Lion Queenly

Coco Chanel identified passionately with her Leo Sun sign. She collected lion statues and decor, deployed it in her fashion collections and drew strength from the Leo symbology. Even her lucky number – Five – was a reference to Leo as the 5th sign. She named her most iconic and profitable product – Chanel No 5 perfume – after it.

“August 19th is my Birthday, born under the sign of Leo,” she wrote. “I am a Leo, and like a lion I use my claws to prevent people from doing me harm.  But believe me I suffer more from scratching than being scratched.”

Chanel Was A 5th House Person As Well As A Leo

Like many Leos, she was a resolute symbolist: sheaves of wheat in vases represented prosperity – a good harvest – while the color Red was vitality, life and blood. She probably loved camellias because of their association with the scandalous, dazzling Marie Duplessis, the French courtesan also known as the Lady of the Camellias.

Aside from being a Sun and Venus sign Leo, Chanel had three planets in the 5th house – Mars, Saturn and Pluto. Controversy swirled about her but two things are for sure, she survived an extraordinarily difficult childhood and was creative to the bone. She was a bona-fide Fifth House woman. Did she know this? She must surely have consulted an astrologer.

Her consciousness was metaphysical or, as they called it in those days, “deeply superstitious.”  “I love everything that’s up high. The sky, the Moon and I believe in the stars. I was born under the sign of the Lion, like Nostradamus.”

An Avid User Of The Tarot

She was also an avid user of the Tarot, using the Lenormand Oracle cards to guide her commercial and creative decisions.  Like Chanel, Marie-Anne Lenormand had risen from compromised beginnings and become extremely successful.

Her extra-sensory 8th house Leo Sun and Venus perceptions augmented by a witty Virgo Mercury, Chanel had a penchant for dropping memorable fashion advice: “Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.” She also came to epitomize the independent single woman, well before such a status was socially acceptable, let alone desirable.

Attributing her single status in part to her Leo strength she told an interviewer that “it would be very hard for a man to live with me, unless he’s terribly strong. And if he’s stronger than I, I’m the one who can’t live with him… I’m neither smart nor stupid, but I don’t think I’m a run-of-the-mill person. I’ve been in business without being a businesswoman, I’ve loved without being a woman made only for love. The two men I’ve loved, I think, will remember me, on earth or in heaven, because men always remember a woman who caused them concern and uneasiness.” 

“Luck Is My Soul”

And although her “little black dress” genre of style axioms are the most renowned, some of her lesser-known quotations are more like affirmations:

Luck is a way of being.

Luck is not a little person.

Luck is my soul.

She had Five on her mind and Leo as her totemic animal – fittingly her grave in Switzerland is protected by five fierce lions.

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  1. I reckon one of my cats is a Leo, the other a Scorp. They both seem to embody the traits of each sign to a tee. Kitty is beautiful … I mean she’s just a breathtakingly gorgeous looking cat. She’s loyal, fixated on food and cuddles when SHE’S in the mood. Mizzy is a loner, likes to do her own thing, highly sensitive and takes a looooooooong time to get over shit that has pissed her off.

    So back to Coco … well I resonate with what TLS had to say. Women in those days who worked their way up from poverty, became respected and influential, often copped shit for being whores/lesbians/something or other – just a typical way in which established class structures seek to undermine and reign in the rebels of the time. She was her own lady that one. She would never have settled for housewifedom. Just not in her nature and good for her that she recognised this and forged her own path.

    She definitely was anti-Semitic – however anti-Semiticism was always rife throughout Europe. It’s only been considered another form of racism and shunned after the atrocities of the Holocaust were made public. Hollywood was the primary means by which the Jewish told their stories and garnered world-wide sympathy for the implicit racism of anti-Semiticsm. But prior to that it was perfectly acceptable to hold racist attitudes toward the Jewish, as it was toward everything else that was not part of the white, upper classes of established Europe.

    Coco was a capitalist in the true sense of the word and adopted their values and ideas. I couldn’t condemn her for that – she was not an educated person brought up with liberal ideas of compassion.

  2. Thanks Andromeda – especially as I see you don’t like Chanel 😉 I am Pisces Rising. Born in Brisbane at 18.30. I’ve never had my chart read properly or my Chinese Astro. It’s funny, I just remembered that last night I dreamed I was having my cards read. I’d forgotten that until just now. Synchronicity.

    1. I can’t do it this sec as I am putting my babes abed. Go to and put your details in there. It is a brilliant site. You can compare your chart with Coco Chanel’s chart there by putting her details in too in the partner section. I don’t dislike her, I don’t know Coco very well.. 😉 Good luck anon.

      1. Or even better – have Mystic herself take a look at your chart!! How is that Anon?! Yes do pick up a name, lovely thought. Xx.

  3. I only found out that I was born the same day (19/08/1980) as Coco Chanel when I started working for the Chanel company. It was surreal to find so many similarities with her personality, her idiosyncrasies, her tastes – even her apartment with its paired animals, tarot cards, chandeliers and mirrors. Everything and everyone she loved had a story and became the great leit motifs of her life and work, beautiful and tragic motifs – the camellias, the stars, the items of clothing borrowed from lovers. I can’t even begin to explain what I mean, or how I feel about her, but to me she is depth, fate, and misunderstanding all wound up tight. And an inevitable sense of being alone at the end of it all. I don’t post here, but am interested to see if astrology would give me a natural affinity with Coco Chanel or if this is just coincidence or a chicken/egg scenario?

    1. Know your birthtime and town of birth? Don’t see why you shouldn’t feel an affinity with Chanel given she shares your day sign and number. In Chinese Astro she is a Water Sheep and you are a Metal Monkey though, so quite different!

    2. She had tarot in her apartment? You mean her own deck (s) or as art? I love this description about her turning everyone and thing she loved into these amazing symbols…And please, you may not post here much, but welcome and give yourself a name….Leo Number Five?

      And i think you have her birthday, you were drawn to work for her company and okay, i happen to have my ephemeris open at 1980 and Chanel’s chart on my desktop:

      Your Saturn is on her Uranus, Your Mars in Libra is on her Midheaven, your Jupiter is on her Mercury, your Venus is her Node.

      you and coco chanel are karmically entwined – you are meant to be working there. She most likely visits you in dreams, yes?

  4. Could be in a woman like her, her need to ‘dominate’ may have been misunderstood.
    (or she may have been exactly like that, who knows, but…)

    Maybe she was just trying to transcend her roots and lack of personal power, being abandoned by her dad. Have a feeling it was honourable adversaries and other plucky people she wanted around. People either fell short of the climb, wanted to dominate HER, fell away or just weren’t interested in transcending anything and a Coco Chanel soul mate may not have been around much, on their own journey quest somewhere.

  5. Love that she evolved her creativity and material side, not such a fan of her inner self. Always felt a bitter taste at the name and personage of Chanel. Above comments confirm why. Her astro interest seems to provide symbolic language proving further her need to dominate. I mean I like lions ‘n’ all but geez.
    Her take on love also shows a general lack of it imo. Yet Leo rules the Heart? She does remind me of the Tarot card Strength though. I hope that she was a better woman than her detractors paint her to be.

  6. hahaha (great pic, v close-up!) I reckon she’d use the Leo man-cat pic to model all the door knobs and draw handles, made from swarovski crystal of course, throughout her mansion.

  7. Oooh just what i need, some Leo inspiration, thank you! I don’t like what the accuntants have done to some of the frag formulations but i love chanel.

    she was accused of being a whore and a nazi collaborator, quite standard for powerful women in that day and age. People resented such a strong statement of womanly luxury, accomplishment and independence from a “peasant.”

    she had jewish lovers,i have read all her biographies – so prob not antisemetic AND may have had a nazi lover which is a hideous thought obviously but who can judge what people do in times of occupation and war, maybe she spied on them?

    1. maybe she spied on them is touching TLS – you were a model in a past life yes? She was unquestionably a clever women but born into those times when women weren’t taken seriously therefore had to vicariously gain her foothold via her lovers – if she’d had jewish lovers pre-war and also stayed in paris during the occupation she would have been murdered or imprisoned as pro semite so it figures she would have swapped sides – she was a public figure in her time and would have been a trophy for the nazis – although there is that thing they did with keeping the parisian fashion designers alive so they could rule the fashion world from berlin. Some pigs are more equal than others a la george orwell. If she was as innocent as the many many sympathetic pro-chanel books suggest then chances are she was more an opportunist than a person with overtly political sensibilities. Paris was the only place in the world that fashion continued in apart from america during the war so was she just being a savvy businesswoman by staying there during the occupation to do the only thing she knew how to do to earn a living other than being a vaudeville singer? Making the best of a bad situation?

      1. Your words have stuck with me all day TLS and made me smile in memory of all the leos I’ve ever known and how staunchly loyal and adept at overlooking inconvenient details re your actions or persona they can be. A leo friend is a friend for life. Your unwavering loyalty to fashion and its icons is lovely too – is your venus in leo – or capricorn? I so agree with you that war makes people choose routes they may not have travelled otherwise but Coco’s no Nancy Wake 😉

    2. My film recommendation is Coco et Igor, about her affair with Igor Stravinsky. Certainly psychologically fascinant. She housed Stravinsky and wife, who comes across as salt-of-the-earth Russian peasant, with their children, in her country apartment and proceeded to have an affair with him in the presence of the entire family. Such ownership!

      The set is amazing. The actor more French-womanly in her sexual maturity, than the Hollywood-exoticised-cute Tautou. I don’t know that Chanel came across as likeable to me, but i could not tear my eyes away and her character sang with strength and passion.

      TLS, if you love Chanel/Leo i think you will adore at least the look of this film.

  8. Love Chanel fragrance…Allure, 19 and 5 are probably my pick!

    Didn’t know a thing about her astro and only a smidge of her personality which I can relate to in some respects or at least appreciate.

    I don’t have anything in Leo. Even when you include the asteroids. It’s the only sign that is completely empty. It’s my 9th.

    Well I can’t remember some of the ones that are just numbered and looking for them doesn’t suit my lazy mood today 🙂

  9. excellent idea having chanel for breakfast. I will wear a touch for my visit to the cowardly lusty leo this morning who didn’t return my texts for 2 days. FFS I was just offering him a lift to his xmas party you’d think I was asking him to marry him? but it’s not that issue its always something else. I get too close to his fire and he pushes me away. ” concern and uneasiness” exactly as Coco said.

    Loved the movie a real pioneer woman

    Who wants join me for a royal poutathon?
    champagne will flow with yummy breakfast served by gorgeous pool boys in cuffs and collars and tight tight shorts with seductive smiles that will turn our frowns upside down after we’d had a good bitchathon about Leo men.

      1. sure SE but leo men first on the agenda then we can work out way thru the zodiac one male morsel at a time. Bring your bestest pout ok?

      2. LOL .. sure, I’ve view that as an entree then.

        Pout practice.. I’m onto it. Will need two types yeh, one for the bitchin and one for the pool boys!

      3. well I’ll bring my ” Im being ignored by a fellow leo’ pout first up. it may take a while to let that go but a few champers will help. hate the cold shoulder from the lusty . its a power trip I know and he is just busy and being moony to realise it no matter how many times i’ve told him. aaagh sound like a nag.
        Time for a nap

      4. Can I come? I am ignoring the texts of a Leo man, so may have some insight. I think we might need some caviar-based canapes too.

      5. sure LL. I had 3 Leo bf’s so lets swap stories. The lusty is more kataka/aqua though so bit confusing for me.

  10. I loved how ‘Coco’ had an exquisite talent and taste and realised it,

    how she offered women a completely new way of looking not only beautiful, but modern and ‘with it’, through genius/ simple, yet sophisticated, styling.

    I think she offered a whole new ‘dignity’ in women’s fashion.

    Her clothes (the few i’ve seen photos of), in my ideas: allowed women to not only ‘look the part’ in business alongside men, but gave women that extra artful/mysterious/beautiful edge, that transcended way beyond just the image of ‘formality’ as seen in men’s business suits, and gave women a powerful yet unquantifiable image which could not be taken for granted or summed up so easily in a male dominated biz world. She took women’s fashion to a haute level never seen before that was so relevant to the times and beyond.

    Gonna wear no 5 perfume for breakfast outing today in honour! lol 🙂

  11. Having Leo ascendant, Moon, Venus and Mars all in Leo ( Moon in 12th, Mars at very end of 12th, Venus in 1st house), I can entirely appreciate
    Coco’s sentiments. I find too that men have been intimidated by me, as I am independant and capable, and probably come across as not needing any help….but how I love being able to lavish attention and love on someone who understands my need for exactly that! Im also literally very warm; its like my body radiates heat and people in my vicinity feel it even without me touching them.
    I mellow it all with my Libra Sun …or try to.

  12. Leo, Leo rising, Aquarius Moon… Five has always been my fave number, too, and never had a “reason.” She was such a beauty; that photo is utterly regal. I understand her comments about men completely. I’ve always struggled to find a man as strong as I am but who understands that I crave a bit of tenderness, too. I think of this as the “lion with a thorn in her paw” trait, but I don’t want a mouse to remove it. Hmm.

    The best sex I’ve ever had was with an Aries man, very dominant, but the best relationship was with my Saggo late husband (both 7th House Moons, his Mars in Scorpio, 8th House). He was strong but quiet and observant… and very easygoing, more than willing to give me the spotlight. Now with a Cancer man… He’s good for a grieving widow in transition: cares whether I eat or sleep, listens, understands that even strong people break a little but that doesn’t mean we’re helpless. Both of us with Mars in Virgo but his Venus also in Virgo is driving me batty: sex? Please? It’s good when it happens, but dang. The stars have to align just so. lol

      1. Yup. I think it’s interesting being me. Especially when you add in the Aqua moon. 🙂

        Cancer man completely frustrated me tonight, which infuriates me at myself and him. But trying to keep the claws retracted. Gah! What am I doing?

      2. Ha! You’re right. That’s part of my problem. What she said about suffering more from scratching than being scratched is definitely true for me. I’m really uncomfortable with my own anger, unless it’s righteous anger at some big societal evil, etc.

        Today was sweetness, but I feel as if my heart has been ripped out and put back in slightly askew. And I’m the one who did it.

  13. from – “Number 19 in the name refers to the birth date of Coco Chanel, August 19. The perfume was launched in 1970 when Coco Chanel was 87 years old, a year before she died. It was created by Henri Robert, a perfume creator which created many other perfumes of the Chanel house.
    The composition merges aggressive green note of galbanum and woody dusky note of iris as a harmonious bridge between delicate floral heart and leathery-woody base. Chanel N°19 is hard to classify and describe. It includes fragrant notes of galbanum, neroli, bergamot, jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, iris, vetiver, sandalwood, leather and musk.”

  14. “The two men i’ve loved. I think, will remember me on earth or in heaven, because men always remember a woman who caused them concern and uneasiness.”

    I like this quote. alot.

    I understand about strength…I intimidate men left and right. sigh. I am strong and weak though, so finding someone who can equal my strength and not take advantage of my weakness is difficult.

    1. I really resonated with her words esp about the men in her life.
      And yes, i have the same problem. I want an equal, but I keep finding duds that don’t work out. For years I’ve been trying to find what I thought existed and what I thought I wanted, a complementary opposite for a ‘manly woman’ – a more feminine man. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but I’m saying it was a unicorn hunt for me. I had a better chance of catching Nessie. I came to the realization perhaps I should be casting nets to look for the most alpha of alphas.

      1. A unicorn hunt! yes indeed. I have Nessie right here to prove it!
        When I did find one man in touch with his feminine side, there was way too much other garbage to deal with. He acted like him being artsy, sensitive, and in tune with the energy/dream world gave him permission to be a slacker/moocher/lazy around the house. This is the one that just called me from
        Now I have realized after being “understood” so well, I don’t need that to the depth I thought I did before.
        Now I want someone I have things in common with, do things together, and dance well with. And no slacker/moocher types will ever be allowed again.

      2. That’s my story too, except the man ended up in mental hospital instead of jail. It really made me swear off Aquarians for a long time, but now I’m back to looking at them. @_@ ;; I really can’t help myself.

        I made a new rule for myself: “There can only be one “artist” in the relationship, and that’s me.” Seriously 2 is too much. I don’t know how other “artist” types can date other “artist” types. Someone needs to pay the bills and do the practical shit.

      3. I think the fixed sign thing can be a bit TOO challenging for a Leo. The competition can be a bit much when neither side is prepared to give an inch. (From my Aqua experience). I am hoping for a Sagg or possibly Aries.

      4. YOu know what is weird? Some of the happiest couplings I’ve seen is later in life Leo women with Pisces men. I swear! weird! They are like old people who can’t get enough of each other. :3
        I think Leo -Sagg can work as long as you don’t mind picking up after them too much. I’ve never seen leo-Aries coupling in RL but looks great on paper! I need a fixed sign as I’m a cardinal and don’t care too much for other cardinal signs. I do like mutables though but I’m not sure i can handle them.

      5. I agree also, Lucy and YOTF.
        Fixed and Mutable help each other balance out (if one can appreciate the frustration it can also bring), in my experience, and it also makes astrological sense.
        I’m an earthy bit fixed – like a big kid at heart who really genuinely likes to help and look after/care = Leo Rising and Taura Moon, and Venus Virgo in 1st is service. I don’t see myself as competitive, I like to think I just swim my own race and hope to bump into interesting peeps along the way and learn things. However, I do get senior peeps at work competing with me which is always a surprise and I can never relate to my peers, I start mimicking my superiors cause I identify with leaders.
        Aries South Node in 9th is naturally competitive academically, whereas Leo Rising saw me a handful sporting trophies since the age of 7 – I mimicked my older sister a Leo Sun, always looking up and idetifying with leader archetypes peeps.

      6. My leo moon likes some fire, but my cancer sun clashed with the only Aries I dated…..
        But I have seen his actions in too many men to blame it on him being Aries.

      7. my ex hubby was scorpio with cappy moon. Too much saturn influence though. That moon opposite my sun and saturn. Plus his saturn conjunct my sun as well.
        Too much structure, foundation, responsibility. We stopped having any fun together. Been actually processing this hard these past few days. He has been showing up in my dreams alot.

      8. squirrels like sunflower seeds and peanuts! but i find they’ll be just as quick to eat pizza or crisps.

      9. They attack bird feeders where I live. A fun trick to play on them is fill the bird seed container with cayenne powder. The bird will continue to eat the seeds as if it were not spicy because birds can’t taste peppers. The squirrels will be like WTF!!! I love to see their angry faces. But then I give them corn on the cob to eat later.

      10. Do you want to know irony?
        I have almost no Leo in my chart. It’s got Vertex in it, but that’s it. And every Leo guy I’ve met I don’t like except as friends. All the Aries men I’ve met are already partnered. I never see single Aries men. But the natural attraction factor isn’t strong so I don’t pursue it. But I’m a Libra so it can work, but be oppositional.

      11. Interesting since I know a great libra/ leo couple. One of the best couples I know in fact.

        Totally agree….2 artists is alot.

        Interestingly, just now I got asked out. By yet another scorpio man. Scorpio IC and north node here. And he is so feminine in many ways that most people around here think he is gay! But I worked with him and know he isn’t. However, I am not interested. Great. I was hoping we could be friends…sigh. Now I have to think of how to reply to this text without shooting him down. He is really sweet so don’t want to hurt his feelings.

      12. I have a lot of Leo friends. No doubt they get along.

        I just can’t get into Leo men. They are too boring and conservative for me. *sigh* They however are great people to know and lots of social connections. Good friend energy, but nothing below the belt.

      13. me too Foxy!! Leo Vertex in 7th house and I not attracted to Leos once single bit either, for all the reasons you mentioned. And the odd few that I do find interesting are married! 🙄

      14. Vertex in aqua in 7th same here but with Aqua males not much interest yet Leo males make me laugh a lot at their pompous ways at times.

      15. My Eros is also in Aquarius with the anti-vertex as well. No big planets but lots of these little thingies.

      16. those vertexes are weird. Mine is cappy, married a cappy moon. Had flings with capicorns as a teenager and was smitten with a couple. I can’t imagine being in a relationship with one.

      17. Would someone mind (if you have the time or inclination) explaining what a vertex is? Have never heard of it before.

      18. Y0u might be like me. I don’t find Leo men to be interesting even though they are on my Vertex. However I find men on my ANTI-Vertex in same degrees of Aquarius to be interesting beyond belief.
        So if you Vertex is Scorpio, then your ANTI-V is in Taurus. Any Toro loves? 🙂

      19. Oh but if transformation is easy, we’d all do it. I think that’s why universe sometimes pushes. =)

        But yeah I suspect your ANTI-Vertex might be more powerful with Venus there.
        and well…tarot lady could be right. A bunch of planets haven’t settled down yet. So anything is possible.

      20. Sweets, messengers of spirit ~ true so very true.
        Lately dealings with my ‘messenger’ has been like looking in a mirror…seeing how much I have changed in the past few years. Am so much happier for it. Honey, I ain’t there yet (by a long shot), but I AM picking up speed 😀
        Ps. I’d frickin’ call ya in a nanosecond !

      21. well this is interesting, because the closest men in the history of my life (family, friends, partners, soulmates) are always either on my vertex sign or on my anti-vertex sign or on my lilith. and they are all mutables.

    2. I intimidate men left and right. sigh. I am strong and weak though, so finding someone who can equal my strength and not take advantage of my weakness is difficult.

      I second that. One of the hardest lessons.

      Boundaries that keep the riff raff out, let the right people through and don’t keep you locked in. Sigh.

  15. Wow, she could be describing my mother’s mother born 6/23/1900. She was an amazing and beautiful woman. But I would be lying if I said she wasn’t a bitch at times. She and I would get into terrible fights when I was a child. A Leo and Scorpio together never make the easiest of alliances. Lol

    1. Totally understand as I am a true Leo myself (Aug 11). Married to a Scorpio man. Not easy but yet challenging. I love it though

      1. George, Scorp/Leos not the easiest of alliances, is putting it kindly!

        I have a younger Leo sister. We’re always fighting. We’re like chalk and cheese.
        She always gives in first though, I can go centuries… lol.

        I think my challenging relationship with my sister has definitely tarnished my view of Leos and I’m sure she feels the same way about Scorps.

      2. Personally? I steer clear of Leos. And maybe it’s because of my early experiences with them as well — grandmother, childhood neighborhood “friend” and an older male cousin to be exact.

        And yeah, don’t mess with Scorps, we can go on and on and on…..

      3. I think that to make sweeping generalisations about Leo or any sun sign is a little ignorant, no? I mean, I expect a certain level of astro intelligence from Mystic’s regulars. Otherwise we are all just cliches and buying into the unbelievers reasoning as to why astro is crap.

      4. I believe we qualified our observations by saying we were aware of our biases due to childhood experiences. What’s ignorant about that? Chastising others for their personal opinions could well be construed as ignorant, no?

  16. Interesting that Audrey Tautou is also a Leo, and played her in Coco avant Chanel. Audrey doesn’t strike me as a Leo though, she vibes more Virgo (her rising?) No one is totally clear on her birth year so the info is a little fuzzy.

  17. without sounding arrogant and more hi leo i know exactly what she is saying,
    ‘It would be very hard for a man to live with me, unless he’s terribly strong.’
    I know that deep inside and it is hard to find a man that strong so you settle for less – but as a Leo gal it is very difficile to do that…. sigh. had a taste of it tonight and not happy with his lack of strength, so important for a leo gal.

  18. She would have loved The Lion fountain at Alhambra being reconstructed.
    A bit sad really,strong but sad, maybe her Leo profile didn’t need that all consuming thing but my Leo moon definitely does or I’m a ragged lioness. The loyalty shines through though, drat that loyalty, lasts way beyond when it is valued!

  19. Didn’t know Coco Chanel was so beautiful.

    Someone tried to scratch this Leo at work today. I merely hinted at claws and then disappeared away from the negativo vibe cause she was itching for some bitching.

    Glad I didn’t lose my cool. Tomorrow will protect myself better.

    Will collect more lions for luck. Go Coco wherever you are.

  20. Libran Mood Indigo

    I like Lion statues, and would like to have them on the front gates or near the entrance to my abode one day, as guards. I like all Leo symbology ~ sunflower, sun, lion. AND I like that top/dress plunging neckline with the fine black trim, in the pic.

  21. “Annabeth:My fatal flaw. That’s what the Sirens showed me. My fatal flaw is hubris.
    Percy: the brown stuff they spread on veggie sandwiches?
    Annabeth:No, Seaweed Brain. That’s HUMMUS. hubris is worse.
    Percy: what could be worse than hummus?
    Annabeth: Hubris means deadly pride, Percy. Thinking you can do things better than anyone else… Even the gods.”
    ? Rick Riordan, The Sea of Monsters

      1. I read somewhere that she had an affair with a Nazi. THAT wasn’t included in the Coco movie I saw but it must have been later on in life. In Coco they ended the movie just as she became a success in the fashion world.

      2. well i never knew she was a leo or supposedly a nazi. i thought she a capricorn. none of the chanel perfumes stimulate my senses. her clothes are not edgy, raw enough for this 1st house virgo in venus woman.
        (happy eclipse everyone!).

      3. my adorable capricorn friend i once lived with kept a copy of the Chanel book on the loo floor, and she introduced me to Chanel lipstick when we travelled in Europe.

      4. her clothes were groundbreaking for the time. she was the first to use jersey in the era when women had only just started moving around – elastic fibres were a new thing. She followed on from and was the undoing of paul poiret – who was wildly into astro and wore a ring with the jewel for the corresponding astro rulership of the day on his fingers. Poiret had removed the boning and structure of garments Chanel took his lead she also took his successfully marketed idea of perfume and made it her own in her own way being the first to use aldehydes and chemically derived smells. Sport for women had only just happened in her time tennis was big + the jersey she used allowed the upper classes and bourgeoisie feel free and unemcumbered. It was also the era when there weren’t so many celebrities so fashion was led by those in the upper echelons of society who holidayed on the riviera etc and chanel was aided in her business by the fact she holidayed with her affluent lovers in seaside hamlets and they gave her entree to a their market. She was a total nazi sympathiser and even stayed in Paris when they arrived. If she were around today galliano would be her designer. So entirely leo to be born into abject poverty and rise like the sun.

      5. Now that I think of it I do like Chanel make-up.
        jeeze, yeah there is a class, gender, fashion intersection going on in the history. good call on galliano for her designer if around today.. and v interesting note you end on leo archetype ‘to rise like the sun’.

      6. “paul poiret – who was wildly into astro and wore a ring with the jewel for the corresponding astro rulership of the day on his fingers”

        Wow Whatevs,
        Intrigued to read more . xx thankyou.

      7. jupiter was big in his chart – he’s fascinating around at the time of blavatsky and orphic cubism when mysticism was big. he thought he was the reincarnation of a sheik or something can’t remember exactly but there’s a great book about him from the 70s which is a bit hard to find and that along with some more objective (his wife helped write it) recent words is a good combo – metropolitan museum of art has an online collection of his i think but is more scholarly. He was totally decadent and mildly delusional in my opinion and Coco usurped his power like only a lion rampant could : ) She was able to adapt to her market but he seemed like a bit of a one-trick pony from all the things I’ve read. He took away the boning and corsetry etc. but also invented the hobble skirt – he was a power tripper.

      8. Love all that is Channel (Coco) you are right she was cutting edge for the times. Did you Leos know her new nail polish line has a color Peridot Awesome golden/green.

      9. that article backs up the nazi tendances in that it names Wallis Simpson as one of coco’s customers at the beginning of her career and Wallis and Edward were known nazi sympathisers – they were an embarrassment to the royal family because of it. That’s why they shipped him off to Barbadoes which Wallis hated because it was colonial and isolated.

      10. I have read she was an anti Semite and homophobic (despite supposedly having several same sex affairs) . Not nice.
        These sorts of things take the shine of the glam, for me.

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