Fresh Stellar Vibe, New Astro-Theories

How fresh is the post-Eclipse vibe? Actually, it’s not just that we’re done with Eclipses for the time being, Saturn and Uranus are finally moving out of their uneasy grind of an alignment.

If you’re noticing a surge in break-ups, the people are most likely to have energetically parted a while back: it’s just that now they’ve got more space – mental and pragmatic – for the logistics of it. Ditto any restructuring.

Anyway, I have some new astro-theories – what do you think?

(1) That the unique factors* of this Eclipse Season unlocked something that would usually be inaccessible. The method – luridly lucid flashbacks to most probably triggering events – was unpleasant but the results? Amazing.

If you could deal with the trippy dark memory lane business, it resulted in distinct self-realization and innovation in the Taurean zone of our birth charts. Or, simply, authentic re-affirmations of core style, tastes and passion.

*The Sun conjunct Venus and the South Node for the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio and Uranus conjunct the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Venus-ruled Taurus.

(2) That people are really going for it with their natal Mars expression with this particular Mars Retrograde. Eg: Me. I bought cleaning googles and a spirit level. Also my responses to those “did this information help?” feedback requests for some sites are way over the top.

(3) Leos, like Performance Leo Jason Momoa – above – are acting up, out and beyond all of a sudden. They’ve arguably had the worst of the Saturn-Uranus square and this Eclipse Season, but now? They’re getting their old stray cat strut back.

Leos need to believe that their natural oomph can prevail over practically anything but it’s been difficult to sustain over 18 months of family skeletons, cryptic career signals and heavy relationship gravity.

(4) It’s hard to believe but Pluto in Aquarius is only a few months away! I’ll have more to say on this, the Horoscopes will be full of it and you can read this earlier take here BUT how could it not result in significant evolution/revolution around the Church and/or Monarchy?

I’ve previously mentioned how the most recent Pluto in Aquarius phase encompassed the American, French and Haitian revolutions, all of which had monumental impact. Well, the Pluto in Aquarius era before that began with Henry VIII splitting from the Catholic Church so he could marry the beautiful but doomed Anne Boelyn.

This action set the scene for centuries of Protestant-Catholic conflict and fuq knows what else. And the preceding Pluto in Aquarius phase saw the end of the Crusades. So I think it’s interesting that the coronation for King Charles has been set for May 6 2023. Pluto will have just turned Retrograde in Aquarius and it’s the day after a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio.

(Interesting aside: Charles will be wearing an estimated $4 billion (USD) worth of crown jewellery on the day. It will include the so-called “great Star of Africa“, the largest diamond in the world and just one of several giga-gems that Africa understandably want England to return.)

You know, Queen Elizabeth 1 famously had the astrologer (and her chief spy) John Dee select her coronation date and the coronation date for Queen Elizabeth II has enough fab points for it to have been astrologically selected – Sun conjunct Jupiter in the 10th house, for example.

But I don’t think an astrologer was involved in choosing the coronation date for King Charles –  apart from the above factors, Uranus will be conjunct the Sun, Mercury will be Retrograde in Gemini and Venus square Neptune.

It’ a bit out-there for a formal ceremony. FYI: The early years of other Pluto in Aquarius eras coincided with the end of the Crusades and the rise of the Scottish revolutionary movement.

(5) Finally, I think there will be moves against all the bot scamming. It’s not as severe as cyber-crime but bots roam around stealing content and setting up fake social media accounts. And, you know that feeling when you land on a site but the thing you thought would be on there is not and instead you’re reading piffle that circles around without ever saying anything?

They’re bots – see below. I get sent about 100 of these emails a week. While it would be funny to try and break their algorithm by giving them strange words, it’s not that funny because these bot-written sites are scoring super-high in google ranking. So these days, for relevant results to a search, you often have to go straight to page five.

Perhaps we need to make anti-bots?


Image: Roman Cieslewicz

46 thoughts on “Fresh Stellar Vibe, New Astro-Theories”

  1. The post eclipse vibes left extreme level self actualization in my Mars in the 10th, I got the action hero supercharge that was previously lacking with my Cancer showing up as not being able to express myself or have the courage to. It coincided with Chiron sitting on my AS in Aries in its brash, look at me vibe too lol.
    This Mars Rx has been dancing back and forth across my MC and today exact on my NN, as I’m about to launch a new business venture, it’s giving a pink neon light arrow as a directional cue to keep me on path. Message received universe lol 💞

    1. I mean descendant, I’ve had such a different pain at the top of my head lately… I’m either about to grow a unicorn horn or something is activating lol 😂

        1. You’re lovely Wish! I haven’t been to a doctor in over 4yrs (I do see a naturopathic Dr monthly tho!), but if the symptoms turn into something else I’ll look into it 💛

  2. The bot thing is so funny! Oh MM, I can’t imagine the word salad that would be created by mindless AI bots with your madly creative and poetic expressions, bwahahaha! (“The SNAFU’s grew more Performance Leo as the Galactic Centre aligned with Jupiter quincunx Asteroid Gary”) .
    As usual the Eclipse giveth, and the Eclipse taketh away. I had amazing dreams, felt more centred in my self than I have in ages and inspired to move forward emotionally, spiritually and physically.. then I discovered my shoulders are coming out of their jelly sockets as my hypermobility has gone nuclear and I sub-luxed my right arm by y’know, sleeping wrong, and doing basic stuff like shopping. ‘I’m MELTING!!’. Perhaps I need to interrogate my inner wicked witch, I do have natal sun exact conj. Hekate.

    1. Sphinx, mobility is nobility so put that Leo crown on and go forth swinging those arms carefully, very very carefully. x

  3. I asked a friend once what would be the equivalent of spam for AI and he suggested that it would be porn. Presumably due to the sheer volume of the stuff. So I think the only way to overcome bots could be to drown them. Perhaps with legions of those anti-bots mm mentioned. Bot mercenaries, sent to swarm upon the pestilence that roams the internet plains far too freely. Like a reverse ddos attack, if that’s even still a thing(?). Counter-bots. Are bot mercenaries a Pluto in Aqua concept? Automated forces for technological good. Or is that a mars Uranus thing. Maybe once Uranus gets into virgo. Actually no, that’s probably when we get those hand held diagnostic body scanners that Star Trek has. Also, probably gestation outside the body. But I’m getting ahead of myself hmm

        1. Maybe you are not supposed to know.

          There is a certain emotional intelligence in your writing that I love.

          Please don’t hide your light under a bushell.

  4. The future King Charles is actually helping humanity unlike Elon Musk’s ‘helping humanity’.
    Let me count the ways…….
    His charity work? Keeping his sperm to himself?
    ‘The Secret life of Plants’ was released in early 70’s scientifically proving plants respond to words, like water shows effects of emotions, so he was a well shod hippie.
    His mentor was an early Dutch environmentalist (name?) like Jane Goodall & preservation that Diana reputedly said was woo woo.

    Concerning AI ‘The Demon Seed’ comes to mind, the movie from Dean Kootz book & The Machine Wars by Frank Herbert Jnr. The reason there were ‘Mentats’ in all the Dune books, human calculators as ‘make no machine like the human mind’ was declared.
    Frank Herbert was a prophet, a futurist with visions & wild intelligence.

    We the consumer are being consumed. We have become useful for data/algorithms. How dare they!

    1. Have to reply Pegasus, 

      Demon Seed, the reason why I won’t get an automated house/fridge/toaster/lights, Siri is bad enough, even when turned off, they still somehow end up back on. Read that bookwhen I was a teenager and thought this is a future reality.
      Much like JG Ballard’s Vermillion Sands, another teenage read – where the Movie star/ it girls are in their early twenties and already have had so much plastic surgery they are stunningly hyper unreal – I remember thinking at the time why would a teenage/twenty year old ever do that? – 40 years later – Hello Insta Influencer.
      Dune Books – we really should be paying attention.

      Lyall Watson was a maverick scientific polymath, went to Uni at 15, degrees in animal behaviour, anthropology, chemistry, botany, marine biology, ecology and geology. All his books are fascinating, Supernature, Heaven’s breath etc. The Secret Life of Inanimate objects he wrote it in 1990, its a really interesting read and the last few chapters are related to computers – The Ghost in the machine.
      Computers are silicon based – silica most commonly found in nature as quartz or in sand.
      Silicon is the basic material used to make computer chips, electronic circuits, switching devices. We grow these enormous, near-perfect silicon crystals that we use in modern computers & phones & home automation systems.
      Lyall poses the question – that have we, by creating these incredible machines, actually aiding the rise of the non-carbon intelligence that will eventually usurp us. The rise of Silica.

       In October 2020, coming out of the first lock-down, I went in person to one of the Sydney Jung Society lectures – Surveillance Capitalism and the Soul with Robert Dommett – Robert is president of the Sydney Jung Society and a systems analyst, researcher and developer of social profiling and AI.
      “To understand the nature of Surveillance Capitalism he delved into its esoteric side, its archetypal roots. Robert’s investigation finds these roots deeply embedded in the rich nourishment of the ancient Egyptian religion, specifically in the Hall of Double Justice and on the Sun God’s Journey through the 12 hours of the night. Whilst historically interesting, the true significance of this finding is the insight it gives into the underlying processes at work.”
      He also talked about the lack of ethics and how hard it is to bring it into AI development, even when its wanted, let alone when its not.
      To be honest I cannot even begin to unravel most of what was said, for some reason when I go in person to these talks, I go into a form of trance, when my conscious mind gets pushed aside and some deeper consciousness comes up and absorbs it. Which is probably why I dreamt the craziest dreams including that I was the highest grade AI replicant so far and when I woke, I remember thinking that makes perfect sense! At the time I was also re-reading “Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep?” Philip K Dick’s book that became Bladerunner.
      But the biggest take out from the lecture was during the QA (30 people max) was when someone asked how concerned should we be about the future. And you could see by Robert’s face that he was struggling with how he was going to reply and his words were chilling – he said, “some nights I can’t sleep because no matter how hard I want to believe that what we are creating now is going to bring a better future, I can’t see it. I can’t spin it in anyway that doesn’t lead to despair and doom. I’d walk away if I could but at least I’m part of minority that is trying to bring some form of humanity & ethics into the equation.”
      Holy F*@k.

      Slightly veering but not really is this 6 part documentary – Can’t get you out of my Head – Adam Curtis. Plutonic as!
      – love, power, money, corruption, the ghosts of empire, the history of China, opium and opioids, the strange roots of modern conspiracy theories, and the history of Artificial Intelligence and surveillance.
      Maybe because Pluto has been sitting on my ascendant for the last 3 years (My man!) this is probably the most relevant series that helps explain where we are & why! End of the Capricorn era.
      All Adam Curtis’s films are amazing.
      You can find him & his docs on the ThoughtMaybe website.

      And one more small thing – my Cyberpunk-Post Apocalyptic, urban fantasy novel Slipstream which I wrote in 2015 and finally signed a publishing contract with a small independent publisher Feb 2020! Hello plague years – is being launched at Glebe Books Thursday 24th Nov (SagNew moon conj Venus & mercury/Jupiter direct & my Mars Return in the 5th house) 
      One of the reasons I wrote this story was the question – What if the Internet /the web somehow organically became conscious?
      How would something like that present?
      Would we even be aware that it had happened?
      If you’re in Sydney & want to come – go to the Gleebooks website – events/book launches – its free but you have to rsvp.

      1. Hi MerMamaDream, thank you for your thought-provoking share. Roger Dommett sounds like an interesting figure, I will look him up. Also the documentary by Adam Curtis. I saw Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner when I was in my teens and it made the biggest impression on me. When I think about that story again almost 40 years later, I am still deeply impressed by how prescient Philip K. Dick was, the whole ethical dilemma of AI is in that book… As for Dommett’s despair about the future of humankind and AI… Maybe he was not taking into account the force for good which is inherent in humankind and also – I want to trust – in the Universe. (Alongside the bad, that is). Even android Roy Batty chose to let Deckard live, at the end of Blade Runner 🕊

      2. Thanks for this impassioned & informative read.
        Love Lyall Watson. The rise of Silica … is something using us to create itself??
        Good luck with your book launch!

      3. Mama Dream,
        thank you for the links. Lyall Watson YES, read all his books ages ago.
        Re reading all the Dune books am astounded all over again by many hard hitting lines in them.
        Jung lectures are usually at the Theosophical Society yes?
        Slipstream was a song by Daryl Braithwaite! Would love to read your book.
        Will check out Adam Curtis.
        As a Sagg with Cap rising……………..PLUTO much?……….has become my bestie.

        For those who haven’t read of watched it:
        The movie of Demon Seed was extraordinary with Julie Christie being raped by The Machine and giving birth to the most beautiful blonde haired angel of a little girl who, opened her mouth to speak had a synth computer voice. It was a shock.
        The love of Sci Fi has actually prepared us for the future i believe.

        1. Sorry for the delay, Pegasus 
          OMG Slipstream Sherbet – I had to go and check it out & then I remembered. 
          Not sure where the name came up from, its used in the book to describe this weird online place where Raven & Halo, the 2 protagonists find themselves in.Its such a great word, I’ve always liked it.
          its also a type of genre but I only discovered this recently 
          3.  a kind of fantastic or non-realistic fiction that crosses conventional genre boundaries between science fiction and fantasy and mainstream literary fiction.
          The term slipstream was coined by cyberpunk author Bruce Sterling in an article originally published in SF Eye #5, in July 1989.
          Kinda suits the book as well.
          Jung lectures are all on zoom but the ones I went to were at the Sydney Mechanics School of arts in Pitt st
          Slipstream will be available online at Dymocks, Booktopia & Amazon as print book or ebook. And at Glebebooks.
          So You & Pluto too. An Interesting transitional time with our very own Phoenix rising.
          My editor has organised this Book Blog tour & they are called Black Phoenix Book Tours. Its an online marketing book review type thing, hasn’t started yet but I loved the synchronicity of it.
          Will have to check out Demon Seed the movie.
          Midnight must go 

  5. Yeah boys, I just thought it was dumb as algorithms. I used to search “clean classroom songs” for you know but now I get Disney and instrumental Taylor Swift for pages n pages. 4 Billion? For real? That’s dreadful

  6. interesting timing, given he’s a scorp.
    i don’t think he consilts astrologers-Diana famously did, so theres that.
    Interesting re Leo’ crush on advanced age man is ON abd he’s a Leo.
    He won’t tell me the year bless him.
    He’s 1st Aug and is open to astrology which is refreshing 💫

  7. Discovered that at least one of my paintings is being used to “train” AI imaging systems — just outrageous that they can do that without permission and without paying artists and writers.

    1. So unfair Venus. I abhor the users of creative people. They don’t value the gift we have and don’t think to pay for it. Even my boss takes credit for my work. I hope Justice is served.

    2. I believe you can request to have your specific images removed from the source pool.

      Although it’s hard to do if the image is available anywhere else online.

        1. A person known to me posts artist’s work on FB without acknowledgement of any kind. It makes me furious and have pulled him up on it many times.
          Mystic has religiously accredited artist for anything she posts which is ethical.
          That key word ‘ethical’ is sadly lacking on social media.
          Is it not taught?

  8. I used to like charles but now i am definately not a fan he is not a king and never will be… watch the opening ceremony in Birmingham..Says it all.

    1. It would be hard to end up a decent human with all his family upbringing/baggage/blergh. What a very strange upbringing it must have been and him a Scorp too. It’s a defunct model now and def on it’s way out the door. The very fact that he is wearing 4 BILLION dollars on his head is disgusting in todays’ turmoil. He must know that…and perhaps he will have the courage to rebel and NOT wear it. I hope so.

      1. Agree with you about how it would be so much better NOT to wear that crown, Aqualeo. Seems like the ultimate symbol of everything that is wrong with colonialism, capitalism, etc. I would love for Charles to keep it simple

  9. AI / bot generated websites are slowly rendering search engines totally useless to me. Now I find a lot of new sites via friends or trusted sources that I already have book marked.

  10. I would be surprised if Charles hadn’t consulted an astrologer for his coronation seeing that he is (in)famously into natural woo-woo forces (& ridiculed for it). Like you say tho, there is nothing obviously grand about the astro alignments on the coronation – except for his NN Return in his 10th H – classically a time when one moves in the direction of one’s destiny/feted events in the public domain. I think tho, that Sept 10th, at the Accession Council when he was officially proclaimed king was pertinent, as the ceremony was at 11 am – at exactly the Pisces Full Moon (conjunct Neptune) – to the minute – trine his Scorp Sun & quincunx his 1st H super Pluto. I am NOT a royalist, but Charles has always tickled my fancy because of his occult & alt medicine interests. Can’t help wondering how he will behave amidst the shite-storm his country is currently facing….

    1. Also have a soft spot for Charles even though I do not think the institution he represents is healthy and/or relevant for our times. Must be his Taurus Moon which resonates with mine. I appreciate his love for organically grown food, architectural preservation, art

    2. Maybe as a Scorpio (down for a challenge) who has seen several decades of royal life he might fare relatively well. I have the impression that he’s energised by not biz as usual situations.

      1. You’re prob right – i mean he looked almost happy & even a tad impatient during the whole funerary pomp & palaver, lol… King Charles, the Anti-fragile …. I bet he wishes he could be like those Enlightened Despots of the 18th C ….. come to think of it, it might actually be an improvement on what exists now.

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