.

Charlene Wittstock is an Aquarian swimming champion who competed at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. She gained global tabloid noteriety as the ‘crying bride’ at her wedding to Prince Albert of Monaco. The soon-to-be princess had tried to flee the country three times in the preceding year but was apprehended each time.

It was July 2011 and Saturn was on her North Node, squaring Pluto. Imagine doing that while being expected to style-reference Grace Kelly at 15 functions a week, convert to Catholicism, be polite about your Piscean husband’s newly discovered love children and never say a true word.

Over the next several years, she had twins – legitimate heirs! – and was a guaranteed gloomy presence in any social scene/royal photograph. She looked like a living ghost but she was an Aquarius in the palace. She doesn’t live in Monaco anymore, having pulled off the very Aquarius “stealth-moving-countries” stunt as Uranus transited her Taurus Ascendant over the last year.

She’s thrown herself into saving rhinos from poaching and, presumably, some terse hush-hush negotiations with her version of the firm. But it began with a Uranian hair moment: she appeared at a media-packed high society Christmas charity function with a partially shaved buzz-cut. It was a clear fuq-you to the princess protocol of shiny blowdries as well as a a signal.

Many Uranus transits to the Ascendant begin with a big-deal style shift. It’s aesthetic expression, of course, but it’s also an effective way to send a message when words didn’t work. Thoughts?

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  1. I like her, but then I am an aquarius with taurus ascendant myself. Lol! I think her is husband is a selfish jerk.

  2. I’d be crying too if I was marrying Prince Albert.
    the Uranus transit before and after photos are sublime and she is grinning broadly under that sparkly face mask. It’s classic.
    from The Definition of Frumpy to David Bowie’s sexy rhino rescuing electric elfin sister – yup that’ll do.
    huge fan of the Uranus anything transit

  3. Oh my God. I too got a side shave this year. And lost my corporate job, quit carrying a purse, started dressing more punk, dropped 40 pounds, thrown myself into art … I need to double-check my Mystic Year Ahead report – I might be having a Uranus transit.

  4. I just cut all my hair off recently too after having long hair for most of my life. Embracing au naturale salt and pepper after dyeing them out for more than 10 years. Energetically it feels amazing, cut out alot of baggage. Just feeling my way now to what style feels right and a pompadour feels like just the right level of jaunty insouciance.

  5. Uranus on my descendant, shaved my head. Hope to never be invited/involved in polite (bougie) society again tnx.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Oh yes. I remember Uranus on my ascendant quite a few years ago. I had a problem with small talk. That is more so than usual.

  6. i’ve just had this…asc is 8 toro…my appearance hasnt changed drastically…although i am leaner…(saturn sq asc right now …?) but i did move house and start a new job in the same week last month….

  7. Mmm interesting both my son and I both have Uranus conjunct our Asc. We live this rollercoaster daily and whenever something aspects our Ascendant life goes to another level. I will say though never understood why an organisation would need a change agent when we were around. Do like the way this Princess rocks the gold sequence mask and hair

    1. Were you and your son around there, seeing some changes in Monaco already? Or is it something more about people asking for change, when you were in Monaco? I feel like i’ve really misunderstood, sorry, but i’m keen to understand your comment! Who’s “we”?

      As in ” I will say though never understood why an organisation would need a change agent when we were around”?

  8. I got divorced, started a cross fit gym then had a huge fall off a mountain bike as transiting Mars hit Uranus on my asc. I’ve not been right since ! Fractured skull blah blah got out of the business and then spent seven years in what felt like exile. Utterly stuck until I broke out in 2017/18. I’m now doing Neptune on my asc. My asc seems to be outer planet central ?!?!

      1. Oh gods no. Exile was great hermit space. I now realise how much I like my space. Every thing in my life has benefitted me. Somehow. But I appreciate you knowing what exile can feel like.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      I never knew about your fractured skull. I’m sorry.
      I’m glad you broke out of your exile. You can’t keep a good woman down !🦋
      May the Gods and Goddesses watch over you.✨🌸

    2. You mean, you’re a shaman? You’re a shaman, emg, and i love reading your comments, just mostly i’m in spiritual baby mode, and mostly don’t comment as much as i read. Far out, the Work, why one always begins fresh, while the death preceding just….

      *slumpy slump*

      1. I should by all accounts be writing so this was the first place (thanks mystic) that I ever felt secure enough to put my thoughts out there. I’m really happy to know you like to read me. Honestly it’s mostly just me streaming consciousness and not really thinking about stuff. Blah blah blah. But if there’s a snippet in there that hits you somewhere good or even painful then I’ve worked some magic without knowing it. And yes my life is cyclical. Lots of starts lots of ends.

    3. Yes I love the ascendant as being outer planet central. Me – just got 3rd Saturn transit and Pluto to go over Piscean ascendant and then I’m done with this Piscean Age.

      1. Hahaha just Pluto over the Pisces ascendant. You sound like an ol hand at life and nothing will phazzzzzze you. More power to you.

  9. Such a bonkers story. Charlene, the Rhinos’ Princess. I would rather hang with wild rhinos than that stifling institution she’s married into as well. Stay free Charlene, the rhinos need you.

  10. This won’t happen for me for a few more years – ascendant is 28 Taurus – but I’m looking forward to being an outrageous old lady. And by then I will hopefully have recovered from Pluto on my midheaven. My life is looking like an arid desolate Plutonic moonscape at the moment.

    1. Poor Venus :(. I feel your pain. I have Uranus on the Asc now but having come through the worst years of my life with Pluto opposing Mercury then Venus. What an absolute nightmare. Hold on tight. It won’t last forever. (so scared of Pluto opp my Sun soonish o dear) Atleast Uranus will be in my first keeping me courageous. Uranus always wins.

  11. I had Uranus on my Asc during my mid-teens. Rebellion to the max – but in stealth mode because of rabidly strict parents. On its last exact hit to the Asc, Uranus was joined by Mars, Venus, Mercury & the Sun – all within 1º. (Pluto lurking a few degrees behind, right on my NN.) That’s when i lost my cherry to a muso in a Mini van on the beach. The van had a sticker that read “Don’t laugh, your daughter might be in here” (cringe). The ground did indeed move because at the crucial moment we were hit by an almighty storm. As they say, it’s all in the timing.

  12. Wish Upon a Star

    It’s not Uranus but the asteroid Urania which is natally conjunct my Pisces Ascendant within 3 degrees in the first house.

    Taken from Mystic’s asteroid report:

    Urania @12 Pisces/House 1

    Urania is the Muse of Astronomy and Astrology, a gifted mathematical philosopher. Asteroid Urania is strong in the birth charts of scientists and numbers people. It’s where you are able to blend logic with magic, like an alchemist of the Renaissance.

    Urania Conjunct Ascendant

    You’re head is in the skies and a vortex of calculations. You’re an alchemist, not someone who is going to direct intellectual energy into contriving a look. Or, contriving anything. Nonetheless, you transmit an eerie, alien charisma.

    mmmm, blend magic with logic: I like that.


    1. We are close in chart set up but I definitely don’t have mathematical genius as one of mine. Think more dyscalclia.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        There in lies the joke. I hate maths and have no aptitude for it. I like astronomy and astrology but I have no aptitude for astrology.

        I understand blending logic or the seemingly mundane with magic but can’t explain it. I love symbols.
        Vortex of calculations. Maybe when I was younger.
        I’m going to have to google dyscalclia.
        Just did. I get it

        1. Oh honestly I can’t straight up calculate anything even with a calculator. But when figuring things I know how much or what size or etc etc. I can never show my workings as like you I’ve not a clue how I know and find it really hard actually impossible to explain.

  13. I think she had COVID hair fall out .. look at the little patches on her scalp where it’s been shaved

    1. I noticed, too, such an irregular, unsculpted cut. With all her money and connections and THAT was the result?

      1. Hahahaha. I’ve got a bald spot where I was scalped at birth. Hence I’ve never shaved my head as I’ll never be picture perfect. But hey it’s a talking point !

  14. The deep black and gold shine look fantastic on her. I’m always fascinated by Uranus transit ascendant stories because having Uranus natally on the ascendant plays out differently. Experiencing it as a tidal wave of ecstatic energy sounds so exciting.

  15. This couldn’t be more appropriate for me. 9 degree Taurus ASC here. Home was hit by lightening (hello Uranus) when the approach was a few degrees away. Now electrifying my 1st house. Super energetic. Walking walking. Making heaps of changes to my nutrition/diet and have jetisoned some serious horror show past hurts at last. Ticking it all off the list. I would love to change my look but not my hair. It’s my thing with so much in Leo. I think this transit might be easier for me to go along with as I have Uranus combust my Sun natally anyway. Actually I am LOVING it. Prog Moon also in Aquarius so yeah…heaps of Uranian energy around here at the moment. Thanks MM.

  16. I think I have uranus transiting my saturn (which 5deg away from my Asc) coming Dec21 – would that be similar to this kind of transit or no? I’m leo rising – I don’t want a buzzcut!

  17. I was too young to have any direct agency over my own life but as a family we moved countries at that time. Interestingly my mother took me to a hairdresser before we left and had all my long blonde hair cut off into a very short cut. I hated it and felt that my strength / identity had been taken away. Leo rising and even then my hair was my everything.
    Also, with a Taurus MC I’m assuming Charlene would have negotiated to take care of business before she exited her old life. I hope she lit a fire underneath them, although with Uranus on that MC she probably would have valued her autonomy more than money. I have this transit coming up next year and I’m hoping it will be super-positive.

  18. I had to walk 9 miles per day because I couldn’t be still at at all for the duration of this transit, was filled with electrical energy. Learned and unlearned everything about my identity and am a completely different person after!

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