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Pisces is the omni-faceted Chaos Agent of the Zodiac but not everyone gets it.

science fantasy castle with UFOs and blue skies

Two Rarely Mentioned Pisces Personality Traits

These two rarely mentioned Pisces personality traits are also their most important characteristics. Forget trying to figure out whether a Pisces is dolphin, shark, mermaid, or the ocean itself. And see Zodiac Signs In The 21st Century for a more nuanced take on the ‘twin fish’ thing. But check these out: (1) Erratic Boundaries. Like an enchanted castle in a fairy tale, the Pisces boundaries shift without warning and apparently for no …

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Jupiter Square Neptune Is Coming

Jupiter square Neptune inspires genius and slippery people. It’s scatty, surreal and psychic. Avoid the ghosts and con-artists and you’ll thrive. It’s the super-Mutable and scatty but highly adaptive counterpoint to the other big theme of 2019; the new Earth Era. If the words ‘square Neptune’ almost brings you out in hives, it’s probably post-Saturn-square-Neptune syndrome. Do you recall the delusion smashing festival of late 2014 until December 2017? Compose …

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House Witchery Home Totem Advice Sought

When choosing a lucky totem for your house, it must be one you’re aligned with. If you’re not feeling drawn toward a particular genre, use astrology! Ok Mystic, community challenge time! The interwebs have been trawled, your House Witchery has been scoured, my unconscious has been plunged (ok, exaggeration – it was more like a 2 min elevator pitch, whatever), and nothing entirely addresses a need I have. And that …

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He’s A Pisces

The Pisces in Love prefers a paranormal romance. They have only two speeds: cynic and time-crossed karmic lover. They show their affection in weird ways and are easily crowded by relationship demands that other Zodiac signs would consider standard. Pisceans navigate by intuition and deja vu prompts. They’re perfectly capable of combining shallow awareness with depth consciousness and have no idea of how confusing they are to be in love …

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Who Are The Neptunians?

Who are the Neptunians? They get their name from Neptune in astrology. It is the shamanic planet of dreams, utopias, myths, ghosts, art, perfume, vampires past-life love affairs, addictions, and yearnings. A Neptunian is a person with prominent 12th House, Pisces or Neptune influences at birth.  (Neptune rules Pisces, and the 12th House is akin to Pisces).  More than any other astral influence, Neptune slithers swiftly between high (haute) and …

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Pisces Vibe

You know you’re dealing with Pisces Vibe when the normal is abnormalized and the unusual taken totally in stride. A trip to the mall can be cause for an existential crisis. Ghosts, giant birds and general what-the-fuqery greeted with equanimity. While another sign of the zodiac might be preoccupied with politics, Pisces is keen to acknowledge the legitimacy of all alternative dimensions. Pisces rarely look weird but they can and …

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