Confessions Of A Virgo Pilates Instructor

A Virgo Pilates Instructor Reveals All

I’m sure I’m not the only Virgo that has noticed that look. The one people give you when you declare your sun sign is Virgo. The “oh, you’re one of those…” expressions. I’ve never cared. I’ve always been out and proud.

You can mock my perfectly rolled towels with the stripes all perfectly aligned or the fact that every coat hanger in my wardrobe faces the same direction. I don’t care that you’re living life in disorder (neither do I understand it). When I discovered Pilates it was like I had arrived home. I had discovered an exercise methodology where moving with precision and accuracy are vital to its successful execution, it is little wonder that I became a Pilates Instructor.

As a Pilates instructor, I am extremely patient while you develop both your confidence and competence in the studio. I understand: Pilates is difficult. There are many things to think about while you set out on the path of efficient and pain-free movement. I will ask you to breathe at a certain time while you consider your alignment, the order you recruit each muscle, the pace of your movement, and the intensity at which you work – simultaneously. In life, there is a correct way and an incorrect way to do things. In the Pilates studio, the correct way is the Virgo way and I will make sure that is how you are going to do it.

When it comes to Pilates, the directions are given for a reason. When done properly, Pilates is beautiful. It is quality movement that reminds the body that there is a place for everything and everything should be in place. Pilates is balanced by a rich history of order and sequence with the newest research to stay relevant. It IS the Virgo way: smart, focused, grounded, and efficient.

The Correct Way IS The Virgo Way

The Pilates body (under my supervision) is like a mannerly dinner party at a fine dining restaurant. The food is exquisite, it is arranged on the plate delicately and intentionally. Each muscle behaves like the guests at the table: courteous, witty, and charming conversationalists. Everyone responding cleverly, responses float through the air effortlessly with a pause for effect. All of the other tables listen in enviously- wishing that their life was just as interesting and that they could engage with their friends in the same gracious way.

The Virgo Pilates instructor strives to ensure you embody this. Movement flows from one exercise to the next. The spine articulates at every level like a rhythmic gymnast’s ribbon. Each joint glides with ease, the breath is continuous without strain. Everything in your body is adhering to my Pilates plan. This is is the path to the sleek body you have been working to achieve. Strength balanced with equal flexibility and control. Your mind now focuses on all of the other elements in your amazing life while your body runs its own show. Grace personified.

Don’t Arch Your Spine Like That!

The alternative repulses the Virgo Pilates instructor. For god’s sake- slow it down- are you a bull at a gate? Why are you holding your breath? Can you please not arch your spine like that! Pilates is methodical. There is a natural order that needs to be adhered to. You do want to do this correctly don’t you? We need to stop, re-organize and start again. Ugh!

Without the expert guidance and dedication to perfection the Virgo Pilates instructor offers, the body will begin to resemble a motley crew of dinner guests. The table will be rowdy. The food slopped onto the plate, one item on top of the other, sauces intermingling, unbalanced flavors- muck. The guests are not interested in a genteel conversation. Oh no! Everyone is stubbornly determined to get their point across no matter how unruly. One person shouts over the top of the other until the only sound emanating from this table is loud indistinguishable noise. It is only a matter of time before someone is sent home in disgrace.

Is this what you want? If so, off you go… to the gym with the grunters and groaners moments away from disc herniation and unsightly, hypertrophied muscles. Where is the precision? Where is the order? I spend my days teaching this beautiful exercise methodology, and you expect me to watch you taint it with your shoulders so close to your ears that your neck appears engulfed by your torso? I don’t think so. You are hurting my eyes.

So either charge ahead with your unrefined, mindless movement or come with me towards the light. The choice is clear to me.

Joanne Bezzina has been reorganizing and decluttering bodies using Pilates since 2004. When not at the studio, you will find her promenading the streets with her Italian Greyhound in tow or writing her blog

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  1. I love her. Exacting in her execution as teacher. Precision personified in body & mind.
    As Virgo Sun, Mercury Mars Pluto, I love to run, surf, paddle, yoga, nothing feels better than a strong body in balance.

  2. I would die in this class.

    Don’t get me wrong, I adore the precise- Iyengar yoga has appeased my mars in Virgo need for precision for well over a decade.

    But I couldn’t learn from a teacher who didn’t feel bodies were beautiful in the struggle and the learning.

  3. I love this.
    I am desperate to know my Pilates instructors’ astro now.
    I do know that she is a Scorpio and wears an Aquamarine necklace on her throat Chakra. It works. I suspect Aries Rising.
    She scares me a little, so I never want to mess up a movement or miss a class ever again. I quit for a few months thinking I could find someone to a better suit for me.
    My over-sensitive Cancerian self usually prefers a bit more “softness” but I have adapted (I just had to go back – her knowledge, skill and experience are right up there with the best) and I now find her way very motivating for me. I do have to do a little mental prep first ready for any sharp comments that may come my way!

  4. OHMYGOD THIS IS FANTASTIC. However, I’m a cancer and and all of these apply to me as well 😉 Virgos are my favorite though!

  5. As a triple Virgo (Sun, Mars & Mercury) I TOTALLY get this.
    I’ve never tried Pilates as I’m still mastering Yoga but I never feel better than when I have some type of quiet, solitary mat based exercise routine every morning. I’m really desperate to get back into this routine and haven’t been able to summon the energy this year post a month of fairly traumatic travelling.
    Every night I struggle with that bitch insomnia.
    I’m trying everything, Gaba, Melatonin, reading a book rather than a tablet.
    Tomorrow morning I’ve set my alarm for 5am and will get up and do yoga or some mat based exercise no matter how little sleep I get because I know that I have to push myself back into the early nights, early morning routine.
    Usually I only feel like exercising in the morning but that discipline makes me feel good all day. There is such an exhilaration I get from extreme discipline that actually feels like total freedom can only be achieved via extreme discipline, for me anyway. I guess the Sag, moon, Sag rising in Jupiter and Jupiter in Sag feel safe to express themselves when contained in this way.
    I took my first tango lesson today. Just one of those random things I’ve always wanted to do but never followed through on. It was amazing. I loved it. Definitely going to continue going to lessons.
    I seem to be experiencing a kind of creative rebirth, probably connected with Uranus transiting my Chiron in the 5th and the early stirrings of the Uranus opposition. I think overcoming the self doubt associated with my creative abilities is going to be a big player in this game as well as feeling it’s ok to do these “frivolous” things like, dancing tango or playing guitar or studying Kabbalah, whatever… I’ve purposely dialled it back a notch so that I’m not spreading myself too thinly but my dreams have been very telling of late. Last night I was sitting at the top of a tall flight of stairs watching a small blonde female child trying to climb the stairs that were so big for her little body, she kept falling over. I knew I had to just sit there and wait. I couldn’t do it for her and picking her up and carrying her wasn’t a solution, patience was. Just being there, biting my lip ( so I wouldn’t say encouraging things which would just be patronising, somehow I knew that would be wrong. ) My job is just to watch over this little girl as she climbs the seemingly monstrous steps.
    She didn’t look up and wasn’t climbing to get to me. She was climbing because it’s in her nature to climb. She was so brave. She kept falling over and getting back up. I’ve had a really tough couple of days/ weeks/ ok the whole year so far and I feel like I need to stay grounded in a daily exercise practice, continue studying, writing, being creative and practice watching over this little girl. I’m still decluttering and slashing expenses every day, I find some way to either save money or something I can get rid of. It’s a lot more emotionally taxing than I expected. Speaking of tax…I didn’t have to pay any this year. Talk about a pleasant surprise 🙂 Since the book advance was a loan and that’s mostly what I’ve been living off, I actually came in UNDER the tax bracket of needing to pay anything this year. Now I just have to pitch that book and sell the thing….But wow, talk about transitions hey?
    Money is crazy tight.
    I’m living monastically. Frighteningly frugal for a woman who used to spend everything she earned on shoes, lingerie and Ralph Lauren. Fortunately all of the things I bought in my spendthrift days were classics so I have more than enough. Now I want to save, study and practice yoga every day. My luxuries are a tango class once every two weeks and saying no when my heart says no but my lizard brain is tempted. That is actually the ultimate luxury for me right now. Turning down money that I’d just blow on crap because saying yes would make me feel icky inside. I think I’m beginning to figure it out.
    Beginning being the operative word!

  6. the thing with high-functioning virgos, their advice is genuinely good when it comes to practical matters or where there is a ‘mess’ of some sort. A virgo will foresee the need for a pocket “just there” in the jacket or skirt. The kitchen knife, salt, oil, bread, bunch of herbs, etc are exactly where you might think to look for them. Head under the bonnet of a car in the garage, need the cleaning rag? look to the right there it is clean, on a hook on the wall. Every action a virgo does is simply one in the endless functional flowchart constantly ‘on’ in their brain, if we do this then that will happen, so let’s do the other thing and these other 3 things will click into place and that makes it easier to do U, V, W and then we can consider X&Y after that… I guess that’s where the anxiety maybe stems from (racing too far ahead into Unknown Unknowns) as much as the deadly efficiency target strategy…. well that’s my Theory Of Virgos

    1. You are spot on Pi.
      At my worst I’m like a teenage boy but when my 3V (haha) is at the top of her game, that exactly how things flow. To others it may appear that I suffer from forms of OCD that make Howard Hughes look positively laid back but when everything is in it’s perfect place I feel so calm inside it’s a kind of mathematical symmetry. I’m happiest when everything is well ordered and in it’s place and totally spun out when it isn’t. Not the sexiest of traits I know but Yes, “I’m one of THOSE” ”’eyeroll at best. I can also be half an hour late and arrive charming but dishevelled but I hate myself for it at the time because I expect and the other person deserves more. I quite like it when others arrive late though. It’s very reassuring and gives me quiet time to breath and people watch or read that I’d not have had were they on time so I’m never upset when a friend arrives late for meet up. I’m just more relaxed than usual (ok, slightly smug but in a mischievous not a supercilious way ) and VERY pleased to see them because by then I am STARVING!
      Feeling relaxed gives me an appetite. Something I loose when I’m stressed out.

  7. I love Pilates for the reasons listed above, it builds strength in the core muscles.
    I have Virgo Sun and three more planets in Virgo you’d think I’d be super -organized or uptight but I have a sloppy streak and currently am trying to de-clutter reorganize a giant mess around my bookshelf.
    Not sure why I am so messy and have that many Virgo planets. embarrassed! 😉
    Should I blame my Scorpio Rising or Pisces Moon?

  8. Did the 10 session mini course in 2001 as recommended by an Israeli import actor who had done theatre in Europe. As a bodyworker and ex ballerina she said it would be excellent for me.
    Tough, for sure. At times i would be shaking. It is an exact science.
    The teacher watches you like a hawk, correcting constantly.
    The machines? Wondered why the teacher wasn’t in latex or leather with a whip!
    It is sensational for a dicky back, but not too dicky of course.
    The ‘Bracing’ has stayed with me and i do it at traffic lights, walking and at desk to strengthen core.
    Now i use it for walking Daisy Dog who has a pulling weight of 45 kilos, as she is all muscle even on her eyebrows 🙂 (she will eventually learn to ‘heel’ or ill rick my back training her!
    (she loves it when i do yoga as i’m on the floor, easily gettable).
    Sheesh-she’s on about her pit bull AGAIN…..

    1. This made me smile, I love your stories about your Daisy Dog. My long departed pooch used to love it when I did my yoga stretches on the floor, he would think it was a game and drop his chew toy on my head. If that didn’t get my attention he would just sit on me.

    2. haha! My little dog loves it when I am doing floor exercices… finally i am at his level! playtime! he stands riiiiight next to me so i have to try not to thwack him with an elbow if I am doing crunches etc… extra cuddles for me though 🙂

      1. I so miss having a dog. The only thing I wish was different in my new life. Am going to look into fostering or other ways to be involved

    1. As a Virgo ex-ballerina who now does pilates at home and at the gym, I agree! When I first started dabbling in pilates, I remember telling people, it’s like ballet, so it’s perfect!

  9. I love this! Yes! The control and precision, perfect for a Virgo!! I love your passion for this.
    I am a triple aquarian, because I have Aqua sun, Aqua moon and Aqua north node.
    I am a Pilates and Fitness Instructor in training, ex Iyengar Yoga (precision precision precision) , creative and ecstatic dancer.. I can now build strength in the Gym because of correcting my form through Pilates.And I run because it gets me high 🙂 (Pisces asc)
    So when I think of teaching I think of it as my calling to assist communities and the world which is often at the forefront for me as an Aqua. I found my ideal studio where they have a mental/emotional wellbeing program in schools.. appeals so much to take it to the masses and young people where my heart is.. Aquarian style Pilates!

    1. Im a trainer too vsoul and after going b to yoga yesterday i will def get my class moving more. Even a stretch when they come back from break . We sit most of the day and with no park handy and a tony room i so need to tet creative on this

      1. And yes Anonymous re moving your class more..our bodies are made to move!! enjoy getting creative with that, are you talking about a school class?

    2. Yoga has been my go to for many years
      At the end of a good class it makes me feel like ive been massaged by a velvet glove all over. Sometimes i cant get off the floor at the end of class. Mmmm. precise? no. my fav teacher is hilar so it stays light which i love.

  10. I am convinced that my Jupiter in Virgo exerts an extraordinary influence in my chart.

    Everything else is a splattery paintball game of fire with a nebulous watery Moon-Neptune anchor; a smidge of electric Uranus in air to add carbonation.

    But that Jupiter-Pluto in Virgo… I mean, I may be a slob in many areas of my life but in my work… I am methodical, precise, and compulsive. Everything must be Just So in order for my mind to apply itself to the task at hand.

    And it leaks out into other areas of life. My Pisces mother, come to take care of me post-op, opened my drawer of neatly folded underwear all lined up like soldiers, and stammered, slack-jawed: Who taught you this? I didn’t teach you this.

    I guess Jupiter did.

    1. Lol thats a great image of your mothers shock! I must learn more about where all my planets are an in what houses so I can keep up!! and learn stuff..

  11. Loved Pilates when i could do them. No earth placements in my chart whatsoever, now I train & strengthen in a pool. Perfect fit on every level.

    1. Also, I compulsively make rock spires (like in pic above). Obsessed with vertical structure, balance, x-y axis, manipulating form in the context of gravity… those radiating cones of energy… Pleases my airy bits.

      1. I stumbled upon some beautiful rock spires on the southern most tip of tasmania we got to .its called fishers point… wild as

  12. I love Pilates, it is rebuilding me slowly from the inside out. I never love exercise, I do it grudgingly at best, but Pilates could change that.

    More accurately I should say I love my Pilates studio and my instructor and the way I am being helped. I tried three or four practitioners in different studios before I found the person I clicked with, and I only persevered because every physio I saw seemed so convinced it would help me with my Saturn neck issues.

    Then again I am 7th house sun so for me it’s always about the relationship. I have the same challenge with yoga at the moment – finding the teacher who is right for me.

    1. I find Pilates very relaxing and energizing…and I also love yoga. My two favorites.
      I also have Virgo Sun and three other planets in Virgo.

  13. I enjoyed reading this article. I can definitely relate to the sense of precision – I’m a perfectionist in certain things – but with my Leo ascendant and a stellium in sagg – I crave the drama of chaos and I think it will be my life lesson to cultivate the freedom of being spontaneous. Also I grew up with my brother suffering from the strongest form of multiple sclerosis, so I have quite a fear about the body breaking down – I switch off from it but I’m working on that – another life lesson with n.n in taurus! I have a lot of issues with food intolerances so my diet is very regimented which is really annoying…but I do feel better for it.

    1. I’m a bit down on my perfectionism, as it fuels my anxiety but it’s great to see a Virgo using their powers for awesome 🙂

  14. What’s the new job like, Time P? Good I hope?

    I like my new job, but lots and lots of paperwork, and planning, and meetings etc. some stress headaches. Good fellow staff.

    Already had a run-in with a mean- girls student clique similar to what I encountered before, but with the help of very supportive head of dept. (am lucky to always have had great Leonine lady bosses) we have paper -worked them into submission!

    1. Ha! You’re going to have a ball! sounds good.
      My Leo boss tactfully warned me not to bring up astro with the Principal 🙂

  15. I love the Virgo cleanliness, precision and good workmanship. Also the sensible-ness. But I don’t like Pilates. I’ve had yoga instructors who are full of too many instructions about poses, and I find it really annoying. I can only concentrate on doing two or three things at once, as well as breathing!

    1. LOL. 🙂 I don’t like Pilates OR yoga. Hate the instructions too and repetitive poses.

      I should like it with Mars in Virgo but I think my Saggo moon and Gem NN in 6th house dislikes the lack of spontaneity.

      I like walking and dancing. That’s it.

  16. If someone tells me that they are a Virgo, I know before they do that we’re going to get along. They see me, a chaotically disorganised pisces, roll their eyes and toss me into the “beyond hope” pile.

    then I come through with the exact perfect thing they need at bizarre and unpredictable moments, and they like me.

    then i show up 35 minutes late for something and they hate me again.

    then I perceive their reasons, objectives, goals, and operating procedures, and anxieties, and I *get it*, and they like me again.

    then i forget to explain why i am making a certain decision so it just seems annoying and arbitrary to them and without Virgo having all the information (incl. things that are influencing pi’s decision) they cannot strategise their excellent plan properly, and they hate me again.

    then I make them laugh with random mercury pisces humour and they like me again.

    so basically I need virgos in my life but it helps if they are understanding virgos. I am not, as far as life-phases go, usually this chaotic but things have been strange lately and it’s been scorpios, katakas, and sadges whom I have needed more. a virgo pilates instructor would make me super happy.

    Did I also mention that i love looooveeee pilates? when I could afford lessons, I went twice a week and it whipped me into shape, I felt as strong as a tree. Pilates, the other kind of inner strength.

    1. It’s all about the balance, right? Your description of yourself sounds like you could be my husband’s sister. He is a complete slob but a meticulous thinker. He wrecks the kitchen but makes the most amazing dishes. He is rarely ever late though. That’s my virgo! I have learned a lot by learning to see the whole picture rather than just the unkempt parts. I daresay your encounters learn the same.

      1. yes, i find that virgo types are all about the process. If you slice anything they do through the middle whether a cake, a home made dress, an art work, an audit, a computer program, a table, the meticulous attention to process and detail can be seen at any level wherever you slice it. 🙂
        i don’t know one virgo M or F who is tardy, but I do know several who are slobs, or at least casual/normal in their mess-making habits.
        BUT inside any Virgo brain it is a quietly whirring, dust-free HQ with floor-to-ceiling compactor filing shelves, retina scans for entry and everything is matte black/aluminium and shiny white enamel surfaces. All reading surfaces tables etc are highly polished, scratch-proof perspex. Cool, climate controlled brainspace.

  17. Heheh! Love this, thanks VPI! As and Aqua I just never got Pilates! The instructor would be speaking some blah blah about this muscle or that *fill in gap of some part of my physiology I’ve never heard of* and I was always breathing in or out at the wrong time. Yoga is diff kettle of fish for me, I just kinda get it. Pilates was like a work out from outer space for me!

    1. Ha! I found it so meditative. But I know what you mean, I resented the grey machines and grey rooms. I mean I don’t know why clinical is such a great look. I would prefer a mountain photo on the wall or a forest or something at least.

      Spiritual Pilates? Pilates by the Moon? Pilates for Pirates?

    2. I’ve only tried it once and found it really boring. Lots of lying on a mat lifting alternate legs and arms. I find yoga much more entertaining and fun, and love the spiritual and philosophical dimension.

      1. I found that becoming stronger through Pilates (much more fun when you get off the mats and into the machines for variety, also the teacher makes a huge diff) was the key to improving my yoga. Complementary. Given that yoga seems to be about core stability and strength, among other things.. All these lithe, adept vinyasa yoga instructors saying “oh go on just tryy the crow pose” and I never could get it as I didn’t have the basic strength and fuqing hated the misery of failure when I just wanted simplicity and balance not a stupid gymnastics lesson.. well I was in a bad place mentally ok anyway where was I? Oh yes. So other than the crow thing, doing them both was cool … I could never try the abomination known as yoga-lates..dilutes the relevance of both imho

      2. Yes Pi i believe they compliment each other:
        Pilates for strength and yoga for flexibility and i like them to be separate not as in ‘Yogalates’.

      3. I teach both always separately! But after years of them the best movement system I’ve experienced for the natural way our bodies should move is Gyrotonic.
        Pilates can be way too linear especially on a reformer. Yogas better in terms of side and spiral movements but Gyrotonic completely transformed my posture, movement and body 🙂

      4. yes i found that the controlled twisting and bending in yoga was something i did not get at all in pilates. i mean that’s fine, but for flexy hips spine and neck, yoga is go imho. and also all that streeeeetchy asana business. i re-discover long lost fascia and tendons and underworked muscles, everythings

  18. Ha Ha ha… I really cannot decide whether this reminds me of my mother, grandmother , head mistress or ballet instructor.

    shoulders back , chin up // come back here and walk like a lady // dont speak unless you are spoken to // speak with crisp, clear, diction // dont fold your arms // rest your hands on your lap … so on so forth…

    I never did anything right, and probably still dont 🙂

    I have Virgo ascendant, along with Saturn and Jupiter in Virgo and some astrologers even have the **nerve** to consider my North Node and mars, both at the anoretic degree of Leo…to actually be virgo planets…All that virgo and I have not even a single thread of this behavior!! My father, who is a Virgo is the same way. he is a disorganized musician. i am a disorganized artist.


    1. Ha! I was evicted from ballet at about 6 yrs old. Actually I packed my tutu and walked home. Jazz ballet hell yes, gymnastics even better.
      Watching ballet tho- ahh bliss 🙂

      1. Similar stitch i was kicked out /quit brownies at 8yrs. Couldn’t stand the big brown ugly undies we had to wear ..very un leo however i do love my hangers and clothes in order.
        im still looking for my virgo im sure i posess. Bit jealous oy you guys

      2. Gawd yes, anything with the word ‘brown’ in it, very un-Leo. I quit Guides at aged 15 for much the same reasons… yearning for individuality in a sea of undifferentiated, very earnest blue.
        At age 11 I used to frizz my hair up,pile it under my Brownie beret, slap on my mum’s eyeliner and lip synch to Blondie’s ‘In the Flesh’ in the bathroom mirror lol (Leo rising)

      3. Now, that I can relate to! I remember thinking i was cool for wearing leopard print tights to dance class…a big no-no. But, rebellion through fashion felt great, LOL.

      4. That’s funny groover.. I loved brownies & was totally obsessed w getting badges- however I’ve always had a bit of an issue w authority & even tho I had all the badges & was a Seconder & could tie a frikkin reef knot behind my back I was never allowed to be a Sixer!

  19. Five planet Taurus whose 4th house is ruled by Virgo. Beauty and DETAILS is my M.O.. Cannot wait to clean my home this weekend and my bathroom tonight!:) #harmony #beauty #order ?

  20. Dare I ask – do I hear shades of Downton?

    I grew up with Iyengar yoga, which had a sequence and ritual which I relished. Maybe Pilates should be my next adventure for my ever curvy spine.

    Love the witty, airy writing!

  21. Rachel Stuart-Haas

    I LOVE this as I have a Virgo trainer myself and can so relate! This is why I adore her and her perfection. This is why the world needs Virgos! Bravo!

      1. My 18yo daughter has just started a professional dancing course. She has been dancing since she was 5 and last year she took dance as part of her HSC (SAT’s in the USA).
        In the middle of the year she started a side course in Pilates to improve her skills. She received honors in dance and came 3rd overall in the state ! She reckons Pilates made all the difference. I showed her this thread and she has put your course on her wish list for further training !

  22. I have a Virgo Stellium with MC there…I’d love a Pilates instructor like this, perfectly suited.

    However a pivotal point in my formation was an art teacher who said I had excellent technique and attention to detail but was such a perfectionist I wasn’t allowing creativity to flow.

    Bingo my Leo moon came alive, I do all manner of things to FORCE discomfort, untidiness, ugliness and downright mess to stretch that comfort zone and the combination of the precision and now creativity has proved successful.

    1. Im soooo relating to this! The only difference is I have venus in leo. It has been a lesson that has taken me a long time to learn!

      1. Well with your creative planet of art in Leo you must learn it or poor Leo won’t have expression 🙂

        My leo moon conjuncts my venus Virgo so there’s a huge blend there of both energies

        I have a coach I really trust who just makes me face really challenging things and I just have to laugh at how awful I am (to begin with) honestly the most powerful thing I’ve done for finding my voice and expression!

        I also go and try new things that I’m rubbish at but I do understand it’s really hard.

        I’d highly recommend a book called Mindset, really shifted my perceptions on being a perfectionist and how it can hold you back.


      2. Hi KoF, I have a huge problem with perfectionism, I looked on Amazon for a book with this title but a few come up! Would you mind passing on the name of the author? Thankyou!

      3. It’s not specifically about perfectionism but it did help in my understanding the psychological process perfectionists and high achievers go through and helped break it.

        A lot of perfectionism is fear of failure, you get so tied up in knots that you don’t allow the potential to happen. I used to write my name at the top of homework and screw the paper up as I didn’t think it looked right so many times the homework wouldn’t get done (or at least not done well or on times)
        Big learning curve for me is to just do what you can do, getting a job done is more important than a perfect job that’s never done.

        It might manifest differently for you of course but the single most helpful thing for me was to throw myself into a new physucal environment with physucal challenges that literally made me feel like a fool with the mindset I was going to do this until I gained some mastery of it. Physical unbalance and “ugliness” is horrendous to me (Mars in Libra) so this is extreme! I’m also super self conscious. I also went to singing lessons with a coach – I made the ugliest sounds ever but working through that was fantastic therapy, I’m not as scared of it anymore. And my creativity has started to flow. I’m happier, my Leo moon is shining.

        Mindset by Dr Carol Dweck

        Good luck, Virgoan traits are wonderful and can make you excel but they can also cripple people’s creativity if not channelled correctly.

  23. I am one of THOSE Virgos. Also being a dancer, I understand the glory of precision and movement, and the intense beauty of bringing everything into alignment. There is a reason, my friends. It’s not mere obsession or a controlling nature. It’s about harmony. Attention to detail. Efficiency. It’s about flow.

    These qualities permeate my home. When you visit me, you are instantly at ease. I’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that. Ask me where to find anything, and I do mean anything in my home, and I can tell you precisely where it is. 99% of the time, anyhow.
    I’ve learned to let a lot of things go. Having three children will force you to relax about a great number of things. I’ve accepted contained clutter to an extent. But I digress.

    I also know that look all to well. The one that judges and assumes that all Virgos are uptight and anal retentive, even unyielding. But when we nail awesome careers and pull off immensely challenging projects that demand a high level of meticulous determination, we get the last laugh.

    Cheers, fellow Virgos. May your awesomeness never wane.

    1. You say it’s about ‘flow’ but I am not sure I got that from this article. I do love the idea of understanding and articulating each individual part, then activating ‘flow’.
      But I fear some Virgo’s are all about articulation and not so much the flow activation.

      3 kids – kudos to keeping it real. I used to be a little disorganised, but with my kids I crave order and my Mars in Virgo has been activated! Poor timing for it being post-kids.

      1. There needs to be other influences for there to be flow – perfectionism and control will inhibit flow and creativity unless it learns to let go and get it massively wrong and ugly and messy on occasion. I value my Virgo Stellium but my flow is saved by a leo moon and libra Mars and sadge Asc prepared to throw all caution to the wind 🙂

      2. I have a mutable axis & NN, but a fixed moon/sun.
        I feel the mutable axis accounts for my life’s strange flow. Then it’s like the energy just pools for a while, which is I guess where my moon/sun feel comfortable.

  24. This makes so much sense. I also get the feeling that Ms Bezzina would make an excellent evil mastermind. Perhaps if a career change is needed later in life?

  25. As a Personal Trainer (in training) who is a Sagittarius with a Virgo Moon, I have to say I totally love this piece and I can definitely relate! Correct form and technique is extremely important to me, and I do my utmost to impart it to my clients. The only thing I disagree with is the Hypertrophied muscles. I’m rather partial to sculpting them quite diligently and with an eye to perfection.

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