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The Quantum Solstice

Solstices, Winter or Summer, are always spooked up. I’ve said this before but as a reminder, they’re cosmobiologically intense. Even though 21st Century people are not as attuned to seasons, it’s impossible to not feel something at the Solstice. Gravity and the Schumann Resonance frequency are more intense. It sets off all manner of mammalian hormone circuitry and conflicting commands: Breed, no – Eat, Hibernate, Take your Turf back, Wait …

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David Bowie in Christmas Tree costume

Hating Christmas Is Not A Personality Disorder

I hate Christmas. I thought people were supposed to adhere more to tradition with every passing year, but my grinching is intensifying. It is a Stolen Pagan Festival that has morphed into a synthetic symbol of hypocritical, tree destroying societal dissonance. Yesterday I was in a mall, and, as I have vowed since the last Mercury Retrograde to pay more attention to my intuition, I stopped to analyze the strange …

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