The Astrology Of The Royal Weirding

The astrology around the latest array of royal weirding is fascinating.

As you may have heard, multiple media agencies have withdrawn an image of the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton because it “appeared to have been manipulated” and thus did not meet their standards.

They’re not pontificating about digital enhancement to make someone’s smile more luminous – the allegation seems to be that the image is either a digital composite of many or even actually generated by artificial intel.

What’s weird about this is that image was apparently taken by her husband William the Prince of Wales and released by Kensington Palace.

It was not only official, it was supposed to be a tacit reassurance that all is well with Kate Middleton whose absence from the public realm since late 2023 has spawned a cabal of conspiracy theories. If that was the assignment, it’s flopped. The hypothesizing on social media has hit hysteria levels and while I wasn’t at all in a conspiratorial mindset re this matter, the image is super-suss.

At first I thought wow, brilliant P.R. timing – has Kate got an astrologer? King Charles apparently is not a fan, perhaps as he sees it as too Diana-ish and I’ve already shared my misgivings re the disastrous* Coronation Date. But the image release and Kate’s message came on a New Moon in her 7th house, sextile her Capricorn Sun and Uranus, with Mercury newly in Aries trine her Uranus. That is, excellent astrology for such an annoucement.

But then I looked at the image and as it was early a.m. of Monday morning my time, thought I was mis-perceiving things because of fatigue. The Princess’s arms seemed unnaturally long or spindly and her torso looked sort of inked out.  And her head looked like it was kind of floating or not quite really in the image, like they’d taken a “Kate at event” shot and transposed it.

Even the background was odd enough that I half-expected to see a shroud of Turin type image or the Mona Lisa ghosting through blurry window panes and, I wondered, how could the glass reflect the tree adjacent to it? I awoke later to find the picture was the subject of a ‘kill order’ and that people far more adept at photography than I am were finding all manner of odd factors.

You can see them all online and they do stack up. However, if there was a concerted effort to deep fake an ‘everything’s fab’ pic, wouldn’t the Royal Family be able to afford better image manipulators? What has the Illuminati come to these days?!

It also says a lot about this early Pluto in Aquarius era that barely anyone is shocked by the idea that an establishment icon could be lying to them. The main conspiracy theory was published by a few European newspapers and it’s that ‘the firm’ are covering up something terrible that occurred to the Princess of Wales such as a coma post-surgery.

Then there are a few super-implausible flaky ones and what I thought the situation was: She is Leo Rising and one of the most scrutinized women in the world – if she’s bloated or puffy from whatever her procedure was, she’s not going to compel herself out into the world at anything below her peak condition.

And really, her job is to turn up on time looking pretty, charming everyone and projecting soft, empathetic royal power. Not only that, if the King’s health declined, she could be Queen far sooner than expected and a particularly daunting time in Britain’s history.

She must be well-aware that her popularity is one of the main factors lowering the volume of discussions about abolishing the royals or reclaiming some of the stolen loot. By this logic, she will emerge from seclusion into a high-vis, politically-charged vortex. She’s probably already fielding future marriage offers for Princess Charlotte and hearing lawyers figuring out which palace to flog off to pay colonial reparations.

And…(Continued below the image)

After all the hassles with her brother-in-law inc, the Princess of Wales may well have wanted to have whatever the operation was and take some time to center herself psychically as well. Pluto entered her 6th house a few years ago and it’s approaching her Mercury + Venus there. This fits the idea of deciding or having to take drastic action to fix a persistent health problem.

(She’s also had Uranus squaring her Leo Ascendant since May – a transit that often inspires restlessness and which is not necessarily optimal for surgery or, for that matter, attending a zillion formal events a month.)

Mundane matters insists that most people have a certain amount of time to recover from surgery and then bam, they’re back in the fray. But if your work wasn’t vital to pay your bills and you could lounge around in a luxurious palace with a retinue of devoted servants, you might take longer, right?

However, the vibe and astrology around her most recent public appearance is intriging. Attending the Christmas Day service at the church of Saint Mary Magdalene (excellent fodder for the more esoteric conspiracy theorists), she wore a Royal Blue Alexander McQueen coat, double-drop diamond and sapphire earrings that belonged to Princess Diana with  a Juliette Botterill “bow and arrow hat.”**

To get a chart for her last public appearance – I prefer the cumbersome but more positive ‘most recent’ – I checked the Christmas Day service start time at Saint Mary Magdalene (11:AM) and scoured some royal-fans forums to affirm that the royals turn up “a few minutes beforehand.”

So going with 10:50 Am on that say we have – voila: Aquarius Rising and Saturn + Asteroid Magdalene about to rise (I couldn’t resist adding it) and Jupiter in Taurus exactly on Kate Middleton’s Midheaven and nearly exactly opposite her natal Jupiter in Scorpio. Ie: an auspicious and iconic moment for her or her reputation at least yet also some sort of departure from her base or comfort zone.

Mercury was Retrograde in Sagittarius, conjunct Mars and with both square Neptune in Pisces, also square the natal Neptune of the Princess of Wales. So I know it’s hard to visualize but essentially her natal Neptune was affected by this notoriously tricky Mercury-Mars square to Neptune that day.

So, regardless of who you are or what’s up, this set of astro-influences suggests deceit uncovered and/or the desire to escape or party. In terms of the Princess of Wales, it could suggest pressure to alter her style or persona but for reasons not as stated.

I actually wasn’t thinking any of this until the spooky picture, of course. If my original surmising is correct, she’s planning a magnificent return after Uranus completes the square to her Ascendant (April 4) to time with or close to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in her 10th house. The cited return to public life was Easter which is, as always the first Sunday after a Full Moon in Libra.

This year that Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse in Libra, conjunct Kate Middleton’s Mars, in the communicative 3rd house. If we don’t have clarity by then, I’ll dig out the scary but fascinating Arabic Parts to look into this further!


*I am using disastrous in its literal, classical meaning – ‘against the stars’ or ‘ill-starred.’

**The crossed arrows are interesting symbology – a truce? Royal Blue, interestingly, was once reserved for depictions of the Virgin Mary and this ultramarine shade of blue is also called ‘Marian blue’ after her. Sapphires are a fave of the British royal family albeit also controversial as they mostly come from Sri Lanka or as it was called when England “claimed” it off the Dutch, Ceylon.

49 thoughts on “The Astrology Of The Royal Weirding”

  1. Tbh and in my very humble opinion, it feels like the veil has been lifted on old money establishments and any secrecy or old ways of concealing truths are being exposed because the people call bs. It’s a different era now, and the old ‘oh we can dictate the narrative even if it makes zero logical sense because we are Royals’ doesn’t work anymore. They are scrambling to catch up to the new era. Honestly they have more issues than this latest fumble, like if the British people see no more value in their family to rule and it ends in a grab for the throne. I honestly think that’s next……

  2. Okay so what bugs me about this is that the Princess of Wales is not an amateur photographer, she is super into it and her public performance, especially of late, has been flawless. Surgery or not, I don’t think that a Leo Rising Capricorn would let a picture like this go out.

    The spin since this has gone toward “don’t judge kate” and “leave her alone” – comment which sounds contrarian or ‘rebellious’ but which is actually accepting the official narrative that the dodgy picture was the Princess of Wales mucking around with Photoshop.

    It hasn’t helped to quell what just may be the real Pluto in Aquarius trend emerging – crowd-sourcing images and analytics. The latest image released, of the princess apparently in a car with Prince William as he was being driven to the Commonwealth ceremony (because, what, the Royals only have one car now so they share rides?) is also a bit iffy.

    I should probably look more into the astrology of Rose Hanbury – first mentioned in this post below – as attention has swerved to her now. I actually agree with the ‘leave Kate alone’ and ‘who cares’ people to a certain extent but given that Pluto in Aquarius has historically been suboptimal for monarchies and the dodgy nature of the PR around this, it’s difficult not to suspect something more is afoot.

    1. I get a feeling there is more to the rumours around Lady Rose. The English press are running pieces on Rose and there is gaining speculation that’s there is a lot going on behind closed doors. Lady Rose’s children were part of Charles’ coronation. I think the Astro around this would be interesting.

    2. Alchemical_Magician

      Agree, here is more to this than meets the eye. It smacks of the pr team at the castle feeling out of their depth, especially when it comes to personal requests to step away from duty. Ultimate awkward boss moments, who don’t really believe periods can be debilitating & how dare you request any time off for discord at home/trouble at mill, yada yada

  3. I don’t want to bore everyone again with Gary – BUT, he has been going backwards & forwards over Kate’s NN-Moon conjunction for weeks. This conjunction is exactly opposite her Sun, too … So, you know, lots of Gary vibes directly affecting her two most important planets plus the Nodes of Fate … just saying – there’s a LOT of Garying on.
    Now, i don’t want to freak anyone out, but on Kate’s last public outing to St Mary Magdalene Church that Mystic has pointed out above – Asteroid Magdalene (Rising at the time) was exactly ON Kate’s natal Gary. Make of that what you will.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Just type Asteroid Gary Explained in the search bar and a blog will come up.

  4. Pushing aside the conspiracy theories, I must admit something is very suspect about the mixed and scrambled messages. This is very un-Firm-like, especially for an institution that has such significance. Although the end of HRM Queen Elizabeth’s reign was anticipated, the ball was seriously dropped in terms of the succession of her leadership. At the same time, the Royal Family’s inner turmoil went from some benign rumbles to something more seismic. Perhaps the many straws on the camel’s back, in the forms of Princess Diana, her death, Prince Andrew, Harry and Meghan, King Charles’ issues, colonialism backlash (aka karma), and overall low satisfaction with the UK’s powers that be are beginning to break it.

    As a Yankee, I smirked about this at first but then stopped after thinking it over. We are undergoing our own gradual reckoning with our national symbols and institutions of power because of karma from f*kery of our past and present. I’m waiting for something like this unless I haven’t yet noticed it already happening.

  5. TikTok offers some more insight: William recently switched back to his solo letterhead (as opposed to the family kate plus 8 version). Her “abdominal surgery” would not allow her to wear jeans hunched over like that. Allegedly they’ve been suffering through intense marital discord. William cancelling his appearance at the memorial. It’s not like Royals to cancel anything.

    The meta data shows the photo was taken with a lens. It’s not AI. Though the face matches her Vogue cover pixel for pixel.

    People first were saying she was recovering from a BBL but now it seems more sinister. She wasn’t seen leaving the hospital even though Charles was admitted and seen both coming and going, waving to onlookers.

    The best part is I don’t care at all about Royals but gimme a conspiracy theory and Detective Scorp is on it.

    1. That is interesting. The UK astrologer Penny Thorton (Princess Diana’s astrologer) also suggests marital discord but that they will eventually pull it together.

    2. I know of two Capricorn/Cancer axis relationships that began in Pluto in Capricorn that are struggling. One I suspect will pull through. The other is pretty much over. Kate and William got engaged in 2010. They survived 7 years. The 14 year itch maybe?

  6. I didn’t have issue with the photo. Kate has had surgery and is recovering. All the hand wringing, speculation and carry on is really off. Leave the woman alone.

    1. The photo has been retracted, and William (?) shared a story on Instagram saying “like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing”. There is evidence for speculation.

  7. I can’t believe people want to make such a big deal out of an edited photo. I think most people who had abdominal surgery or any other surgery would want to send out a nice photo. Many people must have far too much time on their hands. Its sad.
    As a mom of 3 I can say that whatever your illness, once you get up and around, you are 100% better and don’t get to go back to bed.

  8. Overall, I think she is still in recovery and isn’t ready to be in the public’s eye, can you blame her? If she doesn’t look perfect the media will rip her to shreds.
    However, I do love a good conspiracy theory, not sold she disappeared yet I think the family has three unwell members and they want to project everything is OK, don’t worry, but ended up causing more worry in the end. Is there a reason The Royal Family would “disappear her?” Did I miss something?
    Trump’s multiple wives doubles however is a curious conspiracy theory.

  9. Having grown up with plastic surgeons in my family…you need about 4 months to take the worst of the puffiness away. I am wondering with this era, and her Neptune placements/aspects now if she ahs had some sort of cosmetic surgery. A hysterectomy also takes an awful long time to recover form properly: think digestion. Its also very tricky!

  10. Whatever is going on with Kate – which could run the gamut from surgery recovery to marriage issues – the bigger issue is Kensington Palace’s utter PR incompetence. They could have just posted on their socials since January with occasional messages “from” the Princess saying hey, I’m recovering well, thank you for the well wishes, and until I can be out and about again, look at this cute [real, true, minimally photoshopped] photo of me and Will and the kids from some previous event! – just to tide followers over and keep the conspiracy theories to a minimum.

    But instead everything went silent for 2 months, virtually no sign of the Middletons or William visiting Kate in the hospital, William doing odd things like cancelling his attendance at King Constantine’s funeral at the last minute. Now this with the massively doctored photo – which William supposedly took – followed by this morning’s apology in which Kate ends up taking the fall for it. They couldn’t have handled this any worse if they tried.

    1. 100% agree with this. The Firm/Kates PR team have both been doing the exact opposite to what they normally do in an event like this. That’s what is so strange, they pride themselves on exemplary reporting/socials. No wonder everyone is suspicious. This is the future Queen after all. They couldn’t have handled this worse if they tried.

  11. Like Mystic, I didn’t give this any attention until Photogate but I don’t believe the “oops my bad, I occasionally experiment with photo-editing” explanation from “C.” Could the Neptune etc around that xmas day indicate secrets at a Prince Andrew level? Is queen camilla back from her sudden holiday “overseas” yet?

    1. The most logical explanation she edited it and maybe she looked tired or puffy and just didn’t want a less than perfect photo out of her. But I guess we wait and see.

  12. She’s just a human. These conspiracy theories are just plain nuts. Remember Paul is dead from the Beatles and Sergeant Pepper’s? Yeah, he’s still going strong. And Jim Morrison isn’t living in South America, as much I wish he’d get back with Ray for one last hurrah.

    1. Yes, obsessed fans will do that. It’s hilarious unless there ends up being some truth to it.
      my theory is she doesn’t feel comfortable being in public yet and perhaps used an older photo and made a few edits.

  13. Unicorn Sparkles

    I have my own crackpot theory.

    Wills has been hanging around with Tom cruise. Scientology made Shelley miscivage(?) disappear. Kate will be replaced by a fembot.

  14. I think she has had a hysterectomy and needs time to recover as it’s a big operation. I think people need to back off and give her a break.

  15. Alchemical_Magician

    As an ex midwife, length of time recovering can be linked to what procedure was completed. Hysterectomy is only done as a major response to any significant event. Prolapse, unlikely in her case due to age & vaginal (ie not Caesarean sections) deliveries without (allegedly) intervention. Plus I think she is savvy enough to have done pelvic floor work & would have heeded any toning post natal advice. She may have had her tubes tied or have scar tissue from any medical history unknown to the public however my guess is whatever she has had done, she will take her time coming back to public role due to image. Not wearing rings will be due to bloating. She may simply have had a cyst removed they can be quite a size although benign). Even keyhole surgery can be taxing & require several weeks ‘off’ but the jump to conspiracy frankly I think is ridiculous & pontification ver what she’s had & why none of our business. Thanks mystic for offering the interesting astro & keeping it reel as always x

    1. That makes logical sense to me, the rings hurt her fingers due to bloating.
      I would hate to live in the public eye and have everything scrutinized and criticized constantly. 🙁

    2. Thank you for your knowledgeable and thoughtful comment. I think people should atop speculating and allow her the time and privacy to recover. Given her very public role she must take all the time she needs to recover.

  16. She had a fallen uterus , which happens after you have had tough pregnancies plus she would have to have a hysterectomy.. depending on what she had also while in there, because she would get extremely sick during her pregnancies., which probably followed after she had Louie… the point is that just one of those surgeries, much less 2-3 she would have to be down for 10 sways to 2 weeks. My guess 2 was due to the kids being kid and for 3 months she would not be able to lift anything more than a 1/2 gallon jug of milk. Just to be safe the they probably are until Easter. So get rid of all of theses theories…she is going what 70% of most women go through.

  17. She’s not wearing her rings. If she’s got swollen fingers after surgery or because of medication after surgery that might explain it. However, skinny jeans after abdominal surgery? She’s always been a skinny minnie though so maybe it doesn’t bother her.

    1. Out of everything in that photo your observation of skinny jeans is surely the giveaway of photo not being up to date. One would not want ANYTHING around the tummy. Maybe soft-healing-hand-placement only.

  18. Could’ve been surgery that went wrong. Could’ve been emergency surgery after physical assault by a violent husband… husband could want a divorce but she doesn’t… Thanks for digging into the picture Mystic, I just looked at it and thought ‘doesn’t confirm anything – looks like an old picture’. I’m genuinely worried about her safety and still don’t feel she’s confirmed as ok

  19. You can spot an AI photo immediately as for some unexplained reason, AI images cannot get the hands or fingers correct. So obvious in this photo.
    Once this problem is rectified, it’s going to be hard to tell the difference between AI and real.
    I wasn’t into conspiracy theory either, but I wonder why the Palace would release such a weird looking photo. Just seems so out of whack esp with her New Moon in 7th house & Mercury in Aries.
    Informative to get the Astrology take on it, thanks Mystic.

  20. I’m anti royal family, I’m in the UK, and honestly this whole thing just makes me laugh. (Not at any misfortune obvs, I mean the coverage)
    I reckon she’s just had a late miscarriage and had to go in for a procedure and so she is both in recovery and in grief.
    I’d like to less coverage of all this tbh. I’d suggest it’s more of a distraction while our country’s budget is being screwed.

    1. Good points on all fronts.

      I’m not a fan of the royals and never warmed to Kate, but she’s a woman who is going through something – as we all do – and being a talking point helps no-one except the papers/social media giants, and numerous people who should be being held to account for numerous other things.

      Also, what is photo is not doctored these days? It isn’t just magazines who do this anymore. Filters, photoshop, whatever it is, none of what we see these days can be considered true to reality. Some people just do a better job of disguising it!

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