Carrie Fisher Was A Neptunian

Carrie Fisher was a solar Libra but really, she was Neptunian. That is, creative with every fiber of her being and needing magic like oxygen. Or, if that were not available, a high that felt like it.

Neptunian people seek God/Goddess and connection with Source Vibe. They look for it in everything even when they are it.  They often select impossible love objects, to satisfy their yearning without bursting the fantasy bubble.

Neptune People can be high, low, or something in between. They’re psychic, yet they haunt themselves. They often trade in creative magic, glamor or fame despite being far too sensitive for the publicity glare and grind.

“You see, even after decades of therapy and workshops and retreats and twelve-steps and meditation and even experiencing a very weird session of rebirthings, even after rappeling down mountains and walking over hot coals and jumping out of airplanes and watching elephant races and climbing the Great Wall of China, and even after floating down the Amazon and taking ayahuasca with an ex-husband and a witch doctor and speaking in tongues and fasting (both nutritional and verbal), I remained pelted and plagued by feelings of uncertainty and despair.

Yes, even after sleeping with a senator, and waking up next to a dead friend, and celebrating Michael Jackson’s last Christmas with him and his kids, I still did not feel—how shall I put this?—mentally sound.”

Carrie Fisher, Shockaholic

Carrie Fisher was a Neptunian and even if Neptune did not break her heart, it sure as hell tired it out. She was always open – some would say to a practically shamanic degree – about her various battles with addiction, drugs, the Lilac Wine, mental illness, and all.

What do I mean by shamanic? In ancient traditions, the shaman journeyed into other realms to negotiate or clear the crap out at an ethereal level, on behalf of someone else.

They interpreted omens and dreams or intuited cures via their other-worldly connections. Fisher’s celebrity & security as a member of an old Hollywood dynasty not only lent her strength to speak candidly about taboo subjects; she did it in such a style that people felt augmented in their similar struggles.

She was Sun conjunct Neptune with Mars in Pisces quincunx to Mercury in Libra. An icon via her youthful role as Princess Leia in Star Wars, she reprised the character in the The Last Jedi, 39 years after the original.

Even aside from the publicity and hype, it would have been weird to play the older version of your early-20s princess-rebel character during your second Saturn Return. Additionally, we all know how irrational and cruel the commentary from the Hiss Squad is when it comes to ‘sex symbols’ who age.

For an introvert with dignified Capricorn Rising and a creature-comfort-loving homebody Moon in Taurus, it may have been too much. The second Saturn Return is metaphysically potent and empowering but it works best when you’re grounded, able to think.

Additionally, Carrie Fisher was in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, a scenario which usually benefits from routine and easy access to a sobriety network. You can see how jetting around the place, hotels, doing endless media and fielding questions about being formerly hot would have been stressful.

She was a genius writer and (I just learned this) script editor:

“Sometimes she’d just walk around the city alone. Watch the people, smell the food, the bus exhaust, the smoke coming up through the grating. She’d feel protected somehow, found a sense of belonging in the hectic sprawl.

And the next minute she’d feel like the one who couldn’t break the code, hit the right stride, catch the wave. Potholes and traffic and bums, oh my. With all the honking and the hum of movement, the living, breathing blur of noise gently pressing in on her, the great purr of the Metropolitan Cat turning into a dull roar.

She’d feel so silent on the inside, her head as quiet as a stretch of sand, a cathedral silently worshipping the life that was all around her, storing it up for later when she needed some ‘too much’ to draw upon.”

Carrie Fisher, Surrender the Pink


Image: Lynn Goldsmith

38 thoughts on “Carrie Fisher Was A Neptunian”

  1. Love this piece 😍
    As you know Mystic….hopeless relationships , energy affected , taking on / seeing other people’s true energy, Neptunian substances

  2. Neptune on Asc in Scorpio. That snippet from her book made me shiver. It’s like she got inside my head. Not many people do that.

  3. I loved her as Marie in When Harry Met Sally – she just seemed the epitome of a cool cool woman in that role – and that’s what she was – a cool woman.

  4. I saw her roasting George Luckas on YouTube- some Facebook link my brother put up and she was wonderful. Such a cynical, no nonsense, in your face reminder to Hollywood of truth it would have preferred to forget or gloss over or replace with someone younger and thinner and God how refreshing her outspoken stance on mental illness and alcoholism and addiction was.
    I’ll miss her candour and 13th fairy-esq sense of humour.
    I realise how much I identify with her now she’s passed and how important she was. Finally someone willing to BE inconvenient and smart and funny in a way that makes us wince in recognition.
    2016, you’re kinda mean.
    There I said it.

  5. I love Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia but more especially as a writer. I wonder why those like her with immense talents and gifts have to squash themselves down to fit into the “normal reality” so desired by the majority? I’ve spent the past few years breaking off the shackles of “normal” but most people I know do not comprehend a life outside the 9-5 slog. Had a session with my psychic life coach today and all is progressing as it should. What about Debbie Reynolds? Couldn’t live a day without her amazing daughter. What a bond. Totally on point post Mystic. HNY to you and everyone here

  6. Yeah I have to say that Star Wars shaped my entire youth. I was 8. I had been born and raised in a small village called Anafiotika, just at the base of the Acropolis and outside the bustle of Athens. I had never really watched TV. I came to Australia as a 5 year old … and this movie just exploded my mind.

    Mum says it was the first time she’d seen me sit still and be quiet for over 2 hours. That sound! The rumbling of a Corellian starship looming in from above. I was gobsmacked. Stunned and awed.

    I liked Princess Leia, because she snubbed the sexy Han, told the “walking carpet” Chewie to get out of her way, told Darth & Tarkin they stank and knew her way around a gun. She was not a passive ingenue, she didn’t have a tan, her name was not Kylie or Karen, she was not blonde, she didn’t kiss arse. I fucking adored her.

    As for Carrie herself … I was disappointed that she took that role in When Harry Met Sally. It was lame although I loved the movie.

    Sounds to me what Carrie is saying is that “we are who we are” and there’s no point trying to alter our basic self to fit society norms.

    1. “I liked Princess Leia, because she snubbed the sexy Han, told the “walking carpet” Chewie to get out of her way, told Darth & Tarkin they stank and knew her way around a gun. She was not a passive ingenue, she didn’t have a tan, her name was not Kylie or Karen, she was not blonde, she didn’t kiss arse.”
      yes, a true bad-ass not a doormat “princess” stereotype.

    2. Yes!
      She was way ahead of her time in many ways and so brave. She was one of those rare people who could be honest and critical of the establishment because she had tenure.
      She was woven into the tapestry but no way was she letting it tie her down. Or shut her up!
      I already miss her “I’m here and I’m inconvenient ” vibe
      I’m actually quite saddened by her passing.
      Not your average Hollywood princess. Not even close.

  7. Beautiful appreciation, Mystic. I saw Star Wars as a kid and what not, but I first really became aware of Fisher as an inspiring, acerbic person in the 90s when I was between him and the Independent film Channel would show “postcards from the edge” all the time.

    One thing I thought about with this news is how a lot of the heavy duty psychotropic medications which she took cause or contribute to cardiac problems. And all the ways in which our culture doesn’t nourish its shamans and all that causes, whether through substance abuse or illegal drugs …

    Sending all the love and light and thanks as ever for the beautiful meditations.

  8. I was hoping she would pull through. That she would be the one who didn’t succumb to the 2016 celebrity reaper. I baulked at early obits while she still hung on.

    2016 has an edge like the end of childhood.

  9. Yes I felt from her writing that she delved deep and brought up pearls from the depths. Much like persephone and those goddesses who journeyed to the underworld. Definitely a shaman.

    Vale Carrie and Deborah xx

    1. Ps. 2016, enough is enough!
      Saw on twitter ‘it’s becoming more and more obvious that David Bowie has established a better alternative reality and is selectively populating it one by one!’

      1. Starman?
        Life on Mars?
        Planet Ziggy?
        Hard not to find it an attractive option right now tbh
        What a weird night last was
        Just read of Debbie Reynolds declaration 15 minutes before she died that she’d like to join Carrie or be with her again and PING or ZAP.
        Spooky stuff
        Then again I think I’m fairly spook proof after 2016.
        Glad that dark moon is behind us. Was quite the churn- had a smudging induced carpet fire in my bedroom that almost went very wrong and woo woo credipty dreams all night. Rather too neptunian for my liking. Is it possible I’m starting to feel more comfortable with Saturn and Chiron?
        At least the dishes get done and the dreams feel more resolved. Things feel orderly with that lot. Neptune has no boundaries and frankly I find it all quite disconcerting.

        1. Yes I’m feeling the weirdness and ghosts from the past but not in a scary way. Just walked home from my sister’s house to mum and dad’s it’s been oppressively humid all day and thunderstorms, now there’s sheet lightening but no thunder or rain. It feels very uranian. Saw a news story about Uluru being deluged by rain, now closed with waterfalls cascading down. I’ve heard it’s either the heart Chakra of Australia or the throat Chakra of earth. Either way it feels like a cleansing or clearing!

        2. It is mid winter in England. I found it deliciously spooky-magical in winter.
          Fire in the carpet?
          Guess that’s one way of cleansing, BURN any bad vibes away, overcome them with smoke so they leave tout-suite.
          I wish you sweeter dreams Frank as they often affect the next day’s mood.
          LIght a candle in your heart for love 🙂

    1. I saw many of her mother’s movies from the 50’s. Much singing and dancing and wholesomeness from Debbie Reynolds. She blonde American pie and married an Italian-Jewish club crooner-movie star named Eddie Fisher. Flaky.
      They both smiled a lot on the screen, like constantly fake grins from ear to ear is what i remember.
      Poor Carrie.

  10. I never knew any of this. She sounds so fab. My Saturn things want to learn from successful neptunians.
    Just realised that’s an expression of cap moon sextile Pisces Sun isn’t it. A successful neptunian. Carrie Fisher rest in peace and thank you for belatedly becoming one of my muses… <3

    1. Get a copy from your Library of ‘Post Cards from the Edge’, Pi.
      Worth a read if you have the time to spare. Book better than movie-movie quicker 🙂

  11. As a writer and interview guest She was so hilarious and easy to understand in a way, I was surprised to find her third house empty.

    I love how she has conjunctions straddling between two signs–Saturn and the north node, sun and Neptune, and part of fortune and pluto

  12. Debbie Reynolds & Carrie Fisher Do you think that Debbie Reynolds & Carrie Fisher were inexplicably intertwined? I mean apart from being Mother & Daughter. They seem to have such a tumultuous relationship and yet one of unconditional love! Twin Souls?

      1. It’s like a Greek Tragedy.Like mythological movie of Neptune’s (Hollywood) Chess Board Game.
        The pieces being moved around. New territory for Carrie as a teenager having to navigate life with two Idols as parents.
        Shades of the title of a book ‘My Mother Myself’…who wrote that now?
        Stream of consciousness, Yogi.
        Not 2017 yet and even more are going to Neptune or Pluto or the Milky Way….where eva 🙂

          1. Loved that book! Was lent it by my own mother when i was ten and hung onto it until i was fourteen.

            I sense a LOT of karmic love between that mother-daughter connection. It’s funny how the daughter can also feel quite protective of the mother in amongst the barbs inflicted. Fisher, despite her haunting self-doubt, was very much her own woman, her own person. And i think when one experiences their own personhood in such a raw and heart-smashingly vivid way, one begins to understand the very person that is also in Mother.

  13. Very lovely. Yes, I thought she was so powerful on the page, so eloquent and poetic and beautiful. I had no idea she was still acting, to be honest. I loved her honesty about all the treatments she had for her depression (I read in one piece that she found electro shock therapy the most effective).
    Her quotes swing between razor-sharp ahead-of-the-zeitgeist feminism and pure poetry.

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