Relocation Astrology – Legit Or Not?

Is relocation astrology legit or not? I was never big on it, seeing it as a kind of hypothetical curiosity and mostly irrelevant compared to the potency of the natal chart worked off your actual birthplace. 

However, I’ve changed my view and now have a fresh take on the topic, as well as some suggestions on which parts of it work and which don’t. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about – or how it’s different from, say, astrocartography – please scroll down for some helpful definitions.

So what made me switch up my thinking on relocation charts? Well, I generated mine by mistake when I was intending to do something else and was suddenly struck by the Ascendant – my birth ascendant is Aquarius but relocated, it’s Capricorn.

That is, if I was born where I now live, everything would be the same except my Ascendant and Midheaven would be different signs. That, of course, shifts all the house placements around.

Maybe I’ve always dismissed the reloco chart as I couldn’t relate to Cap Rising but I suddenly realized that the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction was smack-bang on the relocated Ascendant. This totally resonated for a number of reasons as did a few other key dates.

I need to do more research on this and it would be great to read other people’s experiences in the comments but I think that the relocated chart may not be so relevant in terms of persona but Outer Planets connecting to the Ascendant and Midheaven? Absolutely. They’re sensitive points for sure.

In my case, the relocated astro moves planetary emphasis from the 2nd and 8th to the 3rd and 9th, which makes sense. I will be looking into this further but…thoughts?

The Difference Between Astrocartography. Relocation and Local Space Astrology

Astrology is the mother of a million variations and yes, it can be incredibly confusing. In terms of location-cetric astrological charts, there are three main genres: Astrocartography, Relocation Astrology and Local Space. They’re all interesting and relevant in different ways and of course, everyone has their personal preferences.


Essentially splaying your birth chart over the entire world, Astrocartography inspired the term ‘planet lines’ as in ‘my Venus line runs through New Orleans.’ How is it calculated? Using this ‘Venus line in New Orleans’ example, if you were born in – say – Paris and at the time of your birth, Venus was rising in New Orleans, that city would be one of your ‘Venus lines.’

Where-ever a planet is aligned with one of the four axis points – Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant or I.C. at the time of your birth, that’s a planet line. You can calculate all of these on Astrodienst if you’re interested. The idea and popular take is that you’ll be better able to understand the cosmic influences applying to you in various places.

How well does it work? We need more data. Anecdotally, people report fabulousity from visiting or staying on their Venus and Jupiter lines, whilst Saturn or Pluto lines are less crash-hot. But for real data, we’d need to interview well-travelled people about their experiences in various places and cross-reference them to the astrocartography charts.


Rather than focusing on the Sun, Moon or planets that were rising or setting etc in a particular place at your birth, relocation astrology is a new birth chart that’s calculated as if you were born in a particular place. This is not so much about finding a cool place to visit or being on your Jupiter line during a beneficial Jupiter transit – although that would be a worthy experiment.

It’s more about the concept that if you’ve resettled in another place, a different chart may apply in some regards. Essentially your Sun, Moon and planets remain at the same degrees of their signs and with their various aspects intact but the Ascendant and Midheaven degrees alter – this can be major, as in my example above. If you were born with, say, Mars at 10 Taurus opposite Jupiter at 10 Scorpio, you’ll still have that but the opposition will likely be across two different houses in the relocation chart.

So it’s easy to generate – on Astrodienst or if you’re getting one of my Astral DNA report, you just enter the birthplace of whichever place you’ve moved to and ensure you calculate what the correct time would have been. Check the degree of the Moon (the fastest moving point in anyone’s chart) for an easy accuracy test – it should be exactly the same as that of your natal chart.

How long would you need to be in a place before a relocation chart would apply? There is no strict definition for this but I think it would be when you’ve definitively put down roots there. It’s not where you were born but it’s now ‘home.’ How far? Well, if it’s in the same time zone, there won’t be a relocation chart, as such.


Local space astrology is like a kind of astrological geomancy – not the divination method but more akin to traditional Chinese Feng Shui. Rather than calculating the ecliptic degrees of the Sun, Moon + planets, it goes off the Azimuth direction, like a compass.

The Astral Magic report uses this method and delineates the various zones in your home but you can also apply them to directions and towns or cities. We’re all so used to the classic ecliptic zodiac that local space astro can seem off but it’s easier to grasp if you picture yourself as a newborn in your crib with the stars and planets all around you – some are to your East, others the North and so on.

I think it’s legit and it’s fascinating to explore. The current Astral Magic doesn’t include the outer planet directions because I don’t think it’s a good idea to ‘activate’ those zones in the house, as such. However, I’m going to add them in because it’s good to know if a place is facing – for instance – your Pluto direction.

It can also be a good idea to do your Astral Magic report or any local space chart for the area you’ve relocated to, if it’s a solid move – ie; you’re settling someplace.

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19 thoughts on “Relocation Astrology – Legit Or Not?”

  1. Did a relocation chart NOT for the city my family & I migrated to as a kid, but the one I chose for myself at age 50. We’ve just bought a house here, so it looks like a keeper.

    Interestingly the new chart has shifted my rising to Aquarius & Midheaven to Scorpio (!). And there are some WILD trines and squares in the mix now. I think I’m going to need to read the new chart in detail & reflect. Love this opportunity for mid-life re-calibration, thanks Mystic!

  2. Wish Upon a Star

    I did my relocation chart for my current abode of 6 years. Ascendant is still in Pisces and MC Sag but Saturn has moved from the second to the first house, ouch. And the north node from 3rd to 2nd house.

  3. Anecdotally, the pandemic pushed my nuptials ceremony from a big party in the city I lived in to a small affair with only my partner and a photographer in tow. We traveled to the desert in west Texas to get married (a place my spouse and I always loved traveling to). I later discovered I got married right on top of my Venus line. I found that to be very serendipitous. Very cool!

  4. I mistakenly moved to my Chiron line in astrocartography and instantly had a life threatening health emergency that brought up tons of angst from the past. But I’m told that it should get better because I’m west of the line 😂 just some shock wounded healer/time to grow up energy I suppose

  5. According to astrocartography I am currently living with the Sun on my IC line. Being a near midnight baby this feels significant. My natal IC is 7 degrees from my natal Gemini Sun in 4th house.
    According to one website: The Sun-IC conjunction signifies a time of deep introspection, emotional awareness, and the integration of our core identity with our familial and cultural roots. It urges us to explore the depths of our psyche, honor our ancestral lineage, and nurture our emotional well-being.11 Feb 2024

  6. I definitely have to have look at this…coming from London ( for 6 weeks)!
    50 years ago I definitely feel that I have evolved differently than I would’ve done in the UK..
    Can’t wait to see what it comes up with.. 🌺🌺

  7. Definitely find value in relocation charts. The beloved Kim Falconer taught a great session on relocation charts and I’ve cast one for each place I’ve lived for more than a couple of years and can feel the changes. When I lived in the Northern Rivers I had my Mercury in Pisces conjunct the mid heaven, and my Taurus moon conjunct the Ascendant. While I lived there I tried out SO many different creative outlets and spiritual practices which ties into the 3rd house of local area where my Mars Conj NN Conj Jupiter were, which were conjunct my 4th house cusp.

    Now in Northern Tasmania I have Aquarius at the top of my chart conj my South Node, moving the Mars, NN, Jupiter conjunction into my 4th house along with Saturn… Far out. I have had to fully dive back into my roots to work stuff out – I’ve been deep diving with therapy and lots of bodywork to shed light and awareness so I can move on. Also here I’ve created a training focused startup (Aquarius at Midheaven) but honestly I go back and forth between wanting to go full steam ahead and check out and just do fully nurturing creative things. Also Venus is conjunct my Taurus Ascendant here and my need for beauty and refinement here is noticeable – as is my internal drive to secure more money for the future.

    With all of this said, I also have Uranus opposition coming up in a few months and I feel like I’m already feeling the effects of it… so maybe all the deep root work that I’m doing now, as hard as it is, will eventually really pay off.

  8. Local space charts are 🤯! Moved to new house and experienced several water leaks over a few months that I eventually realised were all in a line. Checked my LS chart and my Neptune was going straight along the same line! 😂 Also in the Neptune zone was my bedside table where I’d been playing Mystic’s Neptunian Nights track every night to go to sleep… 🥴 You couldn’t make it up!

    Stopped the nightly Neptune tripping and put up a drawing of a gate for some Saturn energy, never had a leak again.

  9. Am fascinated by location/space -types of astrology and understand it not at all. : )
    In a natal Astrocartography I currently (moved from birth place) live between my Sun and North Node lines. Saturn is “nearby” north node, well two states over in US states.
    Is this good, or not optimal, to live here? I’m not sure how to simply interpret this although maybe it’s not simple.
    Thank you!

  10. Hi Mystic – this must be an idea whose time has come thing as I have started doing relocation charts for my clients over there last 5 months and its mind blowing ! One client moved back to the US based on what we found !!! I too have made the move out of Sydney again away from my Pluto line as much as possible so will see if f things lighten up – def something in this I have at least 6 clients who it was blatantly obvious the differences !

  11. Oh gosh this is just the procrastination exercise, sorry, deep soul-mining I need! This gives me a Sagg rising, with sun-Saturn-Merc conj IC, opp Pluto-Uranus on my MC. Moon in first house Cap. NN now in 6th house Gem. Neptune on the cusp of the 12th. This new me could be the voice of my generation, if only I wasn’t so out of it 🤣 Must delve a little deeper, so much to parse here. Thanks Mystic!

  12. im all for relocation charts and the astrocartography method too, based on some work i had done for me/my family on both methods we are moving to Oxford, England and i am so excited, if it bombs out in a few years then ill get back to you!

  13. I’ve explored it… thank you for the reminder Mystic.
    My Pluto line and Venus line are quite close together. so much so that where I grew up and currently live, is on my Pluto line. In a particular period of my life I moved north and slightly east, and was living on my Venus line. Definitely felt / became more Venusian. There are parts of the world where I feel 100 times better, than Pluto City. These days I don’t even need to sign a binding contract for a persephonic deal with Hades & my mother to get out of here. I could just engage with Eris (natally opposing) to give 0 fqs and just flip tables for the sake of regime change, or, surf the current node/Chiron wave (same position ) all the way to the shore hmmm

    Ive always liked seeing different constellations from the other hemisphere. The big dipper is the main one that we cant really see from here. Orion is my guy in the southern hemi though. I love seeing him in the sky
    I want to look up what this was called by first nations and pacific island people now.

    1. Such a rant about Pluto. I think I must be still on my own rollercoaster (or, big dipper).

      What indeed did Persephone sign up for? An endless cycle of rebirth and letting go. She crosses the river twice a year fully knowing what she is greeting, and what she is walking away from in each direction. Persephone maybe I have mis-estimated you. Not a hapless youth at the mercy of big dark daddy and apron strings Demeter. But someone who is acutely attuned to, and who fully lives out the agreements that we make with life and death and every clinging tendril and permanent separation that delivers renewal, and releases worlds that delimit us even as they nourish us.

      O/t again thank you mystic for the space to figure this out

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