Performance Leos

What do I mean by Performance Leo? Full-beam, unapologetic, fuq-off-out-of-my-way, telegenic, light and heat-attracting hot Leo Charisma.

Great performers, artists and people of the spotlight spring from all signs of the Zodiac but Performance Leos really are a realm apart. It’s as if they’re genuinely more chilled in the spot light.

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  1. But mystic where is the all time best performance Leo ???
    Mr Usain Bolt. I mean really performance. He shines Leo for me.
    And yes given a chance I’d date him too !!!

    1. Hey finding cool pix of Performance Leos takes longer than you might think! Send me a cool pic of Mr Bolt and i post it!

  2. Roger Federer is a Rock Star Leo. That man is a freakin artist on the court. It’s not like I obsessively watch tennis … but Roger omfg! It’s like watching a dancer … all elegence and beauty. I love the fact he’s so stable in his home life, has been with his girlfriend and now wife for years. He’s humble, grateful. Now that’s Haute Leo.

    1. David Gower’s cover drive….that was poetry. Watched him play many a time.
      I just looked at his chart…no birth time on wiki but quadruple Aries, sun-Venus conj, moon-Merc conj all in Aries, sun trine Saturn in Sagg. (Isn’t that aspect one of lasting legacy?) He is now a major advocate against animal cruelty.
      Read his autobiography if you can find it, possibly out of print now and written stupidly early in life but just post his cricketing career if I remember rightly. Eloquent, funny, erudite. He wrote it himself, I believe, not a ghost writer which is unusual for sporting guys.

  3. Good grief, what was your brother singing?

    Nah, PF, that’s shit. With your Sun in Kataka, which is Moon-y sign you would have to always find ways to let that Electric Sunny bit shine, despite being programmed (by metal objects nonetheless, Uranus, you know and most sensitive on the teeth) without old neurological (electricity-ruled again) jolts of pain.

    Without bringing up old similar crapsticks in my ancient stories, i will say i always appreciate your humour, because i feel the metallic bits that got tempered. My Merc’s conjunct Chiron in Fire and both oppose Uranus in Air. Crackle crackle pop (singe!)

  4. Gene Kelly does not vibe Leo to me – he is 30 mins shy of a Virgo Sun and I don’t trust his birth time. Even the jokey gif, pushing people out the way in a white coat screams irritable Virgo to me! (Sorry gorgeous Virgos) He has no …heat.
    Inherited my performance Leo from my Performance Pisces father, while I passed it on to my Performance Cangrejo boy. The only difference in our electric smarm I think is the direct Leo Sunny heat. Pisces being more sparkling and Cancer more shyly professional.

    Visual posts are always fun!

    1. Year of the Phoenix

      Agree bout Gene seems to clean and reminds me of my secretly married Leo once upon a time lover who was probs a Virgo sun – there is a sheen to them like they have been polished

    2. Funny you say Sparkling! Piscean Sun, despite my Leo MC and Sag Rising plus Aries 5th Merc i felt i never translated enough of the warm fire in performing, and would always feel shy and a bit disappointed by it, then surprised at people coming up to me afterwards…their eyes!…i thought their words were just being kind or polite, but i was always taken aback by sparkles in the audience’s eyes! If i caught them while performing, it felt like a prismic meditation they were wrapped in, and it made me smile and somersault into giving more shine. They say Pisces or 12th house is a projectionist’s mirror but a prism is the thing that sparkles. Or the shattered glass, each person in the crowd coming in to you with a different backstory and emotion and reason for being there, each an amazing shine. Truly the audience is the sparkliest thing, they don’t know they’re being watched and they vibe so high without guile for a moment.

      Agreed about Gene’s smile and move here. He’s not vibing off anything or anyone but self-control.

      1. Thank you for that pisc sparkle description…as a Pisces sun Leo mc a part of me rly wants to perform but feels shy or disappointed (and scorp asc wants to shadow lurk far away). I envy Leo pizazz !!! But love the prism description above , way more my speed

      2. The audience are a river of actions and do sparkle too! I think people love the vulnerability and glitter and the sweet fishy peeps, am sure they were not just being kind Mille. πŸ˜‰

  5. I love performance Leos! They are like the sun coming out from behind a cloud – they know the world loves them. There’s a real dumb innocence in their belief in themselves. They make me think of labrador puppies, all golden and pat me!

    I dated a perfomance Leo for a while and most of my memories of that time are linked to parties and what we wore to them.

  6. i am a performance leo but…i feel like it’s tempered (not a bad thing) by a strong, deep undercurrent–MC at zero scorp? or leo sun in the 8th? for example i never make any kind of fuss in public to draw attention but i auto-beguile everyone in a room. also i am a babe and can selfie or play model in front of a mirror by myself for hours, but i get fuqing awkward like 70% of the time anyone else takes a picture of me. so big negative for this performance leo is: too controlling–my sagg ascendant with uranus rising and jupiter conjunct venus in cancer/leo tries (and does often succeed) to remain chill about it, but if i know it’s an important picture i internally freak about not being on both sides of the lens. any other super-leo like this?

  7. Yes as a kid I LOVED performing, singing, dancing + as I got older the joy of being of front of an audience was diminished by overly critical adults –

    Still as an adult I can’t help but still play + be joyful, it’s my natural state, being a Leo rising is fun πŸ™‚

  8. Love Kate Bush! And as for Federer – the very model of an Haute Leo. His ego is so under control he could pass for another sign!

  9. Off topic I know but I have always thought Mae West was a drag queen. His/her real interest was in gay men who filled her life, not straight men and her humour bore all the wit and outrageous quality of a gay man rather than that of a woman, especially of her/his era. Don’t think the vast majority of people would have twigged to it then.

    1. Year of the Phoenix

      Noooo she is all woman! She stood about 5ft tall and was a smart cookie who transitioned from Vaudeville to Hollywood and pushed the boundaries of time and was basically a feminist trailblazer who equally shocked and delighted the public until the hardline right brought in the Hays Code which lucky for her came too late to completely stop her brilliant career

  10. where is madonna in this shot? the crowd is very normal looking…
    (also hard to imagine her with a small white fluffy dog! even if she is doing a Mae West impersonation πŸ™‚ )

  11. Performance Leo, can’t resist them. No matter who I date they are always Leo rising !!! No kidding. Ta dah! Must be my 5th house Sun Jupiter conjunction (although its in late cancer/leo)

  12. Year of the Phoenix


    Ok am a Venus in Leo but that was that lady seriously blessed with spunk or what! The zingers!

    Mine in is hiding in my 12th tho

  13. Ha – ‘performance Leo’ is a tautology πŸ™‚

    Even when I was quite young I would flick and style my hair, pose for photos and turn the slightest thing (ie making myself a Milo) into a pretend TV show with an audience of thousands.
    I had this literally and figuratively slapped out of me by a few choice humans along the way. So cruel the way my natural exuberance and performance vibe was squashed but I got it back eventually. Leo rising plus loaded 5th house.

    1. You’re never too old to start acting. Alan Rickman started acting professionally at 46 years old, quickly became one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood.
      I hate to see people’s dreams deferred by hateful/jealous/ignorant others. Start acting again.

      1. That’s really not true about Alan Rickman, he went to RADA and was a professional actor from his twenties. However the sentiment is true, we can (and should) always encourage people to at least try to follow their dreams!!

    2. Reading that back I see how victim-centred it sounded, soz – was feeling it particularly yesterday as I was due at a social function which one of the chief abusers would also be attending.

      I do perform now in a variety of ways, but not as an actor. And I totes won the night last night πŸ™‚

  14. saturnplutoflux

    i wish i had some leo going on! i love that totally over the top glam vibe :-D. that sun/mars conj was exact on my IC – no idea what the IC is about but i will take it as my personal green light to leo on!

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