Artemis Herb…Again

As you know, I’m mad for Mugwort aka Artemesia (herb of Artemis) and I really think that even if you do nothing else magic, having mugwort at hand as a protective and clearing herb is a must-do.

Metaphysically, it helps to ward off trouble if planted near a house entrance and to faciliate connection to the spirit world. It’s also epic for inducing flying dreams, although they can be a little bit too lucid.

It’s not just me.

Many consider it the most singular magic herb of all and the following is from a “poem” was written ten centuries ago.

“Remember, Mugwort, what you made known,
What you arranged at the Great proclamation.
You were called Una, the oldest of herbs,
you have power against three and against thirty,
you have power against poison and against infection,
you have power against the loathsome foe roving through the land.”

-Nine Herbs Charm, 11th century

I don’t know exactly what it means but I love the vibe of this, all swords & sorcery, yes? My theory is that the name ‘mugwort’ was intended to put religious persecutors off the trail – ‘mugwort’ sounds suitably mundane whereas ‘artemesia’ as in ‘herb of Artemis’ AKA the ancient Moon Goddess is a clear signal to those of ill intent.

Bear in mind that the phrase ‘no stone left unturned’ originally came from the Christians who would overturn the  magically charged rocks that Pagans often had on each corner of their property or magically significant points. So-called Stonehenge was thus disturbed and they still have not put them back into proper alignment – for ‘historical’ reasons.

Anyway, who wants to join me in a Mugwort Lucid Dreaming Challenge? We drink some of the tea before bed and report back in the morning.

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  1. Mugwort tea is good for regulating menstrual cycles, relieving cramps, heavy bleeding etc. Also please add a warning to people not to take if pregnant. Nature provides everything we need, but will slap people back if abused. Personally i haven’t noticed lucid dream after mugwort tea, but i have vivid dreams anyway. Tulsi (Holy Basil) is one herb that tends to get me out of body, in a really nice way.


    I picked up some mugwort last Friday after having come out of a three hour Thai Massage (yes…yes it was so good. the woman asked me how I felt after and all I could do was stare out the plant curtained window and reply ‘ Beeeutiful!’

    Have had the herb in my pillow case the last few nights and it’s given a very comforting vibe to my dreams. slow and colourful with a lot of support and invitation to come on into myself more.

    Does you or anyone else have a ratio of herb to water for the tea? i.e. if there a chance to overdo it, what’s the limit?

    1. Just a pinch of Mugwort in tea is extremely potent. I wrote about my experience with it somewhere on here but to summarise, the actual tea did not so much enhance my dreams as take me to another dimension. It was one of the spookiest things ever

  3. All this talk of lucid dreaming and I spent what felt like hours doing it this morning… no mugglewarts required. The thing is, it was weird, disappointingly boring sometimes, and not controllable, I just kept letting my dream dream on.
    What is your lucid dream technique?

  4. Not only did I just finish sipping my large cup of hot Mugwort tea, I also did a meditation with some Moldavite. I am buzzing with energy inside me but strangely calm. Hope the dreams bring clarity.

  5. Is mugwort the same artemisia that you can find in nurseries and garden centers? It’s silvery, has feathery leaves and is really soft to the touch? I wonder if you could brew fresh cuttings from live plants or mix some into oil or lotion. I don’t know if I’d want to take it to stimulate dreaming though. I’m with some of the others above, that my dreams are typically very vivid and bizarre. Sometimes I take herbs like chamomile, hops or valeria to quiet my mind so I can actually sleep without dreaming.

    Vitamin B 6 is also known to give you crazy vivid and lucid dreams, so I have to avoid taking it too close to bedtime.

  6. Scorched Earth

    Well even without the mugwort I had dreams a plenty and a spirit visit (unsure who) and then this whole vision (awake now – post visit) of a bunch of peeps I don’t know at some place in some sort of scuffle. Reminded me of 5Wands tarot in some ways. Mugwort on top of that… it’ll be like a party in my bedroom!! Still.. I’m going to source some as it’s getting too many good raves.

  7. Tried it last night for the first time. Dreams a plenty . . . all in technicolour. Sitting down now to write them down. Thanks for the tip MM!

  8. I’m in….I have heaps of things I could use some answers about. Will try to pick some up today.

  9. I keep meaning to order some online, I love to lucid dream, I use melatonin supplements to get some serious dream action going.

  10. meh, I tried it mugwort tea and under the pillow and NOTHING!
    Don’t need it. My dreams are always vivid and intense.

  11. It’s been ages since I’ve burned mugwort, but my energy is a bit stuck so what better way to do it than through a good, processing sleep? The mugwort is smouldering away in the next room ready to permeate my dreamlife. Bring it.

  12. Definitely getting my mugwort pillow out tonight. Actually, I have the last few nights, too. I have one just with mugwort and another with mugwort and lavender? I always have really detailed dreams with mugwort pillow near by. Also funny you mention pluto juice. Haven’t had that in a while but today I was looking at it thinking I need to get back onto that. I’m definitely in a rut and scared to think what might happen this time next year… Does anyone else find that pluto juice works? I’ve taken in this year but i’m not sure if it’s really working.

    1. Definitly works for me. I was going through a spell and thought what the heck I’ll blow some dollars on it just to see if it helped a little. Was amazed how much I calmed down in 10-15 minutes. Have used it several times when things are starting to rev up. Even gave it to a co-worker who was looking at me like I was crazy. 30 minute later she was thanking me for bringing calmness back into her.

  13. Scorched Earth

    I’ve only experienced mugwort in Chinese medicine… it’s been reminiscent of an opium den experience for me (not that I’ve had one LOL.. but it makes me think as much) and I had past life and spirit visions… bit vision quest like for me so I am thinking I must get some and experiment at home.

    Um… what is the best way to use it? In TCM (Chinese Medicine) it’s used in conjuction with acupuncture points for heating and bringing chi to the meridians.

  14. I will go get some tomorrow. Prepared to dive into herbalism. Been wanting to forever and now seems as good a time as any. There’s a wonderful shop that I go into and just stare at the jars never sure of what to get. I will pull out my books tonight and highlight my needs.

  15. My dreams are already so vivid and lucid also… have no mugwort on me, but could do some damiana before i sleep tonight, and hoping to sage smudge my space onece 7years of uni filing is done…

    My dream this morning, my nephew 7yr old, that i live with in waking life, said to me in my dreaming, “you want to fall in love, dont you”… and the answer was yes… so clear…

  16. My dreams are so vivid on the regular that I’ve always been a little scared to try mugwort. I should try it at least once, though, just to see how it goes.

  17. Sagg-scorp girl

    Thanks for the advice CanSagg. Ive got some of “this stuff” from when last MM was waxing lyrical about it on her site, in fact, ordered some of it from the peeps she recocmmended. In short: IM IN!

  18. Smudging, rubbing, bathing, drinking….a mugwort tea hi colonic maybe ? Lucid dreams guaranteed.( Along with some other lucid emotions).
    Coffee enemas were huge in the 90’s ? I prefer crockery myself.

    1. unpredictable pisces

      no worries, thanks andromeda – i like a bit of smudging. have to be careful around the smoke alarms tho 😀 maybe de-activate them during the smudge

      1. Yes, and note to self: Put the fire alarms back in!! I do a fair bit of incense and smudging and so lazily didn’t reinstall my fire alarm… (cut to scene of me putting out fire on stove with several burning tea towels and creating fires in the back yard flinging boiling oil into the shrubbery)!!! 😉

  19. unpredictable pisces

    Sure, i’ll do it. why not. Just need to procure some mugwort from somewhere. I could google it…or maybe someone can advise of good places around Sydney area..

    1. Sagg-scorp girl

      Try looking in Mystics site I have a feeling she recommended some people once, or if you go to happy high herbs they may have some (there is one in newtown and I think some other).

    1. Good advice CanSagg – I would like to add on pollinosis; avoid if allergic to birch, grass, hazelnut, olive pollen, honey, mustard, royal jelly, sage, sweet bell pepper pollen, tobacco, and sunflower because cross-reactivity has been noted. Avoid with food allergies to kiwi, peach, mango, apple, celery, and carrots due to cross-reactivity.
      Sweet dreams y’all.

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